Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Riding over to WENDY'S in the back seat of Granny Grass' limo Monday, where she went to pick up a bacon-cheese burger at the window, I couldn't believe what I saw on the floor. It had been maybe ten years since I last saw one of my fancy signature handwriting fountain PENTELL R100 pens. I have no idea where it came from.

Later Monday, I read that Obama is going to sign the finale day 1290 fix, probably with one of those fancy Casablanca fountain pens, on Tuesday at some community college in northern Virginia. In confirmation of the "VIRGINI..." sign at the end of THE DEVIL'S HAND, when Rick and Donna drive away from the devil cult's burning temple. After the film's prophetic "Lindell" Limbaugh look atype was killed for "maliciously" exposing Obama's satanic agenda.

Walking back Monday, a car with '747...' jumbo jet plates passed me at the Pitt Penn of captivity's REV.12 flood basin pit along Evergreen Drive.

But before the day ever got started, I had a reoccuring dream that went on for hours, about kissing a naked Julia Roberts in the master bedroom of her fancy NYC highrise penthouse. Oddly enough, as I kissed her beautiful lips, I was feeling up the more younger full figure body of Lindsay Lohan. Who is the official red pig tails face for WENDY'S hamburgers. At one point, I could see that the little red riding hood between her legs was glowing in the dark like ET's finger at:

Googling JR news Monday evening, I was reminded of one my dream scenes. Wherein I was looking inside JR's open fridge, admiring some tasty looking mango fruit tarts, when Julia started sucking on my "fella", at:

The above classic movies babe on Perez Hilton's sister gossip site connects with the very last scene in Monday morning's Julia Roberts dreams. Where we were in the shower getting hot and heavy, and a Perez look alike, sporting a 70s disco afro, started to harass us. So I pointed a revolver at him, and he started backing up, until he fell over a low stone sea wall. The last thing I remember is seeing him swimming around in a scuba wet-suit, trying to figure out why that South Korea navy ship exploded in the Yellow Sea.

That hiker from the Tri-Cities A-Bomb area, who fell into Doctor Evil's snow covered volcano lair in Scam Mania County, was role playing a 666 pit of captivity message from God. In REV.13, he who does not worship the 666 devil cult must die, i.e. not have government sanctioned health care. Mt Saint Helens is named after the first Catholic saint to use state tax money as church tithing. Hence, the Vatigan's 1260 years of state sovereignty, that was eventually restored by Obama's political forerunner Benito Mussolini.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's an insightful take from someone who has actually read the Hutaree indictment at:

This is a great pre-Obama [Bad Axe] transfiguration fake of JR at:

This Montana 5 virgins omen broke as my Hanna Montana post rolled out, at:

6,666,666 jews were murdered by the part Jewish Hitler because of the stiff-necked marxist types at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Therefore, the abomination of desolation in MARK 13;14 has come to end the 666 insanity of Judah.

Mr TMZ wore a yellow shirt on the day that South Korea ship went down in the Yellow Sea.

Moscow's underground 'La Bianca' station [...Blanca in Spanish] was bombed by the Islamic terrorists.

Monday, March 29, 2010


There is an ongoing illegal occupation of America's Casablanca by a well known African born neomarxist usurper. Therefore, it must be time to round up the usual suspects. Like a handful of religious kooks living in two rural trailers due east of Hillsdale College, or due west of Deerfield, however you want to look at it, on gun charges of course.

Reportedly, the 7 militia people arrested on a full moon had also been saying some nasty things about the 2,000,000 or so Arabs living in America. Whatever. For some Divine "fair and balanced" style FOX news context, one can mark the timing by those two Islamic females who exploded themselves inside the metro subway of Obama's new Russian buddies; killing dozens of innocent people at last count. Maybe the Casablanca boys can send an ATF team over there to lend a hand.

One thing I have noticed in recent weeks. There seems to be a lot more gun fire activity over at the Swiss gun range off South Prairie. It was going non stop all Sunday afternoon, which is unusual. The latter-day FBI of Sodom and Egypt might want to look into that place as well. I see a lot of trailers parked around there.

Imagine what would happen if the enclosed occupation court case was finally allowed to go into discovery. And the state of Hawaii had to release their "vital records" on file of the usurper Barack Obama. That are just the standard common home-birth forms, filled out and witnessesd by mother Obama and relatives, at:

See the related cult comments and links to Obama's genuine African birth certificate under my JACK SHIT posting. In THE DEVIL'S HAND Haiti voodoo prophecy of 1961, all the desecrated temple's cult members are sworn to "seal" their lips about their abomination of desolation leader's secrets.

One of those fangs on the jaws of the Michigan beast prophecy is called Pt. Lookout. Also on the beast's open mouth is Grind Stone City, west of Obama's Port Hope. Due south of the [Pelosi] Bay City landmark's Port Austin is a place called Bad Axe.

Gregory Scott Relf

Friday, March 26, 2010


8 choppers got rammed from the rear by a garbage truck at the red light on 27th and Carefree Hwy in Phoenix Thursday. The same day Congress sent their final fix into Obama. March 25th being the anniversary of the day when the beast came to Howard Stern and made a deal; in his amazing transsexual America prophecy about the murder of Obama's gay lover Donald Young, entitled MISS AMERICA, at:

The bloody red wine soaked report I read is at:

A hospital's medical chopper crashed in Brownsville, Tenn on the same Thursday of the medical fix in DC. [The day Tenn's Hanna Montana was on Leno talking about how her father wants to farm watermelons.] The appropriately named place is located on Hwy.70 and Rt.54, west of Huntersville, and south of the Forked Deer River. A few weeks ago, I had a vivid dream about Tiger Woods. Wherein he handed me a brand new hunting knife, straight out of the package, mentioning, "I love deer." The report is at:

Cat napping Thursday at 11:36 pm, a quiet whispering voice woke me up that said softly, "They're gunning her down..."

The day after Mr TMZ wore his free falling black&white skydiver Tee on the air, a guy with SKY DIVE ATLAS, who has made over 10,000 jumps, crashed through a condo outside Body of Christ, Texas, at:

The historic pit-of-captivity court house in Pittsboro, NC, where they are fighting over John Edwards' birth certificate sex video, burned down Thursday.

Fidel Castro declared that the Port au Prince's abomination of desolation victory was a great "miracle". We will likely see many of the prince's people in DANIEL 9 come from Cuba. They smoke a lot of Cuban cigars in the LIVE AND LET DIE mulatto prophecy.

Looks like Chavez took Sean Penn's dictatorial advice to heart, and had one of his last TV critics arrested, according to:

These are the same Sean Penn reds who blocked Ann Coulter from speaking in London, Canada the other day. She'll be in Miami soon at:

The UN voted to protect the hammerhead shark as all those photos of Nancy Pelosi came out showing her carrying a huge hammer. Mark the timing.

The prophetic 2002 title, TWO WEEKS NOTICE, thematically connects with today's massive wave of mortgage foreclosure eviction notices.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Judah's American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy convention was held in Washington, DC last Monday during a particularly strong wind and rain storm. The annual venue, attended by some 7000, is planned well in advance of any fluid and unpredictable USA political developments. Therefore it created a truly miraculous set up for keynote speaker BiBi Netanyahu to visit the White House on the very same day that Obama signed DANIEL's day 1290 abomination of desolation warning in MARK 13:14.

Netanyahu's stunningly chilly reception by the latter-day usurper was a major prophetic confirmation of the 70-weeks period earthquake in bloody red wine soaked Chilly.

Wednesday morning at 7:20 am, I had a flash vision of Sandra Bullock sporting a sparkling 5-point star tattoo on her forehead. Walking up to STARBUCKS later that afternoon, I found the same sparkling aquamarine star lying on the ground next to JETSTREAM's carwash vacuums.

The various meanings in these messages tend to roll out in layers, kind of the like the scriptural concept of learning things gradually, 'line upon line, precept upon precept'.

In Sandra's Jesse James case, I see that her prophetic WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING in Chicago style [THE BREAKUP] news came out on lucky St Patrick's Day, for the tattoo on Bombshell's stiff neck that says "LUCKY IN LOVE".

That would be exactly a TWO WEEKS NOTICE before DANIEL 9's 62nd week in the 70-weeks scenario. Hence the cultural earthquake that was her sudden explosive breakup. That was made into such an extremely powerful LOVE POTION NO.9 finale by all the 09 award speeches she gave for her 09 movie THE BLIND SIDE. It was quite obvious that Sandra was under the emotional spell of Love Potion no.8.

Then there is her award speech in MISS CONGENIALITY's Bombshell prophecy. The sudden death of her Egyptian beetle marriage in PRACTICAL MAGIC, wherein a star is branded on her Arizona sheriff's hand, and so forth.

Timing is key. The same day that Obama signed Senator Reid's Jack shit BFD, a DISNEY tour bus rear-ended a charter bus at the Reedy Creek entrance to EPCOT. The same rear end collision that broke Mrs Reid's back, neck, and nose.

The timing of Doctor Evil's midnight volcano in financially bankrupt Iceland, on the weekend of the REV.12 Red River flood vote, was a message from God that the abomination of desolation will lead to bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, the fainthearted sons of Israel in 2NEPHI 8 still don't have the strength to stop the entire illegal juggernut in it's tracks, by simply asking Obama the question, 'Where's the birth certificate?'

Gregory Scott Relf

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Steve McQueen began his prophetic career as a former Confederate States of America soldier turned bounty hunter in 1958's TV series, WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. A miraculous career that ended in 1980 with his Chicago bounty hunter prophecy entitiled THE HUNTER. So it's no coincidence that the big Red River flood vote went down during the opening weekend of THE BOUNTY HUNTER. Which took in $21 million for Senator Reid's blackjack 21 Vegas casino vote on the 21ist. John Reed's REDS nickname was 'Jack', according to:

DANIEL 9's 70-weeks Nutty Putty Cave trap was confirmed by that black&white mullato skunk who got his head stuck Saturday inside a peanutbutter jar butt hole along Colorado's I-70; in front of some house outside Grand Junction, on 3117 Patterson Road, at:

The place is located on the Gunnison River, downstream from Austin, Colo.

Last week at WAL*MART, I found a 12-set DVD of old scary low-budget movies for $5. I liked the sound of 1963's THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN. About some mad Nazi scientists who escaped to a remote [Hawaii] island with Hitler's brain in a canning jar; a.k.a. THE MADMEN OF MANDORAS. But I popped it in Sunday morning and saw THE DEVIL'S HAND, directed by Bill J. Hole Jr. in the same year Obama was born, at:

THE DEVIL'S [666] HAND is a black and white film about the Voodoo cult prince of Prince au Port, Haiti, who is presiding over today's desecrated temple. I found out when I paused the DVD player for a minute to hear the old fashion style CBS radio news at 3:00 am and caught a clip of Obama telling his cult followers "... it is in your hands..." to pass the day 1290 abomination of desolation.

This well made 1961 look alike voodoo dolls movie is really worth looking for. Because it features Shenae Grimes getting abused by a jealous Megan Fox blonde, and lots of REV.17 Buddha god idols, for a strange hybrid Asian/Haiti Obama motif. Confirmed by the new pix of princess Keira in a KISS ME DEADLY trench coat and then later in some formal Asian temple gown at:

The film's central idea is the need to have one's nose rubbed in the dog shit peanutbutter all over the Oval Office carpet. In order to learn why it's important to not allow an illegal alien homosexual, who's involved in the murder of his former gay lover -who couldn't keep his mouth shut- to stink up the White House.

You can start by demanding to see Barack Obama's nonexistant Hawaii birth certificate. Not just the necessary standard "vital records" on file that were filled out by his mother, as required to get a 1961 certification of birth.

This is why no hospital in Hawaii will go on record stating that Obama was born at their facility.

This is why no Hawaii health official will repeat that they have ever seen Obama's original birth certificate. Because their original 2008 statement was a common erroneous "birth certificate" reference to his certification of birth form.

When the unconstitutional usurper signs the Democrats' new unconstitutional health care crap into "law" this week, it won't mean Jack shit in Texas.

Gregory Scott Relf


There is no health care budget reduction in the phony premise of the CBO numbers. Garbage in, garbage out.

Jerry Bruckheimer told reporters at SHOWEST that Johnny Depp has agreed to play my half breed sidekick, Tonto, in his upcoming remake of THE LONE RANGER. They're talking to George Clooney about playing the Texas Lone Star one. But he might have some horse riding issues with his recent back surgery.

One of the very first Lone Ranger episodes was about helping some old guys, like John McCain, learn how to fight off the new breed of younger and more ruthless bad guys.

The Red River flood in FARGO comes out of the serpent's mouth in the NIV Bible translation of REV.12:15, "Then from his mouth the serpent [Obama] spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away in the torrent."

This is the pussy serpent tattoo on the lower belly of Jesse James' "TROPHY GIRL" lover.

Sandra Bullock's Valentine's Day breakup with Matthew McCon/aughey was a romance con job prophecy. 1960s style "LOVE IS SUICIDE" says Bombshell's inspired voodoo neck tattoo.

Doctor Evil's frozen glacier volcano in Iceland erupted around midnight Sunday, in confirmation of the midnight temple deadline in THE DEVIL'S HAND for a certain news media faker.

Angel Moroni's silent trumpet of warning fell off the LDS Santiago temple during Chilly's 8.8 Los Angeles quake in Book of Mormon country.

Check out that Grace Jones giant in A VIEW TO A KILL, filmed in Nancy Pelosi land.

Here's a WILLIS TOWER omen involving a PIPER 32 and Hwy.27, at:

Michael Savage's radio show, in Pelosi's Sodom&Egypt country, had it's 16th anniversary on the weekend of her Jack shit vote.

Sandra's talk about Jesse having her back, turned out to be about the 8.8 earthquake along Chilly's backbone spine map.

Friday, March 19, 2010


The news broke about Jesse James falling for that spicy lost Israelite brunet, instead of the crazy German Dr Frankenstein lady, in 1966's JESSE JAMES MEETS DR FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER prophecy, on St Patrick's Day date of 3/17. In confirmation of the classic eternal life story's connection to Bonney Lake's SANDI'S SIGNS landmark at 18/317; next door to the 76 UNION station carwash. 18 being the classic symbolic number of forevergreen life in Hebrew tradition.

Quite often, you'll see Jesse's silver DAYTONA RAM 1500 pickup parked in front of the custom paint shop, in reference to his NASCAR venue activities. Usually it's parked next to a green '381 VNU' camera FOCUS car bearing a 666 miracles motto on the side that reads "TRUST YOUR TECHNOLUST".

SS's painting of a teddy bear breaking through the joint's 211 overhead door is the same HOT TUB TIME MACHINE mascot depicted at this classic PEPSI logo image of Jen Garner, for those who think young, at:

Walking in front of the lucky Leprechaun's Black Hills gold shop, called [computer] CHIPPERS, on St Patrick's Day, an out-of-town lady pulled over in her shiraz colored soccermon van bearing day 1260 dated plates, '703 XFJ' to ask me for directions to JACK IN THE BOX. Right when I walked by the [Jesse James] burger joint about ten minutes later, the same gal pulled up to their order-post.

News reports are estimating that the day 1290 vote will coincide with the REV.12 flood crest of John Reed's Red River around Sunday. That's probably why a red pickup hauling a red FARGO tree branch shredder blasted by me at Church Lake Road's 19211 driveway Thursday. Followed by a long black 70s style Texas caddy with California '4X....' plates.

The recent joyful reunion of Jesse James with his lost dog, Cinnabun, was a prophecy about the coming lost&found rescue of Sandy, the lost Israelite. In her heart of hearts, she knows that someone out there has got her back.

Needless to say, Jesse James' affair with the Amish prophetess knicknamed 'Bombshell', who has the Word of God tattooed all over her pussy-snake body, was about the explosive Long Beach finale to Sandra's 52 PICK-UP prophecy at:

God has revealed to his prophets among the lost tribes that men are using the negro giant in Sandra's BLIND SIDE movie to blackmail the Book of Mormon's promised land. Mentioning that these are the same oppressive giants whom he had drowned in the great Noah's Ark flood.

"And in those days there were giants on the earth, and they sought Noah to take away his life; but the Lord was with Noah, and the power of the Lord was upon him." [MOSES 8:18]

It's no coincidence that Sandy got blind-sided, and her marriage crashed, during the release of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Gregory Scott Relf


Those were Obama's iconic Lincoln logs that were being stacked up for the [civil war] bonfire at Texas A&M in 1999.

Walking past Julia Roberts' lot no.17 on Evergreen Drive on St Patrick's Day, a car drove by with personalized 'TENACLS' plates; for those octopus tattoo legs running down Jesse's arm of flesh. At home, I saw the breaking Sandy signs news on EXTRA.

Bombshell has "PRAY FOR US SINNERS" tattooed on her 666 forehead. That's the crown of England on her GREASE 2 "Trophy..." babe stomach.

Here's some vague follow-up to that white lady who got stabbed by a black man with a meat cooking thermometer during a screening of SHUTTER ISLAND, at:

I just saw a great KICK-ASS clip: Some villian flashes his switch-blade at Hit-Girl, who replys, "... I have one of those."

Apparently Jenny's baster movie has been renamed, THE SWITCH.

If you are thinking about breeding, and would like to seriously reduce your chances of having a DSS baby, [Defective Seed Syndrome] try the genuine whole wheat cookies at:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There's some talk about using a hybrid 'Slaughter rule', which is unconstitutional, to pass the day 1290 abomination of desolation. Where is the serious talk and reporting about the entire bill being unconstitutional? See:

By the Hand of God, today's day 1290 insanity is unfolding during college basketball's traditional 'March Madness'. Because Barack Obama et al are all Reed College style reformed reds.

The reports about hybrid cars speeding out of control are probably Big Foot UFO style manifestations from God. In other words, the mulatto cars are as possessed as the inspired Democrat leadership, who are driven to fulfill the 42 months of tyranny prophecy in REV.13.

Sitting outside STARBUCKS Monday, I heard Michael Medved interviewing the secessionist governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Who claimed on air that he is not a secessionist, [wink wink]. Then some man in a southern turkey-hunting cap sat down at the table next to me, wearing a very rare-around-here 'TEXAS LONGHORNS' top. A few minutes later, another Tea Party looking guy, wearing a NRA cap, pulled up to the curb in his hunter's SUZUKI 4x4 rig bearing '302...' plates; the date of Texas Independence Day.

Walking back later, a silver car with a 'Pray for Jerusalem' Star of David decal on it's window, turned at the Mt Zion sign Evergreen Drive T on Church Lake Rd, followed by an evergreen medicine wheel Indian CHEROKEE 4x4. A dude named Caleb was chain-sawing trees down over behind Church Lake Rd's symbolic ANIMAL FARM. His unusual Biblical name stands for someone who tells the truth.

Rush said he watched TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 6 the week before last. [The Evergreen Drive T is where I experienced that red&white Federal Way church helicopter vision.]

They just restored the famous Angels Flight train in LA, featured in KISS ME DEADLY 's 1955 prophecy about the explosive bright light in D&C 85, etc. according to:
The movie poster is at:

The uncanny look alike Malibu beach star of LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE showed up on Letterman Monday with a great new shag pad hairdo.

Riding out past the Jacob's Pillow Stone below Hwy.410 Monday, a pickup passed us that was hauling an old PEPSI machine, exactly like the one in GREASE 2. So I went a little out of my way and walked by the stone going back. Where I spotted a lizard sunning himself on top of the stone. That looks like the one Jenny is standing on in this Malibu fake, at:

The flames on her sleave represent the grass fire that exposed the royal pillow stone several years ago.

A yellow no. 48 'back to school' bus rolled by as I was checking out the lizard. An old man's old red pickup had broke down and was stuck on the shoulder right there.

I read that Keira Knightley might be masking up for Captain America's Golden Girl at:



A strongly felt 4.4 quake in the LA area, at 4:04 am, coincided with my above 4:14 am post on Tuesday. This is Jenny's Rt.111 earthquake theme in REV.16:19.

This John Reed link shows a rising sun on one of his prophetic 'RED RUSSIA' pamphlet links to Senator Reid and Barack Obama, at:

Obama received an astonishingly huge reception when he stopped in Portland during his 08 campaign to become No.44.

There were 42 [months] people on that GREYHOUND/AMERICANOS USA bus that crashed Tuesday near [Neve] Campbellton, Texas; after leaving the Alamo city of San Antonio.

The thematic 'March Madness' college basketball venue, Reed Arena, is located at Texas A&M. Where that ten virgins wedding cake log-fire structure collapsed at 2:42 am, killing 12 people, at:

Gov Perry, a former 'redpot' cadet at Texas A&M, in College Station, Texas, wants the prophetic November 18, 1999 [Larry Sinclair pecan nut log] timed bonfire to return. See the related 'Buttpot' link at:

Larry was in Washington Street's Gurnee, Illinois for a cadet graduation, when he met with Berry Obama at the QUALITY INN to suck a little dick and smoke some pipe. After all those brown logs collapsed in Texas, dozens of injured people were taken away in gurneys.

They don't call it the abomination of desolation for nothing. See what the Reed College culture media is not depicting at:

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The body of a 24 year-old Portland State coed, who fell off a cliff in Skamania County, was finally found Saturday; near Lookout Mtn, Government Springs, and Beaver campground. To the east is Barack Obama's [Hawaiian] Big Lava Bed landmark above Hood River, Or, in Sandy Creek country.

This is the area where TWILIGHT's vampire wilderness scenes were filmed; not too far from Mel Gibson's retreat. The river boat casino scenes for Mel's MAVERICK movie with Jodie Foster were filmed around there.

There were 4 peculiar 4+ earthquakes Friday off the REV.13:1 coast of Oregon, west of Reedsport and Devil's Elbow State Park on Hwy.101. Nearby Roman Nose Mtn, above Smith River, is a Divine no.44 confirmation of Mrs Reid's broken 666 nose.

It's about that Roman nose in the first act of GREASE 2. That Michael writes about in his $20 bomb-shelter paper about 'Why the Roman Empire Fell'.

The D&C 86 city of Rome rests on the beast's seven [G7] hills in REV.17. The Vatican was a 666 city state for exactly 1260 years. It's sovereignty was restored to them by the first modern beast's 666 marxist icon Mussolini. On Saturday, the [1NEPHI 14] abominable church of the whore's Catholic Health Association announced their support for the illegal day 1290 abomination of desolation.

The naked hot tub scandal rocking Utah right now is Providential publicity for HOT TUB TIME MACHINE's physical transfiguration comedy, opening on 24 year-old Keira Knightley's 25th birthday, March 26 [1985]. Because the polluted hot tubs inside the LDS temples are not working properly right now. As revealed by all those amazing NAPOLEON DYNAMITE time-machine confirmations in recent years. See the report at:

Compare the 24/25 year time-line connection with the plot at:

The hot tub symbolism is also related to Keira Knightley's conservative figure in EATING RAOUL at:

Leading up to the unconstitutional day 1290 vote, there's lots of REV.12 flooding and high winds going on around the NEW YORKER minded region. Where the new and improved beast, that killed 666,666,666 Jews, has been miraculously healed by the region's 666 worshiping Jews; such as Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks.

The shit will hit the fan in Judea when you see the abomination of desolation, standing in a sacred 'tierra santa' place where it ought not be.

The naive Obama backing boys at ADL are going to be even more stunned than they are right now at their bitch Hillary Clinton.

The latest black mascara retro WWII movie poster for KICK-ASS just came out. See it at:


PS: Right after I logged the above post, I spotted this new superhero mascara fake of Keira, posing for her "swingers" role in EATING RAOUL at:

The new retro Hit Girl poster for KICK-ASS is done in a royal blue motif, at:

Friday, March 12, 2010


Three unusually powerful earthquakes in the 6+ range rocked Chile Thursday. One after another, the first one a 6.9 at 11:39:44, hitting during their symbolic 666 Libertador, Chile reenactment of America's illegal 44th inauguration on January 20, 2009. That has triggered the earthquake in REV.16:19.

The 62nd week from the 09 abomination of desolation milestone, "standing where it ought not" will be marked on March 31.

While the forces of the day 1290 prince of darkness were in closed meetings, the 69 year-old LDS wife of Harry Reid got rammed in the rear by a semi on I-95, that broke her symbolic stiff-neck and the devil's D&C 86 backbone. The big rig was hauling a load of plastic wrap. Because now it's time for the big Sodom and Egypt wrap party in Washington, DC.

They took her and Reid's 409 year-old daughter to a hospital in Falls Church. In confirmation of the two ladies who died Wednesday when a CAR 54 T-boned them while entering an LDS church parking lot on day 1290's River Road in Washington County, Utah. The copper was rushing to another crash near Barack Obama's Black Ridge, according to the report at:

The long spine shape of Chile's mountain range represents the devil's chilly 666 backbone. As reenacted by Kobe in the stand-up back bone job he did on that white chick in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. This being the Kobe, Japan earthquake on the MLK anniversary of the earthquake in Northridge, LA; near the Reseda Blvd setting for BOOGIE NIGHTS's rough 13 inches prophecy.

Due to the Obama usurpation, 1996's Lincoln civil war CRASH car prophecy will now be connected to Sandra Bullock's 2004 race relations movie entitled CRASH. Once they blow the Asian man's Chinatown birth certificate vault at the top of Chicago's WILLIS TOWER.

Here's that nice Seattle actor entro shot in CRASH of yours truly doing Ginger Blake from the back side, at:

Sadly, when I get back to my other wife's place in Toronto, and she asks me if I got to fuck Ginger, I have to admit that we got interrupted. 'Maybe next time' she hopes. Then my 29ish wife and I go out on the balcony to watch the traffic below, at:

Gregory Scott Relf

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


AP reported there was thunder and lightening with the pouring rain that greeted the Oscar red carpet arrivals. And the amazing physically transfigured images that walked up to the KODAK THEATER's temple veil entrance at:

It was the same thunder and lightening that opens 1966's JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER prophecy. When the [George] Lopez family is loading their possessions into a Democrat Party driven donkey cart to escape the riots and chaos during the upcoming threeway earthquake.

God has revealed to his prophets among the lost tribes that the forces of Obama et al will end up with 1/3 of the pie. Exactly the amount that the Wild Bunch Gang traitor demands from his mob boss brother in the movie.

FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER is about a mad German lady who is looking for a huge giant of a man to complete her 666 beast experiments. As mentioned in those 2BC revelations about the men who have used the negro race to back up their unconstitutional social fasciation schemes.

As per Sandra Bullock's allegory THE BLIND SIDE. Wherein the giant Big Foot figure protects the quarterback leader of today's armor plated Nazi helmets team/gang.

While all THE BLIND SIDE party people of Sodom and Egypt were still at Elton John's after-Oscars party, there was a huge rock slide along Barack Obama's Colorado River. The huge boulders closed down America's I-70 70 weeks landmark outside Kobe's infamous Glenwood Spings resort-rape landmark.

This is the 82nd Oscars Rt.82 junction to the Hollywood pyramid mountains hotspot Aspen. Where the local sheriff says a crazy Charlie Sheen monster threatened his rebellious wife bitch with a big knife.

FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER kicks off the first act with an attempted stage coach robbery by Jesse James. Set up in a "narrow pass" full of boulders, exactly like the narrow cut on I-70, where the rocks came tumbling down next to a typical old westerns movie location named Hanging Lake Tunnel. Which we now know was the Divine inspiration behind Sandra's comments about a "trail blazer" in her Jesse James acceptance speech.

One can see the threeway boulder split of the two witnesses era in REV.16:19 at '22:50' minutes into the DVD at:

This suggestive gay head shot establishes the prophetic film's Barack Obama time-line. The female German doctor's use of a helmet is a prophetic reference to the football helmets in Bullock's THE BLIND SIDE, as seen in this pre-Obama 'million monkey theater' link at:

After all these years. It was really great to see the Dude and Sandy finally get together on Oscars night. A Divine match that was most certainly made in hell.

Gregory Scott Relf


There is a Jacobs Ladder news photo of the ROCK STAR slide at:

What a great piece about the McCain 'birthers' at:

That horrific "brown people" bus crash near Casa Grande happened when Senator Brown arrived in Arizona to campaign for high society's bisexualship Republican pussy John McCain.

The day before the Oscars, a little weiner dog named Oscar ran up to me on Evergreen Drive. He looked exactly like the ones on Keira's kit at this Texas Independence Day dated event in London, seen at:

This UFO image of Ashley Greene and Keira Knightley, fused into one being, was done before the Glenwood Springs rock slide, at:

The above fake is positioned directly above this other fake of Keira, demonstrating how a standing-up Kobe did that chick leaning over a chair at the Glenwood Springs resort, at:

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Detroit PISTONS' guard Rodney Stuckey, no.3, fainted and collapsed in Friday's game against Cleveland. The same thing that is going to happen to Obama's Government Motors, Detroit. See:

Hopefully, Rod is feeling better. Now that God has made his point about Obama's plans to shove his STUCKEY'S nut rod up the ass of freedom loving small business Americans.

The big&tall NBA member played out the predatory homogaysexual theme by Mike Myer on Jimmy Fallon the same Friday night. Who showed an old clip of Myer's 11 year-old commercial for WRIGLEYS gum, with the adult pick-up line, "Congratulations! You've graduated to the big stick!"

The Myers interview had him in an ice skating hockey jersey. Then I flipped to ACCESS HOLLYWOOD and cut into their interview of gay Olympics ice skater Johnny Weir, wearing Scottie's gay fir coat on the Jerry Springer show in AP II; confirming Mike Myers's recent film role as a German Nazi killer.

Myers put in an icy plug for Canada's national health care. Because a bus load of Mexicans rolled over several times Friday in an Indian medicine wheel reservation on the ten virgins' I-10 in McCain's Arizona. The TIERRA SANTA bus was operating illegally in America, just like the illegal alien homo Barack Obama. Tierra Santa means 'holy ground', for the 'holy city' concerpt cited in REV.16:19.

New readers: The prophetic Texas state flag is divided into the three divisions of REV.16:19. As confirmed by Friday's new 6.6 quake in Chilly off the shore of Obama's Bio Bio region.

In GREASE 2's talent show auditions, a chilly Stephanie hints that Chile's Constitucion will keep her free, once the ground starts shaking.

There was a 3.2 earthquake in Hawaii Friday night. For a volcanic doctor Evil lair confirmation of Mike Myers flashing three and two fingers for CANADA's 3-2 victory over team USA.

Obama will be on the 1000 show anniversary of AMERICA'S MOST WANTED Saturday, week 70. Maybe they'll do a special on the murder of Obama's former gay lover Donald Young.

Here's a number of man [666] report from the civil war Lincoln theme park zoo in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It's about the Big Foot bear beast in REV.13:2 at:


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Week 69's breakup prophecy was marked by the Texas Independence Day victory of secessionist Gov. Rick Perry. Followed up by the powerful 6+ earthquakes in Constitucion, Chile and anti-communist break-away Taiwan, a.k.a. The Republic of China.

The Republic of Texas and Chile have almost identical red, white, and blue, lone star flags. The latter's national motto being, "By reason or by force" Which is the basic mind set behind the stranger in the Oval Office. Who declared Wednesday that he is going to shove his Texas pecan nut roll up the ass of every small businessman's independently owned and operated STUCKEY'S franchise in Texas.

See the future earthquake banners at:

Of course, the therapeutic REV.16:19 earthquake is already underway. Just like the therapeutic EZE.38 invasion of apostate Israel is already well under way. Having started officially with today's well known illegal alien homo controlling the newer&nicer Nazis' African CASA BLANCA.

Check out the similarities at:

All those Casa Blanca, New Mexico gas tanker, plane crash, signs and wonders on I-40 can now be updated with a quick map check. Where you will find Barack Obama's Rio Colorado crossing to the east of town at the two witnesses' mile marker 126. This is major UFO desert country.

To the west is the latter-day Continental Divide prophecy. That runs up to Letterman's ranch area in Montana, and is marked in NM by the [Hawaii] Bluewater, Anaconda [snake], and Milan [fascist] references below Lookout Mtn; north of the highway tourist map attraction called Bandera Volcano & Ice Caves.

There's got to be a STUCKEY'S road stop around there somewhere. To the north of all this is a little town named White Horse, west of Star Lake.

Gregory Scott Relf


On Texas Independence Day, week 69 counting from the illegal 2008 election, there was a basement fire in the NEW YORKER minded Manhattan courthouse that has been pissing on the US Constitution for decades.

Anybody ever watch that TMZ show run by a stiff-necked Jewish liberal PC guy who sees homophobes and racists behind every candid shot comment? His two stingers of Judah and Ephraim are showing in this amazing look alike candid at:

Red Planet Martians don't eat meat, unless it's human.

A Mitt Romney look atype is the 10 NEWS co-anchor in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN. The truth is out there.

Talk radio was still pissed off at Romney for endorsing McCain when the 8.8 quake struck in Book of Mormon country. What's it gonna be Gov?.. The church of the Lamb, or the church of the Devil?

The civil war S&P 500 closed at 1,118.31 on Texas Independence Day. For the 31 FLAVORS ice cream scene in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN. Filmed on the Santa Monica dock in Area Code 310. Where the alien eats a triple scoop vanilla chocolate chip mulatto cone.

In the Big Tuna, Texas scene from the pre-Obama WILD AT HEART prophecy, Peanut asks Bobby Peru where he is from. Who replies, 'I'm from all over...'

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The epicenter of last week's Bio Bio earthquake in Constitucion, Chile was located off the coast of La Union. For the earthquake that breaks up the USA union into three parts in REV.16:19, and does away with today's Hawaiian Islands fantasy world, and the 666 beast's seven [pyramid] peaks in verse 20.

Two days before the 8.8 Concepcion quake, I found a double feature DVD of 1983's STRANGE INVADERS re-make and 1986's INVADERS FROM MARS re-make at WAL*MART, for just $5. Which I followed up with a long-time-no-seen screening of 1999's MY FAVORITE MARTIAN.

INVADERS FROM MARS' allegory of the EZE.38 invasion of lost Israel, USA, revolves around a UFO ship that lands on Copper Hill in the California countryside. Because they need a steady supply of copper extract to re-charge their laser weapons. Nowadays, the greatest deposits of copper in the world are mined in Chile. Not to mention Utah's huge open copper mine, that looks like a Mars crater, located up the Rt.36 road from a place called Faust.

Mars is known as The Red Planet. Thus the casting of a nice Will Ferrell look atype to play the father of the boy protagonist. Who knows that his parents have been brainwashed by today's unconstitutional reds in the media, the schools and universities, the government, the entertainment world, and in most of the churches, etc.

The Israelites are called a stiff-knecked people in EXODUS 33:5 etc. As portrayed by the above alien Martians' practice of inserting REV.9 stingers into the back of their victims' stiff necks. Shaped pretty much like the same ones poking into the Mad Hatter's mummy hat in ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Eventually, the boy uses a mint condition 1958 D copper penny in his pocket to re-charge one of the alien's laser-eye weapons and blast their way to freedom. Which explains the restored 1958 mint condition copper colored PONTIAC signs and wonders over the years in Bonney Lake. And the unrestored 1962 copper VALIANT that the [copper/bronze] $104,000,000 WALKING MAN stick-figure web-surfer reporter drives in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN. [His personal portrait above the fireplace.]

Elizabeth Hurley finally becomes a triple-scoop believer in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN's many physical transfiguration scenes. When she's chained to the iron LA Temple gates, and shouts "He cloned my body!" and "The truth is out there!" having watched the movie again some ten years later.

At the Bonney Lake library Monday, [The same day I watched MY FAVORITE MARTIAN's seniors HAWAII TROPICS tanning contest.] the instant this crystal time-machine sofa image appeared of Elizabeth, a boy by the maps told his mum, "You can look, while I do this..." at:

Gregory Scott Relf


The sleep-walking zombies in INVADERS FROM MARS have a practice of counting from 1 to 5, for a five foolish sleeping virgins message. Hence the multiple 5+ aftershocks motif in the 69 weeks 8.8 earthquake zone. Bruce Willis' talk about a DIE HARD 5, etc.

George Orwell's 1984 GHOST BUSTERS movie co-star and famous swinger, Bill Murray, was on Letterman Monday night, dressed in a big ALASKA airlines coat for the chilly NYC weather. He complained to Dave about insurance companies that don't do pre-existing heath problem policies for free. Confirmed by that amazing ghost image floating around in the REV.13:1 sea on page 74 of my NEW YORK TIMES Chilly map; just north of Shag Rocks, etc.

Neve's red Queen of Hearts likes to rest her aching ballet-dancer feet on a warm pig in ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

The 8.8 quake struck on the 27th for 1KINGS 20:30 earthquake warning to the DANIEL 9 stonewallers, and alien invaders; "...and there a wall fell upon twenty and seven thousand men..." The number '27' is a traditional warning sign.

Camilla Belle wore a nice 'birds of a feather' dress that was cut from Jenny's shag pad rug at: