Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It might be best to watch the two 19666s Flint prophecies backwards, starting with IN LIKE FLINT. Where his first four ISAIAH 4:1 ladies decided to get married and take another man's name; such as Sandy, Neve, Natalie, Julia and Jen. Who are quickly replaced, 12 months later, in 1967's sequel by those three Virgin Island virgins at the FABULOUS FACE spa, with the prophetic 'FF' vagina ring threesome logo.

Isaiah's millennial vision was powerfully confirmed when I watched IN LIKE FLINT's escape from the 666 freezer on the morning of Jessica Alba's birthday. Then up at STARBUCKS that afternoon, I was looking at a parked van outside from MR COOL, MR HEAT duct maintenance. When some gorgeous babe, with the figure of an 18 year-old Jessica, offered to buy me a cup of Hi There completely out of the blue, at:

Then she invited me to join her at her party of three righteous babes table. For the three ladies of IN LIKE FLINT, who could not be brainwashed with trick subliminal hair-driers by the 666 feminists who put a look alike impostor in the White House. As part of their evil scheme to empower a new internationalist order based on an armed UFO platform in outer space.

Before anyone realizes how much the government has been "...infiltrated with traitors", they just think that "General [Jimmy] Carter's got the President brainwashed..." Which was immediately confirmed by the same day news that Senator Specter had joined today's reformed Soviet leaders of scientific futurism in Wash, DC.

Reportedly, Specter no longer wanted to be a part of the 'Party of No'. For an inspired allusion to the original 007 movie that started it all, DR NO. Which was conceived in the year that "Barack To The Future" Obama was born. Wherein the good guys do battle with an evil international mob called SPECTRE.

On the very same day that the Jewish backstabbing figure, Arlen Specter, joined forces with today's symbolic latterday 666 Romans, who killed Jesus Christ, there was a .45 caliber earthquake message from God near Ile Hunter, in the Loyalty Island region of New Caledonia, at:

This is the David Lynchian Eagle Scout, Scott Mason, 17, who got lost for three days near Pinkham Notch, New Ham/shire, while hiking up Mount Washington, at:

In OUR MAN FLINT, Flint works all night decoding the latest numbers, rising daily around lunch time to save his first five wives from today's 666 fantasy island world of Barack Obama's Hawaii Islands.

The first Flint tracks down a counterfeit fountain-of-youth moisturizer cream plot, riding in a Taxi throughout the beast's 7 hills of modern Rome. That is being packaged in sexy topless Hawaii lady jars, which look an awful lot like 2008's Obama poster girl at:

Gregory Scott Relf


REV.11's two firebrand witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt, are Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern.

Sienna Miller went to the violent civil war in Congo for a King Kong confirmation of the deep REV.16 Naomi Ave divide signs and wonders. The Arlen Specter earthquake was also a REV.16 earthquake omen, based on his political connection to Sienna's Divinely inspired "Shittsburgh" messages.

Based on ABRAHAM 1, ancient Egypt was an entire nation of mulattos.

The prophetic DR NO movie poster is at:

Monday, April 27, 2009


I watched my rented copy of TWILIGHT's blood cleansing prophecy on Renee Zellweger's 40th birthday. In the final end credits, you learn that Mel Gibson's inspired "...TEMPLE HILL PRODUCTION" was filmed somewhere around his Columbia Gorge place; outside Vancouver, Washington. The vampire picture was also made "In Association with MAVERICK FILMS..." Because that is where he co-starred with 19 year-old Kristen Stewart's PANIC ROOM friend Jodie Foster in 1994's MAVERICK Queen of Hearts con job movie, at:

Long time TWNers may recall that Jodie's official King Ranch, Texas number is '19'.

The breaking pig flu reports from Mexico caught my attention right after I logged my PIG NOTES post. So I'll try to find a copy of Mel's primitive Book of Mormon savages movie filmed down there. It probably has some inspired connections to Professor Joe Butcher's abominable Aztec temple mount at the end of LICENSE TO KILL; played to Barack Obama perfection by a smiling Wayne Newton.

TWILIGHT's forever 17 year-old vampire hero, Edward, became immortal when he caught the Spanish flu in 1918. Confirmed by the fact that they speak pig Spanish in Mexico. My own rental DVD is due back on Penelope Cruz' 35th birthday Tuesday. I hope she finds the time to see it. Spain is very famous for their cured ham dishes.

I couldn't believe it either. The same day Mel's gentile Malibu temple mount post rolled out, all the papers reported that it was Shirley Temple Black's 81st birthday. Signifying the Utah Area Code 801 temple abomination of desolation by a Jewish descendant of Ham.

"Now, Pharaoh being of that lineage by which he could not have the right of Priesthood, notwithstanding the Pharaohs would fain claim it from Noah, through Ham, therefore my father was led away by their idolatry." [ABRAHAM 1:27]

The now obvious fact that Barack Obama is not legally eligible to hold the US office of President, is a prophetic latter-day corroboration of today's LDS temple abominations. One can just sense that the DIE HARD liberal media's bacon is frying when they repeat, over and over, their obsessive usage of the doomed title "President Obama".

As if they could stop DANIAL 2's boulder from rolling down the Colorado mountain, and getting bigger and bigger, at:

Gregory Scott Relf


1989's Bond movie, LICENSE TO KILL, is probably one of the top ten plural marriage movies ever made at:

Everyone who saw it thought that the silly monogamy ending was totally wrong.

Here's a book by a former mob boss who says that Obama is using the very same business model that he used, before retiring from the secret combinations business. You find businesses that are in trouble. You loan them money. You control them. See:

Thursday, April 23, 2009


To make sure that Britain's economy continues to shrink, their socialist government pigs are raising the top productive tax rate to 50%. Be looking for more Madonna style English saddle horse accidents.

The home of America's pork sausage king, Jimmy Dean, burned down Monday night. It's located above Virginia's James [Bond] River, near the Richmond Nat Battlefield Civil War landmarks, off Osborne Turnpike and [MLK] Kingsland Rd. His most famous country music hit was "Big Bad John", recorded in the same year that Obama was born, 1961. It's about a mysterious 6'6" man with an unknown background. Who basically committed suicide to save 20 miners from the black hole beast. And no one in the pop culture media ever dared ask him any embarrassing questions, or give him a hard time.

Mel Gibson is building a fabulous Catholic monastery temple mount complex above Malibu, complete with Jerusalem style temple retaining walls. That will eventually be converted into a School of Prophets facility with an endowment House of the Lord. For the blood cleansing rights that will initiate the physical transfiguration at:

No wonder Neve Campbell felt inspired to marry John Light in a nearby Malibu chaple. The REV.13.1 Malibu beach explosion prophecy in KISS ME DEADLY will be Mel's cue to drop that whole homosexual celibacy thing, with it's apostate doctrines of monogyny, and get cracking.

Speaking of BRIDES OF DRACULA. When I see Kristen Stewart's amazing work, who was born on 4.09, the prophetic Malibu BEACH BOYS lyrics in '409' come to mind:

She's real fine my 409
She's real fine my 409
My 409
Well I saved my pennies and I saved my dimes
(Giddy up giddy up 409)
'fore I knew there would be a time
(Giddy up giddy up 409)
When I would buy a brand new 409
(409, 409)
Giddy up giddy up giddy up 409
(Giddy up giddy up 409)
Giddy up 409(Giddy up giddy up 409)
Giddy up 409(Giddy up giddy up 409)
Giddy up 40...
Nothing can catch her
Nothing can touch my 409 409 ooooo
(Giddy up giddy up oooo)
(Giddy up giddy up oooo)
(Giddy up giddy up oooo)
(Giddy up giddy up)
When I take her to the track she really shines
(Giddy up giddy up 409)
She always turns in the fastest times
(Giddy up giddy up 409)
My four speed dual quad posi-traction threesome 409
(409, 409, 409, 409)
Giddy up giddy up giddy up 409
(Giddy up giddy up 409)
Giddy up 409(Giddy up giddy up 409)Giddy up 409(Giddy up giddy up 409)Giddy up 40...
Nothing can catch her Nothing can touch my 409
(409 409 409 409)Giddy up 409(409 409 409 409)
Giddy up 409(409 409 409 409)

Check out this 1968 409 at:

For those of you who have stepped off the prophecies along 16th Ave N.E. in Seattle. Check your google map for the 61st location of Naomi Ave, right after the steep and inspiring Ravenna Park wilderness canyon drop off. In THE FAT SPY prophecy, Naomi's name is spoken by a sea nymph siren as the kid steps into a REV.13.1 drop off.

I just watched Naomi Watts in KING KONG Thursday morning. It's packed with people falling into various Grand Canyon themes on Skull Island. There are no streets around my 5717 Seattle home that have a name. They are all just numbered, except Naomi Ave.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


21 prized polo horses from Venezuela suddenly died Sunday in Palm Beach County, Florida. As Barack Obama wrapped up his Latin conference weekend visit with Venezuela's narco president Hugo Chavez in Voodooland. Thematically confirmed by the hard fall off a REV.17 polo horse that Lady Madonna took in Gwyneth Paltrow's Hamptons section of Long Island's alligator garfish jaws. There is a place called The Hamptons in posh Palm Beach County, off Hwy.441.

The same Friday morning, before Chavez gave Obama his favorite Latin MLK marxist book, I dreamed that I was standing in front of a typical multiplex movie theater. Each screen had it's own line, and I noticed that all the excited hot babes were standing in a particularly busy line to see the 1989 Bond movie LICENSE TO KILL.

Rather surprised, I rented the Book of Mormon country's secret combinations 007 picture that very day. About a South American narco republic that exports Obama's beloved crack cocaine hidden inside of Venezuela style gasoline tankers. Featuring a terrific Latino Brad Pitt look alike henchman. The kind who probably assasinated Obama's former gay lover Donald Young, execution style.

A homogaysexual Stinger missile AIDS plague message was crammed into the REV.9 stingray scuba diving plot. That ended up killing their local black agent nicknamed 'Sharky'. When the white CIA agent gets bit by a 666 shark, everyone at the hospital pages the LDS church's current leader 'Dr Monson'.

Speaking of America's way overrated marxist fatso Dr King. The same day that my NUTTY PROFESSOR post rolled out, there was a 4.4 earthquake off the REV.13.1 coast of No.44's Lincoln County, Oregon at 6:44:42 am, local time, inside the 44 latitude line.

In Spike Lee's 1999 SOS .44 killer movie, the homosexual punk rocker, with shark fin mowhawk hair, and a prophetic Obama logo 'sunburst' design guitar, eventually gets beat up by typical white listeners of the Howard Stern show.

I was planning to watch my new Carrie Otis Brazil movie before the unexpected 007 dream came in. Since Otis is located on Rt.18 inside Lincoln County, near Devil's Lake and Road's End Wayside beach park.

Gregory Scott Relf


The 10th horn in DANIEL 7:8, REV.13 & 17, was George Bush, not Bill Clinton. Who's initialing number 42 position started the official double 1260-1290-1335 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Which lead to Obama's 70 weeks scenario, after their 'time, [2] times, and half a time' period.

The ten 666 horns were:

FDR [Died in office]
JFK [Assasinated in office]
Nixon [Removed in office]


The number '21' is a traditional blackjack trump, i.e. jacked, reference in film.

The two witnesses of REV.11 have appeared in New York's modern day Sodom and Egypt of Judah, located in the American New Jerusalem of New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New London, etc. etc. New York City is the power center of the Jews, as was ancient Jerusalem "...where also our Lord was crucified." There are a handfull of gays and blacks in the shadows of today's Jerusalem. But it's no modern day Sodom and Egypt. [Ancient Egypt was founded by the negro race. See ABRAHAM 1]


Friday, April 17, 2009


After my big DVD finds at SUNCOAST and F.Y.E. Monday, I found an old tape of 1996's THE NUTTY PROFESSOR for $1 on Tuesday. At the Buckley Rainier School's thrift shop, staffed by the mentally and physically retarded offspring of loving parents with tragically insufficient diets. It was a no-brainer, based on Larry Sinclair's new book about how much Professor Obama likes a good nuts licking before you actually start saluting his flag pole, at:

In this pre-Obama prophecy, America's typical fat government university Professor Klump, has a slick lying alter egoist who is as trim and charming as today's African mask wearing BLACKBERRY man. The truth is, he's a kooky college professor who is completely devoted to finding a 666 fantasy substitute for the physical transfiguration, etc.

Unbelievably, OUR MAN FLINT enters the picture half way through, carrying my $10,000,000 check from Mel Gibson in his pocket. For when the aging actor realizes that I'm not talking shit. And even Sharon Stone wants to marry me. So she can get some of that blue potion no.9 in the movie's phallic shaped glass that I love to fuck no matter what.

"When did you marry Sharon Stone?" jokes the DNC's screaming Howard Dean college dean figure.

The end credits start with THE VILLAGE PEOPLE homosexuals singing "Macho man..." Thereby creating today's "party like it's 1999" scene at Sodom and Egypt's back-to-the-future ANIMAL HOUSE White House prophecy.

BEVERLY HILLS COP 1994 was basically a prophecy about Kristen Stewart's new amusement park movie ADVENTURELAND. Where our wonder world government is printing phony money with Obama's African COMING TO AMERICA face on it. There is even a prophetic Jewish BRUNO character in the movie. Who gives Obama his ghetto blaster [riot] weapon that wipes out all the evil white Republicans in the elephant theme park's fantasy town square of middle America.

Immediately after today's counterfeit funny-money scam is revealed, the film cuts to an astonishing Arabic Obama figure standing out in the crowd with a shit eating grin.

The latter-day prophecy ends with half Jewish Obama's "Uncle Dave" presenting him with his 666 theme park's new 'Axel Fox' mascot that bears DANIEL's horns of the abomination of desolation. Recently confirmed by Michael J Fox's ringing praise for Obama's $billion$ in support of Nazi 666 medical science.

These are the same TIME magazine cover horns that we saw on America's "first black president" Bill Clinton, now based in Harlem, who was not really black. Even the no.42 forerunner President [DANIEL's 10th horn since the first FDR horn] during the two witnesses set up and revelation of today's day 1290 temple abomination of desolation. Now manifested in "America's first black President" who is not really black. Fulfilling Judah's day 1290 black mob prophecy by being their black Jewish world government leader.

BEVERLY HILLS COP III ends with Eddie's recovering 666 beast figure sitting in FDR's symbolic wheelchair, sporting the healing head wound of the first 666 beast in REV.13.

Gregory Scott Relf

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

99.44% PURE

Famous 'wall of sound' BEVERLY HILLS COP music supporter, Phil Spector, 69, was convicted of killing one of his many REV.17 harlots Monday. While wearing his Jewish "Barack Obama Rocks" ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW button in court. 40 year-old Lana Clarkson was the co-star of Roger Corman's 1985 movie BARBARIAN QUEEN. The jury had been considering the case since future Queen Keira's 24th birthday on March 26.

That same day, the news broke about the death of BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR porn star Marilyn Chambers. In confirmation of Isabella Rossellini's revealing green porno videos. Since the beautiful 56 year-old Sienna Miller looking actress was so famous for her prophetic IVORY SNOW soap Obama era commercials; that declared her 99.44% clean, at:

Princess Keira recently reported that she's adicted to the TV soap EMMERDALE. Even though she has joked in the past about her distaste for soap. The TV term 'soap opera' originated in the 50s from their abundance of soap and detergent commercials.

Easter Sunday's African pirate killings happened on the same day I watched Spike Lee's amazing 1999 pre-Obama prophecy about the ".44 Killer" entitled SUMMER OF SAM. That features the black No.44 Reggie Jackson hitting a game-winning homer, against Scottie McGregor, at the same time Son of Sam [Sampson] shoots more victims with a foolish dead virgins five shot .44.

I have only attended one major league baseball game in my life. Where I watched Reggie strike out against the VASELINE jelly ball right hander Gaylord Perry in Seattle's King Dome. On the 5.6th anniversary in 1982 of Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy, Perry won his historic 300th game. The pitcher was quite famous for his no bullshit DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS Nick Nolte personality, at:

Perry's wife died on 9.11 in 1987. When a driver hit her car on Hwy.27 in Lake Wales, Florida.

Some in the darkly inspired 666 media have been spinning the Navy's pirate action, as if the future SOS figure himself shot them. Confirming Keira's famous pirate captain portrait atop a REV.17 beast white horse, with my royal SAILOR DOG green door open at:

2005's future '...410..' Good Friday love potion 09 crucifixion date in DOMINO, behind now 24 year-old Keira, was directly referenced by God in the shit storm that hit Murfreesboro, Tenn Friday, located on I-24 and Hwy.41; next to a small community called Blackman, at:

Nearby Almaville is for the "harlot Isabel" abomination of desolation themes in ALMA 39, and HOSEA 1.

Gregory Scott Relf


Check out these incredible David Lynchian images at:

Recently I experienced a David Lynch vision. Wherein an actress asked him, "Is it time yet?" for her scene. To which he responded "Almost... I'm feeling good about it..."

Maybe Lynch has seen the strange meditation temple that some eastern religion group built next to the School of Prophets in Salem, Utah.

Some guest fainted and passed out on Jeff Beck's show. For "Thy sons have fainted save these two..." in 2NEPHI 8.

Have a look at this Kristen Stewart vampire message at:

Mel Gibson's jealous wife signed her divorce papers on 4.09, which was the eternal TWILIGHT star's 19th birthday. Apparently Mrs Gibson was not very impressed that a guy named Mel Gibson signed the royal Canadian temple sealing for the eternal marriage of the parents of the rod/stem of Jesse, on July 4th 1957.

I finally found a rather rare-around-here used copy of BEVERLY HILLS COP III Monday at Tacoma Mall's F.Y.E. store. When I stopped by SUNCOAST to pick up the ULTIMATE FLINT COLLECTION and Mickey Rourke's uncut Brazilian Adriana Lima prophecy called WILD ORCHID.

NEW READERS: The number '24' is traditionally symbolic of leadership.

Friday, April 10, 2009


"Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women..." [DANIEL 11:37]

America's illegal alien leader, a well known homosexual involved in the murder of his former lover Donald Young, who couldn't keep his mouth shut, declared to the world that his country is not a Christian nation. Obviously this is now true.

The inspired purpose of Obama's prophetic international tour was to build support for the ongoing alien EZE.38 invasion of lost Israel. Designed by God, from the beginning, to convert the latter-day House of Israel to his Lamb, Jesus Christ.

Those seven Black Caucus members visited Castro for a 7 peaks reference to the whore eating beast in REV.17. Who was nominated, and put into office, by today's pop culture whores in Chocolate Denver, Colorado. Castro is sitting on a mountain of conventional weapons and ammo, stashed in a massive network of caves. That will be used by today's alien black invaders in the millennial battles of EZE.38, at:

The historic pirate events unfolding off the coast of Obama's Africa, are a scriptural prelude to those who will come after the rich northern lost tribes "to make a spoil...", i.e. to rob and pillage.

Therefore, a tornado struck the stonewalling government courthouse in Men/a, Ark on the first day of Passover. For an Ark of the Covenant abomination of desolation message from the God of Israel. Where Obama's Acorn mob reference is located on Hwy.27's falling wall prophecy in 1KING 20:30. Just south of Rich Mtn, and Black Fork's allusion to Obama's pitchfork laser gun in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy.

Passover's developing pirate signs are confirmation of Keira Knightley's prophetic pirate lady roles. Suggesting that we should see some Good Friday crucifixtion references to her 4.10 number date in DOMINO's Manchurian candidate bounty hunter movie.

Last week's tragic cop killings in Pittsburgh were my cue to watch 48 HOURS's cop killer movie, from 1982. That springs into action when Eddie Murphy gets out of jail with 57 dollars in his pocket. Eventually, everybody is after the stolen 500k stashed in the trunk of Sienna's future AUDI TT bathtub sportscar with '487 BAK' plates. Confirmed in about 48 hours by Lady Madonna's symbolic civil war number donation of 500k to the victims of Italy's REV.16 earthquake. No doubt, they felt the quake over in my favorite Italian missionary city of Siena.

Gregory Scott Relf

NOTE: Isabella Rossellini has done some very inspired videos about the royal Davidian sire at:

NOTE: On the eve of Passover, I dreamed that I was in the basement of some courthouse that was hit by a tornado. But it looked like a huge spinning cone of peanutbutter brown shit. After it passed, we all rushed outside, and were surprised to see that the power was still on. Then I saw Ken Keisler blaming the whole mess on "El Rushbo".

NOTE: Looks like Barry has new fuck buddy at:

48 HOURS starts the end credits with the song "...The boys are back in town..."

Monday, April 6, 2009


Italy's REV.16 earthquake prophecy, that struck the 42.42 latitude line at 3:32:42 am local time Monday, 4.6, marked the last day of Salt Lake City's D&C 86 semi-Catholic LDS Conference. And confirmed the arrival of America's own Mr 99 on location at THE BASTER's Turkey. This latest Providential 6.3 three sixes sign happened near the Catholic city of L'Aquila, located at the leadership crossroads of Hwy.A24 and Hwy.SS17.

The place is famous for it's 99 fountains giving head at:

By the hand of God. This year's gentile LDS Conference weekend got started by the church's three-head presidency, with a terrific blow job demonstration outside some Asian values restaurant by THE THREE STOOGES co-star Jim Carrey at:

They say that both Jennys can suck the chrome off a 1969 trailer hitch.

After Princess Keira's 24th birthday last week, I watched 1992's LOVE POTION #9, for the first time since she was around 16 years-old.

It's about a motorcycle monkey-loving scientist lady in the future year of '09'. Who broke off her engagement to the Crown Prince of England. And sent all those GSR/TWN letters from her first man back, mentally unopened. Because she fell for some snake tattoo ring cult leader, who put a Love Potion #8 spell on her. [I'm not kidding.] Who would end up making her take care of his "asshole" kids.

Fortunately, the prophetic film's Love Potion 09 purification cure comes along. And gets her head on straight in the end, when we see a 'Code 29' whore signal inside some D&C 86 church.

Gregory Scott Relf


A 16" snow storm with high winds hit America's corn belt over LDS Conference weekend.

Italian lady's wedding omen with 4.24 sign at:

Alaska's volcano blew more Demi steam and Ashton Lent ash on the day Tom and Gisele held their voodoo wedding down in Mel Gibson's Costa Rica.

Sadly, Ms Moore was killed in a car crash snow job omen near Snowville, Utah's 42 line Saturday, on I-84, at:

The breaking news about Farrah Fawcett's hospital coma looks like a 99 faucets thing; related to her anal cancer. On the sweet side, it's about those EZE.47:1 waters of life coming from the temple's south side in Texas, etc. America's original FFing angel is from Corpus Christi, TX [Christ's Body], next to Gregory, TX. Her famous sands of Israel portrait is at:

Saturday, April 4, 2009


"...You control the weather, and you control the world..." is one of the prophetic mighty lines in the first 6 minutes of 1966's OUR MAN FLINT prophecy at:

Friday's left-wing American Civic Organization shooting was a 42 months latitude line warning for those trying to destroy America's special Book of Mormon sovereignty. 13 people were initially 86ed by the shooter, for the 42 months period of the abomination of desolation allowed in REV.13. Going west on the 42 line takes you over to Utah's D&C 86 LDS Conference this weekend.

Choconut Center is right outside Hwy.17's 860' Binghamton Book of Mormon landmark in upstate New York. To establish the event's relationship to Domino's crazy best friend bounty hunter [foreigner] named Choco. Obama's transsexual Johnson City dick reference is on Rt.201, across town from Port Dickinson. To the east in Broome County are the three royal Windsor landmarks of England.

It happened on the same day that gay marriage was legalized by Iowa's supreme court; BRUNO's favorite corn-holing state.

As the prophecy clock ticked. It happened on the same day that Lady Mary Madonna was denied adoption of Bruno's African baby. See the dick-in-son scenes at:

That's why Madonna took a hard fall off her 42 months tread mill this week, at her African resort lodge hotel. These REV.17 bitches have got 42 months. Then it's fuck you long time baby.

A semi truck load of gory salsa crashed on Utah's Hwy.6 Friday, east of the Soldier Summit mountain pass.

Larry posted this famous photo of Obama napping under a buddy's nutsack just hours before Friday's 10:00am Choconut bounty hunter omens at:

Here's an update on the Hwy.17 shooting at:


Friday, April 3, 2009


Gov Blago was indicted the day after America's Manchurian candidate met with the Queen of Diamonds. As the news was rolling out about the feds' baked Alaska case against Senator Stevens being dropped.

My advice to Blago: The bullshit 666 game is over. Don't bother to hire an attorney. Handle the DEATH WISH 6 case yourself. After thoroughly considering Bronson's last prophetic movie at:

No judge.
No jury.
No appeals.
No deals.

Blagojevich is a former Cook County prosecutor in Chicago's 'domestic abuse' section. Therefore, the same day he was indicted at DISNEYWORLD, Florida, the future Queen of England released a domestic abuse prophecy. Demonstrating how Gordon BRUNO's royal fantasy island is going to get the shit kicked out of it by feminist faggot hating Islamic Nazi terrorists, at:

For a second witness, Michael Moore said that he can't wait for Obama's next 666 'Superman' exploit. So a red coat British SUPER PUMA helicopter crashed into the REV.13:1 sea on the opening day of the $trillion$ G20 heist; killing all REV.16 people aboard the BOND operated chopper, at:

Moore is originally from Michigan's Flint area. For a Divine reference to the revolution's flint rifles on display at House In The Horseshoe, in Moore County, NC.

London's G20 agreed to sign some bogus UN climate control deal. On the same day that both US houses passed Obama's similar domestic budget. Fulfilling 1966's royal American OUR MAN FLINT Crown Prince prophecy at:

After watching the fabulous face in Keira's domestic violence PSA, I would follow it up with some cultural balance, like at:

Most domestic violence is initiated by the female. The males tend to finish it.

Gregory Scott Relf