Thursday, May 29, 2008


I watched the original DIRTY HARRY movie Sunday for the first time. The next day, ten people were shot in Harlem's war zone, along the sidewalks and streets around Annie Lennox's Lenox Avenue in SEX CRIME.

In the 1971 movie, some black guys commit a "211" bank robery. Then the plot moves on to it's John Mayer look alike church lady-killer, who rapes a 14 year-old girl and suffocates her in a box, like in this steel hot pants portrait at:

Tuesday, I watched A BUCKET OF BLOOD, starring the loser 'Walter' who started receiving many of the revelations recorded in the 2BC after the Roger Corman movie came out in 1959. He was 'working on something' alright. Like the temple blood cleansing scene that frightened the YELLOW DOOR's cowardly Woody Norris folk singer, who then plays " murderer, go down..." at:

Seems everyone in the beatnick flick is wearing GSR scarf icons, including the forehead scared narc, and the nude $1500 Scarlett Johansson model at:

When they hold a show for the GSR loser's performance art masterpieces, a physically transfigured Kate Holmes barista serves everyone their blood cleansing drinks on a scarament tray.

Eventually, Hollywood's hippist artists make him their STARBUCKS logo king, complete with rod of Jesse toilet plunger, temple veil mallet crown, and star sheriff badge. Confirmed by the next day's breaking news that the Russian space station toilet has backed up. Here he is watching it up in the sky, holding his royal Davidian Holy Grail cup, at:

Walter's final performance masterpiece confirmed my "hung like a mule" post about today's suicidal beatnick Obama supporters. Who hang out in hip paisley scarf coffee shops, like the Bubba Ho-Tep chocolate turd donuts joint called DUNKIN DONUTS at:

I was actually watching BLOOD's poet prophet recite his line "...Tuesday's sunrise knows..." who murdered Dunkin, about ten minutes before sunrise Tuesday.

Like yours man, GSR/TWN

NOTE: NYT does Neil LaBute piece, a Chicago commuter train from his Steve McQueen BULLET prophecy crashes in Obama's South Side, next to Washington Park. Another train crashes in Ben's Democratic Party "hung like a mule" country. Boston's Woodland Station connection being a Woody Norris thing. An AMTRAK train from Hillary and Obama's Chicago hometown collided with a garbage truck Tuesday in Mel's day 1290 Mississippi; off I-55 in Crystal Springs Cop/iah County.
NOTE: Was that a Kate Holmes figure I saw in the new clip for SWINGTOWN?
NOTE: Medved interviewed a Jewish scholar Wednesday. Who says there is a Hebrew letter symbol for the word 'strength' in the Sistine Chaple's painting of David and Goliath, the teenager giant. You can see the Davidian king "one mighty and strong" reference to D&C 85 at:

The sword in his hand is the one cited in my REV.19 prophecy.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Watsonville teenagers occupied the village theater in Cannes Sunday, with their gold palm award for best horror movie called THE CLASS. Set in the Paris neighborhoods where the latter-day EZE.38 invasion of Euro Israel riots have just got started. See the spooky African girl, with 50/50 dividing line, sneaking up on the soft shoulder of a naive white Israelite teenager chick at:

This is NIRVANA's prophetic 1991 Barack Obama utopian mulato warning, SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT...oh... NEVERMIND. The video was shot on a Big Foot basketball court, and featured the GSR/TWN man holding a rod of Jesse mop, with the lyris:

I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now
Entertain us
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My libido

Those deadly "You're killing us" twisters around Larry's Sinclair, Iowa landmark were about Emma Watson's prophetic 18th birthday Beaver River photos in a black Sheryl Crow hit farm outfit. Rt.14's [Tony] Parkersburg was hit the hardest, downriver from Austinville on Hwy.20.

These election season 2008 tornados in the heart of Zion are a ROCKY HORROR warning to the film's little Denton castle church, from the God of Israel. Princess Emma's 867' Waterloo, Iowa reference to France's Napoleon is due east, by Cedar Falls redwood warning in Black Hawk County.

Barack Obama is the black hawk bird of prey who feeds on innocent frisky white bunny rabbits. The latest 6.4 Sandra Bullock earthquake in Chinatown toppled thousands of homes, like in my Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson earthquake vision of Indian Hills' D&C 86 Provo, Utah.

Saturday morning, HARRY POTTER movie teen actor Rob Knox was stabbed to death in a pub fight, outside London. He plays a Ravenclaw school student in the series' next HALF BLOOD mulato film. Check out this black Big Left Foot sign from God on Rose McGown during the left-wing Cannes festival at:

This Memorial Day wave of Sheryl Crow twisters makes me wonder if Jennifer Aniston has been doing some serious missionary work over the weekend.

The Democratic Party's mule/donkey icon has turned out to be a latter-day prophecy. Based on the word mule, which means donkey mulato; many of which are brown. The surprise video of Obama supporter Ben Afleck in Africa, confirmed the new Larry Sinclair banana nutbread Obama revelation on youtube. Since Howard Stern informed us some time ago that Ben is "hung like a mule".

Due to the numerous earthquakes in Chinatown, it's looking more and more like Hillary will be the nominee, with Obama as her angry two-headed beast VP partner. The last line in W.A. Harbinson's 1996 EVITA biography harbinger, sporting Mt Madonna on the jacket, reads;
"I will return... and I will be millions."

Yours, GSR/TWN

Here's a link to NIRVANA's Big Foot basketball court video. Featuring Seattle's spawn of Obama cheerleader teenager babes. Kurt wears a limestone map-line top while working his giant teenager guitar boner pretty good. The video ends with a BATTLE IN SEATTLE style riot over the inevitable end of Obamaworld, and their school's liberal teacher wearing the alien cone dunce hat at:
NOTE: Harbinson also wrote such harbingers as, PROJECT UFO: The Case for Man-Made Flying Saucers, and THE ILLUSTRATED ELVIS coffee table book.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"Obama close to slamming the door" [SEA TIMES, 54,317]

I go from Mr.Zero to 60 in 6.3 seconds, just looking at this slamming FAST&FURIOUS4 star photo at:

I know, I'm supposed to love all of my wives equally. And I do on a matter of sincere principle. In fact, all of them could get me up to the 100 mph red line, when the time is right. But like everyone, I'm still stuck in this mortal state of carnel imperfection; not even at the no.59 physical transfiguration ignition point yet. Much less at the sanctified level of godhood, where we have an unlimited capacity for individual focus and concentration. Where all your eternal children and wives have absolute unlimited access.

June 3 is when the Chinatown papers hope like hell it's all over for those snoops looking into their rock-smoking cock-sucking teenage huckster, BHO. Meanwhile, they're holding their breath, relieved that Obama is sending Bill Richardson down to Puerto Rico. So their wonder boy doesn't have to answer any questions about his Catholic priest style homogaysexual trinity church ministry.

You think the Mass. star of FX's firefighters show, Denis Leary, showed up on Boston's Conan show, the same day we learned Kennedy has a DONOVAN'S BRAIN condition for nothing? I'm here to tell you that it's an NBC asshole thing from God.

Speaking of hell. I found a wet HELLBOY promo DVD in FREDDY's parking lot Tuesday, starring Ron Perlman. Today, I read that boy band producer, Lou Pearlman, was sentenced to 25 years for supporting Obama's con man campaign to steal money from people.

Then I read that the muddy government levee is still leaking dark water around New Orleans' city pit. Because America's 50s motorcycle rebel, Brad Pitt, is keeping a tight lid on the filthy stinking waters behind Obama's Mississippi River run for office.

Government funded Marxist professors for teenagers are another faction of Obama's underground government union mob movement. So Monday, a toxic fallout cloud closed three animal science buildings at a college in St Paul. Is that where the local NPR government radio station is based? What a big brown pile of shit at: And:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Last I looked, there were 103 responses to the DNC's stonewalling in Chinatown at:

Monday, May 19, 2008


LA's big brown 300lb red ape named Bruno tried to escape their village zoo Saturday around 3:50 pm. Bruno means 'brown' in Italian, for that massive Italian style "brown shirts" rally in Portland, Oregon to celebrate Saturday's Big Brown victory at The Preakness horse race. He didn't get too far though, at:,0,2830297.story

I found the above Big Foot sign Sunday, after renting 1965's VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS teenager SiFi movie. I hope there are some hot Eva Mendes babes in it at:

Note the enclosed wikipedia link was last updated on Emma Watson's 4.15 birthday, as of this writing. The blackjack 21:05 time-stamp stands for all those teenagers voting for Obama. By teenagers, I mean people with a candy loving teenager world view. Like sticky face Scarlett Johansson, milk chocolate lips Jessica Alba, or the pretty lolly pop boy Brad Pitt; who are all public supporters of Obama's rock candy campaign.

The 20 minute ape escape must have happened around the same time MTV's teenage Catholic Baptist, Ashlee Simpson, was getting married to a FALL OUT BOY in the Fernando Valley. Where a man opened fire Saturday on people at some carnival held by St John The Baptist Catholic Church in the valley's Granada Hills.

The 'fall out' message for the day was that DERAILED Jennifer Aniston movie sign in Catholic Lafayette, Louisiana. Where a toxic chemical cloud, that smelled like hotel pool chlorine water, floated off mimicking the atomic radiation fallout in some 1950s SiFi horror movie prophecy.

Note the state of Louisiana is shaped like a giant fascistic Big Foot jackboot, with a muddy soul. The knotted Mississippi River forming it's shoe laces around Port Gibson. ROCKY HORROR's Transylvania is located on Rt.65 towards the top of the boot near Poverty Point Nat Mon.

Across the day 1290 Mississippi boot straps is the Sharkey Delta Nat Forest; next to Alicia Keyes' [black] Panther Swamp, near the suicidal black cult landmarks of Jonestown and Valley [girl], off Hwy.49.

West of Lafayette's train wreck, along I-10, is Sheryl's Crowley landmark on Rt.13. This is the Elton John area with all those Elizabeth Hurley garfish signs involving Evangeline and Allen Parishes.

Oregon is major Big Foot country. Represented by those recent swarms of unexplained undersea earthquakes off the state's Hwy.101 coast around Devil's Elbow St Park. Is Tony Parker a big elbow player? That's the NBA's power-play culture these days; swinging elbows and talking shit.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Only hours after Jennifer Aniston reprised her ROCK STAR role with the Sandman huckster, backstage Tuesday night in Orlando, they caught 31 year-old runner Brian Crow/der in LOGAN'S RUN's Palm Bay; after chasing him through woods for over an hour, at:

They suspect that the skinny rock smoker started all those Florida wildfires. That corresponded with Mayer's performance at Orlando's 'Convention Centre' prelude to the upcoming political conventions at convention centers. Confirming how Larry Sinclair's thin faced drug using huckster subject is received like a rock star wherever he goes.

Palm Bay is located next to Melborne, near Lake Washington, to put this latest sequence of signs and wonders into a political Washington, DC perspective. Like the prophetic African shaped Mercer Island of Judah sitting in the middle of Seattle's Lake Washington.

Meanwhile, those few media people who dare talk about Duluth's I'M NOT THERE Larry Sinclair, will not even have Larry Sinclair there in the discussion.

So Wednesday, Larry challenged Obama the rock star to drop his pants on Sean Hannity, if anybody needs some Michael Jackson style physical evidence. Continuing the political 1960s ROCK STAR prophecy about a doped up Jim Morrison dropping his pants in Florida; then fleeing to Paris' Paris and dying at age 27.

For another 39 time thing about the REV.16 breakup, the invisible Larry posted a death threat he got from a 'Hollywood' someone on 3.16 at 6:39, at:

Larry's unseen ZERO EFFECT character is a major factor in Hillary staying in the race. The prophetic 1998 murder plot PI movie probably came out on a LOST HIGHWAY doorstep video release in 1999. He kind of looks like a hammered Bill Pullman. Who starred in both films.

Note that Larry's phone number contains the three '111' motif surrounding so many recent Jennifer Aniston breakup signs. Starting with her divorce earthquake near Rt.111's Bombay Beach, CA below Barack Hussein Obama's big brown Chocolate Mtns gunnery range. The desert area's below-sea-level Salton Sea is shaped like a fat boner icon pointing directly at Mecca and Coachella's rock concert grounds. Right there is Date Gardens for all those hot J&J date pix coming in.

Yours, GSR/TWN

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY was also a "Don't Fuck With Mr Zero" prophecy:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


That rocking 7.9 earthquake at 31 lat. confirmed the coming shakeup in Chinatown, USA. It was the result of Rev David Manning's new 'Trinity of Hell' video about Rev. Wright's transsexual church history with ROCKY HORROR's alien handyman Obama. Manning is based in Bill Clinton's Harlem headquarters at:

I-79 ends down in Charleston, West Virginia, where the stupid white people are expected to reject the media's closet homogaysexual who was involved with murdered choirboy Donald Young. At the other end of I-79, west of Erie, Penn, six aliens were killed on I-90 in a minivan crash at:

If Larry Sinclair had the same stuff on a real Republican, Dan Rather himself would have been knocking on his door up in Duluth, Minn with a crew from 60 MINUTES. Followed up by a new quickie docudrama co-production by Michael Moore and Oliver Stone. The establishment 666ers always stick together. It's called murderous "secret combinations" in the Book of Mormon.

There would be interviews of the AA pilot who saw Obama in a deep lock kiss with one of his closest male aids. The Chicago restaurant owner, where Obama got it on with the boys in the bathroom, would be hounded by reporters. His old college lovers would be all over the left-wing blogs.

Don't worry. I read that RENO 911 begins new crime fighting episodes on May 22. They should get to the bottom of Monday's new 4.3 quake off the coast of California's Trinity mountains in the 40 lat. zone, at 9:07:39 pm.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Sunday, May 11, 2008


LOGAN'S RUN's Sandman huckster returned to Miami this weekend for some more flyrod casting lessons around the Chinatown MANDRIAN hotel pool from Jennifer Aniston; and perform a few numbers at their wrap party for free. But the prophetic tab was added up in Picher, Oklahoma.

Where a fierce Sheryl Crow twister killed at least six people Saturday along Jenny's Hwy.69, just north of Miami, east of Pyramid Corners. This being the pitcher's baseball hand in Madonna's black crow video prophecy FROZEN.

The place is located near the borderline of Crow's home state of Missouri, for another Madonna video prophecy, her 1980s BORDERLINE. Another ten people were killed in the nearby Seneca, MO bordertown area.

South of Picher on my google map is a tiny spot named Potter, to put everything into context. Due east on E.20 is Hockerville, for those who are hocking their JJ burgers on the cheap. All of these landmarks are just off I-44.

Other nearby noteworthy spots on Hwy.69, are John Mayer's Narcissa, and Our Lady of the Lake's Commerce street reference to those swimming pool pix of J&J on Saturday. Like a 50s film director shooting pool water close-ups for lake water.

BORDERLINE finishes with Madonna wearing a big black crow wings bow hat. After scenes shot inside ROCKY HORROR's temple lab studio, where she drinks from a dirty SMARTWATER bottle from Hwy.69's borderline town of Baxter Springs. The video starts with a boy bending over backwards, during Jenny's 39th year on the California car plate '...396' at;

Speaking of twisting and shouting in hotel rooms. I encounted an amazing Larry Sinclair dude Friday, wearing an OLD NAVY sweat top at the corner of JIFFY LUBE, sporting a macho beard. He complained that the light was taking forever to turn green, then walked over to TARGET.

I thought the beard was strange, until I saw the same guy Saturday night in an ad for Sandler's new movie at:

It opens on 6.6 in confirmation the 06:06 pm receipt I got Saturday afternoon for a $1.09 used copy of 1937's THE AWFUL TRUTH, starring the transsexual Cary Grant. The film farce matched Ted Casablanca's THE AWFUL TRUTH transsexual blog this weekend about latter-day divorce and marriage in Hollywood. They reported that Saturday's Texas Whitehouse wedding took place at sundown.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, May 9, 2008


San Antonio's historic Catholic school landmark on 24th and Commerce, Our Lady of the Lake, burned on Tony Parker's Big Brown Tuesday. In confirmation of my deleted Harvard transsexual fraternity report by 'Mel' on .

The Lady's twin towers represent Thursday's new report there, from the STAR, that Madonna Angelina is pregnant with twin girls; true or not. Especially since the structure looks like Harry Potter's wizards school of the mystic arts. Where they didn't believe his claims, in ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, that the 666 beast has returned. They say it was sparked by Carmen Electra's bolt marker on Harry's forehead at:

In this live video, the two towers look like those secret atomic bomb missile plans in Mel's next Emma Watson project, EDGE OF DARKNESS, at:

Filming is supposed to take place in Catholic Massachusetts. Maybe somewhere around Sandra Bullock's recent crash site near Salem's school of witches.

I didn't see a thing about the ROCKY HORROR mansion fire until reading Thursday's NYT 54,304 issue bearing Patsy Kensit's March 4th burger birthday [1968]. Having discovered the LEATHAL WEAPON 2 actress was also raised a Catholic, like her co-star in the KILL CRUISE prophecy, only yesterday. When I looked for some photos of her sitting on my old buddy Ken Kemp at .

See Kensit's hilarious 'TOP GIRLS' theater piece in their ARTS section. It's based on Ken's latest midlife crisis blog about religion, that he recently got off his chest in Salt Lake City, Utah. I commented that he might try a fine 23 year-old bade sitting on his hairy transfigured chest, to straighten out his head.

The next day, there was an OLYMPIC floor coverings van parked at Liz Hurley's DOUBLE WHAMMY chiropratic clinic, next to Larry Sinclair's brake and muffler shop. For Ken's lucrative sideline in the floor coverings business over the years.

This sitting pic was about as close as I could find. It works for me at:

Napping last night, a flash woke me at 12:03 am, depicting a white 40 latitude line dividing a black TV screen in half. Shortly thereafter, I heard about Thursday's twister in North Carolina by I-40 and Kensit's Rt.68, on the west side of 841' Greensboro. It matched the 8:41 time-stamp on my advice left at Ken's 'Common Sense' blog, which he quickly deleted.

I notice that Ken's D&C 86 church in SLC, Utah's is located within the 40th latitude, for an Israelite 40 years of wilderness theme. That OLYMPIC rig was probably about his worldly gospel of Paul style Greek philosophies, etc.

This was the 3.1 ice cream earthquake Thursday at 4:44:14 pm near the Norton Younglove Reserve in California, south of Redlands University, not far from where 31 FLAVORS was founded. More precisely, at 34.024 lat. 117.146 long.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Did they feature .44 cals in the LETHAL WEAPON series? [I prefer the .45s softer recoil.]
NOTE: Looks like Larry has them by the balls at:
I knew he was telling the truth the first time I saw his Youtube video. The people who are lying are the stonewallers in the mainstream media of the mainline church of the whore.
NOTE: Madonna's FROZEN video has a prophetic black crow desert theme set in a Big Black Rock, Nevada environment.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Kentucky's Big Brown won North Carolina on George Clooney's 47th birthday in confirmation of Larry Sinclair's Duluth, Minn BULLDOGS leather head theme being filmed around 666 Statesville, NC; due north of Troutville's exit 42 on Jennifer Garner's I-77. To the west along I-40 is Con/over, once you drive over Lookout Shoals Lake. To the northwest is a little Israelite place called Hiddenite.

This is Forest Gump's endorsement of the Obama messiah on Monday. That was inspired by his messianic blockbuster "...con of man..." movie THE DAVINCI CODE. That box of chocolates in BUBBA HO-TEP was for Gump's famous line, "Life is like a box of chocolate turds... You never know what you are going to get." Or something like that.

Hillary's win in the Hoosier State confirmed Tom Hanks' statement about Dan Brown's earth shaking novel being "...a bunch of hooey!"

The Divine timing of Tuesday's big fraternity drug bust in San Diego's Catholic mission, was one more piece of the big picture code behind Obama's coked-out sex trysts with Larry, on the leather seats of a FIVE STAR virgins limo. They arrested around 100 young Obama student supporters, mostly men, in confirmation of my "BiHollywood Weekly" report by 'Mel' at about Obama's transsexual Scientology frat house at Harvard.

Now deleted it would appear.

The ROCKY HORROR candy man drug bust was headed up by Dep Dist Atty Damon Mosler. For all those shit-for-brains Obama followers out there screwing Matt Damon 24/7 on YouTube. Former US Navy sailor Larry was probably stationed in San Diego at some point.

This year's BURNING MAN festival at Black Rock City Nevada corresponds with the alien Egyptian themes in 2008's DNC Denver Convention at:

This is why the Reno area has been experiencing continuous REV.16 earthquakes during the 2008 primaries. The 666 fest is located somewhere near the new beast's Empire landmark in Washoe County, north of Pyramid Lake. The little town of Nixon is located by the lake to establish the flat tire timing of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, May 5, 2008


Several days ago, this fine looking babe appeared to me in a flash vision. She looked towards me sideways and smiled, while standing outside Bonney Lake's THE CHECKOUT discount grocery on the sidewalk. I never saw her before.

She was standing where I found a crystal hard candy with a tiny Flashing redish orange light inside of it. About the same size and shape as the colored palm crystals in LOGAN'S RUN; attached to a pink round candy tube lid. Similar, but more round than this one at:

The next day, I found a discounted 1.99 DVD at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO's sidewalk sale; some indie movie called SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D. Turned out, I watched the fishy GSR/TWN con man comedy on the last day of De Niro's TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL. And discovered that the beautiful woman in my hot flash was Elizabeth Hendrickson. Like the British TV actress Billie Piper, I had never heard of her before at:
And at this hard candy crystals heart chain shot at:

Elizabeth was born on Ephraim's day 1260 date, July 3, 1979, like Tom Cruise, so I'll keep an eye on her.

After I watched the movie, I went to sleep and had a vivid dream at 10:55 am, wherein I was watching the movie. When a David Lynch style full screen Egyptian eye suddenly appeared, that wasn't in the film, causing me to wake up with a jolt. Later I made the connection with Ms Hendrickson and the new threesome sex tape of Jimi Hendrix. Based on the comedy's Jimi Hendrix sounds right after Carmen Electra agreed to put some money into my threesome dream about her and Pam Anderson.

Things got more interesting when short Mikie, the story's Chris Wood look atype, operated the same video camera that Chris used to shoot his Spielberg short THE CHECKOUT at Bonney Lake's discount store. Then he was forced to go down on a fat WILCOX dairy business lady for some Flirty Fishing financial baking of their indie project; hopefully 50k, for a 50% getting off thing.

In the end, "the big guy" De Niro steps out of a limo at their red carpet movie premier and starts firing a leathal Mel Gibson special H&K pistol at everyone. I'm not sure why. He agreed earlier to back the picture, while Sandra Bern/hard's character was sitting at her wood conference table, decorated with only a large crystal rock centerpiece.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Walking back Sunday, a blue FJ pulling a little FFing trout boat passed me at the Princess Cliff on Hwy.410; above that royal Jacob's Pillow Stone. J&J went fishing last weekend in Miami on the opening day of Washington state's trout season.
NOTE: Mariah's TOUCH MY BODY video features a funny SPEED RACER scene. For some recent signs and wonders I've seen surrounding the movie's alluring co-star Christina Ricci. The video's red frizzbie is a UFO flying saucer thing. That horn helmet was confirmed by the Green/horn Mtns quakes near Bodfish, CA. My favorite shots were in the stairway-to-heaven homage.
NOTE: Sunday, I saw a "Big Play" baseball kid photo headline on our local paper's front page, in a paper vending box behind the spot where Elizabeth was standing.
NOTE: A nice Elizabeth look alike followed me sideways over to WAL*MART's fishing counter Sunday, where I checked on the trout season opener date. Some customer guy was there wearing a big blue '86' jersey for the indie film's '86 Avenue' production company credit.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I was very touched by Mariah Carey's new FFing video filmed at Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE mansion location below Big Bear; followed up last week by the DC Madam suicide lynching. Where she left two suicide notes. One for Judah's day 1290 obamanation of desolation, and one for Ephraim's day 1290 set up.

THE ROCKY [Mtns] HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy was exposed further on Saturday by Hillary's doomed '8 Belles' beast breaking both DANIEL 2 ankles at Clooney's Kentucky Derby. Radio news clips of Obama's Big Brown Bubba Ho-Tep jockey, speaking with a distinct high pitched transsexual voice, was the obvious give away.

Like P Diddy getting his Leprechaun like Hollywood star confirmation of the hip hop club fire near the old big BROWN DERBY landmark full of vintage movie prophecy caricatures. Which will lead to INLAND EMPIRE's vampire blood cleansing temple finale. Where Paris et al used a screw driver to screw Matt Damon outside his old Hollywood Blvd apartment neighborhood.

This was Jessica's Southside Baptist church destroyed by a tornado from the God of Israel in Damascus, Ark. Where today's gospel of Paul apostate Christians will be converted on the rocky road to Damascus.

Down in Mel Gibson's day 1290 Mississippi, a paper mill exploded in Redwood. Could be an inside conspiracy at:

Most likely, it's just a straightforward DISNEYLAND suicide, like the signs and wonders one at:

Anytime you have serious media people talking about a candidate who has been getting sucked and fucked like Senator Craig in hotel rooms and limos, you know we're having the final retro 70s chocolate COOL-AID party.

Did anyone see Alicia Keyes last week on David Letterman's shit-for-brains show? She wore a tight grey dress that made her look like that big pig Obama balloon that floated away from Coachella. I'm surprized that she didn't have his name written across her ass in big letters.

The weather didn't stop Sheryl Crow though on Friday in Memphis, Egypt. Although it appears like half the audience left at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Here's a nice shot of white chocolate Mariah in one of Jenny's $1.09 dry-cleaned mens shirts at:
NOTE: I like this nice Flirty Fishing angle on Jenny's famous blue trout nose at: