Thursday, July 29, 2010


There was a 4.6 earthquake on Sandy's 46th birthday west of Dick Steel's Cox Island and Barbara Dahl's Raft Cove, BC; inside the 129 west line.

Those LOVE POTION NO.9 people were shot at a SPEED bus stop on her birthday in the nine o'clock hour. Probably with a 9mm that most gangs prefer.

I saw a new fake soccer goal point score of Evangeline Lilly at:

The next day the UN picked a Canadian woman to be their watchdog named Carman Lapointe-Young. The LOST Hawaii star is often depicted in various REV.13 shore images, like in this beaver shot at:

Cat napping after dinner Wednesday, I woke from a flash vision at 8:15 pm wherein I heard the Lord say "D-Day", as I saw a six-sided glass of white wine; reminiscent of the floor pattern in this Seignfeld Paltrow shot from JUST JARED at:

I don't have a clue what it means at this point in time. Other than it being a likely reference to 8.15.

There was a deadly twister in [Nicollette] Sheridan County, Montana, near Rt.16's Medicine Lake, as the Billings wind storm post rolled out for Sandy's birthday.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My awesome homogaysexual Captain America sidekick delivered a powerful gut punch to the whore who gutted Arizona's illegal alien law Wednesday. The same day he did an interview with all those nasty liberal bitches on THE VIEW. To be aired on the same day the law was supposed to start no less. And only months before the fall election to defeat the reborn beast in REV.13 who will tread upon the righteous for 42 months.

During the Ephraimite's opening monologue Wednesday, an unusually strong 5.2 quake occurred at 12:12:05 pm in the DEEP HORIZON sea directly west of [Senator] Reedsport, Oregon. The prophetic REV.13 shore landmark north of the 42 line is where we can frequently sample such SEES signs as Roman Nose Mtn and Baldy Butte. Believe me you. They are now locking and loading over at Oregon's site. My bitch at the Casablanca may as well have sat down and wrote out a perfectly timed check to the Elephant Party for one billion dollars.

Everyone expects the Oregon State BEAVERS to come on strong during the upcoming Pac-10 virgins Touchdown Jesus season. When they expect to release Mel Gibson's Jodie Foster directed movie entitled THE BEAVER. Which features a beaver sock [jaw] puppet glove, who must somehow find a way to deal with his wife. That looks like the football team's mascot since 1942 at:

I believe that THE BEAVER is Mel's only film with Jodie since they starred together in their Oregon based movie MAVERICK. Wherein he gets conned by a seductive REV.17 lady of mysterious origins. Could very well be that she will end up as Mel's head wife in the physically transfigured future. If he plays his cards right.

Gregory Scott Relf

Monday, July 26, 2010


The MARK 13:14 one will be taping his SEES appearance on THE VIEW this Wednesday, for broadcast on Thursday. To mark the last day of the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON lead navy exercises being conducted off the coast of Korea's prophetic penis stump landmark. Confirmed by's latest 007 Tim Dahlton citations, who is a British navy commander in rank.

Radar online computer screens are just another way of seeing things that are hard to see. Like that missile they roll out in SPY HARD when Dick Steele pops Ms Dahl on the jaw because radar has reported that Mel's Russian spy was looking at some chesty Fabio figure foreigner. Confirmed by the sudden Biblical downpour around Manchester, Iowa that washed out the area's Delaware County dam on the "Mac..." River. Reportedly, there were hundreds of frantic people with wetbacks trying to save all their belongings in the night as my last Mel Gibson post rolled out.

All those secret DC military files about choppers getting downed by missiles, that were leaked by our enemy spies at the Marxist GUARDIAN paper in London, refer to the missile that exploded in General Rancor's helicopter that opens the London 007 spoof SPY HARD.

This is Mel's Australian boomerang shaped island at the Halfbreed Lake duck hunting reserve outside Billings, Montana. That was confirmed on the anniversary of the July 25 date carved into stone on the side of Pompey's Pillar by Sunday's violent [Main Street twister] winds in Washington, DC. Weeks before radar's reports about Mel's $15,000,000 dispute with his spy babe, it was reported that Mel's private island is worth an estimated $15,000,000.

Those gaydar Z-Ray glasses worn by the director in SPY HARD were developed by a man who looks Korean.

Gregory Scott Relf


The nine people shot on Sandra Bullock's birthday in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING Chicago, by a bus stop and Catholic church, along South Western Ave was a LOVE POTION NO.9 thing.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


There were three powerful 7+ earthquakes, within about an hour, south of the land of the 1776 Chocolate Hills, shortly after the news broke that iPAD's home screen is a Salton Sea Chocolate Mountains portrait. Their epicenters being in the REV.13 sea due north of Obama's Indonesia homeland. See the Rt.111 image at:

There are radars all over the place when Dick Steel pops his spy babe on the jaw in the SPY HARD prophecy.

Barbara Dahl arrives on Gen Rancor's island in a '440' raft to mark the film's prophetic connection to no.44.

Lindsay Lohan is in a cell next to the thief who came to her house in the night. The same way that the Lord said he would return, with the advent of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim preparing the way.

TMZ' recent shot of Fabio getting out of his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III spy car at ROMA, with a sweaty wet back, was confirmation of his cameo in the above scene reference to Mel's recorded "wetback" argument with his Russian spy lady.

AP:II THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME on DVD also includes a video of ICON's Madonna figure singing Beautiful Stranger. Which starts with a warning to Austin in the LA hillsides that the beautiful spy lady had already seduced 007 [Tim Dalton] in London, and 008 Mel in Los Angeles. The DVD's pre-Obama Word Up video [Bird Up] is a terrific Sodom and Egypt 211 number by Scary Spice, a.k.a. Barry Obama, and a gay Mini Me, a.k.a. Barack Obama. The new reborn scaled down version of the first fascist beast, Dr Evil, the bald Mussolini look alike.

Note the iPAD home screen image is an Obama sunrise shot of the Chocolate Mountains.

NPR's left-wing Daniel Schorr passed away at 93 for a Providentially timed REV.13:1 shore beast message to Judah based on MARK 13:14. The Jewish guy reading TERRORIST NEWS & WORLD REPORT in Gen Rancor's office was a prophetic type of the Jewish editor at U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT who secretly wrote speeches for Obama, the abomination of desolation that a corrupted America deserved.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Granny Grass surprised me with an early 5900 block party birthday present on Gisele Bundchen's birthday. Gifting me with the same prophetic iPAD that Dick Steel holds up in 1996's SPY HARD to look at a photo of Victoria Dahl falling into the REV.13 sea pit of captivity that Lindsay Lohan went into on the very same day I got my new iPAD. Which features a photo of the Chocolate Mountains above Rt.111's Salton Sea reference to Angelina Jolie escaping the African AMERICAN WOMAN 666 beast in her upcoming film SALT.

Steel views his futurist iPAD in the scene where we learn from Hawaii Island News that his transsexual Obama sidekick got pushed into an oil pan by Elton John's white Repulican grand piano. In confirmation of the Elton, Louisiana GREASE 2 landmark north of [Peter] Jennings. Who died on Charlize Theron's South African birthday in 2005.

This is the African intruder in the White House who is making Tarzan jungle calls when Barbara Dahl enters the door marked "Intruders Entrance" at General Rancor's remote Hawaiian island lair. Confirmed by the recent sad news that Glenn Beck is going blind because he refuses to sample the SEES chocolate prophecy in MARK 13:14. While ridiculing those who question why a homosexual man involved in the murder of his former lover, who was born to a foreign father in Africa, then raised in Indonesia, was unconstitutionally inaugurated as the president of today's Sodom and Egypt.

Right after the astonishing shot of Dick using an iPAD, we cut to a shot of Victoria taking a bite out of her red Adam&Eve apple to create the famous APPLE logo with a bite missing.

After Steel torches the brilliant MARK 13:14 Jewish scientist pic, he is given the new computer chip, and remarks,

"Who would have thought that the fate of so many human lives would rely on something so small..."

Gregory Scott Relf


In the opening of SPY HARD, Dick Steel hits his Victoria spy on the jaw. To set up the future time-line when Mel Gibson would be accused of hitting his Russian spy babe on the jaw.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sooner, rather than later, Mel Gibson will come to understand the amazing Providential will of Jesus Fucking Christ behind his prophetic BP fueled desert abomination of desolation MAD MAX encounter with the beautiful Russian spy who fucked him in the ass. That has been unfolding during the NAACP's butt hole surfer confirmations of the REV.13 deep sea beast, that Dr King started creating in the FUNNY FACE beatnik 50s, off the wealthy Jewish Adam Sandler beach of his own part Jewish 666 hometown Malibu. Where the CAR 54 boys stopped him for drinking too much of that Catholic homogay-celibate Mexican tequila made out of prickly dry EZE.37 desert plants.

The full measure of it was foretold during the 1260 days period by that ALIAS Jennifer Garner look alike spy in SPY HARD, who tried to shoot Dick Steel in the back, before he headed over to the country club Republicans hang out and knocked out that Senator Brown figure with a British Open golf ball on the head.

When the House of Israel is restored, by the fire and violence of the beast who hates the whore, the royal Branch of Mel Gibson will let his head wife deal with any turncoat wives who try to use and abuse him. She will have the God given power and authority to divorce any one of his predatory wives who gets out of line. Rather than violently blow up in their faces, which never helps the situation. Kind of like letting the wise and well meaning blacks who support Israel to deal with their own NAACP style cancers on society. Rather than the actions of an ignorant Christians KKK style intervention.

This is the 4.0 quake that struck near Pope Valley, California Thursday at Nicole Kidman's 8:30 am time-line. At the start of the SPY HARD prophecy, we find Arnold Schwarznegger and his Catholic wife Maria guarding the doors at Gen. Rancor's Malibu location.

Doing an unfiltered search of the Keira Knightley look alike, who gets kidnapped by Rancor in order to lure Dick Steel into her daring rescue, I came across this ROD STEEL 0014 confirmation of the pearl jam spy who is being tortured to death by a Monty Python snake who loves him some DOMINOS pizza. Before she is rescued from Brian Williams' crooked nose rocket featured in the opening Weid Al number that cites all those Billings dentist plans around Rt.211 Montana, at:




"The largest earthquake ever recorded near the capital rattled Washington, DC..." near Rockville, Maryland [Virgin Mary land ] time, hit at CAR 5.04 time Friday morning. Coming in at 3.6 for a three sixes 666 beast sign from God.

GREASE 2's Letterman substitute teacher extortionist is up for an EMMY for his AMERICAN GIRL, ITALIAN NIGHTMARE docu-prophecy about Mel's [M's] $10,000,000 shake down harlot. Because he gave her the 5 M that he owed yours truly for saving his ass. No hard feelings though, because he also gave my 5 M to his inspired Branch Davidian temple mount above Malibu. Which is where most of the Babylon money would have ended up anyway. [After I buy a nice ride, a MAC, and some cool RL threads. And decorate my comfortable monk quarters in his classic JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTIEN'S DAUGHTER mission home.]

They found bedbugs at the VICTORIA'S SECRET boutique on 58th in confirmation of my Nicole Kidman panties sidewalk dream in NYC. Which was about Dick Steel's Victoria in SPY HARD. When we arrive at Dick's place in the film, we see a photo of my 4 wives, with my Halfbreed Lake sidekick standing behind me.


Those Tarzan jungle land medicine wheel gang shootings during Letterman's Indianapolis Black Expo happened in 717' Indianapolis on 7.17.

The 3.6 earthquake above at 5:04 was for Dick Steel's hotel room number 504.

In GREASE 2, the girl with the schizophrenic Keira Knightley nose plays the fall Calender Girl in the talent show. The same Jewish guy who drops the fall leaves there is the Jewish guy who makes the "spitting image" joke about the Keira look alike Barabara Dahl in SPY HARD.

Nicole Kidman [Victoria] got married in a Catholic church atop the same sea cliff that opens SPY HARD. Last weekend, I found a FOREVER YOUNG looking lighthouse throw-rug for a buck at a garage sale along Evergreen Drive. On 7.12 at 10:26 pm, I had a flash vision of Mel Gibson standing on it, holding a large package of toilet paper rolls. The day after, Granny Grass brought home the same 30-roll pack of CHARMIN that I saw Mel holding, with Danite bear logo.

Last week, I found AP II: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME on DVD. The enclosed 1999 video of Lenny Kravitz singing AMERICAN WOMAN, in the the desert below the Chocolate Mtns, is an abomination of desolation Obama prophecy from Larry Sinclair's transsexual time line. The homogaysexual REV.9 stinger STINGRAY statement ends with fireworks and explosions.

Those new Sienna Miller and Jude Law pix on a Mediterranean beach appeared just in time for an inspired confirmation of the intercepted Rock of Gibraltar message in SPY HARD. Revealing that Barabara Dahl was being held captive by Gen Rancor. Who strapped her to the nose of Law's big Dick Steel rocket. CUT TO: The bikini babe prez falling off the same Long Beach bridge featured in Sandy's 52 PICKUP classic XKE bomb prophecy. Then the 'Island News' [From Hawaii] reports that my Obama marxist spy sidekick was killed by a falling piano, that pushed his car body into a BP oil pan.

We see Rush Limbaugh standing there when Dick Steel arrives in a yellow taxi at the Washington, DC airport. Yours truly from the past/future walks by with a backpack when the Russian spy babe '314' bangs into the airport's sliding glass doors.

We see one of the Christian Baldwin brother church ladies in black bra and panties when the spy agency chief puts on those Z-Ray glasses.

The manikin modeling that USA flag laser pin is also yours truly, circa 1996, juxtapositioned next to yours truly, Dick Steel. It's the same laser 380 that the governor of Texas used to shoot that illegal coyote who was threatening his dog outside Austin.

In SPY HARD, Rancor does not allow the chained Keira doll spy to drink from her can of "For those who think young."

Monday, July 12, 2010


That guy shot his former live-in girlfriend et al at a solar plant along the flooded Rio Grande River, in Weird Albuquerque, New Mexico, on the same day RADAR released audio of Mel suggesting his Russian spy babe would end up under the [Casablanca] rose garden. Topically confirmed by the Providential 911 call that came in at "9:26" Larry Sinclair time.

Obama's green jobs EMCORE location stands for Mel's famous 'M' icon. Check out their site at, , where one SEES the breaking report's radar like icons on display.

A ten foot virgin gator chomped off a Naples, FL guy's hand Monday. The AP report doesn't say which hand. So it was probable the left hand.

Sunday morning I had a flash vision, wherein I saw a baseball bat leaning against a wall, next to an oval vagina shaped floor rug. That was before the RADAR Mel quote I read Monday, that goes "You need a fucking bat in the side of the head..."


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Jessica Simpson showed up in Capri's location for the 59-year old 'King of Hollywood's IT STARTED IN NAPLES prophecy Saturday, to celebrate her 30th birthday with her new Touchdown Jesus lover number 8.2. The romantic destination's location across from Pompeii was confirmation of the birthday cake shaped Pompey's Pillar outside Billings, that has Clark [Gable's] autograph written on it in stone; dated 7.25.1806.

Meanwhile, the Browning, Texas region flood waters went up to historic Biblical REV.12 levels over the weekend. After literally "packs of niggers" rioted in Oakland because there is an epidemic of police officers shooting unarmed black people in the back. And therefore, Joe Blows' computer shop, and Sally's flower boutique, etc. needed to be robbed and smashed in confirmation of THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS plant beast prophecy that speaks with a future African Obama "Feed me seemore!" theme.

So the deep sea PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES beast, created by Dr King, started gushing THE BLOB goop again on the opening day of the NAACP convention in Kansas City. To be attended by Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson, and maybe the phantom president's AG. Who simultaneously leaked that he might attack Phoenixville again with a second batch of civil rights chocolate fudge brownies, with nuts.

The 1955 DEEP HORIZON monster prophecy tattooed on Scarlett Johansson's left arm, was originally entitled, THE BEAST WITH 1,000,000 EYES. For a thematically descriptive term invoking something like MLK's large population segment of wild-at-heart power-oriented marxists. Who have been harnessed by America's Pelosi style latter-day secret combination bosses to tread upon the righteous for 42 months.

On Jessica Simpson's birthday, a man from the ten virgins state of Tennessee named Israel drowned in the Capri blue waters of Lake Tapps, Washington. Confirmed by that 5.1 earthquake at 1:23:36 local time in the divided ten virgins islands of New Zealand, near Napier [Naples]. And the Prince William, Virginia leader who dared THE BLOB to come after his own historic COLONIAL THEATER landmark.

My 5900 block year, during the 42 months scenario, commences at the dead end street cliff on Seattle's 16th Ave N.E. This year's Touchdown Jesus season will play out among the landmarks of this 5900 block period. Sunday morning I was awaken by a firm voice that said "59 cents!.. Look at it!.. Look at it!.." So I looked at my BOSE radio clock, that read 4:59 am.

Gregory Scott Relf

Friday, July 9, 2010


Thursday's reports about Mel Gibson referring to illegal aliens as "wetbacks", based on their history of swimming across the Rio Grande River border, came out during the worst Rio Grande flooding in decades. In confirmation of the 62nd week flood mark in DANIEL 9:26.

New readers: Larry Sinclair's web page was at until they hacked it. One can read about SINCLAIR's May Day birth date and their 666 beast logo at:

See how wet you'd get if you swam across the 42' high river right now, at:

In the SPY HARD prophecy, the brilliant Jewish scientist gets his MARK 13:14 photo torched when he meets Dick Steel in a gang infested illegal alien ghetto in now Muslim terrorized L.A. As in the transsexual Gen. Rancor is the future Obama mad man from Hawaii.

When Dick Steel rescues his Neve Campbell look alike turncoat babe, he accepts her apology and forgives her, saying "You were under the influence of an evil man..."

Rancor tells Dick that the health care abomination they passed is "irreversible". And there is nothing that the patriotic Tea Party "pansies" can do about it.

Rancor's Hawaiian island rocket nose, complete with nostrils and nose hairs, sets the crooked Brian Williams nose time-line for that PIPER ARROW Billings dentist payment crash near all those Dick Steel landmarks.

That is Mel's FOREVER YOUNG Branch Davidian compound atop the Malibu hills. That we see when Dick Steel takes flight with his Victoria Doll sitting atop the handle bars of his flying EZE.10 medicine wheels bike.

The 60s I SPY series was a GSR/TWN prophecy about my Tarzan the Ape Man jungle sidekick Barack Obama. The Africa movies always end with an elephant Tea Party stampede. On the eve of last week's day 1260 anniversary, a Republican elephant squashed a Toledo Zoo trainer named Don RedFox, breaking his ribs. Right after Granny Grass brought me home a nice 1.11lb rib steak with the rib bone in, marked down to $5.29.

See what I'm talking about at:

The last line in SPY HARD is the Governor of Texas talking about the usurper in the White House, saying "Ah, Houston, we have a problem..."

The movie opens with Obama's secret documents flying out of the A-TEAM chopper. For the unfolding time-line of today's A-TEAM remake, that's probably still in late-run theaters, and will probably be out on DVD in the fall.

California's 5.4 quake along the Coyote Creek fault line occurred on the same day they cancelled the border governors law enforcement conference about sending CAR 54 police after illegal alien 'coyote' smugglers. It rocked the Rt.111 Chocolate Mtns in Imperial County pretty good.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Israeli delegation was sitting down to lunch Tuesday at the White House, when their coming Chocolate Mtns desert deserts were rattled by an EZE. 4.3 quake on THE BLOB side of the border; at 9:38:05 AM local time.

In SPY HARD's Gen. Rancor prophecy, the Jewish Weird Al Yankovic, with Serbian Danite roots, sings the opening James Bond theme parody until his MARK 13:14 head explodes.

In a vivid dream back on the Messiah's birth/crucifixion date of April 6, at 12:03 AM, I was sitting in a parked car at night on Ravenna Blvd in Seattle, listening to my portable BUZZ ALDRIN aviation radio. When the announcer clearly advised everybody to have their emergency radios ready for July 10th. Then some black guys operating a street cleaning machine rolled by slowly, towing a couple nice pleasure boats that they had picked up along the way.

Suddenly the car started up by itself and drove itself over to my 5717 house on 16th Ave, which has since been painted with some chocolaty brown color called "prune". Then I woke up.

I don't know yet if the "July 10th" radio report was a reference to the 5800 block, or the 5900 block, on Seattle's REV.16th grand canyon park prophecy about no.44 suing Phoenixville Tuesday, on behalf of the advancing chocolate blob from outer space.

7.10 is Jessica Simpson's 30th birthday of course. Which long time TWNers may remember from her amazing LOGAN'S RUN physical transfiguration crystals signs and wonders. The other day, I dreamed that her and Britney Spears were having lunch with me at a nice hotel restaurant, after smooching on a sofa while Jennifer Aniston sat there and watched in disbelief with three of her male friends.

So I searched the news and learned that the devout Christian Jessica is FFing former 49ERS tight end Eric Johnson. Who wore the prophetic [409] red no.82 jersey of the abomination of desolation's 8.2 date.

The Buzz astronut radio message was about Obama's alien NASA chief from cultural outer space. Who is now dedicating himself to better alien Muslim rocket science, according to the Ephraimite radio witness at:

Gen. Rancor's rocket in SPY HARD could never have been launched without the technical assistance of the movie's brilliant Jewish scientist. Confirmed by the fact that over 80 percent of the Jews voted for the evil leader from a remote Hawaiian island. And weird Al now lives over there full time.

Could be the part Jewish Branch Davidian Mel Gibson voted for him as well. Mel has said some nice things about my abomination of desolation sidekick, and his affiliated D&C 86 convent in L.A. " a front for Rancor." Who shows Dick Steel his attachable part negro arm, and his snap-on female arm, for the future transsexual alien Obama boss in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy.

Gregory Scott Relf

Sunday, July 4, 2010


On Ephraim's day 1260 anniversary of the two witnesses, around 5:45 pm 36 year-old Eric Smith leaned over his steel fireworks rocket pipe and lit it. But he slipped up somehow. Kind of like the 42 latitude Utah church ladies of Babylon who dumped Sean Hannity from KSL radio 48 hours earlier because he was too upsetting.

SPY HARD's secret Gen. Rancor message went out from Islip, NY, located off Obama's Sunrise Hwy.27, via the Chocolate Mtns Rt.111 exit. On the same day that Obama's new general was installed in Afghanistan because of the ROLLING STONE rancor coming from their street number 1290 offices in NYC.

Down in Blobville, that secret Russian CIA spy actress in SALT had just showed the world her new left arm Devil's Elbow tattoo. Marked next to the 666 Roman REV.13 number, at:

As in ROLLING STONE is stonewalling the well known fact that the USA's crooked commander in chief is a secret marxist spy with a phony background file and no legitimate papers. Put in power by the Providentially crooked Roman nose on NBC's Brian Williams, whose Montana 'Brian Williams' namesake died in that PIPER ARROW journalists crash among all those Dick Steel [9061'] Mt Harding landmarks. The nose for no news is at:

All of it confirmed by the breaking ten virgins marriage news about America's icy knee whacking sweetheart Tonya Harding getting married. Because she looks a lot like that Russian spy lady they just caught. One SEES the resemblance at:

Before the one armed man from TWIN PEAKS reappeared Saturday, I had logged a Russian spy spoof post on JJ's latest Jennifer Aniston thread. Which just happened to be the thread's Rt.111 divorce breakup number post. Inspired by the mystery guy she was with at SUNSET. Who reminded me of that left-bank Babylon mystery guru in FUNNY FACE, at:

Gregory Scott Relf


One Long Island report I read is at:

Gen. Rancor lost his arms in the 'N169 JR' chopper explosion. The story continues '15 years later' for the time-line of my 15 year-old GSR/TWN reports going on 16 years this fall.

I'd love to see Steve Martin do a remake of AIRPLANE. A ridiculous idea for a ridiculous movie.