Saturday, February 27, 2010


Things have been pretty chilly back in New York and DC lately. As manifested in that Times Square shot of doctor Evil's basketball globe that features South America in the new KICK-ASS trailer. That was quickly confirmed by the monster 8.8 earthquake of Judah and Ephraim off Constitucion, Chile [Constitution], which is Book of Mormon country.

To the southeast of Catholic Concepcion is a place called Los Angeles on my 1994 paperback NEW YORK TIMES world atlas. Keep going, and you quickly arrive in the Argentina province of Rio Negro. Whose border is formed by Barack Obama's Colorado River [Colored River], that flows almost parallel to the Negro River.

Hard to believe, that after all the bad snow storms this winter, the NEW YORKER's liberal Jewish editor, David Remnick, would still be coming out with another Barack Obama snow job bio. That will try to white wash No. 44's unconstitutional African birth history, and the fact that he is not even a US citizen. Then again, the 69 weeks period Biblical earthquake did happen off the REV.13:1 coast of Chile's Bio Bio River reference to Obama's dual race and dual citizenship bio. [According to existing official documents, Obama is legally both Kenyan and Indonesian.]

Rem/nick's Obama bio will be released on the April 6 crucifixion anniversary of the Messiah in DANIEL 9:25 etc. A verse which speaks of walls and streets that need to be rebuilt due to literal and spiritural earthquakes.

Remnick's sham book title is, THE BRIDGE: THE LIFE AND RISE OF BARACK OBAMA. Because the Jewish Scarlett Johansson's successful Arthur Miller play, A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, ends it's run on 4.4.

David's R.E.M. surname root commonly stands for the 'rapid eye movement' of a sleeping person. As in one of those foolish sleeping virgins in MATTHEW 25:5,

"While the bridegroom [Messiah] tarried, they all slumbered and slept."

A few weeks ago in my sleep, I dreamed that my exwife high school teacher Laurence, and Jennifer Garner, were sitting with me on an upstairs sofa, getting a little frisky. But this high school age kid kept walking in on us. Which we found quite amusing for some reason, and joked about him waiting downstairs, and keeping the TV volume down, or better yet, waiting outside. Eventually, I turned to Laurence and mentioned what a nice fit [29ish] body she had, not commenting on her strange, but rather cute, lesbian butch hair cut. Beside her was Jennifer, leaning back on the sofa, like in this famous pre-Obama killer shorts shot at:

Now I recognize that the high school kid was David Lebowski's transfigured superhero caricature in KICK-ASS, who makes us laugh. Like this genuinely inspired pre-Obama image of Scarlett leaning against Jennifer Aniston's secret chamber wood panel wall at:

KICK-ASS's threesome shot of the two topless African bush babes stems from my "interesting night of contrasts" comment about Scarlett's famous pose next to Selma Blair at:

Along the Negro River is a little ranching settlement called 'Grl Pico' which is a first person 'piccho' word play on the Italian verb Picchiare, for 'Hit Girl'.

Gregory Scott Relf


I suspect that there is a second witness of 70 weeks counting from the usurper's unconstitutional inauguration on January 20, 2009.

Reportedly, Hillary Clinton had a pre-scheduled trip planned to the 8.8 earthquake region, and will be in Chilly on Tuesday, if not earlier.

New Foundland's premier got his heart worked on by Jewish doctors in Miami. Because that's the general area where the Port au Prince's Haiti invaders in DANIEL 9 are headed first; in order to work on the chilly hearts of EZE.38's lost Israelites.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND's red Queen of Hearts is looking like a large head Neve Campbell figure. Who always tells my Mad Hatter guy to keep quite. Thursday, a British animal farm HOGLAND truck metaphor drove by me at the PARTY OF 5 park&ride sign.

I was watching the Hawaii marina theme park scenes in Adam Sandler's 50 FIRST DATES movie when the news started braking about that Shamu killing of Dawn Brancheau in Orlando. It's a funny prophetic 2004 pre-Obama movie. About a cute chick who seems to forget completely all the amazing signs and wonders that happen, almost daily, in her incredibly unique life; only a day or so after they happen.

A van full of Indian medicine wheel dancers from the desecrated day 1290 Temple University crashed, according to:

Here's some crucial background on the DANIEL 9 prince's people of left-leaning Haiti at:

Friday, February 26, 2010


BIG LOVE star Ginnefer Goodwin was on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night in a killer black&white hearts outfit, with matching crystal cock earrings. Playing sidekick to my BROWNING cocking Big Daddy character in KICK-ASS. Confirmed by the same day discovery in Vancouver of that dead GROWING PAINS actor in Stanley Park. Which evoked a Providential reference to Big Daddy's "...tool up" call to his Hit Girl. Whenever the mayor signals Dr Evil's BIG BOY burger cock rocket light in the night sky.

Apparently, the late GROWING PAINS actor killed himself on Valentine's Day.

Stanley Park is where the Canadian city placed their version of Ellen Page's prophetic Little Mermaid statuette. They could never get the look alike rights, so they dressed her up in a typical tight superhero rubber body-form costume with fins at:

The Catholic Kimmel had a bad cold [attitude] as Divine timing for his doubts about the Biblical concept of plural marriage.

A former Miss Utah was just arrested in some phony physical transfiguration new-skin LDS temple scam, according to:

A branch broke off, from heavy wet snow, and killed some man in NYC's stormy Centrist Park Thursday.

My ALASKA pilot buddy, who bought Big Daddy's metaphorical BROWNING 12 ga. magnum in Federal Way, is part Alaskan native. That's his face on the shark fin of all the airline's symbolic EZE.10 medicine wheel AIRPLANE! airplanes. I'm not joking at all at:

Coach Mike Brown says Shaq sprained his powerful EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES thumb real bad in Thursday's game against the historic Tea Party city team of Boston. Because of all the SEMI-PRO jive turkey nut logg'n crap from Obama et al that day. Flint, Michigan being near Bay City's mit thumb. Boston is known as the "Bay City" and all that. Gus Van Sant's prophetic masterpiece was shot near Oregon's Lookout Mtn.


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Dan Brown runs the SEAWORLD in Orlando where the black&white mulatto killer whale from Vancouver, BC, named Shamu, [Sham you] grabbed Ms Branch/eau [water] while she was lovingly petting the REV.13:1 beast. Dan Brown wrote the Branch Davidian novel called THE DA VINCI CODE. The red and white maple leaf flag of Canada is a Davidian blood line of Israel emblem. [The two blood red bars stand for Judah and Ephraim of the lost tribes' north countries.] Ms Brancheau's first name was Dawn, for the rising sun dawn avatar on the official seal of Barack Obama.

The queer as a clockwork Orange County killer whale omen went down west of the 'Moore Love' bridge with a view omen in Mel Gibson and Scott Brown's Melbourne landmark, [off Liz Hurley's I-95].

Speaking of The Little Mermaid from Canada. Wednesday's NYT had a piece on the hilarious KICK-ASS movie trailer that features a variety of stunning composite figures; including Ellen Page's superhero 'Hit Girl' anima persona at:

Hit Girl works for my 'Big Daddy' role, who connects with the transfigured GSR protagonist called Kick Ass, and his bloody explosion named sidekick Red Mist.

The enclosed trailer features the donut shop, and Dirk Diggler's RINGO mirror, from BOOGIE NIGHTS. Before taking on the secret chamber DIE HARD gang high atop a WILLIS TOWER stand in. Who are guarding the 666 vault that holds Obama's African birth certificate, etc. Confirmed by Wednesday's breaking news that Willis will be doing a DIE HARD 4. Confirmed a second time, by the unplanned Willis re-run on Letterman Wednesday night. Due to the tea party summit's snow job, and 70mph plus long winded blow job. Hosted by the JIVE ASS MOTHER FUCKER that both Willis and Letterman voted for. Enough already!!

Rodriguez' 7:12 clock at the WI-FI cafe was confirmed by ALASKA's big announcement Wednesday that they will soon be offering WI-FI on all their AIRPLANE! planes. Note the STARBUCKS chick behind David LeBowski's Davidian character in the school room scene. Those are the two sticks of the two witnesses that David flashes around.

The trailer moves fast. So don't miss Hit Girl's cool frosted LOST HIGHWAY coffee table, and that secret temple veil bedroom chamber shot.

In the KICK-ASS trailer opening, that's Justin Timberlake standing by his black Obama buddy; who are trying to steal a retro Chicago mob CRIUSER.

Here's Ashley Greene wearing a nice 2-piece threesome DOMINO token ring at:

Thanks to talk radio et al, we learned that the premier of New Foundland went to Miami for his heart treatments, on the eve of Obama's doctor evil summit. Thus the perfect snow storm arriving from Mike Myers' Canada on Thursday.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There is a potentially historic "monster" snow blizzard headed towards NYC. Arriving on the day of Barack Obama's Mt. St. Helens tea party summit with doctor evil.

The beast began showing it's intentions around the same time that the NEW YORKER's Mad Hatter editor announced his new Obama biography snow job fantasy. The latest legal news was also breaking about the well known illegal alien, that he probably voted for, at:

The storm track's massive snow load might just pass the western edge of NYC and only leave a mountain of slushy Hawaiian ice, in a rainbow of syrupy flavors. According to the map at:

That 32 year-old guy who shot those two Dear Creek school bus kids, with a 306 deer hunting rifle, near Michael Moore's Columbine gun movie site, is named Bruco Eastwood. For a DIRTY HARRY .44 thing. It's the same type of bolt action hunting rifle used to assassinate doctor MLK, and JFK.

There was a rare 2.8 quake at 1:58:10 am near Stonewall, Colorado Wednesday; located along the Purgatoire River [Purgatory]. That's basically where we are right now with an illegal usurper in the oval office. The closest thing we have to a president, at this point in time, is laying in a DC hospital with heart problems.

Of course, Senator Snow also voted this week to forward Obama's latest shovel ready Dirk Diggler Act. Those square-head shovels hanging on the wall in Jack's basement porn studio look like snow shovels.

New readers: The state of Maine is shaped like a cut-off dog's head, when tilted backwards. The cutting line runs past Deer Mtn. [Danite] Bear Mtn. and Brownfield, etc.

They announced Tuesday that women will now be bumping and grinding with the sailors in those extremely tight sub chambers. Jenny's "We all live in a yellow submarine..." NYC theater confirmation of my "Yellow" flash vision comes to mind.

Rock star actress KS wore a nice mummy thing in London this week at:

Her kingwood CRY BABY number was pretty IN LIKE FLINT too at:

No kidding. On Ellen Page's birthday, I had the hardest time again with another fricking tight cork. Nothing wrong with that. On the contrary.

Keep a sharp eye out. We are up against the first round of DANIEL 9's 62 weeks, 69 weeks, 70 weeks, etc. scenario; counting from the early November election in 2008. The Haiti quake on the two witnesses' birth dates would be the start of week 62. Which could lead to a flood of the [Port au Prince] prince's illegal immigrants.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Publicity rolled out heavy this week for Tim Burton's upcoming Tea Party movie on 3.5 entitled ALICE IN WONDERLAND, co-starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

They say the Tea Party crowd helped bring to pass the miraculous election of the chocolate EDGE OF DARKNESS figure, Senator Scott Brown, from Boston's historic Tea Party country at:

In this week's ALICE clips, the Mad Hatter is sporting a peculiar 'birds of a feather' mummy wrap 10/6 Florida stump hat at:

The hat's REV.9 stingers connection was confirmed right off the bat with Brown's bisexualship vote to move forward Barack Obama's top-down pyramid work policies in his running Dirk Diggler Act. In other words, Brown fucked his mad Tea Party backers in the brown hole quite royally, like a true election champion.

The world famous Scot tea with traditional REV.17 mother 'M' icon is available for shipping at:

Actually, the big ALICE IN WONDERLAND week push got started in Melbourne, Florida over the weekend, east of the studio's DISNEY LAND location. Where a train rammed into three naive teenage girl trespassers playing on the [Michael] 'Moore Love' bridge, with a view, over blue heron Crane Creek at:

These are the bloody smudges on the transsexual Mad Hatter's finger tips. Played by the same pirate actor who sings "...the sweetist hunk of sugar that I've ever seen..." in CRY BABY. Confirmed by the end of that 70s era mad man BOOGIE NIGHTS serial killer trial this week along Hwy.101, who looks the part at:

When you get in bed with the devil, you die. Sooner or later. Which leads to Thursday's extortion summit between Dr Evil and "The President of the United States!" in THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME finale. To be held on the very same day as ALICE IN WONDERLAND's world premier in London.

Gregory Scott Relf


New readers: Florida's famous penis stump prophecy is located in Baker County, just north of the latter-day ten virgins I-10 landmark, east of Taylor [Swift].

Here's some dead-man-walking background on Thursday's Mt. St. Helens scam mania summit at:

Harry Connick Jr performed at the White House Governor's Ball Sunday night.

This is a new image of Neve Campbell after a series of visits to Jenny's secret chamber room at:

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Mount Saint Helens and Spirit Lake were major shaggy Big Foot hunting grounds before the volcano blew in 1980. So it made complete sense that Big Brown was down in Henderson, Nevada campaigning for Harry Reid, across from the Black Mountains, the week THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME signs and wonders rolled out in Belgium, Skamania County, and Austin.

In 1999's AP II, the 666 figure Dr Evil comes back from the dead just like the Dems did on 2006, after being banished into outerspace for years. While Austin discovers that his fembot wife is actually an agent who works for him, and their alien Barack Obama campaign.

The basic plot requires Austin to take England's temple rites time-machine back to the future to defeat Dr Evil, and be back in time for today's 42 months Tea Party situation. When the future earth is being ruled by "damed dirty apes!" and Elvis Costello sings "Now I'm a believer..."

This takes us to Jennifer Aniston's amazing shag pad. Where her white bedroom rug looks like the wet snow at Vancouver's Greek Olympics. In the light of all those 'beautiful view' confirmations of the home's incredible views of LA. Evoking the luxurious PENINSULA hotel in NYC that looks like Jenny's fabulous IN LIKE FLINT interiors.

There are two thematic 'kingwood' crown art pieces resting beside the bed in Austin's groovy 69ish shag pad. Which represent the future era of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. When 19666s rock'n roll values would dominate the promised land, and usher in the loonie Alan Parsons Project's death star, Barack Obama.

Big Foot visions are a genuine message from God about the REV.11:2 prophecy that reads, "...the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months."

When Dr Evil introduces his lunatic moon based laser boner "death star", we see the Hawaii Islands prominently displayed on his big black basketball globe [Read Globetrotters]. That is going to make full grown men like Rob Lowe cry like a baby. As the egomaniac Dr Evil suggestively sings "What if God was one of us..." And Scott walks into the chamber holding a black&white mulatto skunk "road kill" prophecy that he found in his bed. Alluding to the line that went "This could be dangerous..."

Mini Me's hangman goodbye-note to Scott, on Dr Evil's medicine snake staff stationary, was confirmed by the hanging of England's Scotish designer Alexander McQueen; on Jenny's Mexican peninsula theme birthday.

Towards the end, Dr Evil's seat of power spins out of control, causing him to vomit over shots of 1960s pop peace culture puke.

Meanwhile on the moon "just one nuke" from my lunatic sidekick president leads to Austin's IN LIKE FLINT declaration, "Mission Control, the swinger has landed..."

Tiger Woods, master of grass and greens, owner of the fabled Green Jacket, held his press conference on the same day my sidekick was speaking in jive tongues at Green Valley High School in Henderson.

Gregory Scott Relf


Remember, Jenny's MANAGEMENT movie signs and wonders played out against the Olympic Mountains peninsula of Hwy.101. The Scotish porn star from Fife, Tacoma connects with BOOGIE NIGHTS's Dirk Diggler jobs bill time line of today. [I hear Scott Brown is leaning towards the new shovel ready Dirk Diggler Act.]

A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE's Scarlett Johansson was on Letterman this week in a great mummy dress with big red Sandra Bernhard pout. Here she is standing next to that 94 LINCOLN that got hit by a couple 44lb Olympics curling stones and blue bowling balls, at:

That PIPER CHEROKEE pilot hated the Mt. St. Helens Catholic Church. Not realizing that St. Helen was the first Catholic saint to use state tax funds for the needy. This is why the populist Mel Gibson felt inspired to buy a remote wilderness retreat near Mt. St. Helens. I think he is a firm Big Foot believer. I read at one point, Mel wanted to finance one of Michael Moore's devout marxist catholic movies. Pope 16, the former German college professor, is also a big state social justic guy.

I kind of like Kristen Stewart's BRIDES OF DRACULA chain dress at:

This is Vancouver's Olympics time-machine crystals object that look like Dr Evil's death rod lasers at:

Of course, you have to get kicked in the nuts before it will work.

Looking at the MARIE CLAIRE cover of Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel at SAFEWAY Thursday, a nearby stack of Easter chocolate cases came crashing down on the floor, without anyone touching it.

HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS's movie poster featured the classic single red rose of 666 socialism, featured in Hitchcock's FRENZY, etc. at:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


They recovered the body of that 52 year-old guy who fell off a cliff and into Dr Evil's volcano lair Tuesday. Mt. St. Helens' Hawaiian ice snow job [7-peaks] metaphor gave out from under him Monday afternoon. Shortly after I had watched AUSTIN POWERS II: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME.

This is Will Ferrell's Egyptian assassin in AP II who went off the cliff outside Los Angeles, England.

You can order all your syrupy Hawaiian ice crap at:

The highly symbolic mountain is located in Skamania County, Washington. For the scam mania snow job that put the Barack Obama con into office. To the east is Obama's 5880' Sunrise Peak political seal logo.

Nearby Spud Mtn. is for Austin Power's major mojo line " spuds are boiling..."

Here is a look at Obama's genuine African birth certificate that about half of America has seen on scores of blogs. But those pot smoking news reporters claim they never saw before in BRUCE ALMIGHTY. Notwithstanding the fact that not one single shred of solid evidence has debunked any of it. See the real thing at:

Lucas Smith's inspired videos show so many poor African children in order to put today's Haiti earthquake children into a prophetic 2010 time line.

Smith's desperate detractors claim that he is a "forger", because he bounced some checks in his foolish earlier years. As if that is the same thing as creating extremely realistic official fake documents. [Anyone reading this blog ever try to float a check for a day or two, but it bounced?]

This is from the prophetic laua theme in GREASE 2 at:

The marvelous "Two Pianos, Four Hands, Many Twists" review in Tuesday's NYT was a hilarious piano confirmation of Jenny's double kingwood key-chain bed lamps. Not to mention the elaborate home's secret wood panel wall chambers design theme. See the 92nd Street Y piece at:
There was a surprise wave of new Kate Holmes signs and wonders blowing through Bonney Lake Tuesday. Starting with a nice look alike being served by Lori at STARBUCKS' window when I walked up after 2:00 pm. So I looked for any new Kate updates and found her Hawaii laua portrait by the grass hut that goes first when the Tea Party riders crash the Rydelle Olympics sports stadium, at:

This is an inspired pre-GREASE 2 GSR/TWN review of Kate's 'birds of a feather' statement, at:

Here is Jennifer Aniston after stepping out of the secret mojo cleansing chamber rites room in her new wood paneled palace at:


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Most of those female missionary prisoners down in Hell, Haiti are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. By the Hand of God, the naive non jive speaking Christians from Idaho, who were just trying to save some children, have now become God's Israelitish poster children.

Their lost tormented faces are now plastered on the side of millions of REV.17 mother milk carton warnings about the rising EZE.38 invasion of Israel. Whose primary genealogy tree occupies the prophecy's wealthy peaceful lands without fortified borders; i.e. western Europe and North America. As opposed to the fortified barbed wire camp of Judah, known as modern Israel. Which is under constant attack, requiring higher and higher triple barrier walls and land mines etc.

Those children who burned to death on Valentine's Day weekend in Flint, Michigan's River Park apartments were connected to the children who burned to death on Valentine's Day weekend in [Rome] Cicero, Ill. Because that huge Connecticut energy plant explosion on DANIEL 12's day 1290 River Road landmark happened outside Valentine's Day Hartford, Conn; east of New Britain, East Berlin, etc.

God is warning his lost Israelites living in today's modern Egypt and Sodom that "You're gonna love me, come rain or come shine.."

To my surprise, I felt rather impressed to watch AUSTIN POWERS II: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, yet again, Monday morning. At first I resisted the urge. Because I have covered the prophetic film at least twice in recent years. Plus, I only have an old copy on tape. But the feeling wouldn't go away, so I popped it in anyway.

The movie ended around 4:50 am. Then I tuned into the CBS radio news at 5:00 am, and heard about that awful commuter train collision outside Brussels, Belgium. That has shut down train service all over western Europe. In confirmation of Dr Evil's Belgium chocolate that makes liberals and neocons as mental as Madison, Wis, throughout all of the AUSTIN POWERS trilogy.

In AP II's SPACE NEEDLE stinger lair, Dr Evil's nose gets covered in hot STARBUCKS steamed milk foam, which he calls 'the Belgium dip'. Right before we are introduced to his physical transfiguration time machine, that takes us to today's secret Hawaii volcano lair. Where Ted Casablanca et al are in charge of Obama's genuine African birth certificate security.

The plot revolves around Dr Evil, in temple garments, trying to replicate the temple blood [mojo] cleansing rites for his own purposes. But in the Big Brown UPS end, his plans go off Miss Shagwell's STINGRAY cliff scene in southern California, standing in for southern England.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's a pretty good jive translation lesson at:

On Valentine's Day at the library, I saw ARCHITECURAL DIGEST's pictorial of Jennifer Aniston's fabulous IN LIKE FLINT shag pad; complete with double kingwood key-chain style bed lamps. Looking at the posh mansion photos, I got a real DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS vibe, complete with piano.

Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan is co-hosting a Brit Awards charity event for Haiti Tuesday at London's ALTITUDE 360 riverside venue.

I have not seen a mainstream media report on the jailed missionary ladies in over a week. Much less a photo of all those homeless kids living in the prison parking lot.

This BBC report has a train crash update at:

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Half Moon's monster waves contest came right after that 666 science lady at UA Huntsville shot 6 of her fellow beast lunatics in Madison County, Alabama; west of Gurley, Bownsboro, and New Hope.

Ms Bishop came from Barack Obama's Harvard whore house. Where she probably got her biology PhD while eating white flour sandwiches for lunch.

Saturday, I cut up a bunch of fresh broccoli and steamed it with garlic salt and pepper, in a splash of virgin olive oil. Then I got on the computer and saw that French carnivale float of Barack Obama as the 'King of the Blue Planet' holding a bunch of broccoli, at:

The float's predatory REV.13:2 teeth would represent the recent NYT report that Obama is fixing to hand down a number of green religion laws by executive fiat.

In BOOGIE NIGHTS, the first shot of Obama's murdered gay lover, Donald Young, happens at the 1980 New Year's Eve party. With the Christmas tree season lights of Young's 12.23 death date lit up in the background.

Then REV.9's homogaysexual stinger plague is introduced via Dirk Diggler's queer clockwork orange STINGRAY avatar. When Buck Obama takes off his lady's wig reference to verse 8, that reads, "And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions."

Over the above shots, "Driver's seat..." boogies on about the abomination of desolation's current seat of power in the vagina ring Oval Office. Then they snort some snow, like Larry Sinclair liked to do before munching down on Obama's STUCKEY'S nut log.

Dirk Diggler's job shovels are hanging on the wall in the scene where the mulatto porn star C/harlot/te goes upstairs through the Valentine's Day LOVE magazine tunnel to wash her vagina.

Buck sells the spendy 'TK 421' stereo booster system. Before Jack introduces him as "One hell of an actor..."

THE SAILOR DOG hotel painting is right above Dirk's head, before he goes downstairs to give Julianne Moore the rough REV.13 inches treatment. THE SAILOR DOG's boat is sitting above the waterbed, by two black panthers, before Dirk does the prophetic Roller Girl from WHIP IT doggie style.

There was a 4.1 earthquake at 1:39 pm Saturday, south of Crown Jewel, CA; near Moon Light Rim, south of Redlands.


Friday, February 12, 2010


President Biden was on Larry King Wednesday night, talking perfect jive like a Southside, Chicago native, with no accent. Here's the translation at:

That's why those horrific photos of 911 finally got released right after my negro jive AIRPLANE! photo links.

Biden told King how confident he is that, "By the spring..." people are going to be a lot more fluent in jive speak. Because they plan on pumping billions more into their shovel ready Dirk Diggler productions.

Maybe the funniest dude in the world right now. That jive talking J.B. Smoove, who brings "the ruckas" on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, was on Jimmy Kimmel the same Wednesday night, giving JK some smooth jive language pointers.

Father Jack says that the prophetic Obama figure in BOOGIE NIGHTS, the jive talking stereo salesman Buck, is 'a terrific actor'. Who can transition from an urban cowboy VILLAGE PEOPLE transsexual into a political life-style guru. Wearing the same UNITY church choir robes, and dreadlocks hair, as his murdered gay lover Donald Young, at:

Buck eventually gets the stolen cash he needs to start one of Obama's small business employment ideas. When a bloody shoot out happens at a donut shop between one of today's Tea Party members and some punk larcenist.

The donut shop stands for the film's final vagina 'ring' theme question, "Where the fuck is Ringo?!" That Renee Zellweger answered quite beautifully this week with her large sapphire Ringo gem at the Berlin film festival. Seen in this background lens donut ring photo at:

Julianne Moore's porn star claims BOOGIE NIGHTS is all about the transsexual Dirk Diggler trying to find a mother. The REV.17 mother translation to this was just tragically confirmed by the suicidal lynching of London's 40 year-old designer to the stars, Alexander McQueen. Ten days after the famous homogaysexual avatar lost his beloved mother. The day after Kate Moss' 211 steel ring photo in LOVE MAGAZINE hit the blogs. Just in time for Valentine's Day, at:

Gregory Scott Relf


McQueen's suicide on Jennifer Aniston's 211 birthday is directly related to that 60 year-old woman who chased her dog off a rocky peninsula cliff in Mendocino.

The music in GREASE 2 was recorded at EVERGREEN RECORDING STUDIOS in Burbank. For Stephanie's evergreen Christmas tree "Queen" themes; such as her 'calender girl' tree costume. Where she sings about the future physical transfiguration in the talent show lyrics that go, "We'll turn back the hands of time..." etc.

GREASE 2's opening car crash crunch sound with Miss McGee at the flag pole, was confirmed by Mr McGie crashing his VIBE into that riverside casino in Laughlin.

Keira's rarely seen Jewish nose angle is dramatized in the first act locker scenes of GREASE 2. So we make the Pink Lady connection to Stephanie's Sienna Miller stage play look alike.

Rocks are falling in Rockville, Utah, according to:

I should buck up and go see The Rock's TOOTH FAIRY.

Here's Kate with a fag in her mouth from the same LOVE pictorial at:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Bob Dylan et al sang prophetically about how "...the times they are a changing..." in the snowed under Whitehouse Tuesday, as part of Black History Month's never-ending Orwellian civil rights snow job. So now it ends.

SEMI-PRO's unbelievable jive turkey from Barack Obama about the importance of; balancing the budget, being bipartisan, improving the economy, his Hawaii birth, etc. almost requires an interpreter like the elderly lady who speaks negro jive in 1980's classic AIRPLANE! disaster comedy.

Unfair to all blacks you say? Then why would 90% of them still vote for Barack Obama? They own him. And he owns them. Therefore they all own his political jive nature. That's why America's third world fascism will go down with all of them together. Same goes for the 6,666,666 Jews who...

"...hate their own blood..." [MOSES 7:33]

All you crazy Hollywood celebs out there are just sucking up to Haiti's fascist allies and friends, like Hugo Chaves and Fidel Castro. Who have kept their country in economic ruin. Over 2 billion dollars in economic aid for Haiti has gone missing over the years.

The God of BOOGIE NIGHTS is now asking you nicely, one last time; "Where is Ringo?"

Where is the vagina ring avatar that rides the beast at Rydelle High School?

Go ahead and give some of that loot that God has given you to the poor and suffering in Haiti. But don't forget that the earthquake happened for a Providential reason on the January 12 birth-date of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim.

Here's some of the latest jive negro interpretations from God's Ephraimite wittness Rush Limbaugh at:
Not all of your white conservative talk show hosts are as fluent in native jive as they may think. Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, for example, can maybe read a little jive, like some naive American tourists in Kenya, but they don't really speak it. Which is evident in this new WND piece at:

AIRPLANE!'s movie poster depicts a jet's head tied into a vagina snake knot at:!.jpg

Here's the scene where GG helps interpret the jive talking Obama figure at:

This is how it all ends. So the 42 months jive mothers will finally shut the fuck up at:

Gregory Scott Relf


Turns out, they had a children's choir perform at Jennifer Aniston's birthday restaurant event down in Cabo. In confirmation of that murdered autistic boy at THE PENINSULA, who was a product of his parents' crappy diet.

Here's a report about some California woman who chased her dog off a peninsula cliff last Sunday, at:
JACOB 7 is a simple Book of Mormon introduction, in a nut shell, for the Jews.

The surprise SUPER BOWL score was REV.17 meets JEREMIAH 31.

Mickey Rourke's prophetic appearance in THE KING OF COMEDY is a message from God that his stunning physical transfiguration of recent years will be dramatically reversed. He will be the perfect 'Before and After' poster boy.

Did anyone see those 'Birds of a feather' GREASE 2 outfits at the LA premiere for VALENTINE'S DAY?

The Dems' new jobs bill introduction this week was a Dirt Digger BOOGIE NIGHTS confirmation.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ashton Kutcher finally lost it and flashed his packaged nut log at the end of his SNL monologue. The Tea Party's T-Ball kid is what sent the 32nd birthday boy over the edge. After he couldn't take any more of the Granny Grass dancers, and that web surfing LeBowski dude bulldog.

Kutcher's comedy concept got it's rocks off earlier in the day when that plane pulling a long and smooth SCHWEITZER 2-32 glider got hit by another plane role-playing Angelina Jolie's highly symbolic CIRRUS SR-20 in Boulder. Because Denver's DNC was holding their winter convention in the middle of DC's historic 32" snow fall. See what I mean at:

You think that's nuts? Beautiful view blog pix appeared the same day of Jennifer Aniston on a sweaty nut log vacation with Gerard Butler. At some luxury hotel located at the end of Mexico's famous peninsula log landmark in Cabo. Right after that kid was murdered by his rich Belgium mother at the luxury PENINSULA HOTEL in NYC on 5th and 55th.

The dead kid's mother is now locked up in the mental ward at Bellevue Hospital [Beautiful View in English]. In confirmation of the Buenavista landmark next to Cabo, which means 'Beautiful View' in Spanish.

This is Dirk Diggler's blockbuster Spanish porn film debut entitled SPANISH PANTALONES [big nuts] in BOOGIE NIGHTS.

I know this all sounds a little crazy. But Jenny's private birthday party jet would have landed at the La Paz airport north of Cabos. And La Paz is slang in Italian for 'crazy woman'.

So they ran a commercial or two on SNL about Martin Scorsese's upcoming nut house movie entitled SHUTTER ISLAND, starring Leo DiCaprio.

In THE KING OF COMEDY, that's Mickey Rourke, sporting his trademark open shirt, standing next to a smiling Kristin Cavallari. Whose having a lot of fun watching Sandra Bernhard scream Rupert's name.

Crazy in the head, great in bed.

Gregory Scott Relf


This is Keira standing by the secret temple rites room in SHERLOCK HOLMES at:

Sandra Bernhard's mummy king composite figure scene is captured by this GREGORY'S GIRL soccer net image by Dr Fakenstein. Wherein Sandra's simple crystal time-machine wine glasses are a prophetic reference to my own simplistic blog style, at:

Friday, February 5, 2010


Reportedly, reps for Jennifer Aniston first confirmed her Leo Tolstoy film fund-raiser for Haiti on last Tuesday. That would have been the same day the DOW went up 111.32, to land on my own 10,29... birth date. In reference to my last O NUTS NOTES report about Jenny's Haiti charity, that was followed by a 5.9 year-old earthquake off the coast of Hwy.101's black Mad River landmarks like; Capetown, Rainbow Ridge, and [MLK] King Mountain Range.

The 20:20:22 [perfect vision] London time quake was centered off Eureka, for the physical transfiguration pot of Black Hills Gold in Jenny's original LEPRECHAUN.

Thursday, Jenny appeared on the cover of ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, sitting on some throne sofa in front of a 'Walking Man I' type stick figure, with dog head and long tongue sticking out, at:

Her physically restored 70s era house pictorial confirmed the copy I found this week of BOOGIE NIGHTS' 1970s endowment house temple rites pophecy; at the GOODWILL secondhand shop off 211th.

Later, I saw Keira Knightley on the new ELLE cover, wearing time machine crystals, at:

It's no coincidence that Ms Knightley has been cast in various BUGATTI era period pictures.

All the above matches perfectly with the sight of Granny Grass cutting off stem logs, and thin sticks, from her walnut tree, when I got home Thursday.

Now we have a much better idea of the time frame for many of BOOGIE NIGHTS' amazing prophetic elements. Thanks to Larry Sinclair's detailed description of Obama's long and hose-like nut log, that perfectly matches the one on Dirk Diggler at:

This would be Obama's nutty "shovel ready" [Read dirt digging.] stimulating stimulus jobs bill shit, for one thing.

Here's Jay standing next to one of his fascist era BUGATTIs, in front of a man wearing a red BANANA REPUBLIC top at:

Ms Silsby, one of those Idaho church ladies who was arrested in Haiti for trying to help orphans and poor kids, has a dog back home named Bentley. For Jenny's new BENTLEY car photos snapped at some Hollywood studio parking lot. From Silsby's prison cell window, she can see numerous homeless kids living outside in the jail's parking lot.


Thursday, February 4, 2010


Some 70-year old nut from Washington, named Walter McGie, rammed his silver PONTIAC Indian medicine wheels into a Laughlin, Nevada Indian style casino full of laughing people Wednesday morning; across the Obama Colorado River from MANAGEMENT's Kingman, Arizona.

The EDGEWATER HOTEL CASINO riverside landmark is about the day 1290 river in DANIEL 12.

The same Wednesday, news broke wide about MANAGEMENT co-star Jennifer Aniston's plans to hold a Haiti charity screening of that O'SCAR film about the Russian nut job Leo Tolstoy. Laughlin is just up the river from the relocated London bridge, and DOMINO's Needles landmark.

Here's Jay Leno in his black&white no.24 BUGATTI reference to THE KING OF COMEDY's 24 year-old Keira Knightley period, at:

Saturday's deadly illegal aliens fire above H.K. TEA & SUSHI was also a 42 months Tea Party omen.

That's Kristin Cavallari on the NYC sidewalk, having fun watching Sandra Bernhard yell at Rupert Pupkin.

Keira has been voted 'Best Pout' in the world. Check out these ones at:

Can you believe it? Mel Gibson just called some journalist asshole an asshole. Most all of them are assholes and dick heads in the minds of over half the country; especially the H&K Tea Party crowd.

God's special boy, Larry Sinclair, must have seen those two old defacto faggots giving each other the queer eye on the front page of Wednesday's NYT 54,940. So he got right to work doing his part in repealing the media's 'don't ask, don't tell' practices, and published the identities of who has been logging onto his site at:

Giacometti's bronze 'Walking Man I' just sold in London for $104,300,000. Here's a close look at the marred servant piece at:

Both the sculpture, and yours truly, are 6' tall. Confirming THE KING OF COMEDY prophecy, wherein Rupert Pupkin is on foot, and has to take the bus into town, etc.

The 'BLS' Letterman letters in the background stand for Bonney Lake servant.

Rupert tells Rita that he doesn't want her to die alone, like so many beautiful women do; as cited in the 2BC's revelations about "widows", that include single women. When they hold his surprise ten virgins wedding on TV, the Justice of the Peace turns to the audience and says they will be right back after a JOHN 1:1 "word" from my future GSR/TWN advertising sponsors.

The Branch Davidian figure Rupert Pupkin spent 2 years, 9 months in prison near lost Israel's Bethlehem, Penn.


Monday, February 1, 2010


We see Jay Leno's classic collector's car when they try to have yours truly, the guy who wont leave, thrown out of the building in THE KING OF COMEY.

Beyonce channelled Tina Turner in her remarkable Egyptian fascism number at the GRAMMYS. Confirming Sandra Bernhard channelling Tina Turner when she wants to make wild-at-heart love to the mummy king.

THE KING OF COMEDY opens with a reference to Rodney Dangerfield; "I'm sorry I woke you..." says the TONIGHT SHOW host to his sidekick Ed.

In the limo ride, Rupert Pupkin tells Jerry "I'm dynamite!" Before showing him his two witnesses dish washing soap "PRIDE & JOY" joke. At the pay-phone "office" scene, Rupert has a stack of his 1990s GSR/TWN mailings.

There is a little dog at the table when Keira Bernhard telephones Jerry. The one from THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED. Here are Keira Bernhard's fingers pressed against the window at:

The prophetic fire engine painting, with ladders, that I saw at Jerry's country house Saturday morning, were confirmed by that Brooklyn fire, apparently already under way atop Mel Gibson's H.K. TEA & SUSHI place, at:

The tragic Honduras people fire turned out to be a ten virgins Book of Mormon country message from God; with prophetic Honduras president elements. So far they can't find any arson evidence. It could have been a drug gang hit, in that crime infested part of Brooklyn. Central American "secret combination" gangs are ruthless, and the CAR 54 guys had just arrested a bunch of their blood brothers. Somebody probably forgot about America's current Third World style 'don't ask, don't tell' policy.

The classic REV.17 scenario in today's MARK 13:14 prophecy is about the MARATHON MAN Jews and Barack Obama; i.e. when a whore puts her dog in charge, the beast will always bite her back.

Also note that Jerry's house of Judah has a Big Ben, London door bell.

This is Keira standing at the temple veils that she insisted her husband install over the windows of her endowment house in the TWIN PEAKS pilot, at:

Keira's famous angel outfit is prophetically related to The Rock's new TOOTH FERRY angel movie somehow. That's all I can say right now about it at:

Here's one of Keira's better plural wives statements at:

Notice the vagina avatar ring next to the boner impression under Renee's top in that SPLASH shot of her fingering the big black scrotum bag. Renee probably picked up just a little too much of the marxist feminist propaganda in her English degree studies at Austin. The same stuff they're teaching Emma Watson right now at Brown University. Look again at: