Saturday, August 29, 2009


Wednesday morning, I dreamed we were driving on Lake City Way in Seattle, by the old 'spaghetti house' restaurant on 98th, headed out for a three day weekend vacation. Behind us was an old classic MG type T-roadster, like at:

Then we were driving inside the same roadster up in a narrow rocky mountain canyon road somewhere, and we came upon a large slide of rocks and boulders, that was blocking the gravel road. Someone figured that four strong guys might be able to pick up the car and carry it past the obstruction; one on each corner wheel.

Later in the day Wednesday, I read that there was a large rockslide in Yosemite National Park, which came down off the base of Royal Arches, next to Washington [Post] Column, and the Dome etc. at:

The next day, I saw blog pix of Sylvestor Stalone rolling up to some Beverly Hills Italian restaurant in a similar classic T-roadster; joking to the paps that it runs on marinara sauce. Sly was there to meet with Gov Schwarzenegger to discuss a role in his new THE EXPENDABLES movie. You can see the four tough guys poster art at:

That's Nicole Kidman who gets into the elevator with her shorter country music husband, Keith Urban, in the opening of EATING RAOUL. And a guy says "Wives are the pitts..." when he has to watch her get laid by another man. It's the scene where everybody is invited to Obama's big banking swingers party in apartment 234. [Don't miss the black transsexual in a dress who gets the Florida panhandle.]

The final Howard Stern orgy in EATING RAOUL is on Bluejay Way. Where Gov Schwarzenegger mentions his bad luck with a collapsed basket fuck in Tijuana. I read that one of Jennifer Aniston's LA area homes is on a street called Bluejay, or something like that.

Don't miss Keira's knight in armor at Raoul's place. Plus her prophetic pirate movie scene, in a blue costume, right before we see Renee's new BLUE PARROT taco joint that uses DOGGIE KING meat. That's Sienna's rising cobra from GI JOE on Raoul's coffee table, with him in a posh stolen 'TTS' bathrobe.

Mary's line to Obama-Raoul about forced love, i.e. "If you want to force me to make love to you..." was confirmed by the forced sex slave case coming out of Obama's leftist Berkeley, CA this week. That's why Raoul-Relf had to save Keira from today's 60s hippie radicals in business suits.

The casino talk show stage rumble in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is the future Jimmy Kimmel set. Note the 'JIMI' piano, the chubby Jimmy face mask, next to his chubby Hispanic sidekick's face; Kimmel being from Las Vegas etc. The full figure brunet babe that Billie Boy's drugies are trying to rape represents Jimmy's on and off lover Sarah Silverman. Who I hear is still fucking Matt Damon.

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE's prophetic milk bar was confirmed by Gov Schwarzenegger's hall of fame recognition for the late Harvey Milk this week.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ted Kennedy died late Tuesday night at 77. For a clockwork orange time-line to the NBC late show hosted by Boston's Conan O'Brien. That simulcast America's Nazi hunting director of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, and KILL [hurricane] BILL, all decked out in an African brown shirt and Scotish beret.

Kennedy's death will carve Tuesday's new $9,000,000,000,000 deficit pork number into his oversized tombstone forever. And mark the end to the new beast's illegal 666 medical fasciation fantasies.

Cat napping late Tuesday, I dreamed that the clock read 11:00 pm. So I reached over for my remote to watch TMZ, but was jolted awake by the Lord, who said simply "Stiffed!" Seeing it was 11:02, I reached over for the remote and tuned into the show. Where I saw their first clip featuring Miss Australia, in some beauty contest, blowing up a lubed condom into a big balloon.

Turned out, she was the blonde babe who drove by me at JIFFY LUBE Tuesday afternoon, in a custom bone white MINI COOPER with 'TINKBIG' plates. Where the guys were holding up their large "$10 OFF" signs, signifying the big central government icon, Alexander Ham/ilton, on the US $10 bill of Egypt and Sodom.

Kennedy became a stiff on Tuesday in confirmation of my clockwork orange cock dream. This is the big boner scene where Alex suddenly shows up inside that plush country porno health spa. Startling the cat woman, who is extremely shocked by the fact that GSR/TWNers seem to be showing up everywhere. As if crawling through her rear windows, or just walking in the locked front door.

Tuesday morning I watched 1982's miracle box office indie comedy, EATING RAOUL. It took forever to get past the film's opening Barack Obama sequence. Wherein the wine shop owner, in a Hawaiian shirt, symbolically shoots the black robber standing by a bunch of cheap MOUNTAIN BROOK red wine bottles from Colorado, with his big DIRTY HARRY 44. Only a moment after we see little Obama, and yours truly in hidden shades, drop a Hollywood television on top of some naive federal postman. After the shot of a typical white Hollywood chick hugging her big black weenie, etc. etc.

The fantasticly brilliant prophecy has Raoul playing both the rod of Jesse, and his Providentially useful sidekick, Barack Obama. Who work together to seduce the film's sexy Keira Knightley figure look alike, named Mary, away from her suspicious platonic husband friend.

Mary's jealous conservative hubby tries everything to get rid of Obama. First using religious threats, then claiming that his birth certificate is a forgery, and lastly, making him out to be a homosexual, who can't get it up for the ladies. In the end, it's up to the Keira figure to get rid of her professional thief, who believes in forced love.

Gregory Scott Relf

Monday, August 24, 2009


Sadly, the prophetic stormy seas symbolism at Thunder Hole can not be denied.

That sweet little adopted G7 year-old chinatown [read foolish] virgin, named Clio Axilrod, was washed out to sea at the Thunder Hole slot by an estimated 20' wave. On the same day that the CANADIAN CLUB beastie boy lynched himself in Barack Obama's Hope, BC at the THUNDERBIRD MOTEL. Confirming the sleeping virgins message in Natalie's new WILD ABOUT IT pool splash video. The same Sunday the Obamas arrived on Martha's Vineyard.

Acadia National Park is a representative island of the Martha's Vineyard island. Which connects Obama's Woods Hole ferry to Gay Head theme with the Hope 'BC' birth certificate link in my ORANGE NOTES post. Thunder Hole is in the park's Black Woods area, south of Witch Hole Pound. Located on the rocky coast line between Great Head and Hunters Head.

Wise TWIN PEAKS pilot followers will recognize the surreal Laura look alikeness of the slutty Las Vegas wife of Megan Fox's VH1 millionaire reality TV star, Ryan Jenkins, at:

Obama's BC was released by the Hand of God in response to the LDS Glenn Beck's on-air promise that there would be great revelations about the secret evil elements behind the abomination of desolation, when he got back from vacation Monday. What an inspired prophet! He didn't have to say hardly anything.

Now all the latter-day secret combinations in the CHINATOWN media have teamed up with the known illegal alien usurper. Down in the White House's WAG THE DOG basement war room. To coordinate their attention distracting "news report" commercials about past adversary CIA agents threatening terrorist suspects with an unloaded gun. Or empty spy cliches about getting to their relatives if they didn't disclose their next terrorist attack plans.

Following the media's sercretive lead stories, this should be the right time to find out about those ruthless interrogators in Africa. Who tried to put words into Sarah Obama's mouth, forcing her to confess that she was present at Barack Obama's torturous birth in Mombasa, at:

Gregory Scott Relf

Sunday, August 23, 2009


INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS' African brown shirt Nazi hunter movie opening was confirmed by the release of Obama's Kenya birth certificate, featuring a very white looking guy, at:

Note the above BC was signed on Charlize T/heron's 8.7 African birth day date. For a Providential reference to her blue heron surname, the national frog-eating bird of her native South Africa. In the EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES context of Obama staying at the Blue Heron Farm on Gay Head island this week. Right when those prophetic stormy seas paintings from North Korea, and little Larry Sinclair's place, are playing out again.

Here's a good look at FDR's New Deal stump hat featured in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, at:

The film's gory spaghetti scene is about the spaghetti they serve "four times a day" in Italian prisons in THE ITALIAN JOB, 1969. Which leads to mentally unstable birth problems and criminal behavior, when people fill up on empty white flour, etc. and then breed; according to the revealed word of God in the 2BC. The old expression "He's a bad seed" is an inspired reference to the bad seed that produces bad offspring, with serious behavior problems.

In my various Divine dreams, Barack Obama is often depicted as a child. Thus all the African children in the above BC video. He is also depicted as a child in many inspired prophetic movies. [All creativity comes from above or below.] The people who support Obama et al are often times just ignorant and childish

In A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, the 'secret combinations' lock on Alex's door is 17, 34, 91. These are the threats to our liberties from the secret combinations in ETHER 8 etc.

"And whatsoever nation shall uphold such secret combinations, to get power and gain, until they shall spread over the nation, behold, they shall be destroyed:" [verse 22]

"Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these [MARK13:14] things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you; or wo be unto it, because of the blood of [Donald Young etc.]... who have been slain..." [verse 24]

"For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries;.. for it is built up by the devil..." [verse 25]

"We want President Obama to succeed..." [An official LDS [D&C 86] spokesperson commenting on the recent LDS leaders visit to the White House.

The above BC video came out right after those D&C 86 Lutherans voted to allow active homosexual monogamists in their priesthood.

Two people died in a red, white, and blue stars-and-stripes early WWII biplane crash in Harrison [Ford] Ohio, off New Haven Rd, on the opening night of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, at:

Hollywood third wayer Ford has fought against Nazis in a number of movies, and owns a half dozen planes and choppers.

German Beethoven's 09th is a Nazi rebirth theme song in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. There is/was a JACK IN THE BOX on 50th and University Ave in Seattle, across from THE GRAND ILLUSION art house cinema. So I walked by the one on Hwy.410 Friday, right when a very fat lady wabbled out the front doors in a bright orange top.

Ashton Kutcher was a vision in Big Brown leather, when he recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new GSR/TWN swingers movie, SPREAD.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Some weeks ago, the Lord informed me that someone has been trying to kill Lucas Smith.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


When I rented THE ITALIAN JOB, 1969, a couple weeks ago, I spotted a previously-viewed secondhand copy of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, 1971, for $4. I finally watched the prophetic 09 scenario, obsessed throughout with Beetoven's No.9, last Monday morning. Then everything everywhere started getting very orangeish.

That orange 90s MUSTANG with "BOSS" on the side, that was always driving up and down Hwy.410 a few years ago, started driving up and down the road again on a regular basis; not just every few months or so. Like when there would be new blog photos of Sienna posing for BOSS' new fountain-of-youth fragrance called ORANGE or something.

The film's title, based on the 1962 book, comes from an old British Cock/ney expression, "As queer as a clockwork orange"

All of it's inspired cinematic indications suggest that there is some serious gay bashing coming to the latter-day Sodom and Egypt, probably starting in the year 09. Based on the brainwashed protagonist's 666 cinema conditioning to become weak and violently ill. Whenever his wild instincts would tell him to destroy high society's faggots and lesbians. Aggravated by the fact that even his old gay bashing buddies had now joined up with today's PC police force.

Eventually, Beetoven's 09 symphony drives the spiritually castrated subject to attempt suicide. But his REV.13 head is only wounded in the jump, not killed, and he miraculously recovers his old macho shithead self. Thanks to a new deal with his government high society stump-hat handlers, that allows him to make love forever in the snow with Neve Campbell.

I almost watched A CLOCKWORK ORANGE after I had that vivid Jennifer Aniston dream some years ago, near Seattle's 50th and 15th N.E. Wherein the D&C 86 Mason brick church there on the corner was painted completely orange, like all the other houses and apartments around it. And I woke up, after we had a nice HASTY TASTY breakfast, with a freakish 211 snap-on boner. Not to mention my floor 55 dream elevator kiss by Jenny, that has already been depicted in dozens of horror films and TV crime shows.

Wednesday's orangeness was a small box of ROYAL brand orange flavored jello, oddly lying at the bottom of the entrance stairs carpet. When I asked Granny Grass about it, she replied, "I'm gonna put a banana in it..."

Which confirmed royally the new WILD ABOUT IT threesome baptism video that Natalie Imbruglia just came out with. Featuring the clockwork orange dude at the bottom of the stars where I found the ROYAL box of jello. Long time no see the fine filly in a top hat at:

Here's the sexy orange outfit that Renee wore on the day after MY ONE AND ONLY premier wind storm in Central Park knocked over hundreds of old genealogy trees. Making way for the new ones in JACOB 5 at:

The same day Hwy.101's NASDAQ closed at 1969, her year of birth, with a .24 reference to Natalie's 2.4 birth date. Since I first saw Natalie's double WILD ABOUT IT "aahh ohhh, aaah oooh" video with THE BIG LEBOWSKI's dancing twins on Wednesday morning.

At Tuesday's premier, Renee wore a gorgeous royal Jacob's Pillow Stone number at:

Fred is the 666 government minister in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE who eventually sets up the gay basher, [Who had been living with his parents.], in the refuge of his new therapeutic nurse-lover Neve Campbell.

"I was cured alright..." is the movie's last line.

That was confirmed faster than an instant lotto ticket by Tuesday's special '55' mailer from FREDDYS. Which offered anyone born before 1955 the same 10% off that the Dude gets in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Therefore Jenny's amazing NASDAQ closed the same day at 1955.

Gregory Scott Relf


There was a MY ONE AND ONLY 5.0 earthquake near Ty/one/k, Alaska, in Gwyneth Paltrow's Cook Inlet, Wednesday at 10:19 am. For all those 'I LOVE Y LOVE' Tees, by the toaster etc. in Natalie's threesome video. Which Paltrow's COLDPLAY husband co-wrote. Months ago, I dreamed that I was watching a very successful Sienna Miller movie inside some large cinema. When it was over, a cream and tan colored bug landed next to me on the wall. The next day at STARBUCKS, a lady's cream and tan colored convertible Luv Bug VW beetle parked next to my outside table, bearing 'TY-BUG' plates. The report I read is at:
Talk about putting a little lead in your pencil:

NEW READRS: The Jewish name Neve means 'refuge', and 'snow' in Italian. 211 is the ancient number for steel.

Monday, August 17, 2009


A continuing series of strong 5+ [virgins] earthquakes began rattling Obama's Indonesian region as he toured America's great REV.16 earthquake divide landmark, the Grand Canyon. He would have been looking across the divide towards Cape Royal from the south rim [of Seattle's Ravenna Park model].

The very same day those Obama hackers claimed to have "punked" Orly Taitz' Kenya record of Obama's African birth place, the real PUNKED star, Ashton Kutcher, had to make an emergency return to Vegas in his overheated private jet. Ashton being a big time Obama supporter at:

If Taitz' site is not being illegally vandalized again, you can read the latest updates at:

Look for more signs and wonders from God in connection with Obama's speach at the VFW convention in The Grand Canyon State. Many of those guys know that the abomination of desolation was born in Africa, and that he is still an Indonesia citizen, who never became a legal US citizen.

This MANDALAY BAY sign in Kutcher's Vegas was posted by WND, just in time for the stormy seas around Florida's conservative south panhandle, at:

This is the heavy iron panhandle prophecy in EATING RAOUL at:

TWIN PEAKS's basement Bob drove up to the order post at STARBUCKS Sunday, in an old van. You should have seen the things that drove by out on Hwy.410; including an ICON construction service rig. A WILCOX dairy car drove into 1-95th, for that deadly collision on I-95 near Jupiter, Florida.

TWIN PEAKS's planet Saturn, sitting beside agent MINI COOPER's blood temple Branch Davidian leaf throne, represents the pagan Roman god of the D&C 86 wheat harvest. He is often depicted with a bundle of wheat in one hand, and a sickle in the other, according to:

"That gum you like is going to come back in style." at:

Those dirt mounds inside the 12 candles in TWIN PEAKS, are the mounds and heaps that mark the trail of the lost 12 tribes in JEREMIAH 31:21. Which cover all of Europe and the British Islands, for starters.

The husband of Keira Knightley's pirate lady, 'Ed' in the TV pilot, is a great look alike of my tall ALASKA pilot captain friend Paul Garrison. My old fishing buddy Kit Winn relocated to the TWIN PEAKS area off Cherry Creek Rd, for the famous cherry pie vagina symbolism throughout the series, and it's feature film prequel FIRE WALK WITH ME. He runs the eye-glasses shop at SEARS in the ALDER/WOOD MALL off I-5. Because his Chicago based WILLIS TOWER calling, during his second physical TRANSFORMERS life, will be to help the people see better; including his sister Leslie.

Last I heard, Ken McLeod is a manager at some Sienna Miller sporting goods and fishing tackle store called GI JOES. I think that Ken Kemp is now a PIPER pilot, I'd have to check what plane he flys these days.

Most of my other FRIENDS alum are still doing TV shows or marketing, and making movies.

I watched 1999's Barack Obama 666 Grand Canyon assassin prophecy, NURSE BETTY, Sunday morning. Wherein my friend Renee feels very sorry that she dumped me 6 years ago.

Yours, GSR/TWN


Here's a TWIN PEAKS clip, whenin the future abomination of desolation is in the temple singing, at:

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Bay Area's 666 NASDAQ did 1,998 on the same day the abomination of desolation gave his Medal of Free Love to the assassined Harvey Milk. This is Donnie's prophetic PIPER PA-32 line to the 60s hippies from 1998's THE BIG LEBOWSKI; "You guys are dead in the water!!"

"Alright! Way to go Donnie!" replys Walter, when he sees that the D&C 86 Mormons, and their D&C 86 Christian friends, finally grow some testicles.

For a second witness nearby, a fierce rapid wildfire erupted Wednesday near Woodpecker Ridge, above California's famous free love hippie town of Santa Cruz. Where I first saw the Coen's prophetic breakout bonfire film, BLOOD SIMPLE.

There could also be a GI JOE connection, but I have not seen it yet. Do people get any heroic medals in the movie? Sienna has done some pretty cool hippie art films.

Her surname Miller is a prophetic 'Log Lady' reference to the symbolic log mill scenes in TWIN PEAKS. Back on 7.27, I watched TWIN PEAKS's feature length television premier, and got the goose bumps when agent Cooper went back to his hotel at '12:28', Sienna's birth date. Right after he had checked out the sheriff's line of different flavored donuts, lying on the same table where my buck deer was sitting.

1990's TWIN PEAKS ends 25 years later, with a 60ish agent Cooper sitting on my royal throne inside the red blood-cleansing temple vails with a much younger Annalynne McCord.

I am the film's HARLEY DAVIDSON Davidian biker servant. Who they first think is the murderer.

"The person they're looking for is a [threesome] biker..."

San Francisco's Mount Davidson is a latter-day [D&C 85] Branch Davidian reference to the city's Twin Peaks of Judah and Ephraim police academy [CAR 54] landmark at:,_California)

TWIN PEAKS' famous "Fire walk with me..." line is a day 1290 Nancy Pelosi period prophecy. Which is why Sienna was so inspired by her Siena, Italy FFing missionary work for the fine young buck who co-starred with twin ladies in Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY. Scripturally speaking, there is absolutely no reason why Mr Getty should not have two wives. And that's what makes monogamy so gay.

Gregory Scott Relf


The Twin Peaks of San Francisco top out at around 922', the birth date of Billie Piper, at:

These are the twin peaks in that inspired fake reclining image of Jennifer Aniston. The name TWIN PEAKS is a REV.17 lady tits theme.

The TWIN PEAKS pilot is available at

Note the movie's Keira Knightley pirate lady, with eye-patch, who insists that her husband put up the endowment house temple vail curtains.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Police divers will try to raise the PIPER PA-32 on the same day Obama gives another town hall blow job in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In confirmation of Larry Sinclair's book about having Barry's Johnson in his mouth while he sucked the crack pipe. Right there in NH is Ft. Constitution, and the new beast's New Castle landmark, down the road from Dover.

When they dove around the wreck Monday, visibility was almost zero. Because the water was as dark and muddy as a Barack Obama speech.

The John Paul Jones Memorial is across the state line in Maine. Near the state's York Harbor reference to the LIBERTY TOURS crash site in New York harbor. Due north is the ominous MARK 13:14 landmark South Lebanon. Based on the dead Jewish pilot's connection with State of Israel Bonds at:

No doubt, the 76ers season ticket holder voted for Obama. Maybe not, there's always a good 2% chance that the Jewish NBA basketball lover was actually a loyal Republican.

Down in Mexico, El Presidente Americano renewed his call to have the illegal former president of Honduras returned to power, because he was "democratically elected". As if being legally elected gives anyone the right to ignore the constitution of the land. Like they are now doing up in Chinatown, USA.

The death of those 5 Italian tourist virgins was my cue to watch the original 1969 prophecy entitled THE ITALIAN JOB. Wherein my future group of royal British operatives are threatened by a reckless and foolish black Obama bus driver. Who was going too fast, cutting corners, etc. Thereby crashing their load of gold, taken from the Chinese backed FIAT partnership with Obama's Detroit, over the teetering edge of Seattle's Ravenna Park cliffs.

Those familiar with the classic plot, will understand why Annalynne McCord had crashed her own MINI-s in Santa Monica, and then had it immediately replaced, or repaired. It being the same MINI-s that Brit/ney drives.

That Italian AS-350 chopper fell down like a Lebowski bowling ball, for THE BIG LEBOWSKI's opening tumbleweed lyrics, that repeat, "see them tumbling down..." And blowing over the beast's REV.13:1 sands of Israel in Malibu Beach.

In the twisted scene where Malibu's cops arrest Mr Lebowski, yours truly is now role-playing Jackie Treehorn, the threesome porno movie producer.
Here, Mel Gibson now plays the drunk arrest, who gets a malibu police beating because he 'wasn't listening'.

This is the part where Bunny has gone missing, because she owes the Branch Davidian treehorn dude big time. Then she suddenly appears, [When Mel gets tossed out of his taxi by that black nation of Islam Obama at the wheel.] racing down the road in Jennifer Aniston's Malibu. Playing the costar of his beaver movie called LOG JAMMIN'. That's about fixing the light cable at:

Gregory Scott Relf


God promised Abraham that his seed would be as numerous as the sands of the sea. Today's 666 fish-eat-fish beast has been created by the G7's [seven mountains] descendants of lost Israel. Who would include most of the caucasian peoples of the lost ten tribes of the northern Kingdom of Israel. Not just the southern Kingdom of Judah.

REV.11's two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt, are the Ephraimite Rush Limbaugh and the Jewish Howard Stern.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The widespread reports of 9 dead in LIBERTY TOURS' Italian AS350 chopper crash, in Sotomayor's NYC hometown, came shortly after she was sworn onto the 9 judge Supreme Court of Sodom in Egypt's REV.11 Casablanca.

9 rug fucking Republican Senators voted for the abomination of desolation's lesbian judge Sotomayor. It's probably time to review the Coen's inspired Chicago mob theme movie, MILLER'S CROSSING. I believe it came out in 1991.

Crash debris fell onto Stevens Institute of 666 Technology, in confirmation of Steven Tyler's BUBBA HO-TEP style Egyptian mummy stage fall last Wednesday. The gaunt transsexual mummy look alike's flying ass logo is at:

The Kentucky birth place of Lincoln was flooded by record torrential REV.12 rains on Obama's birthday. Because the REV.16 illegal usurper was born in Africa, and the highest courts of C/looney's Sodom and Egypt know it. The prophetic 16th log-splitting president, who died on the new beast's 4.15 pay-day, was born west of many D&C 86 landmarks like; New Hope, St Mary, St Francis, Holy Cross, etc.

Christian rock band MERCYME's tour bus crahed on the way to a concert at 666 FLAGS AMERICA St Louis Friday. Two died in the car that hit them at:

The chopper crash involved a PIPER PA-32 in confirmation of Larry Sinclair's true crack pipe report in his new book about Obama's Chinatown, USA at:

This is the "Chinaman" who peed on the Dude's fancy Whitehouse rug like a dog in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. He is first mentioned with the traditionally symbolic illegal alien number '20' in the background. The number of all things foreign, unnatural, or out of place.

That President Nixon poster above the Dude's Hawaiian bar establishes the future context of Obama, the con man president, in 09 etc. It's no coincidence that the state of Israel in MARK 13:14 is referenced right before Walter freaks out about nobody caring about the rules anymore.

That stormy seas painting in the NYT front page photo of Bill Clinton's North Korean MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE visit, is the same stormy seas painting behind Walter and the Dude at Little Larry's house. Confirmed by the ocean storm that is headed for Obama's Hawaii region right now, at:


Thursday, August 6, 2009


A woman jogging along Forbidden Drive in Camille Paglia's 1776 Philadelphia Wednesday was killed by another falling tree branch. The same day they set Sodom, DC's transsexual Sotomayor vote for Thursday, 8.6. As two more fucking rug Republicans jumped into today's big DC cluster fuck. Together with that wounded head sign in Centrist Park, NYC, this looks like another Jackie Treehorn thing from THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Who role-played Mel Gibson's "Pope" of Malibu circa 1998, setting up the fulfillment of Daniel's two little horns, the Babylon babe toes in DANIEL 2 etc. etc.

All the above confirms the prophetic "HIT THE HEAD" message that we see in the background when Walter goes nuts about Obama's lack of birth papers to be a legit US president. As per the Dude's rising sun drink cup when the two cops of Judah and Ephraim are at his place filling out a stolen Detroit car report.

Of course, 'clunkers for federal cash' means less old cheap cars that poor people can afford to purchase, maintain, and drive to work in. Much less business for repair shops etc.

THE BIG LEBOWSKI's foreign doctor role-plays today's homogaysexual Dr Obama, when he asks the clunker driving Dude to lower his pants.

When we are introduced to the 1998 film's future Larry Sinclair giant killer, the Dude has cum on his mustache. And little Larry says "I'd love it if you came..." mentioning that it's the 9th of the month.

Back on 7.29, Gwyneth Paltrow was at some 'Little Lebowski Achievers' roof top charity event, when a loud clap of thunder interrupted her thoughts and comments to a reporter, about helping their city kids etc. It was the same 104 degrees day when everybody at Seattle's Green Lake was dripping wet from sweat.

Obviously, that 48 year-old Manchurian Candidate Shittsburg shooter did not survive his own head wound, on Obama's 48th birthday. That's why Clinton was in the prophetic film's Korean location on the same day. Flown there on a plane owned by LA FITNESS land's Hollywood 666 producer Steven Bing.

WND has obtained and compared the design of other Kenyan birth certificates circa 1964, that also have the identical Australian form layout. Which the newly organized low budget African nation probably just copied when starting up back in 1963. There were lots of Aussies in Africa back then. See:


Note the '44' and '47' references. The surname Miller is almost as common as Smith, Jones, etc.

No coincidence that Hillary Clinton arrived in Kenya as the above fresh Obama birth place info was rolling out.

"They're calling the cops Walter..."



Monday, August 3, 2009


For the 13th anniversary of the two witnesses' day 1290 set up, I watched an old $1 tape I had found of 1998's PRACTICAL MAGIC. It must be ten years since I last saw the O/wen sister's black Egyptian dung beetle god "death watch" prophecy. Wherein the bad sister 'Gillie' ends up in O/rland/o with a marred preternaturally strong vampire rocker who has sisterly threesomes on his mind. Named Jimmy Angeles, after the two future late night talk show hosts named Jimmy, in the love potion year of 09.

The film's overt hero is sheriff Gary. Who the older 30-plus sisters want to get rid of, but the younger virgin sisters want to keep around. When the 12 sisters from the 12 tribes genealogy phone-tree show up to clean house, Sandra's good sister Sally is quite surprised to see Naomi Watts there. She could even be the real Nicole BFF Naomi in costume and age makeup, it's just that uncanny.

By the Halloween ending, they got rid of their predatory abomination of desolation boyfriend problem. That was prophetically confirmed by the arrival of Obama's BigBrown UPS truck, carrying a certified letter like the one from Sandra's 1964, dated 2.17, at:

After watching PRACTICAL MAGIC Sunday morning, later in the day I learned that the REV.17 beast who killed those two homogaysexuals on the opening weekend of FUNNY PEOPLE, had struck Tel Aviv's CAFE NOIR, which means literally 'Black Cafe'. And is located near the Jewish Madonna's transsexual EVITA club.

This is the MARK 13:14 Judean connection with today's revealed abomination of desolation in America, where it ought naught be. That was supported by about 85% of the girly Jews, who seem to have a thing for bad boys.

PRACTICAL MAGIC's finale shows us the same tree that the monkey fell off in AUSTIN POWERS: Goldmember, when Foxxy Cleopatra mentions Obama's "vital information" on the Internet. Sandra being from Austin and all that.

The tragic FUNNY PEOPLE shooting happened right after the abominable news rolled out about Obama giving the US Medal of Freedom to lesbians and homosexuals on 8.12; like Harvey Milk and Billie Jean King. There will probably be a big dinner, etc. So I'll try to watch an old tape I found of the Dr Obama prophecy GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER at:

Hopefully, that 33 year-old GOOGLE genius father of two, Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, whose head was wounded by a tree branch in Central Park, will recover quickly for a sign about the miraculous recovery of the first REV.13 beast. Otherwise, it will be an ominous sign that the new and improved modern beast will not survive it's own head wound, like the first one did.

Gregory Scott Relf


CAFE NOIR's two shooting victims were laying near a pool table. In confirmation of Larry Sinclair's posted description of Obama's two cue stick balls at:

THE BIG LEBOWSKI's messiah sex pervert spent six months in jail for flashing his Johnson at a kid. Marking the six months from Obama's illegal inauguration to July's Larry Sinclair LEBOWSKI revelations here. Also confirming the time when Obama flashed his 8 1/2 inch cock to the media on his campaign airplane, and how much they loved it.

5 foolish virgins died in a collision near Knob Lick, Mo Saturday night.