Monday, February 28, 2011


Before Sandra gave King George his Oscar Sunday, she told the other Dude that he had too many trophy wives. Even as the King of of Kings was speeking in her adopted home state with a fierce outbreak of of wildfires around the Conway, Texas panhandle and a a a rare 4.7 Hollywood, Arkansas style earthquake struck at exactlly 9:00:50 pm LAmanite time in that state's Conway area.

Sunday's sudden hot winds in TRUE GRIT Texas were introduced by that pre Oscars event Friday in St George, Utah where a store of hot air balloon tanks exploded in a garage next to the STADIUM 10 movie theaters off Red Cliff Highway. For a ten virgins 50/50 confirmation of Sandra's Hwy.64 quake in Ark hitting at exactly 5:00:50 London time. [Her Hwy.64 runs over to TRUE GRIT's Fort Smith, south of Uniontown.]

Another major pre Oscar event was Saturday's vintage Royal Airforce jet crashing into the frozen Hudson River outside Kingston, New York. Apparently they waited until Oscar Sunday to cut the frozen stiff pilot from Germantown, NY out of his sunken 60s era STRIKEMASTER because none of those strikers in German Madison, Wisconsin would leave the building Saturday. Naturally, we still don't know where the 14 union masters are hiding out in Chicago, just like we don't know where their DC union boss' Hawaiian birth certificate is.

The 83rd Oscars trophy wife Conway theme was confirmed by the 83rd cfake image of Sandra posing for photos with a Chuck Norris trophy that was posted there back in 2009. It's the only image among her 239 cfakes with an award at:


This St George report has a partial view of the vintage 60s German VW parked in the driveway of that bombed out garage at:

Saturday, February 26, 2011


As the future Italian speaking MR IMPERIUM figure who is the Davidian King of England and all of Canada, wearing his 1950s Miley Montana cowboy boots representing that redhead room service teen hottie who he was probably FFing on the set missionary style, revealed so long ago along Rt.111 [In the year I was born] in the ROYAL WEDDING prophecy about my beloved little tight-as-a-nun's-cunt sweetheart boyfriend Ellen Page, role played by Page, Arizona's plain looking Jane Powell 4RUNNER to Lake Powell's PLANET OF THE APES bass fishing prophecy, I would vote for TRUE GRIT to be the best saddle ass fucker of 2010.

But this is the dirty homosexual Jew boy of the Hollywood Hills' elected abomination of desolation who had his choir boy ferry do a head shot pose down on his knees Nazi style. By his little black gang bang boys riding around on their bicycles in the middle of the night robbing and shooting those ugly Jewish wives of the ugly Jewish producers of TWO AND A HALF MEN. That have been portrayed so accurately in the past decade on the Jewish CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM for Jesus Christ show.

Here is the report about that late BEATLES era steel U2 boner icon that crashed into the frozen Hudson River ice outside Kingston, NY in Ulster County right after the bankrupt Ireland elections at:

I am the Mormon Protestant King of the Catholic Church of England and all of Israelite Ireland, who has something special in his back pocket to show you. Let me know when you are ready to see it.


Friday, February 25, 2011


You can forget about the traditional Napoleon Dynamite figure in his TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN! pajamas sitting around some high school insane asylum hallway that was confirmed by the Providentially INSYNC production and release of AFTER THE SUNSET meets NAPOLEON DYNAMITE's 3-way diamond caper. Just because 99% of the time I write my GSR/TWN postings in between my IN LIKE FINT sofa bed sheets of the Hugh Hefner period, and the 04 Pierce Bronson prophecy unknowingly had me royally FFing my 44 year-old BOOK OF MORMON poster MILF from Mexico named Salma Hayek.

Basically, it's the same old insensitive but true joke about the advantages of having a really short lady suck your on cock in the WHITE HORSE club's loo because you can set your drink on top of her stunted Flathead, Montana mainstream media head job.

So Friday morning I watched CAPOTE's amazing confessional biopic about the need to have today's latter-day homogaysexual Christians hang by the neck until they are all dead. That was miraculously confirmed by the future Larry Sinclair true man's book on that day when I came face to face with him on an old Hwy.99 bus during one very rainy dark Sunday morning sometime in 99.

The non fictional feature film opens with the prophetic 1999 line about Larry Sinclair's little saucy "problem novel" about "...a Negro homosexual who is in love with a [Chicago] Jew." Followed up with the referential words to the TODAY SHOW that ask simply "Can't we just be honest?"

CUT TO: The cutting out of that 1959 NYT report about the conservative Clutter family killing in COLD BLOOD that put an end to the peace of mind of today's Sodom&Egypt sympathizers in Mormon high society.

The above 2004 latter-day trilogy ends with the final mighty line in CAPOTE, delivered by my face-in-the-mirror actor in MULHOLLAND DRIVE, wearing a white horse harness, which warns everyone that, "You could be walking in [Obama's] Denver, or somewhere Truman, and these eyes will be staring at you."

Naturally, my 1980s Truman Capote 4RUNNER could not wait for Montana's warm and fuzzy Dick Hickcock cutthroat to be executed.

What?.. You think I'm nuts? Back in 04 I finally got my new DOMINO pizza delivery man driver's license restored after waiting around the joint forever with a little paper slip in my hand numbered '666'.


Thursday, February 24, 2011


A 3.0 quake rattled Harry K Brown Park near Cave of Refuge, Hawaii at 5:00:06 am on the same day the state's openly socialist governor signed their new gay marriage law. For a Divine 5 foolish virgins reference to the 5.6 White Horse Prophecy. Since he is the foolish virgin who suddenly shut up and started stonewalling the truth about Obama's non constitutional status quo like everyone else, once he realized that there was no birth certificate on file. Later in the day, there was a gas well explosion in Washington County, Penn off Rt.50 for the growing 50/50 divide of the ten virgins.

The same Wednesday, Honolulu's Chinese city council passed a resolution 8-1 condemning Rush Limbaugh for making fun of China's President Hu [read Who]. Because the state's high population of foreign related Asians is why Obama's family was able to fill out the standard legal forms back in 61 for a Hawaii certification of birth, even though he was born in Kenya. As per his actual 1961 hospital birth certificate, and his Kenyan certification of birth issued in 1964 for his mother's divorce court filing.

On the same day pastor Huckabe's A SIMPLE GOVERNMENT book came out, police in the Denver area explained why they had arrested some 11 year-old kid who was drawing stick figures of himself shooting government teacher stick figures; reported at:,0,7099823.story

Here is a great video of that camel the DAILY SHOW tried to wrangle for a STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER spoof in Madison at:

This link has a nice photo of Sienna and her designer sister leaving No.10 Downing at:

If you google map South Prairie and Hwy.410 in Bonnie Lake, you will see an image of two "London Taxi" icons making a turn below the Western Wailing Wall there with a big fuel tanker bomb metaphor. Google map Relf Road in London to have a look at the neighborhood's WHITE HORSE prophecy gentlemen's club. Much like the WHITE HORSE tavern in NYC near THE SPOTTED PIG place where Jenny celebrated her prophetic 42nd birthday. The WHITE HORSE TAVERN on Hwy.410 in Buckley is a sports bar.

The 'virgin fantasy' named Jenny is staying in room 420 at her favorite [ONE AND ONLY] resort in Mexico when she tries to FF her new room 104 hero George in '10'. Who has weird cfake telescope I-spying dreams about being 30ish in Jenny's Beverly Hills neighborhood. Confirmed by Sam's kid named Josh who watches the future BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy on his mother's TV. In the 1979 story line, Jenny is a 20 year-old for today's two 20 year-old virgins named Emma and Emma.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Those fab new London pix of Sienna and her sister -the real screamer in the hot blooded family of screamers- walking out the door at no.10 Going Down St really caught my attention on a very deep spiritual FFing level. If I only knew...

The next today, an empty NOFFKE's flatbed towing rig passed me in the blowing snow at the traditionally British JIFFY LUBE corner on Hwy.410. Where they are currently offering some kind of a 29 dollar special oil change, in confirmation of the religious "no sucky fucky" tweeny hotties sitting on that EZE.47:1 fountain in MATADOR. That I overheard about when I casually walked by the shop looking for any coin signs and wonders lying inside their outside PEPSI machine return slot. Where a black&white pirate LAMBORGHINI was miraculously parked with a skull&bones icons paint job.

The MILLER beer rig that passed the red TARGET/APPLEBEES sign reference to the GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Killer King arriving in London, circa GREASE 2, with his two teen sister wives was a thematic link to the towing company's Valentines Day Massacre booze smuggling address at:

[My 85ish barbar in Pacific was the first one to inform me that I had half my brain tied behind my back just to male it fair.]

How else can one explain that the well known long time homosexual partner of Barry Obama could be so easily elected to become the mayor of Chicago, Chinatown on the same day that the gay pastor's book came out via GOOD MORNING AMERICA? Nobody really wonders anymore why the Second [woe] City keeps showing up on the latter-day prophets' short list of USA cities that is going to get hit hard by a 1950s science fiction BUCK ROGERS rocket from the Yellow Sea's freshly baked white bread SUBWAY sandwich OCTOPUSSY franchise.

So anyway, I had a fairly vivid dream that my Dirty Harry Potter's London based SIMIAN FILMS redhead sidekick was engaged in a rather girly fist fight with some other gay Indonesian orangutang monkey, like the one seen here sucking on some FDR guy's cock at:

So I inserted the reverse side of my new DVD of Bo Derek in TARZAN THE APE MAN. But up came the iconic '10' virgins prophecy that came out right before my cold blooded German brown trout wife left me for some crafty adulterer who graduated no.1 in his class at Stanford's RLDS meets BYU law school in the Gay Area.

Oh what the fuck. I decided to JUST GO WITH IT, and layed back on my early 60s tan tones sofa bed with a thick iron steel frame that you just can't find anymore anywhere. To watch George Webber's creamy London ROLLS collide with a CAR 54 in front of that Beverly Hills wedding chapel where Sandra Bullock married her custom car grease monkey. Who is so well known for jamming his populist politics cock into his shop's promotional calendar girls mouth. Confirmed by his 1979 drivers license that expired on Sandy's 7.26 birth date in 1964.

In the ground shaking 1979 cinematic revelation, the hot Republican blond 16 year-old [half Philippine] saddle-rider in TRUE GRIT, who married a Long Beach, LA man in Germany, who was at least 100 years older than her, was trying to tell the stunted 5' 2" British piano player to JUST GO WITH IT .

Gregory Scott Relf

This is Sienna's sister shadow prophecy at:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The quintessential foolish virgin preacher, Gov Mike Huckabee, was on GOOD MORNING AMERICA with the Greek Stephenopolis around the same time a Korean Bible study bus crashed near Twin Peaks at the crucifixion T formed by Lake Gregory Drive and Rt.189, just west of California's Lake Arrowhead reference to the Metropolis, Illinois arrowhead on Hwy.45.

A few hours later, there was a deadly 6.3 earthquake just outside Christchurch, New Zealand's amazing ten virgins divide prophecy; striking directly under NZ's Lincoln [Illinois] University to the south west. That broke up tons of D&C 133 glacier ice on the South Island that represents the south's Bible Belt state where Huckabee was the 44th governor. Because the 666 clock says 6:30 at the BEST WESTERN CLOCK TOWER water park resort in Rockford, Ill as confirmation of the Yellow Sea church bus crashing in the prophetic Waterman Canyon divide caused by the abomination of desolation that Huckabee never saw coming.

In David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS prophecy, before the advent of the two peaks of Judah and Ephraim, the weird GSR/TWN guy who lives in the FAT TROUT trailer parks around Bonnie Lake brews the boys up a cup of "Good morning America..." every morning at the crack of dawn. Some of the fattest German brown trout in the world are found in the clear waters of the South Island, from October to May, at:

In the land of the 1776 Chocolate Hills landmarks, that look exactly like cone shaped titties, a 1,559 metre GROUNDHOG DAY clock volcano alarm went off violently on Monday local time. Because the simpleton Baptist pastor from Conway, Arkville is coming out with a book today about sound government that completely ignores the simple as can be 1776 Constitution's requirement that a US President be a natural born citizen. Which is no big deal for the typically gay Christian, who ignores his own simple Bible prophecies because that is what most of polite society's church ladies, like Hillary Clinton, are doing. If it's good enough for the religious woman with "MYSTERY" written on her forehead, then it's good enough for him.


Monday, February 21, 2011


Have you noticed that the INTELLIGENTSIA COFFEE&TEA media is about as interested in revealing where the missing 14 Madison senators are as they are in revealing Barack Obama's missing birth certificate?

Based on a few no-tell interviews, it appears that they have been hiding out in Obama's own private Chicago, Chinatown.

Camino means 'I walk' in south-of-the-border lingo. In confirmation of the bounty hunters' EL CAMINO with the mark of the beast license plates in the DOMINO prophecy that ends violently in Senator Reid's union mob run Las Vegas. The building 42 months climax of the non democratic countries falling like dominos around MARK 13:14 Israel indicate that Gov Walker is role playing the prophetic JOHNNY WALKER Israelite themes in Howard Stern's all-time favorite show WALKER, TEXAS RANGER. As seen on this link with a current 14:38 time-stamp at:,_Texas_Ranger

Chuck Norris' black sidekick on the 90s Lone Star series was the stand-in for my future cheater sidekick, nicknamed Cheetah when spelled with the proper ghetto accent, who has no known nationality in Divine fulfillment of the GENESIS 4 prophecy about the sons of Ham becoming wandering vagabonds. Who are great at music and posses a high degree of God given street smarts. In order to survive in a world dominated by the countless descendants of Abraham.

Government unions are the very foundation of democratic fascism. Based on the ANIMAL FARM concept that they are working for a power-oriented non democratic force that is not elected and managed by voting citizens. Which is why Hitler eliminated private unions and made them government unions run by his party. The same third way party that is now on the run from the law because they lost the last democratic election that was not a victory for democratic fascism.

This is why Scott Walker is the 45th Governor of Wisconsin and I-45 runs through the heart of Walker County, Texas in Huntsville, coming down from Madisonville in next-door Madison County. On it's way down to Willis and a little place outside Conree called Cut and Shoot.


Enjoy a cup of INTELLIGENTSIA's best south of the border blend as you read about the place at:

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The sign on the front of URBAN MATRESS is brown.

There was a chocolate lovers convention scheduled to start at the BEST WESTERN CLOCK TOWER resort when the Madison state senators rendezvoused there.

In the State Street resort's revolving images on their web site, the tower clock reads the 2:21 date of President's Day. On the site's main image the clock says 6:30, for a thematic three sixes sign, like the number '36' backwards, as on the '363' plate of the EL CAMINO in the DOMINO bounty hunter prophecy, etc at:

As my Cairo, USA post rolled out Friday morning about Rockford, a 5.1 quake on the south side of the border rocked the Chocolate Mtns on my iPAD at 9:47:35 local time. The day after the African born usurper in the Casablanca named an unbuilt courthouse by the Chocolate Mtns range after the 9th Circut Court Judge John Roll. Who was shot by that ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES Uncle Fester figure with a G9. The number '35' stands for the line of Israel that can not be crossed by liars, deceivers, and fudge-packing backsliders.

Friday's 3.5 shaker at 5:15:34 pm south of Dauphin Island, AL was about Hayden Paneteire's save the [French] dolphins religion. Right there is Seven Hills on Rt.56, Baldwin County, etc. Her support in the fight against leukemia is about her future blood cleansing work for the physical transfiguration. Which is a big part of baking healthy whole wheat bread that has been properly grown in order to fight against birth defects and weak blood immune systems.

Those Bible Belt quakes around Conway, Ark are still shaking things up. A couple hit the 4 mark right before the 666 Madison politicians fled to DANIEL's Four Rivers area in Rockford.

My sidekick's MYSTERY HILLS GOLF CLUB is located on Dickinson Rd in Brown County, Wisconsin. Jenny's Anston is off Rt.29, near Flintville and Howard, south of the Danite Sampson landmark.

The Adam family's yacht was seized by pirates Friday in the middle of the Indian Ocean. 4 people were sailing her around the world distributing Bibles. A classic example of the beast going after the whore in REV.17. In that the harlot of Babylon represents all the false philosophies and religions of men. Who will be ravished by the invaders in EZE.38 for the specific purpose of gathering up the lost tribes of Israel, and their gentile allies.

I watched 2004's MATADOR on Valentine's Day. That started off with a 6:59 am radio traffic report about a jam up on Lincoln in Denver, during a fierce wind storm that blew a fallen Lincoln log tree onto their house. It ended with the metaphorical assassination of some mob figure at the Tucson, Arizona horse track. Who was a white man sitting next to a black man, thereby creating at one point a fused "mulatto" figure in the Sarah Palin style crosshairs of the protagonist's rifle scope.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Shortly after the Madison Democrats went south of the border on the democratic process in Wisconsin and held up at DANIEL's Four Rivers Area location of the BEST WESTERN CLOCK TOWER resort in Rockford, Ill, Thursday, out west in Obama's DNC Denver area a lady's FORD 4x4 went racing south on the civil war landmark of Grant Street and did a flying roll in front of URBAN MATTRESS that killed 5 people. [Read 5 foolish sleeping virgins.] According to:

The constitutionally illegal public union mob in Madison was demonstrating their role in the new 666 beast network, born during FDR's third way 30s era, at the same time DANIEL's day 1290 abomination of desolation was meeting with the 666 OCTOPUSSY beast in the Gay Area of Willie Brown et al. As confirmation of the miraculous technologies described in REV.13 that tempt people to worship their Orwellian 666 idol. That is based upon the rule of law [lethal force] which everyone must obey, rich or poor.

No coincidence that the Democrats' flight from democracy to a fancy hotel resort happened on Paris HILTON's big 30th birthday bash in the Jewish Hollywood Hills. Where a large fire flooded the ceiling that day of a nearby limosine liberal mansion, that came crashing down on top of a group of Denis Leary's unionized firefighters. For a Rock River Illinois confirmation of her frequent participation in the militant transsexual Madison line marchers in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. As described in the REV.9 AIDS butt stinger prophecy of the modern Sodom&Egypt of the two witnesses.

Long time TWNers will remember that the adopted state of my jungle sidekick is shaped like a gigantic primitive arrowhead. Where Urbandale and the 666 Future City are located on the west side of the tip, and the Greek Metropolis is located on the point's east side with Unionville and New Liberty. At the very southern most end of the medicine spear arrowhead is a little place called Cairo.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A Negro staffed AMTRAK train had to stop in Hitchcock's Browning, Montana on Valentine's Day to drop off some unruly Arab man. Located inside the Blackfeet Indian Reservation near Miley Montana's latter-day Two Medicine River prophecy of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in DANIEL 12, according to:

The Mr Brown man was later taken to court in a small town along Hwy.2 called Cut Bank, located just west of Toole County.

On Valentines Day, the Jewish Roseanne Barr apologized to Ms Brown for saying that she should not have voted for Mr Brown. Going on to say that Mr Brown is the right man to have in the Oval Office right now. And he could maybe do for America what Willie Brown did for bankrupt California.

In the 1976 LOGAN'S RUN prophecy, 'Jessica 6' escapes the new 666 beast with the Israelite Sandman. This is the red ruby crystal that I found on Jessica's 7.10 birthday under a sofa cushion in STARBUCKS, that means these are her last days in the movie. The clear crystal that I found in front of the library a couple years later on her 7.10 birthday represented her upcoming 'renewal' process of the physical transfiguration, portrayed in the movie's eternal life temple scenes.

Here is Jessica wearing the movie's black Lifelock stone that represents the end of the fantasy dome 666 status quo. Posing with a nice Mr Brown figure at:

Back in the President Spencer Kimballl 70s, the RLDS missionaries memorized 6 basic scripted dialogue lessons to teach any interested prospect, using the name 'Mr Brown'.


PS: After posting the above on my Chocolate Mountains iPAD, and eating a frozen MARIE CALLENDER's sweet&sour chichen dinner, [Since 1948], I read about THE 5 BROWNS' father driving his 911 turbo off a cliff in Utah's Little Cottonwood Canyon on Valentines Day at:

Roseanne Barr talked to Ms Brown about being raised as a Mormon in Utah.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Mr Brown's Islamic Egyptian freedom fighters of the false prophet in REV.16:13, who installed a religious military dictatorship there, rewarded the good looking blond South African 60 MINUTES reporter for all her trouble with the joyous gang bang rape that she so richly deserved; according to the brutal Mr Brown man prophecy in EZE.38.

This is why those two beautiful 802 piece crystal light masterpieces of Judah and Ephraim, ordered by DANIEL's latter-day Shaw of Iran, are on display in the lobby of the Branch Davidians auditorium at street number 14400 in Edmond, Oklahomo; west of Mr Brown's Arcadia on Rt.66. Because any Christian who only likes the 66 books in the Bible, that were assembled by Mr Brown's paganistic 666 homosexualish Catholics in ancient Rome, are kind of queerish themselves.

As confirmed by the 4.3 Mt St Helens earthquake confirmation of the Indian Valentines Day fire in Brownstown, Medicine Valley, Washington south of Mr Brown's Union Gap divide, near Mr Brown's Mud Lake, where my stepfather Les Winn always went bird hunting. The thousands of brown Lincoln logs still burning there at the FARGO like J.W. chipping mill represent all those fallen logs around the volcano's massive mud flow floods in REV.12. That happened on the west side of the area's I-82 landmark coming up from that radioactive A-bomb factory outside the Tri-Cities that represents the 802 date of the 1290 days abomination of desolation in the promised land of the BOOK OF MORMON.

Reportedly, the White Swan Indian reservation fire started from a burning chimney on Hitchcock Lane. For a Divine REAR WINDOW reference to this inspired brown bread buns fake of the blond Italian daughter of a New York fireman with white tan lines. Based on the sudden invasion of gog magog peoples into the gayish German Pope 16's Israelitish Italy, according to THE PLAIN TRUTH scenario of EZE.38 at:

Princess Hayden's thematic SUBWAY surname Panetiere means 'bread baker' in Americano. Here she is perched on top of Michelle Rodriguez, Toppenish style, whose cute breasts lie a little on the side. Suggesting there is a degree of last days truth in her upcoming BATTLE: LOS ANGELES invasion movie at:

Note the bed sheets' overlapping twin turbo AUDI 225TT OOOO logo icon pattern.


PS: The above Medicine Valley messages from God were confirmation of Miley's many Indian Lamanite jewelry statements lately. Which freaked out her watermelon farm parents so much that they desperately got back together and released a statement about how their daughter's miraculous career turned out to be the work of the devil. Even the same devil who they believe caused the BOOK OF MORMON to come forth.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Reportedly, the spiritual midget Purple One was behaving like the little angry uppity nigger in GEN.4 at Barabara Streisand's GRAMMY dinner for phony white rich limousine liberals who deserve to get fucked in the ass non-stop when their idiotic 42 months butt fuck-fest comes to a violent ending in REV.13.

As it is written in the Jewish BARTON FINK Hollywood prophecy; Those who love to get fucked in the ass will get fucked in the ass forever. Or as God says in the 2BC, those who only care about the UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING a spirit dwarf, will be sent to a semi physical spirit world of everlasting stunted bodies, without any of the lastingly satisfying physical pleasures that Keira Knightley mentioned in her latest IN LIKE FLINT fashion magazine photo spread piece.

Which explains why that homeless man stabbed some old royalty folks in a Say-re-ville, BURGER KING location on the JERSEY SHORE reality show right before THE KINGS SPEECH won big at THE LONDON BODYGUARD awards show. Read about all the ominous British landmark names around there at:

The same day a bunch of JERSEY SHORE fans were rammed by an out-of-control taxi doing at least 15mph, that jumped the curb outside San Diego's STINGAREE night club and cut off some 42 year-old lady's leg. In confirmation of Jenny at THE SPOTTED PIG in Greenwich Village that is located at cfake's street number 314 inspired image on her 2.11 birthday at:

That reminds me, I may have to bone up on my swinging FFing missionary position manuals on the Internet to find out if those airport security pix of Sean Penn getting felt-up are allowed to be Divine confirmation of his FFing conversion by Charlize and Scarlett in the three-way flight finale to IN LIKE FLINT. After all, he did go over to the CHATEAU MARMONT to do a little tongue-in-cheek sexual acting out satire on yours truly. As in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO confirmation of the Fabulous Face "FF" logo ending to IN LIKE FLINT, where the 1960s Americano James Bond figure lands on an old sofa love seat in CENTRAL PERK at the same time Carey Mulligan is filming Steve McQueen's biopic named SHAME in Woody Allen's MANHATTAN prophecy about banging some teen babe [pair], according to all THE CHILDREN'S HOUR mischief posted at:


PS: After the above posting, I tuned into the GRAMMY delay re-play at 9:11 pm exactly and saw those two Mini Me figures pumping their hips and belting it out, before Chris Brown's JAILHOUSE ROCK number in blue suede flight suits. No wonder in Egypt they say, "Women are for babies, boys are for fun..."

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I found this black cocktail ring confirmation Saturday morning around 2:50 am, featuring God's beloved shorthair looker in a fabulous Red Mtn number last Tuesday at a party for THE KING'S SPEECH at:

That great ball of MARK 13:14 fire in Allenstown, PA was about next door Bethlehem being marked at 340' elevation on my 1994 map book of Judah and Ephraim.

The star of 1963's CLEOPATRA went into the hospital with heart trouble on the same day JUST GO WITH IT opened on Jennifer Aniston's highly important 42nd birthday fall of the REV.13 Red Sea status quo in modern Egypt. Riding back by the Church Lake Rd 'SOFT SHOULDER' sign Thursday, Granny Grass suddenly yelled "Mt Rainier has a halo!" In confirmation of Jenny getting a big angel food cake mountain icon with frosting on top, made up to look like a cup cake, on Jimmy Fallon later that night, with one candle on the summit. Then she picked the crazy-8 card in a game of charades, for the book title, THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET NEST at:'_Nest

The popular book was written by a reformed left-wing fascist in Sweden who was obsessed with old school right-wing fascists, and has since died.

In the GREAT BALLS OF FIRE prophecy, The Killer goes to NYC to be on the Steve [Allentown] show. Where his giant PEPSI bottle billboard in Times Square is advertising the upcoming physical transfiguration "For those who think young..." That is yours truly sitting down with a glass of MILLER when the future blond Miley Cyrus appears out of nowhere in the REBEL ROOM road house bar.

Here is an inspired photo of some Red Sea turtle who became trapped in it's own 666 net it created in REV.13, at:


Friday, February 11, 2011


If the above title offends you, then you are probaly one of the naive white MLK dick heads who attended the conservative confab in DC at the same time the Bible Belt was experiencing it's worst freeze on record. And you really don't give a shit about the warning that anyone who kills a nigger just because he is a nigger will be punished 7 fold.

The reason why the 7 hills beast of the new ROMA has been restored upon the Chocolate Mtns nut bar triangle in FRIENDS 4 of the 1950s G7 empire in my MR IMPERIUM midnight cowboy BUBBA HO-TEP assassination prophecy. Is because those two sons of Ham were discussing the 2011 fall of Egypt when my kid napper in the TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN! prophecy interrupted them in the middle of the pleasant Spanish piazza fountain of youth night wearing cowboys boots.

[Sorry about the run-on sentences. But most of my successful Hollywood Hills wives just don't have the time to read a grammatically civilized in depth five page posting every morning before call time; on their little BLACKBERRY units.]

In GEN.4:6 God asked the future Egyptian prince in DANIEL's last days scenario, "Why are you angry?.." And then he put a black mark upon him, like he did to today's LA-man-ites in Orange County. So that anyone in the Bible Belt who is pissing on GEN 4:15 with his big Dallas, Texas penis will be FFed in the ass non-stop for 42 months of hell by my sidekick with the black as ink cock Ramuelled inside my transfigured COORS LITE wife that I love to fuck like an oaked up double tall BLACK VELVET on the rocks, no matter what at:


Thursday, February 10, 2011


The Jewish Judge Schwartz told Lindsay Lohan that everyone in the courtroom has to obey the law Wednesday. The same day state Sen Mae Beavers filed a bill in Tennessee on behalf of the tea party that would require Barack Obama to provide his birth certificate. Because all of the judges out there are willfully ignoring the highest law in the land that says you can't be president if you were born in Africa or Austria.

Across the street from the Venice jewelry shop where LL borrowed that gold necklace, like Obama borrowed a couple trillion like it was no big deal, is the INTELLIGENTSIA COFFEE & TEA shop. Where today's liberal intelligentsia hang out who could care less if the most basic Law of the land is being honored by the highest office in the land.

Hence the frozen 3.2 number quake on San Juan Island outside Friday Harbor along Beaver Valley Road at the crazy-8 666 lady time of 8:36:36 am Tuesday. When LL was in her cowboy boots with a blue heron bag at the special street number 111 court for a probation hearing; having just spent weeks at the famous EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES Betty Ford spa located at the north end of Rt.111.

San Juan [St John The Revelator] street is just a block over from the Venice jeweler who has a special message for all the daughters of Israel on her web site at:

Therefore, Friday Harbor's paradise island theme is about Friday's 211 opening of the decadent JUST GO WITH IT values of the elite intelligentsia in high society, at FOX news on the right, at NBC on the left, that takes place on the feel good fantasy islands where Barry Obama was never born.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


When WND's respected senior reporter asked Gibbs what they were going to do about all those states who will demand that Obama produce his required birth certificate in the next election, whether or not their financially and morally bankrupt legislators require it, or the neocons on talk radio make fun of it, the other high society gossipy reporters in the room laughed and joked that he should take that question to the state department. In confirmation of the many prophetic dreams and visions by the seers and prophets among the lost tribes that say it will be a fed up Hillary Clinton who finally steps up and asks the little cock sucking boys in the Oval Office to knock it off and come clean.

This is why her culturally gay husband Bill got his cock sucked in the same office by a teenager in order to expose these liars under oath who would follow in his jive ass nigger style 'first black president' footsteps. And the ridiculously queer Barry Obama supporter from the Hot Springs, AK mob is still doing the same God damn thing up in his LIVE AND LET DIE office of the latter-day Harlem mob triangle.

In other words, my Asian gentile GREEN HORNET sidekick from Indonesia goes to the Chamber of Commerce and tells the naive white saps there, who look and think like John McCain, that they have to 'share the shares' like in the third world-way economic model counterfeited by his spiritually bald faced forerunner Benito Mussolini. In Divine confirmation of yours truly getting my BIG LEBOWSKI cock sucked dry for $1000 by one of my inspired hot teen wives who looks like Kate Holmes at:

Because so many of my precious KILL BILL wives have a perfectly legit need to become literally more younger than they are right now at this point in their oppressively meaningless 666 loves.

Therefore, all of you spiritually dead secular liberals who attend your mindless masses every Sunday are going to have to die in the great abortion clinics of your own REV.17 screenplays that were written before the earth was created.

"And thus he flattereth them, [like Obama] and leadeth them along until he draggeth their souls down to hell; and thus he causeth them to catch themselves in their own [media] snare." D&C 10:26


.45 NOTES:

There were three triple slayings in the Juarez area over the SUPER BOWL 45 weekend. The border town standing in for the romantic flight to Mexico in LOVE AND A .45. Since the Valentines Day massacre was done with Tommy Guns that use .45 ammo. And the Providentially symbolic Lincoln Park, Chicago civil war killing was part of the war between a north side gang and a south side gang. That left only the dead gang's German shepherd dog alive, to represent the first beast that miraculously survives and becomes the new beast in REV.13.

I felt very impressed to watch CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Monday night, not having a clue which re-run was playing in rotation. It was the hilarious one about Larry becoming a limo driver and picking up John McEnroe at LAX for a ride to some McCartney concert at the 1111 STAPLES CENTER. Therefore, a 4.7 shaker happened in the REV.13 sea due west of Baldy Butte, Oregon Monday night at 10:44:36 pm.

That huge "LOVE" stage used for THE BLACK EYED PEAS' half-time show about "education" was about the 11 people shot at a black Greek fraternity party Sunday morning in Youngstown, Ohio.

The GREEN BAY PACKERS' fan-owned business model is an Israelitish prototype for the millennial 'share the shares' principle revealed more clearly by God in the 2BC. Divinely confirmed by their SUPER BOWL 45 victory that represents their 45 elected board directors, and their more down to earth small town home etc. Their 4 miraculous SB titles represent the Lord's ideal 4-square credit union concept. The northern state of Wisconsin has a very high percentage of people who are descendants of the lost twelve tribes of Israel. Which is why the Branch Davidian Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived on the American scene by way of Milwaukee, and started out as an Israelitish brick mason.


Monday, February 7, 2011


My last post time-stamped at 2:16 am was confirmed by the great balls of fire rising thousands of feet into the sky Sunday morning near County Rd. 216 west of Fremont Street in Arcadia, Ohio. When an estimated crazy-8 fuel tanker cars exploded in a train derailment, as seen in this shocking 1950s si-fi movie photo at:

Arcadia stands for the historic region of Greece that represents the homosexual culture of the latter-day Sodom&Egypt discussed in SEXUAL PERSONAE. Which relates directly to the surprise cancellation of the appearance of Prince, a.k.a. the Purple One, at his big SUPER BOWL 45 concert party. In confirmation of the future cancellation of the illegal homosexual 'prince' in DANIEL who now occupies the desecrated White House.

The big "LOVE" half-time show promotion of the abomination of desolation by the futurist BLACK EYED PEAS was an inspired allusion to the first critical film success of the native Texan actress Renee Zellweger, entitled LOVE AND A .45 at:

Probably because there is some Nazi nut who has been running around Orange County, California for weeks now spray painting the number of days left before Gov Jerry Brown is assassinated on the anniversary of Chicago's historic Valentines Day gangland massacre. Which would mark the SB 45 victory of the cheese heads from Brown County, Wisconsin, located along the Fox River. Based on the plot of Renee's movie that was a prophetic metaphor of today's underground WONDER WORLD gangsters in Latino Orange County who are printing all that funny money to 'stimulate' and 'educate' like they do at a BLACK EYED PEAS confab.

That is why Mr Black Eye himself showed up at COWBOYS stadium with his sister wife co-star of Hawaii's JUST GO WITH IT wearing an orange hoodie over a Red Mtn man shirt. The former SNL dude was the event's main thematic connection to the WAYNES WORLD remake on SNL with their famous crazy church lady comedian and Mike Myers in an Indian Chief medicine wheel hockey jersey. That was confirmed on SUPER BOWL 45 Sunday by the 54 people who got gassed at a junior hockey league game in Gunnison, Colorado; located on the eastern side of the Black Canyon National Monument to MLK that is a major REV.16 divide prophecy.

MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK was Renee's first film role back in the 1260 days period of 1993. The movie's romantic Vanetines Day theater poster is at:

Prince's cancelled concert party was a DANIEL 12 "River Alexander..." promotional event in support of some charity founded by various British homosexuals of the Greek Arcadia kind. Hence, Dyckesville is located on the Brown County borderline, west of Lincoln, just outside of cheese packer town.


NOTE: A 4.0 shaker in the SADDLE TRAMPS border area rocked the Chocolate Mtns at 3:56 pm, right after SB 45 started. A double 3.2 shook the Russian River area of northern California at 5:54 pm.

The great balls of fire outside Arcadia Sunday were also confirmation of the breaking news about the merger of AOL and the Greek Ms Huffington, who operates a popular site for the bloggers of Sodom&Egypt.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


When I walked by a silver CHEROKEE last Sunday afternoon parked in front of SUBWAY, bearing '111THE7' plates, the Lord told me out of the blue, "I love my German shorthair..." Somehow I sensed that he was talking about Renee Zellweger, even though the actress is a Germanic Israelite via Scandinavia. Here are the new pix of her in a nice gray hackle red number with silver threaded body and cocktail ring at the GOLDEN CAMERA German brown trout awards show at:

I googled Renee tonight because I had a dream yesterday that both my part Jewish Germanic ex-wife from Lorraine, France and the CASE 39 actress were curiously examining the iPAD patterns on my bed sheets while I pretended to be asleep like Ricky does in TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!

Sadly, the first resurrection's 58 year-old Lorraine actress in LAST TANGO IN PARIS passed away as my post rolled out about the beautiful spring creek trout waters that run under Oregon's Rt.58 from the Three Sisters Wilderness near Walker Mtn, Crescent Lake, and 5800' Windigo Butte; just upstream from Gilchrist.

Last Friday, 5 of Denis Leary's firefighters were injured in a basement fire in New Hyde Park, Long Island, near the Belmont Park Race Track landmark in THE MATADOR prophecy. The same day I dreamed that an attractive babe asked me to dance, so I started doing a little bop, right as Pierce Brosnan came dancing up beside me. Turned out she was talking to him, while I found myself dancing alone rather awkwardly, as he went on role playing yours truly, standing in for Bradley Cooper.

Last Tuesday in Washington's King County, a 40 year-old woman was buried by a snow avalanche on Red Mountain; near Salmon La Sac and the Cooper River. A dog ski-rescue group called BARK finally discovered her body Saturday afternoon, according to:

Here's an interesting 09 Valentines Day snow hike report from the same China Point area at:

A German shorthair mix tried to bark at me in the postoffice parking lot Friday, but it's bark had been silenced by one of those cruel dog procedures. I noted the van's 'LEOFF-2' plates that had passed the GSR/TWN tree trunk salmon sculpture recently with another set of personalized plates behind it that read '39ISH'.

The tag line on my DVD case for 2005's THE MATADOR reads, "GRAB THIS ONE BY THE HORNS AND ENJOY THE RIDE!"

The wiki link with the salesman killer joke movie poster is at:

They made me Justin Beiber's college dorm no.316 roommate on SNL. I believe that this image no.316 of Kate Holmes at onlythebestfakes is the only three sisters portrait among the site's 626 images of her at:


NOTE: There was a 4.4 shaker in the Fox Islands of Alaska a couple hours after I posted Fox's image no.22.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sometime last night in the wee hours, I decided to check for any google news updates. But to my surprise, I accidentally touched on my google email iPAD link. But then before I could correct myself, I was astonished to hear a very distinct and excited small voice come from somewhere down around my woodpecker that said, "Oh boy!"

Could that be a bubbling gas noise from my artichoke hearts vinegar ĂȘtre with LIBERTY ORCHARDS' tender asparagus spears?.. I wondered in amazement. Then I suddenly remembered the Asian wife with that guy in a Top Gun FA-22 jacket and felt impressed to check Megan Fox's 22nd image at my email link to onlythebest fakes, because I had seen the site's spread eagle logo earlier in a nanosecond flash vision, and Fox was still on my cat nap radar for a reason that I can't remember now.

'Oh boy!' was definitely the gut reaction I got when I saw Megan standing beside Tom Cruise's red Italian DUCATTI 999 that was parked next to the Thai noodles joint on Buckley Hwy the other day. After finding an 86 nickel lying by the pink espresso hut at 76 UNION, while the babe working there was taking a CAMEL smoke break in a pink LL bathrobe that showed off her slim Megan Fox look alike figure. And the nickel had a weird pinkish lavender tint that had matched the eye shadow that very same day on some Megan Fox Internet candid shot. The petite blond Sienna figure who drove by in a black A4 OOOO that was followed by a PARADISE IRRIGATION & LANDSCAPING van just then was confirmed by the no.22 image that matched my vivid dream on record about Tom Cruise fixing me up with 2 hot babes in their NUSKIN riding leathers standing next to 2 hot Euro crotch-rockets, when all the LA freeways were shut down for security reasons. So then the TOP GUN actor and I decided to wait it out at a cheap 70s wood panel motel. For years I have been wondering just who those two FAST AND FURIOUS biker babes were at:

The Providential FFing timing to this latest talking carp lips revelation from God is obviously about the debut of Jennifer Aniston's new fountain of youth extract fragrance that smells like Adam's salty sea beaches off the shallow Miami Beach sand bars in THE FAT SPY prophecy tattoo confirmation on the arm of Florida's native girl Megan Fox at:


Friday, February 4, 2011


It's high time that all you dirty EPHESIANS 4:14 Jew boys get real. The 555' 5" Egyptian woodpecker O/obelisk in DC is nothing more than a big boner prophecy about the last asshole feeder in the Oval shaped office named Barack Obama. Who is my tall skinny latte cowboy sidekick mummy in the JFK assassin movie about the Memphis king of rock'n roll called BUBBA HO-TEP. Who solves the REV.17 mystery about today's 1950s tourist museum bus going off the Clintons' bridge to the future in Egypt. That was just confirmed on Friday by the Texan husband of the recovering Jewish bitch who rides the Tombstone, Arizona pizza beast in his final decision to ride the same rocket steeple into outer space this coming April.

As explained in Camille Paglia's SEXUAL PERSONAE, ancient Egypt was the 666 center of science and learning.

Which is exactly why the future Hillary Clinton from Chicago is all ready to go in her 1950s si-fi space suit in the little boy's COUNT YORGA vampire prophecies. And that burned out grand baby piano showed up on an Adam Sandler sand bar down in South Miami, Israel. As per my Seattlite 1980 prophecy entitled STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER that bounces off the many SEATTLE WORLD's FAIR fantasy movies that The Killer King made in Barry Obama's Hawaii Islands. If you don't have the book, here is the YELLOW CLIFF NOTES like plot outline for all you Yale and Harvard cheaters from wikileaks at:

The book begins in "the final quarter of the twentieth century," at a year never specified, presumably in the early 1980s. It revolves around a family of deposed European royalty living in a small house in the suburbs outside of Seattle, under the protection of the CIA. They consist of: the father, King Max, a former gambler and poker player whose prosthetic heart valve makes a loud scraping noise when he gets excited; the mother, Queen Tilli, an opera-lover with a strong foreign accent and a fondness for saying "Oh, oh, spaghetti-o"; Gulietta, the non-English-speaking maid (and, as it turns out, Max's half-sister) and the daughter, Leigh-Cheri, a redheaded vegetarian liberal princess and former cheerleader, having pulled out of classes after being asked to resign from the cheer squad after having a miscarriage while cheering at a football game.
Leigh-Cheri proclaims herself celibate, withdraws from public life and cloisters herself in her room, only to emerge to ask her parents for permission to go to the Care Fest, a liberal convention in Hawaii with scientist and politician speakers, including Leigh-Cheri's idol, Ralph Nader. Gulietta is sent to accompany her, and while on the plane, Leigh-Cheri meets Bernard Mickey Wrangle, an outlaw bomber known as the Woodpecker (the common Tom Robbins-fantasy-alter-ego character). Like Leigh-Cheri, he is a redhead, and unlike her, he is on his way to blow up the Care Fest. As it turns out, the Woodpecker has a passion for tequila that inadvertently causes him to bomb a UFO conference instead of his intended target. Gulietta rats him out as the bomber to Leigh-Cheri, who then places him under citizen's arrest. Before she knows it, Leigh-Cheri finds herself at a bar with this crooked-toothed outlaw, drinking tequila and kissing passionately. The two do not agree on their philosophies concerning life: Leigh-Cheri believes it is everyone's job to make the world a better place, Bernard thinks that life is meant to be lived and, on occasion, shaken up.
In between bombings and falling in love, Leigh-Cheri is approached by an unusually beautiful woman who claims she is from the planet of Argon. She informs Leigh-Cheri that redheads are considered evil on her planet and that "Red hair is caused by sugar and lust". This is highly insulting to Leigh-Cheri because she has only recently taken those things out of her life. Leigh-Cheri, Bernard, Gulietta, and a friend flee Lahaina after Bernard frames the Argonian couple for the bombing of the UFO meeting. Out on the sea, an unexplainable light source flies by their boat (the Argonians?) and Gulietta leaves Hawaii having developed a slight cocaine addiction.
While courting the princess in Seattle, Bernard manages to ruin a priceless royal rug, kill Tilli's chihuahua, and get arrested for his past exploits. The princess is overcome with longing for her confined lover; her solution to their separation is to isolate herself in the attic and create the same atmosphere Bernard is forced to live in. In continuous solitude, with nothing but a pack of Camel cigarettes to entertain her, Leigh-Cheri unveils a secret conspiracy involving redheads, ancient pyramids, Thomas Jefferson, the moon, CHOICE, and the planet of Argon. When Bernard hears that people are copying Leigh-Cheri's self-isolation and making it a fad, he sends her a letter telling her that she has made too much of a deal out of the relationship and has also started a trend he does not approve of. Leigh-Cheri leaves her attic, outraged and heart-broken, and becomes engaged to a rich Arab named A'ben Fizel who builds a pyramid for her as an engagement present. Gulietta is made queen by the revolutionaries of her country, and Max and Tilli are given ample living expenses, which Max uses to gamble his life away in Reno.

The day before Leigh-Cheri and A'ben's wedding is scheduled, Leigh-Cheri learns that Bernard was shot in an Algerian jail. Hysterical, she flees to the pyramid and, upon entering it, discovers Bernard, waiting for her, strapped with dynamite as usual.
A'ben is informed of this by a guard, and he locks the two into the pyramid's chambers. A'ben tells the public that Leigh-Cheri was captured by terrorists, has the pyramid painted black, and announces that no one will ever enter it again, effectively burying the two alive.
In the meantime, Bernard and Leigh-Cheri, trapped in the pyramid, are living on wedding cake and champagne while they discuss the pyramids, redheads, the moon, and Camel cigarettes. When they are almost completely out of supplies, Leigh-Cheri decides to use the dynamite to make an opening while Bernard sleeps, sacrificing her own life to save him. He tries to stop her, but the dynamite goes off anyway. They awaken in the hospital where they discover that they are both deaf. Max is so shaken by Leigh-Cheri's capture and reappearance that his heart gives out on him. After the funeral, Leigh-Cheri and Bernard move back to Seattle where they spend the rest of their days pondering inanimate objects.


PS: We'll have to wait and see if I'm going to write and direct the book's indie film ensemble cast remake, co-starring all of my royal Brit ladies. One thing is for sure, the post 3 woes money will have to be right.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Tom Robbin's prophetic 20-pack of CAMEL fags novel from my forerunner's blackberry stickers infested home town of Seattle featured a thieving red beak grayish magpie flying out of Egypt with that wood match that was ignightened in Jewish Miami by a fingernail in GREAT BALLS OF FIRE; going west over the Gaza fences of Judea in MARK 13:14 with a stick of TNT in his talons at:

Because most of my uneducated bird brainish wives have only the church of the devil's deceitful take on the history of Israel, and the 666 history of the Third Way Reich, that over 80% of the bigoted filthy half Jews in the west have swallowed hook, line, and sinker. So now is the time to pick up a book or two and get educated, no matter what, at:

This is why that stupid butt fucking queer on CNN named Anderson Cooper was just beaten on a roof top in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt of REV.11. Because all of you silly little older botches in Hollywood, England have been listening to him, instead of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Which is no problem for my young teen wives in GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, who I can raise up in the righteous truth of the revealed word of God in the BOOK OF MORMON and the 2BC etc.

Please don't get all bitter and get me wrong.. Virtually all of my older Three Sisters, Oregon sweet fucking Daniel Boone skin wives are going to eventually come around over and over as well. As prophesied in Gus Van Sant's EVEN DALLAS COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES prophecy about where the spring fed EZE.47 upper Deschutes River full of Lorraine, France German brown trout flows under Rt.58 near the 7078' Walker Mtn 'Y' junction. Which was revealed to me in my mid teens by my enlightened Providential JIM BEAM stepfather Les Winn. Who always recommended that we take a nice selection of thick grey-hackle red dry-flies whenever we go down there.

I did manage to get down there in my white 57 CHEVY with Kit Winn in the early summer before I left for my LDS mission in Fellini's ROMA prophecy. I never saw anything like that in my life, except perhaps in FIELD & STREAM magazine. It happened sometime after I had opened the fly and pulled down the white leggings on my future 17 year-old wife Lane Fortny in Sand Point and rubbed some wax onto her hackle until she came out loud like Keira Knightley in a live West Side, London stage play, which looked exactly like the pair at:

Get the picture yet?



THE BEAVER star Mel Gibson attended some mock court case about the legal sanity of Prince Hamlet Monday night, that was conducted by a group of elite attorneys at the SHAKESPEAR CENTER, presided over by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. According to Mr TMZ who was also there and this RADAR report at:

A couple hours later there was a 3.0 three woes shaker in cowboy Wyoming at 1:11:10 am local time, in Fremont County near the Beaver River, north of the Great Divide Basin. For the great dividing earthquake in REV.16 that splits America into three parts.

The continuing absence of any prophecy news on such amazing Providential signs and wonders from the Bible Belt world of Jimmy Swaggart's 700 CLUB crowd was reflected in the same day closing of the Gay Area's 666 NASDAQ at 2,700.08, complete with a 'crazy 8' church lady tag.

The colossal snow storm confirmation of my 5:59 GROUNDHOG DAY postings about my Son of Ham sidekick varmint was reflected in that strange 5.9 shaker that went on for minutes Tuesday at 3:38 pm near Adam Sandler's frozen Sand Point landmark in Alaska. Longtime TWNers will remember the prophetic elements that make up your traditional snow covered Baked Alaska desert shaped like a sports dome. Which is flaming whipped egg whites on top of frozen Napoleon ice cream, usually divided into the three REV.16 flavors of white vanilla, red strawberry, and brown chocolate, like at:

An insanity trial for Prince Ham would be the perfect depiction of the JUST GO WITH IT lunatics who have been saying that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, contrary to his only existing genuine hospital birth certificate from Kenya at:

If you don't believe it, you're as queer as a one dollar bill made by an underground computer at WONDER WORLD.


Here's a photo of that crazy 8 lady who was strangled to death in a prison church by the REV.17 beast using Jimmy Swaggart's microphone cord at:

Reportedly, she was a Teamsters 117 member.