Sunday, November 28, 2010

18 IS THE NEW 13

Larry begged Jeff's post-adolescent daughter of Israel in Saturday's Ted Danson wedding anniversary party rerun to stop singing, "You're just too good to be true...Can't take my eyes off of you... You'd be like heaven to touch... I wanna hold you so much... At long last [real] love has arrived... I thank God I'm alive..."

And even worse; "Pardon the way I stare...[on the red carpet]... There's nothing else to compare... The sight of you leaves me weak... There are no words left to speak... But if you feel like I feel... Please let me know that it's real... You're just too good to be real.."

Because on the BLAME IT ON RIO like Black Friday of the black pagan Jesus Christian worshippers at WAL*MART, I had seen with my own eyes, and totally bought into, Elvis' 1965 portrait of the latte-day ISAIAH 4 prophecy of Miley Sire-Us ["One of vast accomplishmemts..." for her young age.] Jumping off her royal throne and launching into her very sensuous premature number in HARUM SCARUM that ends with Miss Montana giving Elvis a loud orgasm when she strattles The King's leg with her naked thighs; Talk about "Happy 13th Birthday!"

"When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the [physical transfiguration] blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgement, and by the spirit of [sexual] burning."

At the end of HAREM HOLIDAY, the film's uncensored title in Europe, the Memphis, Tennessee King of England of the cowboys is free to go on vacation with 20 of his hot harem wives featured in the VIVA LAS VEGAS Gisele Bundchen prophecy. Just after the film's Mini Me Leprechaun figure finds a coin on the ground and drops it into a slot machine that comes up with a 777 Emma Watson jackpot time-line.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


President Barack Obama [NOT!] got the Devil's Elbow on Friday in a game of basketball that required 12 stitches on the lips. In confirmation of the Black Friday CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM rerun from 09 about leaving a $12 tip at the JAMES [Bond] restaurant that has cfake art all over the walls. Where Krammer only had tea when he met Larry there to discuss a Seinfeld reunion, because he had to go at '2:12' for the 212th fake of that beach wedding Jenny with the oversized boobs at:

Last Sunday's GSR/TWN post about CURB's Black Friday being this November 26 was when the issue was raised about the Blacks family problem in Larry's [Whitehouse]. Because Barry is an illegitimate imposter who is not even a naturalized US citizen, and everybody and his Korean dog knows it. Including the con job media who keep repeating that President Obama [NOT!] has posted his birth certificate [NOT!] on some lame ass Internet web site.

Therefore, last Sunday at 3:46 pm there was a 4.6 quake in the REV.13 sea off Oregon's Devil's Elbow beach because the Seinfeld reunion show ended with Meg Ryan cast as Baldy Butte's ex-wife in confirmation of her 46 pieces of art work at Which features her and Larry's sidekick Leon Obama together in her 46th image at:

The Blacks family member name Leon means 'lion' in Americano. Inspired by the Devil's Elbow Hwy.101 attraction being located right next to the REV.13 Sea Lion Caves roadside attraction. For the latest brief on the lyin' media culture of NBC et al see:

The same lyin' media is making a big stink about Sarah Palin calling the dog eaters in North Korea our "allies". She must be a big CURB fan. In last Wednesday's episode, Mr Funkhouser's crazy blond sister Bam Bam was played by the Jennifer Aniston look atype actress at:


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The lousy Seinfeld director episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM played on the same Tuesday Seinfeld was on Letterman talking about directing a one-man play in NYC entitled LONG STORY SHORT. By the end, the Seinfeld director was spreading the malicious rumor, role-played prophetically by Larry and his new black transsexual partner Loretta, that the part Jewish Obama has an itchy anus.

"I'm a great admirer of the president..." said Seinfeld, before Letterman showed a snapshot of Seinfeld performing at the White House, standing in the background between the two large heads of Barack Obama and Paul McCartney in the foreground. On the same day that black UGLY BETTY actor who resembles Dwayne Johnson cut off his mother's head in Brooklyn with an Asian Yellow Sea sword, while screaming "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?!" Hence that unusually strong 4.7 quake at Hawaii's U.S. Navy Bombing Range on Tuesday at 11:34:09 pm NYC Letterman time.

By Tuesday, the blogs were posting new snapshots of Paul McCartney falling flat on his face during his curtain call in Saint Paul, Brazil Sunday, like at:

Seinfeld opened his Letterman appearance with a witty self-directed monologue about the fine line between things that suck, and things that are great. Alluding to those vagina icon suction cups on the giant radioactive Octopussy in the latter-day yellow submarine prophecy, IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA

But the big news Tuesday was the official announcement that Prince Williams and Kate Middle/ton will be getting married on the April 29 anniversary of the prophetic bomb bunker marriage between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. As confirmed by the established Church of England's highly unusual public statements made against FOX buying SKY news, because the media marriage would pose a threat against their established Third Way.

The finale episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM 2007 ends with the same black family Christmas snapshot portrait that opens the KING RALPH prophecy.

"We are not a movement, rather we are a religion." [Adolf Hitler]



Here's the poster for DJ's new movie FASTER, at:

Princess Taylor's new CD tour is titled SPEAK NOW. For an inspired work on the traditional wedding phrase that refers directly to the upcoming ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES wedding between Prince William and Kate inside the great and abominable church of the devil next spring. The royal daughters of Israel will be having their say in the very near future at:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


North Korea's rat dog eaters started shelling a South Korean island in the Yellow Sea region on JFK Monday, USA time. In confirmation of that yellow dress worn by Barack Obama's Jewish Baberaham Lincoln backer on Letterman's JFKLBJMLK show Monday night, to promote her new ballet movie entitled BLACK SWAN. I'm sure the duck meat lovers eat geese and swans too. Which is what makes Monday's 26 year-old birthday girl rerun episode such a born again prophecy about Larry becoming 'the new Larry'. After the Jewish Ronni Chasen stand-in gets mugged by Larry's personal adviser Mr Bright, and then they talk it over at some cafeteria called 'EAT'.

The night before at 1111 STAPLES CENTER, Charlize Theron was caught in a big Camp Chipawua hug with [Colorado] Kobe, Japan in his yellows. That led to the little evil one in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES falling to his death after the WARRIORS game at :

After Gomez beats The Thing in his second big push, Morticia is rushed to the hospital to deliver the very painful counterfeit REV.12 baby, or the anti-baby if you will. Where the doctor yells "Push Mrs Addams!" and the frightened black nurse flings The Thing into another delivery room, that spanks a newborn black baby Jesus on the butt.

As explained in this month's TRUMPET magazine, a remnant of the EZE.38 Magog people are the ones who originally migrated to the Yellow Sea nations of China etc. Who will be a part of the invasion of the rich descendants of the Kingdom of Israel who live in a peaceful land with no fortified borders. Unlike the descendants of the southern Kingdom of Judah, who now inhabit modern day Israel, which is divided in half like the STAPLES roof by the 35 longitude line.

Apparently Tuesday night's CURB rerun is the 2007 season finale about some 13 year-old's bat mitzvah. That corresponds with my dream vision of the Lord tossing Asian wedding rice up in the air and shouting "Happy 13th birthday!" Because Miley Montana turns 18 Tuesday, right after she wore that ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES wedding dress to the AMAs with a big wrapping paper bow on back.


Sunday, November 21, 2010


Seattle's JOE TV played the "300lb nigger" episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on the Nov.20 due date of Napoleon Dynamite's library book entitled BIGFOOT AND ME, seen in the prophetic film's opening credits. In between their trademark commercial breaks that start with a bald Vern Funk jumping up from inside a trash bin, standing next to his Bigfoot sidekick. Their TV spots are probably in the YOU-TUBE link at:

Now single, Larry gets a note from his sexy doctor to meet up at a motel on the coming Friday, which will now be November 26, known as 'Black Friday'. That celebrates the biggest shopping day of the year for gentile Christians. Since the black pharmacist who translated the hard-to-read note for Larry got offended by it's unintentional reference to the Blacks 'brothers and sisters' problem in his house. Who then gave Larry a switched bottle of female hormones so that he would become a pussy and couldn't even repeat the word "nigger" anymore in quotations.

Meanwhile, a black doctor overheard Jeff repeating the words of an anonymous house-moving man in the hospital bathroom complaining about some "300lb nigger" who dropped his end of a futon bed. So the enraged doctor shaved Jeff's head, to make him look like an Uncle Fester version of Vern Funk. In confirmation of the series' running Mr Funkhouse themes.

In 1955's IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA, the sexy female doctor of Ted Danson type oceanography cites the "...unlucky fishermen of the northwest..." who aren't getting any because of the giant radioactive Octopussy sea beast that is scaring away all the fish. Then she goes to a Hwy.101 spot on the Oregon coast with her handsome submarine captain that is 14 miles from Astoria. The exact spot to the mile where my estranged ex-wife and I once had sex on the beach cocktails.

As confirmed by the reports about Jenny going out for wild salmon, and that vodka they always advertise on JOE TV, in black 1950s leather outfits, like at:


Saturday, November 20, 2010


AP reported that Joan Baez fell out of her famous Woodside treehouse in the Bay Area on the same Friday that I saw Larry's wife leave his house for good in my 9th viewing of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. The number 9 being symbolic of all things that come to an end etc.

In Utah, right before 9:00 pm Friday a park ranger was shot three times on the Poison Spider trail south of Rt.191's Moab, for a thematic black widow spider connection to Beaver County's Adamsville movie. Right there in Beaver County is Minersville for that mine explosion in Lucy Lawless' native New Zealand, near Greymouth. Who was Larry's first date after his latter-day Noah era wife left him, because he was too mouthy.

The Jewish nanny black widow figure in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES is walking that little rat dog in Thursday's rerun, that was stomped to death by the Tea Party exterminator guy at the high school GREASE play, in cfake's 191ist pic at:

Due east of Moab's radioactive mines, located along Obama's Colorado River, is Castle Valley.

Larry's wife dumped him for a guy who manufactures Mormon temple underwear garments, after the frightening turbulence of the MARK 13:14 period. After seeing my 9th CURB, I watched 1955's IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA for the first time. That ended with the giant Octopussy sea beast getting destroyed by a giant cock shaped torpedo. That was especially designed by God to explode inside of the beast's head, and destroy the Gay Area's famous Ferry Building landmark with the giant phallus clock tower at:

The best scene was when everyone was driving out of town past a PHILLIP MORRIS billboard.


Friday, November 19, 2010


The 8th CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episode I ever saw Thursday night was the first one to mention my sidekick Barack Obama by name. Wherein Larry's black sidekick Leon tells a black dude on Larry's cellphone that he banged his deaf white wife, but don't fret it, because he "hit it and quit it".

The prophetic JOE TV rerun about Eva and Tony Parker's Rt.111 divorce was confirmed about 14 minutes before the broadcast by a 2.9 Joseph, Utah earthquake, located along the state's giant uncircumcised NBA penis formation that points to Beaver County; formed by the intersection of I-15 and I-70 beside the Black Rock Desert.

The unique yellow rocks of Big Rock Candy Mountain's famous roadside attraction sit right at the giant cock's circumcision cutting line. In confirmation of Jenny's many Yellow Sea submarine signs and wonders that correspond with Korea's giant cut off dick stump icon. A spring creek at the resort there is even called Lemonade Creek, for all those cfake images of women peeing. See the abomination of desolation looking place at:

I tuned into Letterman Thursday night, as the Top Ten list was joking about the run-on sentences in Sarah Palin's new book. Jim Carrey's appearance to promote his new movie entitled I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS reminded me of a dream I had about Jim last summer. Wherein we were riding on a Provo, Utah school bus driven by a very annoyed looking Mel Gibson. After he stopped the bus and kicked us both out on 7th East, Jim assured me that he would find me a house in his Bahamas homes magazine in the fall. After Brian Williams died in that Flathead, Montana journalist plane crash, and the voice of Brian Williams would move from his Bahamas paradise to get top flight DEAP THROAT cancer treatment in NYC, and Jim's Miami con man movie with the funny British fag title would come out on 12.3.

A 3.8 rattled the Palm Springs area Thursday at 4:56:54 pm. Because the Palm Springs Film Festival was the first out with a $100,000 reward for any CAR 54 info about Ms Chasen getting shot five times in the tits and jumping the curb and hitting a street light when my 5th CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM post started rolling. A .38 being the same size bullet as a 357 and all that.

Adamsville, Utah is located in the desolate landscape along Rt.21 in Beaver County. In the prophetic ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES opening, Gomez needs two major pushes to beat The Thing with the 666 mark of the beast in it's hand. Right after they dig up the dead mother's engagement ring, a letter arrives at the Indian camp log cabin for a 'Castleman'.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Larry ends up as a substitute limo driver, assigned to pick up John McEnroe at LAX for a ride to the Paul McCartney concert at the NBA giants STAPLES CENTER, with a brief stop at the cemetery to change his recent grave plot purchase. So I checked the prophetic landmark with a divided 50/50 roof design [read mountain] and found out that it's 1111 street number corresponds with Rt.111 Jenny's prophetic Baberaham Lincoln split-log image number 1111 at at:

All of which was confirmed by Wednesday's [THE BREAKUP] reports about Eva Longoria filing for a divorce from her Barack Obama mulatto figure in the NBA, Tony Parker, at LA's street number 111 court house. Most likely the same court were Larry got divorced several years ago.

The cemetery plot was for Jenny playing the spirit of a dead dog last Monday in a charity play at NYC's AMERICAN AIRLINES theater, that was titled 'The Bitch Downstairs'. Confirmed on the same day by the accidental gassing of Target, that famous female war hero rescue dog, in John McCain's Arizona.

When Larry parked his limo at the cemetery curb it was invaded by a party of grieving foreign tongue aliens. That was pre-confirmed by Wednesday's earlier report about the student body president at Fresno Cal State, named Pedro, who admitted to being a Barack Obama style illegal alien. And thanks to the brave and heroic Senator McCain fence-sitters in polite society, it looks like the illegal leader shown in the episode's coffee table book of freaks is going to remain in office a bit longer. The prophetic 2010 election stampede represented the Tea Party girl in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES who tried to cut off the head of the little evil one, but he stopped the blade with his fingers.

Larry's picture book contained images of giant NBA cocks, like in's 111th image of Eva at:

Apparently Eva and Tony Parker were together for 7 years.



Tuesday night on CURB, Larry went to a doctor for anti-Semites at street number 575 after a loud sonic toilet flush sound hurt his right ear drum. Cfake has the "cup of wrath" in REV.14:10 that will be poured out after the SEES chocolate abomination of desolation is voted into power by the Jewish 666ers, in their 575th image at:

Note the ears of D&C 86 wheat at the top of the inspired image that was put on the Internet by the Hand of God. There are 1/575 fake images of Jenny at the Providential porn site.

The 666th portrait of Jenny at cfake has her riding saddle tramp on a man around Larry's age. In confirmation of the new pix of Jenny in Tribeca wearing classic 1950s motorcycle gang garb and Harry Potter sunglasses. I read that CURB is being shot around NYC his season. See:


I found a T-bone marked down to 5.79 Monday at FREDDYS. If you recall that rear window Jenny fake by 'T-BONE', check out her 579th image at:

Mel's Russian spy babe told Larry King, "I thought I'm not gonna live through the night." working the publicity angle for her recordings of Mel's private phone calls. Shortly after her appearance, that famous Hollywood publicist named 'Chasen' did not live through the night. Who was gunned down [read chastened] inside her MERCEDES near CURB's Sunset Blvd memorial street. Where everyone was leaving those stinky white vagina bouquets. They found the poor Jewish lady's body just off Sunset, along the witty HBO show's namesake Whittier Drive. She was coming back from BURLESQUE's premier party at the trendy W HOTEL.

Prince Williams used his late mother's engagement ring in confirmation of Fester getting engaged to the Jewish nanny in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES with the ring that they dug up from the grave.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Monday's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM was about those Lima, Peru onions that stunk up the funk house when I sautéed them in olive oil for my fried egg sandwich, because they were too bitter to eat raw. Like Mr Funkhouser's stinky $50 bill that he took out of his jogging sneaker and gave to Larry. That then the flower shop lady would not except for a $35 bouquet of smelly white vagina shaped lilies. Hence the 50th and the 35th flower fakes of Scarlett and Ms Lilly at:

The episode's running REV.17 flower vagina references were confirmed by Monday's breaking news about the first ever black hole creation caught on camera at:

CURB's bad vagina hole plot was a big part of my surprise inspiration to watch WAYNE'S WORLD Monday morning. Which revolves around a donut hole shop outside Chicago run by some mentally unstable bad seed, whose parents probably procreated him out of white flour and sugar. Set up a few days earlier by Rush's talk show thoughts about the completely unvetted mystery man from Chicago who just might not be all there mentally and emotionally.

After all, the prophetic 1992 movie takes place in the near future when there would be layoffs and unemployment. And a socialist red German VW would be sitting on top of all those Detroit made cars on a car lot in Aurora, Illinois at:

There are different endings to WAYNE'S WORLD for different people. From flames and burning for those living in a 666 Hawaii Island fantasy world, to the lasting life of those who seek the truth coming out of Way/ne's house located at 2234 on his evergreen named Pine Street. Which is why all the young PEPSI babes are at Alice Cooper's EZE.37 revival concerts. Who is old enough to be their PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA father. Like in that scene where Wayne Campbell finds himself riding next to the King of England in back of a ROLLS ROYCE.


Monday, November 15, 2010


Granny Grass banged on my basement door this morning around 2:30, as I was watching that guy demonstrate his SUCK KUT hair blower on WAYNES WORLD's new TBS basement talk show. Politely demanding that I go upstairs and wash the stove's air sucking fan, because I had just stinked up the house by frying some not-so-sweet imported Lima, Peru onions in olive oil, for a double fried-egg deli sandwich.

By the end of the Chicago ROCK STAR rom-vom comedy, I was totally relieved to learn that I will be getting out of my parents' basement 'when monkeys fly out of my butt' like at the end of the 1992 movie's Tarzan wife SNL/MTV video. Simultaneously confirmed by that fire in Rob Lowe's Chinatown, Chicago that killed 42 people at:

When you fuck with the whacky Jesus in a George Hickenlooper documentary movie, he fucks you long time.

The transsexual hair-shaking 'Baberaham Lincoln' prophecy time-line has been established by the son of Hollywood's down low movie star Will Smith. The last days will be like the days when NOAH'S ARCADE becomes a major sponsor of WAYNES WORLD. When we see that Way/ne Campbell and my physical transfiguration black rim glasses on Garth are the Providential meaning behind the movie's running PEPSI cola placements. Which is basically the only thing left that Garthway has to offer the donut shop's blond Megan Fox sister Sienna Miller robobabe . Shown to her/her by him/him in the 3way fuck fusion scene through the two lenses of his eye's "camera one, camera two..." shots. Because only Wayne and Garth know how to hook up Sienna and Keira with Mr Big, a.k.a. The Father, whose fullness in D&C 76 leads to much more than just a night of hot sex with his son Jesus.


Sunday, November 14, 2010


Saturday evening I was awaken at 10:27 by a flash vision of feet running down a street. I had not supposed that they were broadcasting CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on weekends, but the 4th episode I ever saw Saturday at 10:30 was a nice MATTEW 25 ten virgins allegory. Wherein Larry gets locked out like one of the foolish five virgins who are being chased by the devil outside the security zones in REV.12's 42 months aftermath.

Street number '1049' is painted on the curb in front of the episode's dry cleaners scenes. For a confirmation that the chocolate number in's Jenny pix no.1049 is the same image no.26 at, that I linked to yesterday, at:

The destitute black family taken in by the Davids is for MATTHEW 25's teaching about taking in the poor etc.

A prophetic Obama sidekick figure named 'Leon' shows up out of nowhere in the pre-Obama 2007 episode, and helps Larry get his no.25 YANKEES jersey back from a cheating Jewish dry cleaning customer. Then they play a card game called "...war" on the sofa that Jenny is posing behind in onlythebestcake's no.25 image at:

Afterwards, Scarlett Johansson made Maine's borderline cutthroat sign on SNL, dressed in a classic 1950s motorcycle gang outfit. In confirmation of those SADDLE TRAMPS motorcycle club members who died Saturday near the Mexico borderline on a 10th anniversary desert ride in the Chocolate Mtns' Imperial County. Reported at:

In Scarlett's millionaire matchmaker show skit on SNL, she offered one desperate fuggly female client some saddle tramp advice that went, "If a guy takes it out, you sit on it..." Eventually, the lady ends up with her Napoleon Dynamite soulmate.

Here's Scarlett's 25th image at cfake.con, at:

A series of strong earthquakes started around the terrorist region of Yemen at 10:29:30 pm Saturday, Seattle time. That could be a part of my MARK 13:14 running feet vision.


Saturday, November 13, 2010


After posting the CHRISTMAS VACATION 2 introduction, I saw my 3rd CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episode, entitled "Meet the Blacks". Here's Jenny's 26th pic at, role playing that beach wedding lady with the fake $1500 boob job, in a chocolate temple veil number for Friday's chocolate penis cake from the 26TH STREET BAKERY. 26 being the symbolic number of all things uncircumcised, in confirmation of Friday's breaking news about San Francisco's nanny government considering a ballot vote to ban circumcision. See it at:

In Friday's CURB, Larry makes a $500 side-bet at a party with Ted that his car is still running. It must have something to do with onlythebestcake's 500th image of Kate Holmes holding a party drink, while leaning against the [wedding] beach hut that Randy Quaid built upon a foundation of sand in CV2, at:

Because they played a 'newly wed' guessing game in CURB at the first party, wherein they asked whose wife the guys would love to sleep with.

Of course, CV2 is based on THE SAILOR DOG prophecy.

The prophetic Mel Gibson guy from Australia in CV2 2003, who owns a private island, takes a bad fall and wounds his head. But he heals quickly.

I was not planning on watching Friday night's CURB rerun at 10:30, but the Lord woke me up at 10:28 with two dog whistles. The Julia Robert's birth date number came to mind first, but then I figured it must be a signal to sit up and turn the television on for my 3rd installment. Now I see the uncircumcised chocolate cake penis in her 26th cfake at:

The day before I unexpectedly found CV2 at WAL*MART, that I didn't know about, a monkey named Jada bit a lady in Oneida Castle, NY, near various map landmarks like Rome and Clinton, according to:


Friday, November 12, 2010


My sidekick monkey in the classic Tarzan stampede prophecies is named Cheeta. Who was put into power in the latter-days of DANIEL 12 in order to undermine the Jewish style unconstitutional FDR cheaters who took over America in the Chicago mob run 30s and never let go of their 666 death grip on the promised land of 1NEPHI. As confirmed by the 6,666,666 Jews who were murdered or run out by the first 666 Nazis who spoke a mother land language that is about 40% pure phonetic "high shift period" Hebrew; according to the world's most brilliant linguist historians at Brigham Young University.

One can see my half Jewish cheater of Mercer Island, Lake Washington fame doing his Providential thing in CHRISTMAS VACATION 2. When he bites the stupid butt fuck Randy Quaid in the rump, like his black widow nanny state ho-bitch giving 150M to the PLO, and then the A-bomb radiation test lab people send him on a free vacation to Barry Obama's Hawaii Islands. Where they made all those LOST tribe episodes co-starring the typical sexy church lady fornicator from Vancouver, BC, nicknamed 'Monkey'.

Only months after CHRISTMAS VACATION 2 came out on NBC in 2003, the movie's prophetic Mel Gibson pilot savior, who owns his own private island, released his prophetic Branch Davidian crucifixion movie that takes place in the near future. When people are being sent through X-Ray radiation machines at major airports that expose the nakedness of their sins. Manifested by the bandaid on that English man's wounded head, after Randy pushes him into the cat scan style radiation unit, and later gives him a 666 peanut icon from Jimmy Carter's animal pig farm outside Americus, Georgia, west of the Flint River's Lake Blackshear Dam Res.

The part I liked best was when the teenage TV movie's Quentin Tarantino look alike air-traffic controller, from Hawaii's tower of Babylon, has a nervous breakdown in the end. That puts him into an FDR wheelchair, but then he snaps out of it when Randy warns him from Vancouver, BC about the Hollywood Star Whacker homos who would fuck him in the ass for 150 bucks. Like that half-breed nanny state dwarf at TMZ who is making millions preying on people with regular people problems.

All you cheap back-stabbing ho-bitch nigger wanna-bes in NBC suits are gonna die laughing when you see the '59' sports jersey kid, nicknamed '3-way', show Ms Milwaukee a picture of his fiancée Michelle Rodriguez on his iPAD.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


A new batch of Jenny images appeared on the day before the beach wedding episode of CURB replayed Tuesday night. But they were all tagged with Tuesday's 11.9.10 play date. Perhaps they were uploaded from Asia. Whatever, this one has the German Shepard dog owner posing on the show's wedding beach with the same oversized fake boobs that the Jewish lady payed for with Larry's $1500 rear-ender compensation check, at:

Monday morning at 4:56, I had a flash vision of several soaking wet dogs walking with me in the parking lot of [Puget] SOUND CREDIT UNION. The next day on Conan, Tom Hanks got drenched by a whale leaping out of the beach wedding sea, as seen at:

Monday morning at 11:46, I had a vivid dream wherein my older brother Steve had a new job at WAL*MART as a door greeter. When I walked up to him for the first time there, he shouted "Israel has been assassinated!" A television was on in the background, but I didn't see any live news broadcast on it.

Stephen King's new book came out on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Tuesday in confirmation of him getting run over by a dog named Bullet. In the nanny state of Maine, that is shaped like a butchered dog's head cut off along Cambridge Black Mtn, Bald Cap Dome, Rump Mtn, East Brownfield, and Conway, etc.

The Jewish nanny actress with the prophetic DEEP HORIZON explosion tattoo was born in 84 on the 11.22 anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

On CMA Wednesday, there was another odd 2.5 near the Bible Belt's Enola Gay landmark in Ark/ansas at 7:17:21 am, marking the medicine wheel massage of David Letterman's 717' Indianapolis. The '21' tag was for RASCAL FLATTS' special VEGAS VACATION blackjack number. A 3.4 hit north of Redway, CA right after the show at 10:54:42.

Jenny's image no.1500 at was posted on 5.29 2008. For the Yellow Sea vision signs and wonders that she confirmed with her BEATLES song performance, well after that date. That was pre-confirmed in no.1500's John Lennon song title homage that shows what is underneath her little Yellow Sea sub number at:

See the nice black widow number she wore to the November 9, 2009 event at:


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I watched my second episode ever of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Tuesday night. A REV.13:1 beach wedding repeat from 2005 about Jewish folks using their car rear-ender compensation claim checks for other purposes, like fake tits. Naturally, I checked the quake sheet right afterwards. Discovering that there was a 4.2 Tuesday off Seven Devils Beach, Oregon in confirmation of the evening's breaking news about the ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES Jewish nanny who used her fake wedding to defraud a German Holocaust reparations fund of 42 million dollars. Because Larry et al voted for the con man in the Casablanca, who ripped off Wednesday's Uncle Sam, in reference to Oregon's nearby Baldy Butte landmark at:

The 2005 episode ended with everybody at the ten virgins wedding eating a tasty dog meat dish served by the event's Korean caterer; who also happen to be Larry's basketball bookie. The German Shepard dog was named Oscar, in confirmation of Steve Martin's prestigious Eat Shit banjo award.

ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES' Jewish nanny actress was on Jimmy Fallon Monday night in her perfectly lovely all black Black Widow outfit. Where she played a musical game with Jimmy that involved trying to guess the banjo tune for "She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes..." etc. The same night Con/an returned on TBS in confirmation of the famous 42 latitude line caves full of fossilized shit formations near O'Brien, Oregon, in Obama's Illinois Valley.

In between Larry's black basketball bets with the Korean bookie, a lady gets melted 'some-mores' goop from the future Chocolate Mtns man on his jacket, and later sends him a $150 compensation check for the dry cleaning bill. That he ends up using to pay off a bad bet on some
basketball team in Obama's Calhan, Colorado that crashed their team bus Tuesday on black ice, while trying to avoid a car collision along Hwy.24, near Black Forest, off Exit 150.

This the Jewish nanny state con/trail off the coast of Los Angeles that everyone in the con job media was speculating about on Tuesday. The name of the Korean bookie's front business was SKY FLOWERS.



Monday, November 8, 2010


The poster art for Mel Gibson's new beaver puppet movie came out right before that 2.8 quake along Jenney's 111 longitude line in Utah's Web/er Canyon, near the giant beaver limestone formation known as Devil's Slide at:

SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT's inspired film is about a man who can only communicate with his [pretend] wife through his brown beaver sidekick. Because the nation is oppressed by dangerous giant REV.17 beavers who have a complete PC chokehold on the people. As confirmed by the recent return of Governor Jerry Brown, whose REV.13 political head was wounded, but then miraculously healed and returned to power as a latter-day lunatics sign from God.

The 25' wide Devil's Slide is located along the Orwellian 1984 landmark of I-84, off Exit 111 near Lost Creek, that comes to an end in Summit County's Park City plateau area of Redford's Sundance Film Festival. A couple years ago, I found a brown Teddy bear on snow skis lying in a pile of junk dumped behind the fireplace and baptism fonts shop in Bonnie Lake; which looks very similar to Mel's therapy beaver, made with the same fabric, minus the overbite. He's wearing a knit cap, so his bear ears head is rather beaverish.

I took 'T-Bear' home and put him in the corner of my room, because I had just read something about how much Emma Watson loves mountain skiing. Which no one is allowed to talk about in public, so I'm forced to communicate through the Grapevine Mtns of Nevada, using various beaver shots with prophetic REV.17 elements, like at:

Much like last week's fake report by London's DAILY MAIL about a new fake Emma photo making the rounds at Brown University, run by a brown lesbian Marxist type, that was actually posted at around the same time I found my own brown beaver sidekick to do the talking for me. The real baptism font photo is at:




Two climbers were rescued off Oregon's Red Wall Saturday, according to:

America's Indian Point nuke plant was shut down while my brown beaver sidekick was in Katy Perry's India, visiting during their massive fireworks season. Jenny being a big Gandhi guru admirer and all that.

This famous brown beaver image was posted at on 4.4 04, at:

Saturday, November 6, 2010


There was a 3.7 in San Pedro Bay off Long Beach, CA Friday morning at 9:06. Then there was a rare 2.8 near Devil's Slide, Utah at 11:31 local time, [read backslider]. The 'Vote For Pedro' quake was about the NAPOLEON DYNAMITE out-takes on the DVD of Napoleon and Pedro fishing for slimey catfish in the dirty looking Los Angeles River.

REV.12 floods from Hurricane Tom lashed Sean Penn's God forsaken Haiti on the opening day of his Valerie Plane promotion of Third World mentality politics. When I googled FAIR GAME, up came a ton of positive reviews by the kinds of willfully ignorant people who still believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. has some of the problematic facts at:

Friday night at 8:35, I had a flash vision of a creepy ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES hearse driving north on Church Lake Road, that pulled over onto the soft shoulder spot where there are always lots of birds; especially stellar jays. Down in the blackberry stickers there is an old 'VOTE FOR MEL' election sign, near the No Parking sign. Later, I saw Steve Martin on Letterman talking about shooting his new bird watchers movie up north in Vancouver, BC, where he saw his first bald eagle. He also did a bit about running for governor and losing, but he forgot in what state. Then he gave his new Steve Martin banjo award to some amazing player. That was a chocolatey dark bronze figure shaped like a hand with fingers covered in feces, holding a silver spoon looking banjo on it's open palm. For one of the most remarkable "Eat Shit" statements that I have ever seen in modern sculpture.

The inaugural prize even came with a 50k Cash Point check from the heart of Tennessee bluegrass country.


Here's the latest BC piece at

Thursday, November 4, 2010

409 NOTES:

The 'Napoleon Dynamite Problem' expression was coined at the NYT by a writer discussing the unpredictability of NETFLIX movie lovers' preferences at:

The pet name Flicka means 'friend' in some old Scandinavian tongue. One can see the fine looker and former FRIENDS star walking up the stairs in JUST GO WITH IT, that was originally titled MY PRETEND WIFE, at:

I'm posting the soft shoulder shot of MC just to see what I see the next time I walk by the SOFT SHOULDER sign on Church Lake Road, at:

Here's the swift young pup in my Jacob's stairs dream with Brando at:

The same day, USA time, I saw Jenny's new Hawaii movie clip, there was a uniquely located 4.4 earthquake in the Celebes Sea, an area south of the 1776 Chocolate Hills nation. A Messianic 4.6 number also shook California's Chocolate Mtns at 12:39:59 pm Thursday, centered
west of SEES' chocolates Seeley, CA. For what we can now clearly see in MARK 13:14. A major war started about one year after the
Republicans took over the House and stopped FDR's illegal New Deal. [Read new beast]

On the eve of Naomi Watts' FAIR GAME, who was born in 68, 68 people died on a plane flight to left-wing Havana, Cuba. The same day, USA time, that Australia's FQ32 jumbo jet blew an engine on the left wing.

Keira's London flat was robbed when the image rolled out of her standing next to an elk skin.

This Vancouver, BC sushi fake was posted on a while back, at:



Sitting in front of STARBUCKS Thursday listening to Rush Limbaugh, I heard the deep throat sounds of a big old V-8 starting to rev it's nice and tight rebuilt piston rings down towards the CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM spot, where I found that crisp virgin $20 bill lying there. Sure enough, it was a red mint 68ish 409 BEACH BOYS confirmation of the good vibrations opening to the VEGAS VACATION prophecy. After it passed my outside table, a raspberry red Chicago mob CRUISER pulled up to the curb with '928...' plates. In confirmation of the Naomi Watts disinformation piece I saw later inside STARBUCKS by the Democrat Party's USA TODAY political action committee. Seeking to do CIA damage control for the secret combinations who have been exploiting the Negro race to put an alien operative in control of the new beast's soft Casablanca, Africa occupation.

Once upon a time, there was a peculiar people church based in Salt Lake City, Utah called THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS, whose more faithful members would publish strange unmainstream books like PROPHETS, PRINCIPLES AND NATIONAL SURVIVAL. But there was also a church back in the Midwest started by Joseph Smith's bitter ex-wife called, THE REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTE-DAY SAINTS, or the RLDS church. Sadly, as prophesied by Brigham Young, the latter watered-down apostate Christianity of that rogue organization gradually became the de facto norm in the modern D&C 86 era Utah church, as it spread around among the gentiles of the world ruled by the devil.

This is the 'man of God' who recently married Santa Barbara's Evangelical Christian girl Katy Perry in a wildlife preserve full of REV.13 beasts in high tech 666 India, as a prelude to my jungle sidekick's spiritual pilgrimage to the country.

If not for my nasty Napoleon Dynamite dance at the GREASE 2 high school in Hitchcock's Preston, Idaho, all those wild 666 natives in
Hollywood would never have gotten so worked up about my illegal alien sidekick's "Vote For Pedro" fever, backed up by his gang-banger pimpmobile blob in the media.

Several months ago, I had a vivid dream about my ex-wife's old Irish redhead dog named [movie] Flicka, who could not keep up with the fast young pups who were racing along close to me up a steep set of LAST TANGO IN PARIS stairs. It all came back to me when I watched a clip of Jenny walking up the same iron stairway in JUST GO WITH IT at the library Thursday, and then saw the young pup Miley Cyrus in some new video called THE BIG BIG BANG.



50 Cent's 500k Cash Point, Tenn, video is a Lincoln County civil war statement.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


15 cars derailed Monday morning in Lincoln County, Tennessee. The I-15 Vegas report I found doesn't say where in the small county south of Nicole's Nashville; could be around the Elk River by a small place called Skinem. For that mountain cabin image of Keira standing next to an elk skin. Because right there is Flintville and Cash Point, etc. Nextdoor in dry Moore County is the historic JACK DANIELS distillery in Lynchburg, west of Winchester. My arm to the square; Monday I overheard some guy tell a sales clerk about his wife's hobby of collecting [casino] JACK DANIELS shot glasses. The prophetic DERAILED spike award reference to my TRIP WITH THE TEACHER is at:

In game 5, the Gay Area GIANTS whacked the famous giant 'Big Tex' Dallas man that stands 52' high, and was installed back in 52, by 3-1. Originally Big Tex started out as a giant Christian church Santa Claus in Kansas. According to:

The DANIEL 2:31 giant message from the giant Touchdown Jesus was about those giants in MOSES 8:18 who threatened the righteous:
"And in those days there were giants on the earth, and they sought Noah to take away his life; but the Lord was with Noah, and the power of the Lord was upon him."

The Lord stated in MATTHEW 24:37-38 that the latter-days of Sodom and Egypt will be like the days of Noah.

Nancy Pelosi's GIANTS will hold their big Willie Mays Plaza victory parade on Wednesday starting at 11:00 am; the day after the apostate Catholic REV.17 woman is likely to be re-elected.

The amazing thunder and lightening Touchdown Jesus church prophecy happened along I-75 in Butler County, Ohio, for the giant Abraham Lincoln butler who swallows the REV.9 stinger in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES.

There was a 4.3 quake last Saturday on THE BREAKUP's well established number of 6:02 pm near Walker, California, as the fresh breakup news was rolling out about Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

Note the 3-way bells design on the front of the little Chapel of the Bells in VEGAS VACATION, below the facade's football goal posts.


Monday, November 1, 2010


Looks like left-wing filmmaker George Hickenlooper, 47, got whacked on my birthday in Denver. Reportedly, the APOCALYPSE NOW documentarian was in the Mile High City to premier his latest loony take on lobbyists, entitled CASINO JACK, at some film festival. The Randy Quaid resemblance is fairly obvious at:

Speaking of 'my own private film festival lineup for the holidays' Randy's crazy Denver mayor cousin character in VEGAS VACATION gets his tall blue-state drink lit on fire at the casino blackjack table right after the crooked dealer says "Batter up!"

Wayne New/ton is the other main GSR/TWN figure in the fourth VACATION film. Who is introduced by a shot of yours truly walking with two of my wives beside my African born sidekick, accompanied by the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in green sports jackets. Which is confirmed when he gets done hitting on Griswold's wife right in front of him, and the hotel volcano erupts outside on the same day Indonesia's fierce volcano just erupted for 21 minutes.

That's the king of the cowboys standing with his tall redhead and waving a fist full of bills in the hotel arrival sequence. Only one of those giant Las Vegas casino resorts would have a room number as high as '10665' . Hence the younger GSR/TWN part is played by Nick Pappa Giorgio, for Nick's hotel room in my WHITE LABEL dream reference to the glass in front of Way/ne Newtown when he gives Griswold's wife a big tip for the piano player. See the casino chips necklace on this image of a physically transfigured Nick at:

Seattle's Naomi street is located next to Seattle's Ravenna Park 5900 block prophecy. Next batter up at:

Get a look at British VOGUE's new golden Vegas STARDUST issue at:

It closed back in 2006 on 11.1 according to: