Friday, April 30, 2010


God's new CORONA commercials are about the Brewer surname of Arizona's brave governor.

Obama is trying to play down his immigration reform campaign promises. Because it's now become very apparent that the issue will shed more light on his own undocumented status. But his recent bombshell comments have let the alien genie out of the long neck bottle. And Harry Reid is chugging down on it.

While Thursday's Jay Leno broadcast with California Gov. Kennedy was playing on Boston televisions, they were evacuating people from the city's Red Line subway. 20 people were treated for smoke in the hole. See:

A coal mine roof caved in near THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's Madisonville, Kentucky, killing two. Deer River is there. Slaughter is there. Providence is there. Due east is Sacramento on Rt.85, in MR CLEAN's McLean County. Gwyneth Paltrow wore a black coal dress on Letterman Thursday night.

The DOW was up 122.05 Thursday. In confirmation of the NYT's piece on PERFORMANCE SPACE 122's production of Hitchcock's classic REV.17 two witnesses allegory entitled ROPE.

THUNDERBALL's prophetic 1965 Port au Prince parade march movie was produced right before the United Nations riots in 1965 Watts. It came out in theaters about 4 months later.

At 1:51 pm Washington, DC time Thursday, a 4.4 MLK quake near Seeley rocked the Chocolate Mountains. That must have been when no.44 was speaking at the D&C 86 church funeral for Dorothy Height. Who's surname was confirmation of the NBA giants who threatened Noah in MOSES 8:18 etc. See the details at:

Pix of the new giant marxist baby for China's May Day expo came out at the same time that the cover photo of Sandra's cute little adopted black baby hit the news. Here is how he'll look when he grows up at:

Some giant baby photos are at:

On a sweeter note, faithful gentiles may enter the Celestial Kingdom through a form of eternal Israelite adoption. They do not need the Ephraimite lead priesthood to obtain eternal life. Remember, the 70s LDS President Spencer W. Kim/ball was from EZE.37 Arizona.


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Police believe that Jose Corona used the two chainsaws of Judah and Ephraim to chop off his wife's big branch head last Monday in the Dallas area. Before taking off in a stolen 91 Texas RANGER pickup. His Lamanite Leatherface look is on this report at:

The classic low budget horror film miracle movie TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE came out in the same year I was married. So the stiff neck picture might be worth a look at:

The infamous filmmakers intentionally put the false statement "What happened is true..." on their 1974 movie poster, as a joke about how the big headed government is lying to us. No wonder Rush Limbaugh, who daily exposes the lies of the "state run media", felt inspired to watch TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 6 recently. When was the last time we heard that the populist Democrat finance bill is basically just a massive new consumer protection agency? That does very little to address the root causes of junk securities.

Today's jive ass third wayers, who are running trillion dollar deficits, are going to reform private financing? If the federal government was a private corporation, they would all be arrested and charged with securities fraud.

By the day, one SEES more clearly that the powerful Chocolate Mountains earthquake around the USA Mexico border, on 4.4's MLK neck-shot day, was a message about the ongoing REV.16 earthquake being created by No.44. The undocumented illegal alien who is taking the side of the invaders in 1953's classic INVADERS FROM MARS prophecy. That featured a semi caucasian PLANET OF THE APES Martin Sheen look alike [Red Planet] marxist on the movie poster at:

The original INVADERS FROM MARS movie was based on a dream that John Tucker Battle's wife had one night. No coincidence that a good deal of the early UFO sightings came from southern USA border states, like New Mexico and Arizona.

Back in 1989, Ramon Estevez, a.k.a. Martin Sheen, was the honorary mayor of Malibu. When he officially declared that Dr King's PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES location should be...
"a nuclear-free zone, a sanctuary for aliens and the homeless, and a protected environment for all life, wild and tame"

For some reason, the royal crown CORONA long neck bottle is often depicted with a British lime, like at:

Which Providentially connects the time-line of Mr Corona's bottle neck job with Mr Brown's typical "racist' charges against anyone who opposes the EZE.38 flood of illegal aliens, at:

Not to mention how much the lost tribes of Protestant Dallas, Texas are desperately in need of a good Bible object lesson on EZEKIEL 38, and the historic therapeutic role of the brown LAmanite hoards in the BOOK OF MORMON, etc.

Such as the menacing coyote that Gov Perry recently shot with his 380 while jogging outside Austin, where they filmed TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. The wily Coyote is a common name to describe illegal alien smugglers.

Gregory Scott Relf


Mr Corona's Lewisville location is just down Hwy.77 from Denton, for the Denton, Ohio church of the D&C 86 harlot in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW allegory. His 86ed wife was found with her head hacked off by a US government postal worker. To the south on Hwy.77 is Hackberry Creek, Farmers Branch, and the LBJ Freeway, etc. Nearby Love Field Airport is for Bombshell's "LOVE IS SUICIDE" neck tattoo.

Here's a book that the big head media should read, including all those high society types at FOX; see:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


That 23 year-old guy they arrested Sunday, with the remarkable Timothy McVeigh surname, graduated from West Liberty University in West Liberty, West Virginia in 09.

The spooky Sean McVey was found parked at the liberal media entrance to Ashville's airport, located on the [Harry] Henderson County line. Right after Obama took off for the UPPER BIG BRANCH MINE funeral in Glenn Beck's Beckley, West Virginia landmark of the ten virgins' two Virginia states. That represent the two [50/50] sides of the wise 5 virgins, and the foolish 5 virgins.

Obviously, West Virginia's giant nut sack is a Providential time-line to Howard Stern's FARTMAN prophecy, at:

Because the UPPER BIG BRANCH hole is still too full of gas to allow any repair crews inside. Like in this inspired Timothy McVeigh look alike temple veil image at:

Note the strange dude hiding behind the sofa, just waiting to make his move.

West Liberty, West Virginia is located in the upper branch of West Virginia, due west of Washington, Penn; near the 666 mile long Ohio River border's medicine wheel landmarks of Wheeling and Bethlehem, WV. Where I-70's seventy weeks line passes through on it's way to Lincoln Hill and Wolfdale, etc.

This local report contains a photo of Mr McVey sitting at the base of a tree with sawed off big branches. Where he parked his shiraz medicine wheel Indian named PONTIAC, sporting a rear end REV.9 stingray icon stinger, at:

Note the large fuel 'bomb' image in the deja vu photo's background. That was confirmed over the big hole funeral weekend by all those breaking pix of Michelle Bombshell McGee KISS KISS CLUB dancing in Senator Reid's Los Vegas at the DEJA VU strip club. See the bomb craters on her left arm at:

Reportedly, Mr McVey currently resides in Coshocton, Ohio. Where I see a landmark on my R/M map book of Judah and Ephraim called 'White Woman's Rock', east of the Killbuck River coming down from Holmes County. See what I'm talking about at:

When Bond makes a break from SPECTRE's henchmen and dashes through the Port au Prince's United Nations hoards in THUNDERBALL, he bumps right into the future Barack Obama himself. Just before he ducks into the KISS KISS CLUB, and we see Rihanna fire dancing up on the stage.

Gregory Scott Relf


That tall dark man wearing a dick head hat in ROYAL WEDDING's Haiti hat number is also a prophetic Obama authority figure. Note the phallic night stick he carries.

The awful 4.24 tornado in lost Israel's Ya/zoo, Mississippi kind of speaks for itself. That destruction of Hillcrest Baptist Church was about the coming destruction of the seven hills [zoo] beast in REV.17 etc. That the D&C 86 gentile church has supported, or tolerated, too much over the decades. The number '24' being symbolic of leadership.

With the new Arizona law to combat the alien crime invasion, one clearly SEES that we have an illegal alien in the Oval Office. Who supports the ongoing EZE.38 invasion of borderless Israel by illegals. Gog magog represents the historic gentile [Now Islamic] forces north of Judea. Who are allied with all the globe's enemies of the lost ten tribes. God has told his prophets among the lost tribes that Obama, the part Jewish homosexual prince in DANIEL, is a Muslim at heart with Buddhist sympathies.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


In my SNL manager dream, she scheduled my bit for 12:54, when MGMT, a.k.a. MANAGEMENT, sang "Brian Eno... everything I say is true..." etc.

My own double bed clocks, one on each side, are set two minutes ahead. When they were reading '12:54' a close up of Sharon Stone appeared on the screen. Her suggesting that one of Dick Wolf's LAW&ORDER: SVU babes is sleeping with you know who, and do 'you and he ever' make room for two?..

On a side note. Saturday morning at 8:52 am, I dreamed that I was pushing a little button key over and over on a BLACKBERRY unit. That was causing Teri Rutherford to have an intense orgasm on the screen. Telling me it was the strongest one that she ever had "since my first one".

Cat napping Saturday evening before SNL, at 9:51 pm I awoke from a dream wherein I was pushing two buttons at the base of another BLACKBERRY, going back and forth, over and over, and a heavy breathing woman said "Oh please..."

"Was there ever a man more misunderstood?" asks James Bond in THUNDERBALL.

When that female SNL manager told me I was set next week for '54 past the hour', someone tossed a handful of confetti into the air. Which is how Gabby's monologue ended Saturday night, when she shouted "Confetti !"

Then they cut to a digital short based on those sexy Haiti hat pix of Jennifer Aniston with a cherry in her mouth, like at:

The same day new Nic and Jen location pix rolled out from Hawaii at:

Cat napping before SNL again, I was awaken at 10:41 pm by a flash vision of 41 year-old Jenny in a silver outfit with her left breast exposed, exactly like this red one at:

There is a similar one of Nicole at:

Renee Zellweger was at the Tri/beca Film Festival last week to promote her new black-lover medicine wheel movie. Winking to one reporter about how she's no Lonesome Beaver camper, and in fact had "many dates" that same night. "I'm never bored" she said smiling, like in this around-the-world tricycle fake at:

This no.44 era TAXI DRIVER homage to Renee's second story place in NYC depicts the giant size MOSES 8:18 cock that Rihanna prefers at:

Reportedly, Rihanna took another stage tumble last Wednesday in France.

Here's the inspired giant cock poster for Renee's new film, written and directed by the same French fellow who made LA VIE EN ROSE [vagina], at:

The sinking of Dr King's DEEPWATER HORIZON rig was a Providential reference to Obama's phantom president logo that features a traditionally fascistic horizon sun image over a red REV.13 sea.

Just to be fair, I was awaken yet again at 11:03 pm Saturday, having exclaimed "Oh God!.. Oh God!.." in some O-face OFFICE SPACE dream, for this famous GSR/TWN notes poster:


Friday, April 23, 2010


Obama's Chocolate Mountains landmark in Imperial County, CA was rocked by a 4.7 quake right after his latest third way imperial plan was pitched to Sodom&Egypt at Cooper Hall. The GREASE2 sign time-stamped the double 1.12 Haiti earthquake birth dates of the two witnesses at 1:12:12 pm NYC time, according to:

The CHOCK FULL O NUTS epicenter was closest to Seeley. For a bitter-sweet confirmation of what will happen in MARK 13:14 when we 'see' the new beast's 7 mountains of stacked shit on SEES prophetic latter-day MOTHER OF WHORES web page, at:

The 4.7 number on America's southern border stands for the waters of life flowing on the south side of today's desecrated temple in EZE.47:1. My Tarzan sidekick monkey, a.k.a. Tonto, is the best thing that ever happened to wake up the lost tribes of Israel.

"Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city; for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean. Shake thyself from the dust; arise, sit down, O Jerusalem; loose thyself from the [666] bands on thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion." [2NEPHI 8:24-25]

See what the above famous two witnesses verses are all about at:

Based on this week's inspired SNL clips, it looks like Gabby Sidibe will be role playing some of my fat government wives in the next show. No shit. Shortly after I saw that clip of the porn plaid GSR dude hugging Gabby inside of a pink heart-frame, I found a heart shaped REESES chocolate lying on Granny Grass' stove, filled with a peanut butter feces prop center.

Last Sunday at 9:46 am, I dreamed that some female SNL manager was very happy to have me back on the show this week. Informing me that I am scheduled to perform my comedy bit at ____ past the hour. I'll let you know the exact time when I was told to start, after the broadcast; to avoid any contrived interpretations of my stuff.

Thursday's Swiss chocolate mountains warning was confirmed by Rihanna's bruised rib visit to a Swiss bone clinic after last Monday's show in Europe. Right after I posted that fake of Jennifer Garner sucking on my hat in Haiti, Rihanna let it be known that she prefers a much bigger chocolate cock than that; one at least twice the size. No threesome KISS KISS CLUB dance for her, unless it's with two guys.

Gregory Scott Relf


That burning BP oil rig, that is now only a sunken phantom, was located off Dr King's New Orleans, and was called 'Deepwater Horizon'.

In THUNDERBALL's threesome 5-point starfish scene with the 'Domino' co-star of DOMINO, the second wife's boat is classic STARBUCKS green. Note that Bond loses his Haiti hat in the Monneypenny hat rack exchange, for the double parallel rods hat rack dance in ROYAL WEDDING.

Sienna Miller showed up in LA Tuesday with Jude Law, wearing those baggy blue pants that Fred wears in ROYAL WEDDING's double crossing liar number, at:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I replied to the REV.17 mystery operative who is doing her best liberal media impression to make sure everyone knows JACK SHIT about Obama's history, Saturday morning. Explaining, complete with typo...

"The African born Barack Obama child quickly moved to Indonesia without legal USA citizenship, where he lived for some 10 years. He returned to live in Hawaii without ever becoming a naturized US citizen."

Then I eagerly popped in 1965's THUNDERBALL Bond movie that I had just found at WAL*MART, not remembering hardly anything about it. Wondering if perhaps it's been a decade since I last watched the 4th Sean Connery 007 sequel, with the plural wives poster, at:

We learn right off the bat that the classic Bond film is a latter-day Barack Obama prophecy. When No.2 arrives in a THUNDERBIRD and enters SPECTRE's extortionist front operation in Paris called 'THE INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD FOR ASSISTANCE OF STATELESS PEOPLE'

The following international spy data comes from a letter regarding some dead person's SS number that Obama has apparently used on various student aid forms...

"Obama’s grandmother, Ms. Madelyn Dunham worked as a volunteer in probate department of the Oahu Circuit court and had access to the Social security numbers of the deceased individuals, which might explain the findings. Mr. Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, according to databases had numerous aliases and at least two social security numbers."

The full intelligence briefing letter is at:

THUNDERBALL is about two stolen British A-Bombs that are hijacked to the Bahamas as part of SPECTRE's plot to extort the UK for gazillions in flawless blue diamonds. That must be dropped into the sea off Burma, which is also the REV.13 ocean that is located off of Obama's native Indonesian region. Furthermore, this 60s Bond picture was a major inspiration for much of the Doctor Evil lingo, themes, and plots, in the prophetic AUSTIN POWERS trilogy.

A 5-point STARBUCKS logo starfish is used to identify the future royal Branch Davidian root of Jesse in ISAIAH 11 etc... Who tells his mermaid wife, who lives in the Bahamas, "I'll wear it so you know me next time..."

Gregory Scott Relf


There's a great Ornella Fresh figure from Capri in THUNDERBALL. Who quips that Bond's wives hear 'heavenly choirs singing' when he makes love to them, and then they repent. SPECTRE's no.2 heavy works out of a Book of Mormon secret combinations compound called Palmyra. Backed up by hoards of Haiti like black United Nations dancers in D&C 86 costumes.

When Bond ducked into the KISS KISS CLUB, I paused the DVD player and turned on KISS 106.1, where the local region's Rihanna was belting out "Disturbia..."

Last Saturday at RITE-AID, for $2.99 I found 1955's si-fi B movie THE PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES at:,000_Leagues

Amazingly, I got a fairly rare 1955 penny back in the change. Later, I read that Woody Allen's next basketball giants comedy, entitled, YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER, will play at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Confirming my receipt that was time-stamped at Eva Longoria's 3:15 pm birth date, for her French NBA player "strange flesh" husband.

Fortunately, the si-fi film's future David Lynch FBI man 'Mr Grant' from Washinton, DC [Where David lived with his parents.] helps destroy the movie's sea beast.

[Sorry David for all those loud and powerful bangs and thumps around your house over the years, under your wood floors, and walls, etc. Someone was just trying to get your attention I guess.]

In the 1955 prophecy, a man named Dr King creates today's REV.13 sea beast that lives in the ocean off Malibu. That's why Malibu's beach boy Matthew MacConaughey gave his 42 months REV.13 boots to that lefty chick Carrie Underwood at the ACMs. [Read ass' ems]

The May 27 dead-line in THUNDERBALL comes the day after May 26, when all the determined 70 weeks of abominations in DANIEL 9 have been clearly revealed and 'seen', as condemnation against the corrupt peoples of Sodom and Egypt.

The cancellation of Obama's trip to Poland's state funeral was confirmation of the prophetic messages in LIVE AND LET DIE. Look for more cave shit signs and wonders surrounding Obama's visit to the West Virginia Upper Branch Mine funeral.

Friday, April 16, 2010


The annual pay-day of the Sodom&Egypt invaders from the Red Planet was introduced by a huge 1950s SI-FI meteorite fireball over the inland empire of America, Wednesday evening around 10:10, according to:

They think it landed around the southwest corner of Wisconsin. To confirm the area's Kickapoo Indian Caverns confirmation of KICK-ASS' child prodigy appearance on Jay Leno. Right there is Obama's Mount Hope, Woodman, and all that cave shit poo.

To the north is Obama's Rising Sun landmark time-line, near Liberty Pole's May Day fertility pole theme town. A lot of the BURGER KING cheese must come from this famous dairy state.

There is some amazing video of the DANCING WITH THE STARS sign from heaven above at:

Doctor Evil's Iceland volcano lair eruption also marks the melting iceberg scenario that opens A VIEW TO A KILL. Hence the falling ash over James Bond's UK region, in relation to Chloe Moretz' double meaning musings to Leno about sitting next to 007 himself. The opening action involved the same Russians who were also involved in the Polish INLAND EMPIRE funeral signs and wonders. Many bright flaming meteorites have a greenish tint, for the film's "Greenlight" distributor hint hint history. Thursday, Er Docter Obama declared that homosexual partners have the same rights to serve Doctor Evil's network as anyone else.

DOW: 11,144.57 +21.4/6
S&P 500: 1,211.67 +1.02
NASDAQ: 2,515.69 +10.83

A 4.9 quake struck at 5:59:39 pm Thursday along the 42 months line's [Russian] Bear River in Utah. Right on the 111 line again, but hundreds of miles north of the Mr & Mrs King 111 breakup quakes. In confirmation of Andie MacDowell's famous 5:59 wake up number in GROUNDHOG DAY, at:

The King quakes near Lonesome Beaver, and ROYAL WEDDING's [7] Mt Hillers, etc. are about the 2BC revelation that the saints are not taking care of their many 'widows' by providing them with eternal mates. Which encourages all the single babes like Shannon Engemann to seek after "strange flesh". Right there is the Singletree campground, and Mt. Hol/mes.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Larry King's prophetic divorce filing at THE BREAKUP's street number 111 courthouse in LA was confirmed by the same day 3.9km deep 3.9 earthquake in Utah along the 111.104 longitude line at:

ROYAL WEDDING's Mt. Ellen is right there, by Lonesome Beaver campground, for the area's Dixie National Forest reference to Fred Astair betting '8 to 5 on Dixie boy' in D&C 85.

Liberal Larry King's 7th wife timing represents the seven hills beast figure 'Mr Hill...' in the opening act of ROYAL WEDDING. The boss who turned off their theater air conditioning for a hot as hell theme.

Hence, the movie's gold crest hamburger has 7 points. Reportedly, Mrs King is accusing Mr King of lusting after BURGER KING's big $1 double cheese burger.

The famous movie's dancing on the ceiling number puts the story's prophetic elements into the latter-day context of today's popular DANCING WITH THE STARS of Hollywood show. God promised Abraham that his Israelite descendants would be as numerous as the stars above. Unlike the relatively small population of Judah upon the earth today. Most of whom believe that Moses wandered in the wilderness for 40 years with just one Jewish tribe.

That glacier volcano erupted in Iceland Wednesday in confirmation of "The Greenlight" company that released INLAND EMPIRE in Iceland.

KICK-ASS, and Niel LaBute's black down-low homo comedy, DEATH AT A FUNERAL, open this Friday. See the Polish jokes at:

Keira Knightley's royal Scottish cheese burger line runs through her mother's Davidian MacDonald genealogy tree. The first MCDONALDS was started by Dick and Mac in the LDS pioneer settlement of San Bernardino, CA. [Sent there by Br Young.] Before Ray Kroc bought them out in the 50s. The name Ray means 'king'.

The southern bell Andie MacDowell told her Scottish host Craig Ferguson Wednesday night that she had a dream about holding the REV.12 baby in her arms between two obstructing [stonewalling] walls. These are today's two main threats to the Kingdom of God. The southern Christian Huckabee D&C 86 types, who believe that the Biblical principle of plural marriage is as perverted as homosexual marriage. [Like today's Mitt Romney Mormons, basically.] And those on the left, who worship the devil more honestly and openly; i.e. it's Hillary Clinton meets the former church minister Gov Huckabee.

Hit Girl star Chloe Moretz was on Leno Wednesday night. Her father is a prophetic physical transfiguration plastic surgeon.

One can send a confidential copy of GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING to:

Gregory Scott Relf
P.O. Box 8161
Bonney Lake, WA

I had a vivid dream that the next new SNL will be a good one. At least that's what some guy told me after I picked up 4 pennies on the floor.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


James King found that lost 11 year-old girl who was born DSS, [Defective Seed Syndrome], in the muddy alligator swamps of lost Israel, Florida, at:

Out the same day Nick Cage was on Leno talking about KICK-ASS's 11 year-old Hit Girl hero.

That powerful 7.1 earthquake happened in Tibetan, China as Mrs Obama suddenly showed up unannounced in Haiti's earthquake ravished ROYAL WEDDING location. For those Tibet idols and dolls in the Haiti temple of the 1961 THE DEVIL'S HAND prophecy at:

It was also the same day they reported that Obama will be attending the funeral of Poland's president on Saturday. In confirmation of David Lynch's Polish portrait of the REV.17 harlot in 2006's INLAND EMPIRE, at:

Lynch is a major supporter of the Tibetan liberation movement.

Obama's Chicago region is often times referred to as the inland empire of America.

In ROYAL WEDDING, Ellen stomps on Tom's blue gray fedora for the 42 months of stomping on the righteous in REV.13. The film's strangely white Haiti dancers are a prophetic mulatto theme.

Ted Turner tells the REV.17 mystery woman in THE DEVIL'S HAND that he knows who she is, but he wants her anyway. Just like David Letterman et al, including the stonewalling newsmedia whores.

Here is a typical desecrated temple cult report by some Polish named NBC hack, Jim Miklaszewski, who claims Obama has released a copy of his original Hawaii birth certificate, at:

Note that Hawaii officials have repeatedly refused to confirm their one time only original statement about having a birth certificate on file; back in 2008 before the scandal went big. The only thing they got is a Hawaii birth certification based on the common standard "vital records" form, witnessed and sent in by mother Obama et al in 1961.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I like this candid of the DREWTWN license plate girl in her Haiti lady fed/ora hat, holding up a 70-weeks joke for the paps at:

Jessica Biel co-stars in the upcoming political comedy called NAILED. Wherein she gets a nail stuck inside her head and goes to Washington, DC to lobby for better 666 healthcare. There she falls in love with young Senator Howard Birdwell, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. No wonder, Sunday morning I experienced a crystal clear flash vision of one of those large copper staple nails stuck into the top of my erection hat. I immediately pulled it out and woke up. I hate it when that happens.

Speedy black and white killer whales are attacking big slow gray whales near the Deception Pass channel in Washington. That's George Lopez' San Juan Islands channel country, i.e. St John The Revelator in Americano. Confirmed by the breaking news that Conan O'Brien will be on the Ted Turner channel right before Lopez. Right there is Lake Campbell.

Big train crash in Mussolini's native northern Italy region, near the shooting location for Angelina Jolie's next con job movie, THE TOURIST. Recent papparazi pix showed her inspired daughter throwing a symbolic stuffed brown [VW] rabbit off the balcony of her posh Venezia pallazzo.

The [Hawaiin] tropical storm approaching Florida in ROYAL WEDDING is DANIEL 9's 62-weeks invaders from devastated Haiti. Read the latest news developments that the Pulitzer Prize turd-fuckers are trying to stonewall at:

Tom and Ellen's Jewish theater agent twin in 1947 London is about the deep royal roots of Judah throughout the British Islands. The 1951 movie's running 'toast a cup to the Queen' is the Holy Grail of the Branch of David. In the film's prophetic scene from A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, we see a rod/stem of Jesse figure down on the water.

Originally, ROYAL WEDDING's Keira figure thinks that I am following her, i.e. stalking her. After I meet her 'match' in the future [computer] windows scene. Where we look at a King Ralph Lauren saddle, etc. And Princess Keira says she uses HARRIDGES's shaving lotion for all those shaved pussy fakes.

Judah's London theater agent mentions the future Harry Potter "Wizard" before bringing up the Mr Ray... issue. [My own royal parents were also married in 1947.]

ROYAL WEDDING's famous coat rack dance number is behind the coat rack at the 211 STARBUCKS in [Scottish] Bonney Lake. In the "Open Your Eyes" stormy seas ballroom dance, Tom and Ellen end up falling back onto my sofa bed. After the royal throne entro, wherein the American king complains that his life is colder 'than a basement floor'.

If anyone feels inspired to have me review a specific film, they can send the DVD confidentially to:

Gregory Scott Relf
P.O. Box 98391
Bonney Lake, WA

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last week I found 1951's ROYAL WEDDING prophecy for a buck at GOODWILL, and finished watching it Saturday morning. It's the famous Fred Astaire movie where he dances on the ceiling right before the historic wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947. Then he marries his future Keira Knighley look alike, and his Ellen Page look alike dance partner, named Ellen, marries her royal Jonny Walker prince on the same day of the royal wedding, at:

Note the amazing Providential casting route taken by Jane Powell in order to play the Ellen Page role.

The film's future time-line is determined by the prince's Haiti dance number entitled, I LEFT MY HAT IN HAITI. Wherein Fred returns to Haiti for his blue hat lady, and my Barack Obama Tarzan monkey sidekick jumps him with it.

The Keira figure has a fiance living in America, named Mr Ray... That she has not seen in years, although she regularly reads his news letters. He works at OGLE... department store. The one that runs all those ads in the NYT, etc. The formal top hat 1951 movie opens with a gold royal crest that features my 'eye' icon below a pre-BURGER KING bun and staff-sire finger. Ogle at this older top hat fake of Keira if you wish at:

There is nothing fake about this shot at:

Compare this portrait with ROYAL WEDDING's Keira at:

This genuine log photo is also a nice ogle at:

Here is one of Princess Keira's better throne poses at:

Did anyone catch Tina Fey's recent cover-girl log pictorial? I hear that she's hosting SNL tonight.

At the royal London hotel, Ellen stays in Jennifer Aniston's room 211. By far, the best Ellen Page number in ROYAL WEDDING is a fabulous humoring of my detractors called, "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life"


Sadly, 000132 people died in the breaking Russian TU-54M A-Bomb treaty omen, including the President of Poland. For the prophetic MLK speech in DC about how the time has come for Obama's marxist "cash the check" politics.

Justice John Paul Stevens is your typical male REV.17 woman. Therefore, it would only be appropriate for Obama to replace him with another REV.17 woman, preferably another latino lesbian. The DOW marked 70 weeks on the day of his 70-weeks period retirement announcement.


Thursday, April 8, 2010


David Remnick's pile of shit MLK bio on Barack Obama, called THE BRIDGE, came out on the same day that a powerful 7.7 earthquake struck Obama's native homeland of Indonesia. For a seven crowns REV.17 confirmation of the 7.2 MLK assassination aniversary earthquake that marked the last day of Scarlett Johansson's, A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE. Which is still shaking the brown Chocolate Mountains of Imperial County, above Rt.111.

A VIEW TO A KILL's plot was about creating a huge REV.16 earthquake that would eventually destroy the congressional district of the reformed 666 Nazi balloonist Nancy Pelosi, at:

Confirmed by the INSYNC release of APPLE's new iPAD that allows one to read such garbage-in-garbage-out books from the Big Apple as THE BRIDGE. The fascist corporate logo for ZORIN INDUSTRIES's counterfeit Zion is a capital Z over a small cap 'i' letter.

Roger Moore's prophetic 1985 Bond movie starts out with scenes straight out of the shocking Big Brown horse race in 2008. [Who was sired by a horse named Boundary.] Then works it's way out to ZORIN's Bay Area oil operations that represent Obama's new ocean oil policies. Therefore the Asian CIA agent of Sodom&Egypt gets metaphorically strangled inside of his OJ BRONCO, parked outside the film's iconic Casablanca pillars mansion. While loud ROLLING STONE 1290 music plays off the 4x4's vintage DURAN DURAN cassett player, that drowns out the noise.

Monday's mine explosion in the giant balls shaped state of West Virginia, with sliced-off dick around MLK's Martinsburg, Pinkerton Knob, landmarks in the Bay Area's Berkeley County, stood in for the ZORIN mine explosion plot that killed Grace Jones' giant transsexual red called May Day. The offical day of International 666 Socialism.

Hence, the UK socialists' INSYNC call for new elections on May 6, the anniversary of Joseph Smith's legendary White Horse Prophecy.

There is a '404' date gas price sign outside when the sterling ROLLS ROYCE driver gets strangled, FRENZY style, inside the car wash mine tunnel.

Gregory Scott Relf


West Virginia's Falling Waters penis landmark is portrayed by the falling waters that flood the ZORIN mine hole towards the climax of A VIEW TO A KILL.

"Dance into the fire..." is the 14th Bond movie's theme song by DURAN DURAN.

Walking across the Angeline Road bridge Wednesday, I looked down and saw a ROCK STAR energy drink van drive under it, with a big star on the roof.

Two horses in the above Big Brown race form the blackjack number '21' in the final stretch. The movie's running homosexual theme of Sodom and Egypt includes the win by the Greek Peg/as/us horse.

I started watching the Bond film at 1:32 am, then quickly saw the $5 million check number 000132. When the giant May Day is running around in a hilarious devil horns hairdo.

The Denver bus that didn't stop, or couldn't stop, and blind sided the little VW RABBIT, was the same bus in Sandra Bullock's SPEED prophecy. That couldn't stop, or go under 55 mph, for the 7.2 MLK quake on NYT no. 55,000.

On 4.4, MLK was staying in the three sixes [666] theme number room of '306' when he was shot through the symbolic stiff neck of the gentile living Israelites, with a 306 cal. style deer hunting rifle, fired from a bathtub.

Monday, April 5, 2010


The major 7.2 earthquake and aftershocks, that shook Rt.111's Imperial Valley below Barack Obama's Chocolate Mountains, on the anniversary of the assassination of MLK, are further confirmations of the prophetic shaking theater message in GREASE2. Since they struck on the last day for Scarlett Johansson's NYC play A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE. She was born in 1984 on the 11.22 anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

Lately, there have been a lot of Rt.111 breakup rumors surrounding the IRON MAN 2 actress.

That is Scarlett's look alike nude bust mold in the LOVE POTION NO.9 art auction scenes with yours truly, the Crown Prince of England. Who Sandy dumped for the film's snake-ring wearing motorcycle monkey, a.k.a. the "Vanilla Gorilla". [Hence the -huge pit- avocado farm investment in Rt.111's Imperial Valley.]

Compare the scene with this bust at:

And this new Jennifer Aniston shag pad image at:

The cool worldly blonde who blows off my plural wife figure Paul in the singles bar is Renee Zellweger. The hot babe in the 450SL is a PARTY OF 5 hot tub era Neve Campbell. Note that the Crown Prince arrives right after the prophetic 911 PORSCHE curb shot.

In LOVE POTION NO. 09, there is an amazing shot of Obama flipping the bird to America on a book jacket, in the book store kissing scene. After some TV gossip host calls Sandy a "monkey psychologist".

When Sandy disappears in the 1992 movie, Paul says " was like she joined some kind of a cult."

In the ten virgins wedding scene, we learn about the ancient Irish Israelite custom of the bride and her maid of honor drinking from the same glass.

At the end, everyone is chasing after the REV.17 whore, including orthodox Jews, policemen, sailors, hippies, guys wearing Egyptian hats, etc. etc.

In the 1961 prince of darkness prophecy, THE DEVIL'S HAND, every new full moon is the period of "madness" that requires a sacrifice to the 666 college of the [March Madness] devil. Hence the BLUE DEVILS are playing the BULLDOGS at Sandra Bullock's original medicine wheel map landmark of David Letterman's Indianapolis.

I watched the 1959 made movie again on 4.4 and discovered that the new 162k government jobs report last week was based on the '...162' license plate of Mr [Ted] Turner's car. Who had developd "a taste for easy [borrowed] money" once he joined up with the government cult of Obama.

The fine actress who played Shenae Grimes in THE DEVIL'S HAND was from Mexico. "Your hand is shaking" says the Megan Fox seductress to Mr Turner.

The HOT SPOT CAFE shooting on DANIEL 12's Riverside in homogaysexual North Hollywood was a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE meets EATING RAOUL confirmation.

See how high they can stack the shit in Kenny's Utah petrified turds photo at:

A Denver city bus ran a red light and smashed a VW RABBIT Saturday. Looks like a German ALICE IN WONDERLAND confirmation. The report is at:

Two days before the 7.2 quake, a brick facade collapsed above Seattle's ICON GRILL at 5th and Virginia, according to:

Love Potion No.9 is forever. Love Potion No.8 only lasts 4 hours.


Thursday, April 1, 2010


Week 62 of Obama's illegal inauguration was a Providential Providence, Rhode Island confirmation during Holy Week about how "...the end thereof shall be with a flood," in DANIEL 9:26. As per the historic REV.12 flood in America's northeast region that is a major stronghold of the Prince au Port's people.

When ships enter the Providence area ports, they pass by various prophetic landmarks like Lands End, Hope Island, Rome Point, [JR's] Beaver Tail Light, and of course, Warwick, for "...unto the end of the war desolations are determined." in the above verse.

By signing the final day 1290 fix in Alexandria, Virginia on Tuesday, Sodom and Egypt's abomination of desolation put in play the unconstitutional FORCES OF NATURE that will lead to THE BREAKUP's 3way divide in REV.16. Which is a part of the Providential plan to repair the correct 'road' in the promised land, and restore the proper walls and barriers against government power.

This is the original inspiration behind the name of Sandra Bullock's production company, FORTIS FILMS. That was Providentailly given to her by a friend, who flipped Sandra the middle finger with a ring on it that said "Fortis".

May 26 is the end of the 70 weeks count from Inauguration Day 2009. Mark the timing.

Bullock's TWO WEEKS NOTICE takes place in the left-wing NYC region. Thus the Red River scale flooding around there during Obama's final fix signing. In confirmation of the Red River flood crest on the 21st date of the first day 1290 vote.

Mark the 62 week timing of Wednesday's big UN Haiti [Road Island] relief meeting in floody NYC, headed by Hillary Clinton. Her husband Bill, "America's first black president", will be chairing the 23 member committee that oversees all the international Haiti restoration funds.

In REV.12:14, the church's woman, and her Kingdom of God son, are saved from the latter-day flood of evil by the two wings of the USA eagle, that represent the land of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here is another 70-weeks developement, that came out during the 62nd week, at:

That Washington, DC post funeral drive-by attack with AK47s etc. was some "fair and balanced" Providential context for the white Christian militia kooks raid in middle America. Who were supposedly planning on a funeral attack. See the vague report at: