Thursday, March 31, 2011


In the Hawaiian GREASE 2 Obomba shelter prophecy about the fall of the new Roman 666 beast, Stephanie's Sienna theater actress sings about how the ground will start shaking in Japan when she finds her eternal Davidian cool rider HARLEY DAVIDSON mate. And the Calendar Girls mention in rehearsal that they always start their 4 seasons show with the [3.19] end of winter bombing of North Beach. But in the final talent show, the screwed Girl Scout in WAG THE DOG comes out first as Ms [war] March for spring time.

Therefore the CIA actor in SYRIANA etc, who is an official UN ambassador for peace, was called to testify in Rome about the Italian PM fucking some under age girl scout from North Africa at the same time the news broke about the Obomber sending the CIA into Libya. Where they have been firing off FLARE PATH lights every night in their civil war prelude to the REV.16 one coming to America.

Syriana came out in 05 with it's prophetic brown Chocolate Mtns SEE NO EVIL movie poster at:

The poster's "TRAFFIC" reference was confirmed by Wednesday's news about that corrupt Supreme Court judge who rear ended a car on the George Washington Parkway Tuesday. Because he is refusing to uphold the US Constitution's most basic requirements to be a commander in chief of the US armed forces. While ignoring the honest military men rotting in jail for refusing to carry out orders from the abomination of desolation. For a second witness, the Jewish TV Judge Judy started talking nonsense like one of those pussy whipped high society judges who refuses to even look at Obama's birth certificate, so they put her on a gurney from Gurnee, Illinois and drove her to the hospital.

This is why Clooney was born on the 5.6 anniversary of the White Horse Prophecy in the GREASE 2 year of 1961, when the illegal Obomber was born in Africa. The frequent [IDES OF MARCH] political actor is famous for carrying around a pocket size copy of the US Constitution.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


WND has been putting up billboards around America asking "WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?" ever since it became obvious that the usurper in the beige office of the White House was born in Africa. So why not just show their readers the damn thing? That all those little African children are giggling about at:

From the mouths of babes...

Well, it turns out that their nation wide advertising campaign has been an inspired promotion for that miraculously produced 1260 days prophecy called WAG THE DOG, at:

Wherein a girl scout elected president is on the verge of being exposed for screwing them. So he creates a fake war under false pretenses and lots of humanitarian bullshit. As confirmed by the film's eventual screenplay lawsuit against the director Barry Livingston by some lady prophetically named Hilary Henkin. And Willie Nelson's looming prosecution for being so high on pot all the time that he voted for Obama.

WAG THE DOG's obviously phony military distraction takes place in the same area where Ron Brown died in a plane crash. Therefore God arranged my sidekick's schedule so that he would be dedicating the Ron H Brown United States Mission to the United Nations building in NYC right after his totally unbelievable LAST NIGHT speech.

Note the building's bomb blast design that exposes no windows to a large explosion from street level at:


Sunday, March 27, 2011


The beast that sits upon the seven mountains of Colorado won THE SHINING's full moon invasion dated 319 billion MEGA BALL '4' LOTTO in Albany, New York on no.4's birthday, UK time. The 7 government employees bought the winning ticket together at a liberal media newspaper and magazine outlet that has been promoting the concept of free millions and billions ever since the African born abomination of desolation appeared out of nowhere from his last known address in Chicago.

Saturday's night before news was confirmed for New Yorkers by the release of no.4's LAST NIGHT trailer about the [financial] fornication of 4 people at:

Then the DR STRANGELOVE news broke about New York's former UN ambassador Geraldine Ferraro finally dying of body fluids cancer. Amid reports that Al-Qaida has been raiding Libya's arms depots full of who knows what; because of the G7 beast's very strange
not-so-no-fly war on Mr Gads. Like at:

The true nature of the 843rd B-52 wing in DR STRANGELOVE is confirmed by the 843rd image at cfake of [read British weapon] Britney Spears that was put there long before my postings about the prophetic 1964 film, at:

More and more it is looking like that damaged nuke plant in Japan is Providentially role playing the dooms day machine in DR STRANGELOVE that was designed to spew out lethal bald headed radiation with a mind of it's own.

Check out the Bruce Willis birth date on this 4.4 quake that struck on MEGA BALL 4 Friday off the Baldy Butte coast of Oregon at 3:19 pm. Right there along Hwy.101 is Seven Devils Wayside and the famous Oregon sand dunes that look like North Africa; recorded at:

Don't miss the 'Glen Beck' actor's credit in the opening of DR STRANGELOVE.

Here's a nice shot from 1965's THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD of Richard Burton kissing Keira Knightley at:


Saturday, March 26, 2011


See the final RED ALERT stonewalling media prophecy poster at this Justin Timberlake look alike link before you read this cocky movie posting about my killer acting skills at:

All of you religious sectarian fools out there who suffer from Dr Strangelove style same-sex attraction fascism, and continue to believe that I lie and exaggerate about things like you do, have been mercifully inspired by the grace of God to know and understand the heart of my beloved sidekick cheetah born in Africa. Who insanely claims that he is not waging war on North Beach, Africa, and did not have his church choir lover murdered in 1996's ABSOLUTE POWER prophecy about when the small time career felons like Larry Sinclair and Lucas Smith caught him in the act, at:

In other words, if you believe the cheap sensationalized British tabloid reports about Sinclair failing his lie detector test, that everybody on the Internet knows was scientifically contradicted by various expert's analysis of the machine's own computer printouts. Then you probably would believe in WND's polite Christian society rejection of Sinclair's two very intelligent books about sucking on Obama's cock, and Lucas Smith's live video of Obama's genuine 1961 Kenyan birth certificate that was Divinely confirmed by all those angelic children of God standing around it with the most amazing shit eating grins on their innocent faces.

"Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen?.. Because their hearts are set so much upon the [666] things of this world, and aspire to the [MIT] honors of men... [D&C 121]

"Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." [3NEPHI 14]

Which is why the US Air Force general in DR STRANGELOVE accidentally mentions the revelation about the vomit in today's RLDS temples and the film immediately cuts to a shot of my former sidekick Woody Norris.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


1964's DR STRANGELOVE begins in a "desolate place" in the future when the abomination of desolation prophecy in MARK 13:14 would unfold.

The control tower at Reagan National Airport went silent Wednesday morning at the same time I was watching the movie's plot about the B-52 air base going silent under their Code Red operation for 'Plan R' secrecy. Reportedly, the Reagan tower's traffic controller had fallen asleep during the hours of the Reaganite Glenn Beck show, in confirmation of his foolish five sleeping virgins status quo regarding America's illegal alien Commander in Chief. That was confirmed by the arrest of 13 of his illegal alien soldiers who are conducting a constitutionally illegal attack on Libya at:

The bald president's Woody Norris look alike adviser appeared right around the time Norris was a nuke weapons tech in the Air Force.

When the attack code is issued the B-52 cowboy pilot mentions going to a rodeo, right as we cut to a shot of the plane's future black Obomba bombardier.

"The enemy may come in our own uniform..." warns General Jack The Ripper. About the time when America's chief commander would be an enemy of the patriots who need to get fucked in the ass for 42 months by my Egyptian BUBBA HO-TEP sidekick, Stephenville, Texas rodeo style, until they wake up and smell the Sandy Bullock bull shit.

The war room board's 666 fascist gang 'triangle' icons are the primary target. The foolish conservative 'squares' are the secondary target.

Charlie Sheen tells us that he has only one gear, and that is 'GO!'. For the prophetic film's running 'Go Code' time-line.

Putting the B-52 bombers on Code 114 prevents any fake Obomba target transmissions from the enemy. As confirmed by Mrs Top Gun's fake image 114 on onlythebestfakes with an ominous sports arena target theme at:

DR STRANGELOVE's "purity of fluids" of life refer to the coming blood cleansing work in the temples that leads to the physical transfiguration. When the former FDR wheelchair Nazi scientist is healed and learns to walk; mentioning that every man will have ten wives.

In the original script, the B-52 emergency crash kit was for the survival of Dallas, Texas. But President Kennedy was assassinated on the same day the finished film was scheduled for it's first screening. So the studio made them dub in the word 'Vegas', and put off the release date. Hence the above Jackie Kennedy actress image sign at 114.

The movie's civil war shoot out at the B-52 base is for the three way breakup of the USA in REV.16 etc. After the alien fluoridation plot is revealed by events in Florida.


PS: Thank you for the ULEE'S GOLD copy. When the spirit moves... I'm still looking for a hard to find secondhand copy of;







Use the same fake El Camino Drive Dominos pizzeria return address. I could use a couple C notes too. I want one of those new enhanced 666 drivers license IDs so I can take the weekend train up to Vancouver and fuck you know who.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


THE LINCOLN LAWYER opened on the same day, USA time, that America's half gay Jew Abraham Lincoln figure from Illinois in David Cronenberg's 11/22/63 CRASH car prophecy started to bomb the prophetic North Beach civil war location for 91's NAKED LUNCH revelation. That was confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt for the legally blind by such reliable government news releases on Tuesday about those 13 illegal alien US Marines captured near THE BLOB border. While the Obomber stopped in El Savior, the Catholic homeland of the insane M13 gang now ravishing America. Who were following orders from the illegally occupied CASABLANCA commander in chief, who will be protected by today's decadent Jewish neo con stonewallers at FOX news etc for 42 months. At which point, even they will no longer be able to stand having Dr Strangelove's 3-way Chocolate Mtns pyramid cock going in and out of their tight ass butt holes.

Do your pre-show homework and shut the fuck up at:

You may have noticed that I have been hammering down more hard on the foolish neo cons lately. Hey, why beat a dead horse? After all, it's not really that cool to disrespect the fools on the left who everybody and his dog knows are already as dead as a door nail.

So my precious Donatella Greco look alike from The King Of Hollywood's IT STARTED IN NAPLES Sofia Loren prophecy passed away Wednesday. In confirmation of her lasting Picasso art images filmed in the same FDR wheelchair used by the new 666 beast figure in DR STRANGELOVE.

Who ended the Obomba gangsta earthquake photo shoot for the prophetic atomic radiation BOMBS OVER TOKYO movie message from 1964 that was LOST IN TRANSLATION by Ms Coppola's little virgin in the 2nd MANHATTAN STORIES for way too long. About some older guy fucking some young hot Thailand teen, like Bill Murray is so famous for, when he gets too bored silly by your stupid numbed down cult religion notions about homogaysexual Catholicism monogamy.

Those talk-radio conservative fools who believe that the final Obomber was born in Hawaii are the same polite society morons who don't believe that your local Catholic Protestant priest could have possibly been sucking on Donald Young's cock before the Chinatown abomination of desolation from Chicago had him murdered without mercy by my marred servant sidekick Mr Gads in [the libs] Libyan film shoot location for the last African SEX IN THE CITY sequel.

About an hour after I saw my new sex-on-the-beach sex tape fragrance FFer cocktail cfake of Jenny, there was a Divinely timed 4.1 Rt.111 earthquake in her native Greece; right before she is ready to shout 'Jesus!' out loud at:

For a 60s love guru confirmation of Rihana's new Caribbean pirates threesome REDRUM sex song that was given to her by God; about how much she loves the vaginal mount hood smell of bing cherry syrup at:

At the introduction of Stanley Kubrick's DR STRANGELOVE scenes around Keira Knightley's Branch Davidian knights-of-the-round-table, we see my former mosquito pest-repeller blood-sucking [Japanese] business partner Woody Norris sitting next to the future bald abomination of desolation president. Who now lives somewhere above the northern Black Beach nude beach bluffs region around Paris Hilton's grandparents estate at:

That was confirmed by the Chicago WILLIS TOWER bomber jumping into North Beach's sex with strangers civil war shoot on the birth date of Hollywood's bald movie star who looks like someone suffering from radiation hair fallout.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


One of the main reasons why I started to stop worrying and love the crazy Obomber during these final boring 42 months of his oppressive liberal politics, was all the "President Obama" bullshit coming from the now legally blind and numbed down nervous system of Glenn Beck's apostate Catholic Mormon world view.

Every time you hear some neocon like Beck, or Medved, or Bill O'Reilly say the words "President Obama" you know that you are being conned CASINO ROYALE style big time. As confirmed by Woody Allen's GSR/TWN figure in his first movie who was cast into that French LOST HIGHWAY basement prison of my ex-wife [with a man's first name] during the final 42 months reign of my future Napoleon Dynamite sidekick. Who was condemned to live out my 1290 days in solitude while sipping on fine Burgundy with Brie and Rosemary crackers from Provence.

I'll go into it later about how THE SAILOR DOG sailboat in Liz Hurley's haunting KILL CRUISE prophecy relates to the death of all those white European apes who live on the Rock of Gibraltar. Where my messianic black&white poster full of grace and mercy looked over the bed of my future 2 threeway wives FFing my future spiritually dead brother.


Bottom line. America's unconstitutional Abraham Lincoln Jewish imposter from Illinois, who is now role playing the original unconstitutional Lincoln log splitter who illegally suspended the US Constitution in order to act out Napoleon's fashionable TRIUMPH OF THE WILL politics of the time upon the lost European tribes of Israel, so he could free the Egyptian sex slaves of Libya, USA for his own ego on the last day of HBO's Utah harem series based in the Sandy, Utah deserts of North Africa, is now incapable of reversing the technologically tempting 666 course coming out of Colorado's underground mountain lair of the 7 peaks beast below the wildfires that erupted INSYNC with everything coming down around Renee Zellweger's COORS LIGHT site prelude to THE SHINING light from the love guru who gave Jimmy Kimmel a big stiff Los Vegas kiss on the lips like my Blackjack figure did in THE SHEENING in Rm.237.


Sunday, March 20, 2011


Praise Jesus that all those Egyptian slave refugees will soon be allowed to return to their jobs as house maids and sex servants once the completely legit civil war in Lybia is decided by America's last days Abraham Lincoln figure from the state of Illinois. Who was born in Clooney's Larue County, Kentucky, just west of Howardstown, and Rt.52's 52 PICKUP landmarks like; New Hope, Holly Cross, St Francis, St Mary, Bullit County, Washington County, Hardin County, Big Pitman River's Bradfordsville, and of course, Naomi Watts' [Per the electricity nuke plant watts on Seattle's 6100 block that powers Japan's millions of miraculous 666 iPADS.] landmark on Hwy.68 called Lebanon. Because Hamass fired 50 symbolic states of America mortars into the southern EZE.47 side of Israel on the same day Abraham started bombing North Beach, Africa. In confirmation of George Albert Smith's vision of the war that started between the time the 42 months Greek homosexual abomination was elected and illegally inaugurated.

Teddy Roosevelt's populist third-way landmark called Calvary is just south of Obomba's Israelitish Lebanon in the home state of the writer-director-star of THE IDES OF MARCH reference to Saturday's most [THE SHINING] full moon in 18 years. That Providentially appeared on the anniversary of the actor's THREE KINGS invasion movie of Iraq reference to the 11/22/63 assassination of Julius Caesar on a full moon in 44 BC.

Nearby Powell County, Kentucky is for Bruce Willis' 3.19 birth date anniversary invasion inspiration behind his vote for the future Obomber who would help me blow that high tech Asian safe on top of Chicago's WILLIS TOWER. So that everybody could see what a bunch of stonewalling neocon liberal phonies are running the show at the NYT and FOX news.

Here are the prophetic lyrics to Katy Perry's timely full moon fireworks hit at:
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?
Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?

Do you ever feel already buried deep?
Six feet under screams, but no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that there's still a chance for you
'Cause there's a spark in you?

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July

'Cause baby, you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh
As you shoot across the sky

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colors burst
Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh
You're gonna leave 'em falling down

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow
And when it's time, you'll know

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July

'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh
As you shoot across the sky

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colors burst
Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh
You're gonna leave 'em falling down

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It's always been inside of you, you, you
And now it's time to let it through

'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh
As you shoot across the sky

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colors burst
Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh
You're gonna leave 'em falling down

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon


Saturday, March 19, 2011


I AM truly sorry to have to inform you about this, but the condemned 666 forces of the 7 hills whore of Israel started to bomb my crazy camel hump fucker friend in North Beach right at the dawn of a new full moon. I really really wish that things could have worked out differently. But it looks like the 1981 film's naked Davidian cfake prophecies in ISAIAH 20 etc will all now come true no matter what I love to fuck at:

I mean, what's not to like? Here's a guy who is eating the world's most amazing sun dried cured-ripe olives while fucking a harem of beautiful silly women on top of my fucking BIG LEBOWSKI rug in his camel toel tent. And when any of the radical Islamic sympathizers at the NYT or WASHINGTON POST get too crazy he has them taken out and shot like my good buddy Obama.

Unless you are one of these dumb fucking JFK meets LBJ Letterman types from the 60s cult generation who is still amorally fucking anything in a stupid girl skirt with a chocolate cock as big as Stephenville, Texas. To the point where the dark tower voices in your arrogant BOOGIE NIGHTS head tell you that it is time to do the time warp again in Madison, Wisconsin and call it '11/22/63'. Which is already being made into a movie by George Clooney, in the form of THE IDES OF MARCH, without paying you one thin FDR dime in royalties. [Read red tides of March.]]

Do any of you foolish FAIR GAME virgins really believe that the evil comic book character 'Mr Gads' didn't keep some of his bio chemical weapons in his basement lair after he had their warehouse weapon factories shut down for the western media cameras?

Yeah right. And Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.



21 year-old Michael S. Miller-Leibowitz rammed David Bacon from behind 3 times near the Kings Highway 'Y' on Rt.29 outside Allentown/Bethlehem, PA on St Patricks Day, while shouting "My mom is Satan!". In confirmation of King's wikipedia page update at 02:10 London Time for the 21 blackjack motifs in THE SHEENING prophecy about chasing all the [U2 nuke plant] snakes out of Ireland.

The Jewish named day 1290 omen, near such Judean landmarks, occurred on the same day the news rolled out about Joe 7 Hills' devil book called HORNS getting Shia LaBeouf for the movie, at:

For the dog who rammed King in the butt back in 1999 in confirmation of Larry Sinclair's homogaysexual whistle blower book based in the Gurnee, Illinois, COMFORT INN on Gurnee Mills Circle, Glenn Miller's Pennsylvanian 6-5k maniac had his dog bite Mr Bacon on Chestnut St, according to:

So those dry humor Brits at Florida's GLOBE put a doctored Stephen King look alike gurney pic on the cover of this week's Larry Sinclair issue with the star of DR GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE at:

All this goes back to the writer's home state of the Jewish Senator Snow mom that is shaped like a dog's head that has been cut off from Rump Mtn to South Lebanon to Portsmouth, if one turns the map upside down.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Everybody who has a poodle dog knows about that very specific revelation that was given to the lost tribes's BOOK OF MORMON prophet some years ago that stated that an A-bomb will be detonated in Paris at exactly 3:00 . If anyone out there has in his possession one or two of these Russian made black-market designer suitcase knock-offs it would be my marred servant sidekick's sidekick figure in North Africa. Who the French Branch Davidian assholes in Paris want to bomb because he is slaughtering the false prophet beast followers who are trying to slaughter him and his family. As confirmed by the fact that the crazy CAMEL woodpecker man is dropping Russian made bombs from Russian made jets on top of the friends of my European 7 hills enemies.

This is the DOUBLE WHAMMY tsunami of the two witnesses wave that drowned that Hawaiian BUTT HOLE SURFERS Obama dude with two daughters off [REV.13.1] Maverick Beach's Gay Area called North Beach.

The artistic inspiration behind Keira's images for CHANEL's iconic fascist motorcycle cat suit was the new beige Oval Office decorator from Chicago who was born in Africa to a white Jewish mother from Mercer Island. That resulted in his dark beige skin confirmation of the Jews passion for a more primary colored Marxism. Hence the restored frustration with Mussolini's fellow socialist dogs that is now manifesting itself in the born again form of Joan Baez, Hillary Clinton, Matt Damon, and Jon Stewart.

In Charlie's Angels' THE SHEENING prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, Mr Blackjack has to chop down two white doors with a shiny stainless steel 211 fire ax that bear the cross of Jesus. Before his crazy Jewish wife takes a walk inside the SNOW CAT that looks like a European made NATO tank.

Jack is portrayed in the end by those 21 black&white iPAD photos below the two candle sticks that depict today's drunken high society crowd in DC at their big snowjob press party last weekend during the rising sun nuke meltdown in [G7] Japan. In confirmation of Stephen King's wiki page finally getting updated at 02:10, and Granny Grass putting a fat FOSTERS FARMS chicken into the oven to bake, with a post-it note on the stove fan that read "Chicken in at 2:10".


See the enlarged framed G6 boner above the whore who rides the bronze horse reference to 'The Shores of Tripoli' in this posh Rm.237 image of my beige sidekick helping me move my future throne of England into position at:

Note the open crucifix doors that my ISAIAH 22:22 figure in the Colorado snowjob prophecy would not allow to stay shut.

According to wiki leaks, Paris Hilton was conceived in the womb of her REV.17 MOTHER OF WHORES at the same time THE SHINING hotel prophecy about Rm.217 came out in theaters at:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The Clark Rockefeller imposter with the Clark Kent disguise glasses reappeared in the late 80s in Connecticut as Christopher Crowe. In confirmation of my black sidekick in the Casablanca who is using a false Social Security number from Connecticut. My same future sidekick that one may have noticed in the GSR/TWN shadow movie poster for IT'S ALL TRUE at:

Note the BOOK OF MORMON poster's prophetic telegram that states the time-line when the alien dominated government of America will be all out of money. In the context of the poster's sailboat mast that forms the image of a cultural and monetary pyramid for the new Egypt in REV.11.

The actual full size movie poster is hanging on my bedroom wall next to stacks of VHS tapes and DVDs. Where one can see the artwork's inspired two witnesses making the classic fascist stiff arm salute; positioned above those two gentiles role playing Hitler asking Eva Brown to marry him on April 29.

The imposter was finally charged by symbolic proxy in the murder of my sidekick's gay lover Donald Young on Tuesday. Right as my REDRUM NOTES posting was rolling out about the execution style murder. Which was thematically confirmed by the [61 Obama] news about 61 pirates from Africa being captured by THE SHINING's Overlook Hotel Indians at:

Here is the BLAME IT ON RIO poster at:

The girl in the IT'S ALL TRUE poster now resembles Venessa Hudgens, in light of her recent inspired comments about Michael Caine, compared to her at:

The '75' artwork in HALL PASS was a joke about that classic '750' ride in Kei/ra's CHANEL ads, now viewable in a new video teaser with her holding a pair of suggestive CC keys at:

Keira's 75th image at cfake was posted by CCZOOO... back on 12.7 2009, for a Divine CC zooom ride confirmation. Well before G6 came out with it's dirty G6" martini lyrics and "glass I love to fuck no matter what" motifs, at:

Keira's 75th fake at onlythebestfakes was posted there back in July of 2004 by 'CH' and features the same beige fabric motif design in her CHANEL short, at:

Speaking of CHANEL with beige, here is Emma Roberts at Paris Fashion Week in a pair of Dr Goldfoot shoes; wearing a nice set of Mardi Gras beads and holding the long neck water bottle from Jenny's G6 sex tape:


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I had an extreme close-up flash vision Monday night at 11:09 of a very satanic looking Stephen King starring at me with pure hatred radiating from his slanted caucasian eyes. That was miraculously confirmed the very next day by that physically transfigured figure sitting in the BOSTON RED SOX' hot seat wearing my classic thick PEPSI bottle black rim glasses in this extreme close-up of yours truly at:

I should probably mention up front that when I looked at my late 70s era secondhand COSMO TIME bed clock [Made in free China for some French company called HORLOGE ELECTRIQUE.] at 11:09, that I immediately saw it turn to 11:10 pm.

I AM absolutely the royal transfigured 59ish Davidian [Stephen] 'King of Hollywood' co-star in THE MISFITS type remake tributes to my 4RUNNER documentary director-actor who always preferred to play his 1958 TOUCH OF EVIL characters in such method acting reality pictures as SHAMPOO and SOME LIKE IT HOT to do BLAME IT ON RIO teenage sex-on-the-beach projects such as:

I'm talking about the prophetic radioactive ISAIAH 3:17 shaving foam featured in Evangeline's new video that will lead to her new physical transfiguration hairdo of course, as sheen at:

Confirmed in that inspired SHAMPOO number by Jessie J in a surreal bald Japanese girl wig reference during last weekend's SNL earth-shake tribute to all those sick hairless pussies at Based on the same weekend's nuclear powered Dr Evil SUBWAY sandwich earthquake and all that. reports that yours truly buried Ms sow us off Huntington Drive back in my 1985 days in LA. As if he was sowing the Montana wheat seeds inside Ms sire us et all in the final days when everything would be revealed in THE SHEENING melt down.


Monday, March 14, 2011


Stephen King was rammed in the butt by Bullit's van on June 19 in 1999, and flown away on a gurney, based on Larry Sinclair's true book about his 1999 hotel sex in Gurnee, Illinois with the 42 months abomination. Who had his former gay lover murdered with a bullit to the head in Chicago. Per the same secret combinations cited in the bogus 'June 19' date on Larry's latest false arrest notes posted on 3.12.11 at:

The inspired homogaysexual title of Larry Truman's new book is WHEN ONE MAN STANDS.

The yellow people tsunami invaded the REV.13.1 shores of EZE.38 California like a DANIEL 9 flood on the opening day of BATTLE: LOS ANGELES' invasion movie that did 36M on the historic earthquake weekend.

Those are the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim on the wall above my July 4th party on dude picture in THE SHEENING prophecy.

The black Obama figure of the 8.2 abomination of desolation arrives in Denver's snow job scene at 8:20; flying back from Stephen King's new adopted home state of Florida. Because of today's "...completely unreliable assholes..." who are supposed to be the caretakers of the US Constitution.

Stephensville fire engines went to a big fire on Obama's 61st street in Brooklyn Sunday, according to:

The weird man who has 82 Julia Roberts tattoos on his skin looks like my half Indian neighbor who drives that mint physically transfigured 58 CORVETTE around Bonnie Lake. As sheen here at:

5 foolish locked out virgins died in a horrible collision on I-10 Sunday at the Highland [Colorado] exit in Louisiana, after Britney appeared on the gay cover of OUT, reported at:

The Julia on that guy's right arm is the wolf man's wife, complete with GSR hair line. On his back she is wearing her Colorado mountains snow cap.

Little Danny's favorite food is French fries with catsup, for the symbolic context of his French mother, and Paris Hilton's Rm.217 in the book etc.

Elton John is hosting SNL on 4.2.


Sunday, March 13, 2011


The above editorial was posted on WND right before we learned that the Jewish settler family was cut with a knife by the devil in fulfillment of the flash visions in THE SHINING prophecy. That was directed for WB by the famous Orthodox Jewish rabbi director Stanley Kubrick at:

In the 1980 prophecy that was being filmed when my part Jewish wife, with the part Jewish nose, stabbed me in the back, we learn that Obama's ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH Colorado resort fantasy got it's new futurist iPAD carpet design from a [gay] decorator out of Chicago, "just last year". In order to establish today's prophecy time-line based on my miraculous iPAD purchase last year on Gisele's birthday confirmation of my dream about fingering her all the way to some crazy resort hotel room number 54 [Read CAR 54 traffic stop].

These are the future iPAD photos that are hanging all over the 7 mountains' resort walls in the Indian decor lounge etc. Sheen while we meet the nigger cook Obama figure named 'Dick' who takes little Danny into the back kitchen for some Chocolate Mountains ice cream, after asking him if his dick is big enough. Confirmed shortly thereafter by Dick lying around in alien Miami with those two naked gentile ladies of Judah and Ephraim hanging on his walls. Which is why the rather bitchy Stephen King resembles Charlie Sheening in so many of his handsome POLAROID candids, like at:

AND in this futuristic time-travel photo circa 2031 at:

That fire engine that crashed into Jewel in Stephenville, Texas in the same 35mm time frame I was watching THE SHINING was the same fire engine that Danny wanted to get right before the scenes where Wendy pushes those two buttons on the "Danger High Voltage" boilers inside Japan's cursed nuke plant, and then we start to hear a man screaming. That were set up by Kubrick's amazing God's view shot of the traditional British maze garden that has the two crosses of the Messianic two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in the heart of it.

When Jack enters the crazy lady's modern Rm.237 tribute to BACK TO THE FUTURE 666ism, we see the really big Negro carpet dick design that was put down there, yet again, last year by today's crazy third way gay decorator from Chicago. Even the same big Swiss mountains 3-sided chocolate nut bar, with a touch of honey, that inspired Brigham Young to declare, "This is the place..." where Robert Redford will one day establish his SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL cult of the latter-day 666 artists in support of all those CARNIVAL OF SOULS indie filmmakers.


Saturday, March 12, 2011


This is my lost son Andrew, born on 4.27, riding his blue gray big wheels over the 666 patterns on Mt Hood at:

The above will remind his brother about the time when I pushed both of them on a camera cart down the prison halls of that U-HALL storage place in Aloha [Hawaii] Oregon.

Here is my son Andrew speaking in the prophetic voice of warning via his father who was discarded like an old shirt at:

Here I am having a good time at some July 4th post two witnesses party circa 2031 at:

Digest this respectable ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES old school bathroom pick up image before you check out the queer image of George Bush getting his cock sucked by my murderous ANIMAL FARM NYT sidekick pig fucker at:

The big boner wool knit sweater seen here on Andrew is the same one in the portraits that his mother still has of those wool sweaters that her French German MOTHER OF WHORES made for them at:

This image of my son Andrew depicts him being forced to bow down and offer his prayers to the false prophet of Islam while serving the PC dominated Beaverton, Oregon NIKE corporation in the 666 Netherlands at:

"Every picture tells a story... Don't it..." [Rod Stewart, circa 73]



The Overlook Hotel mountain resort in THE SHINING story is set in a remote fictional area of Obama's future Colorado. The opening shots where we see my honeymoon VW Love Bug driving along the high elevation passes in Utah, near Carey Mulligan's 13,528' King Peak, were filmed in Miley Montana's Glacier National Park for the latter-day melting ice in D&C 133. The sequence's beautiful clear lake is Keira McDonald Knightley's landmark McDonald Lake along the famous Going-to-the-Sun highway at:

The scenic highway starts in the east at St Mary's Blackfeet Indian reservation location on Hwy.89, for the 8.9 tsunami earthquake confirmation of the film's blood tsunami and it's many Indian man medicine motifs.

Carey Mulligan spent most of her youth running around in the hotels that her caretaker parents managed. Which is why she looks like the beautiful naked REV.17 woman in Rm.237.

The powerful APIII: GOLDMEMBER [lolly pop cake] earthquake struck near Dr Evil's submarine lair at the exact minute I was awaken by the sound of a police car siren making a routine traffic stop. That was confirmed Friday afternoon by a stopped older 85ish BLAZER in the SUBWAY parking lot, that really needed a new paint job etc. [The term subway sandwich is an old vagina joke, i. e. a meat sandwich with a tunnel.] And got a second witness by the new pix of Lindsay getting stopped after her LAX airport courthouse visit Friday that led to the following chase by x17's Japanese style paparazzi stalkers.

Stephen King's 7 peaks beast story was the Providential reason behind the pregnant Jewel getting into a car wreck with a fire truck in Stephenville, Texas Friday around 11:00 am, just southeast of Huckabay in Erath County.

In the film's red mens room scene, after the proper British waiter wipes the cum off Jack's jacket, they give each other the old fashion gay bathroom sex pick up stare.

Here is a site for Oregon's famous Hood River bing cherry syrup at:

Now I sheen why I found a copy of WB's prophetic THE SHINING on the eve of that LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD movie. I'll have to check, but I think little Danny's 3-way ride was red. I also want to see the tape's documentary by Kubrick's 17 year-old daughter.


Friday, March 11, 2011


After that July 4th, 1973 dance and pancake breakfast at Mt Hood's TIMBERLINE LODGE, Eric Jaderholm and I pulled over downstream from Government Camp and broke out the G6' fly rods near Brightwood. The small creek there running down fast along Rt.26 looked about like that mountain creek which cascades rapidly down hill from the SUNDANCE lodge. But there were a couple hot babes from Poland with us, and mostly, I just wanted to show off my graceful casting skills; even if the clear as gin snow melt waters didn't look all that promising. So I stepped up onto a large boulder stage platform and slowly and carefully presented Ken McLeod's standard #12 royal coachman into the furthest pool, and to my own great surprise, I started hauling in one really fat G6" rainbow trout after another. While pretending not to notice the female gasps in my own private 3-way audience standing behind me.

The Mt Hood area is where they make that famous bing cherry syrup bottled in those long neck cock sucker bottles. So I'm going to have to go with the boy's 3-way EZE.10 big-wheel ride along the lodge's hardwood floors and 666 sided vagina pattern carpets in THE SHEENING prophecy as confirmation of STARBUCKS free cake job suckers that represent the bloody bing cheery juice tsunami in the film's 42 months period trailer at:,ipbits,expire,id,itag,ratebypass,title&signature=01A9A84011A03C590B27272FE942FA0EAB7B956B.232B95DEB636214151AA9227E65D2DF7DD1149AB&key=ck1&redirect_counter=1

When you watch the film's little boy speaking in tongues with my GSR/TWN index finger, using the alien voice of TONY'S frozen mystic pizzas, who represents my own son Andrew who broke his EZE.37 bones up there one snowy winter in the 80s, you will finally get why Charlie did that hilarious "nigger cook" bit on Will Ferral's Internet comedy site. What could be more funny than seeing a George Bush look alike role playing my black sidekick getting a cake sucker job in some hotel room?

I mean think about it. You're this really polite part Jewish neo con Texas Evangelical icon, a rough Americano version of that high society figure in the lodge's really queer red bathroom scene. Who doesn't give a rat's ass that your everyman knows that Obama REDRURMed his homosexual church choir boy lover, or that this Chicago Chinatown abomination of desolation born in Africa has desecrated the White House, doesn't that make you just another inexcusable guilty-as-sin abuser of your innocent grandchildren's future?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING light love guru prophecy in 1980 was based upon a Steve King novel about some Paris Hilton resort hotel's haunted room number 217. But Mt Hood's TIMBERLINE LODGE owners made him change the book's room number to 237. Because right after my secret Nazi mission to Federico Fellini's ROMA I went to a singles dance and pancake breakfast up there and did a little sock bop that I will never forget with this really sexy Keira Knightley look alike to THE EAGLES' classic 7 wives song set in Winners, Arizona at cfake's no.237 image of her at:

Many of today's confused Internet teenagers, who have been told by their sexually passive/predatory 666 government union lesbian/teacher sex abusers that it's OK to be a short little filthy Jew boy queer, are posting regular TMZ style comments about how old THE SHEENING actor looks these days in his killer 4RUNNER movie poster art at:

Confirmed on the same day I found it on tape for a lousy buck at GOODWILL HUNTING's secondhand shop by all that 'NASA aliens' debate on Wednesday's TMZ reality show about how much the movie's Olsen twins look like -that public park MIDNIGHT COWBOY Montana Miley shiny wet cock sucker- Kevin Spacey at:

Wednesday morning at 7:48, Keira Knightley asked me in her best American Naomi Watts western cowboy accent to have a look at her 'slippery when wet' cfake no.48 at:

Now I can't wait to see the SCREAM 4 movie.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Now feels like the right time to post some 1951 pre-arrainged ROYAL WEDDING invitation photos of my Scottish GREGORY'S GIRL bride to be at London's upcoming 4.29 underground bomb bunker style GREASE 2 marriage to my brown-eyed Latina Ms Eva [Longoria] Braun girl. While the BOOK OF MORMON's pot marked marred servant sidekick's [George Lopez] bombs are still falling down outside on top of Hitler's once occupied Sandy Bullock RAT PACK in North Africa; as sheen on her prophetic lucky cloverleaf L.A. type on-ramp off-ramp outfit at:

Years before the DOMINOs began falling around today's modern Egypt, the prophetic movie's co-star has often been sheen in public wearing her trademark royal Masonite templar Queen endowment house pendant, like at:

And in this popular sexy soft shoulder mummy outfit that always comes up on every google ogler geek's iPAD search at:

Walking over to MARSHALL's on Mardi Gras to see if they still had any copies of THE LOVE GURU winning coach story, 'Evangeline Lilly' got out of her car with her really fine tight ass teenage daughter, that she parked next to a purple EL CAMINO with cheap beads hanging from the rear view mirror and a plastic love guru Buddha sitting in the rear window.

Which leads us to this Divinely inspired portrait of Arrowhead's eternal spring waters of life on the EZE.47 south side of England at:

This is the strong Jesus ffucks you softly and slowly impression which is found so often behind such artistic [Hold it against me] video statements like we sheen in Jenny's 14 year-old wet water bottle blow job video. Like in this Providential still frame example of MATADOR's teenage Pilipino girl sucking my G6" torpedo dry, that will be replayed for all eternity by my EATING RAOUL wedding bride at:

Starting Thursday, if you buy a hot latte at any STARBUCKS, you'll get to sit back and watch yours truly getting a free 'petit pops' cake job by my wife Scarlett Johansson, which will be billed in full directly to my deadbeat collaborator Woody Allen et al at:



I Left My Hat In Haiti
Music by Burton Lane
Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Sung by Fred Astaire in the MGM musical "Royal Wedding", 1951

I left my hat in Haiti
In some forgotten flat in Haiti
I couldn't tell you how I got there
I only know it was so hot there

She took my hat politely
And wound her arms around me tightly
But I remember nothing clearly
Except the flame when she came near me

Her eyes had the glow of surrender
And her touch, it was tender
And with someone as fiery as that
You forget about your hat

So if you go to Haiti
There is a girl I know in Haiti
If you can find her you'll adore 'er
Just look around 'til you've found
Someone who has a blue-gray fedora

Her eyes had the glow of surrender
And her touch, it was tender
And with someone as fiery as that
You forget about your hat

So if you go to Haiti
There is a girl I know in Haiti
If you can find her you'll adore 'er
Just look around 'til you've found
Someone who has a blue-gray fedora

Monday, March 7, 2011


The decadent Roaring 20s homosexuals who the Jewish Hitler sent to the 6 walls, 6 windows, and 6 rooms Holocaust Museum in Manhattan, that Providentially resembles Jenny's fabulous Modernist era I pad in the LA hills, now up for sale for 42 million because the abomination of desolation's 42 months finale is a very ripe opportunity to sell anything to the region's fleeing dollar based billionaires and convert their worthless underground Orange County funny money into $100 per ounce LEPRECHAUN gold, fired Charlie and his angels from Sandy's WB studio BLIND SIDE franchise just like they fired Jay Leno and hired Conan and then re-hired Leno.

As if, any of these sleazy neo con liberal HOLLYWOOD VS. AMERICA Venice Beach based neo Orthodox synagog Jews who support the well known non constitutional homosexual usurper in the [Ted] Casablanca, who we all know they all know was born in Kenya, could really give a flying fuck about America's ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES.

Who do you think you are?.. Pastor Huckabe? Who still believes that there is no day 1290 Muddy Mississippi abomination of desolation flowing through DANIEL 12's heart of America, and there are no two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, and the well known Chicago homosexual who everybody knows had his negro Baptist church looking TMZ choir boy lover murdered down on his BJ knees was born in Hawaii because that infamous cock sucking enabler bitch Hillary Clinton said so.

Now there are 12 states among the lost 12 tribes that are considering TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN! legislation that will bind Brian Williams, Matt Damon, Katie Couric and the NYT to honor and uphold the US Constitution. After God let's them all swing from a Spanish values balcony on the thin rope that is still hanging onto America's inspired Columbus Day Constitution



THE HUNTER bounty hunter prophecy was Steve McQueen's last movie, so it makes sense that the 1961 bounty hunter TV series entitled WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, that launched his career, would also contain prophetic elements. Therefore Saturday morning I watched episode no.10 called TILL DEATH DO US PART. Wherein McQueen helps a Debra Messing look alike widower find out the truth about whether she murdered her charming and lying actor husband, who had swindled her out of their partnership in the "Missouri Queen" river gambling boat.

Then I went to bed and dreamed that I bought a classic 60s VOLVO in fine condition from Naomi Watts for $6500, that she had parked on her river ferry boat. While writing the check out, Naomi mentioning that she didn't trust her de facto husband anymore, who then appeared on the boat, but he looked like Jennifer Connelly's husband, Paul Bet/tany, not her long time partner Lie/v Schreiber.

After a flash vision at 10:28 Saturday night, where I was standing inside REGAL 10's lobby and the Lord said "Shit!" I wanted to see JUST GO WITH IT Sunday afternoon at REGAL 10, but a side trip to SAFEWAY and FREDDYS made me 5 minutes late. So at the theater I saw HALL PASS and decided to just go with that. Getting a pizza at the counter, I was startled to see Adam Sandler's amazing look alike stand-in standing there.

The Ferrally brothers shit blasting satire of polygamy has a 1981 born blond Aussie actress role playing a physically transfigured Naomi Watts who wants to bed my Owen Wilson figure while they stand next to a GSR/TWN poster no.75 in confirmation of her 75th cfake with yellow sea rod theme at:

Owen's swirling hot tub washing machine scene with a big black cock shaped like a crescent moon was confirmed by Sunday's Crescent moon time earthquakes off the Lincoln County, Oregon coast at Devil's Punchbowl, seen in this link:

The last 3.9ish one hitting at 2:22:02 London time Monday.

HALL PASS' light blue classic BRONCO that the FFer baseball coach was driving was the same light blue 71 BRONCO parked outside REGAL 10 Sunday near the theater's King Arthur sword stone in REV.19; with a 'FOR SALE' sign asking 7k or best offer. Which means they would easily take $6500 in this economy.

HALL PASS comes to a climax when the wise marred servant one calls and shows up wearing this week's Mardi Gras beads while handing out "winner!" FFing advice to all the guys and flashing his index finger. His shark tooth necklace came from that great white Charlie Sheen had to bite last week in the REV.13:1 ocean off the coast of Oregon's 1981 love guru.

Usually a person needs to die spiritually before they can become truly born again spiritually. In my case, I started dying back around 1981, but it took me a good 4 years to finally kick the bucket, and move on to better and more lasting things.


Friday, March 4, 2011


I got back an increasingly rare Montana quarter in change at STARBUCKS Thursday, and later saw in the USAT listings that Miley Montana would be on Jimmy Fallon that night.

[The cool looking Montana skull coins have become a minor collectors item at: ]

Cat napping before the show, I was awaken at 10:34 pm by a long old fashion telephone ringing, like from the old phone logo I saw Thursday on a business van entering 192nd by TARGET.

Jimmy challenged Miley to a game of ice-hole tossing using his Flirty Fishing shaped bean bags. Amazingly, Miley got her first two throws directly into the ice hole for a miraculous double holes threesome theme. That was confirmed by Jimmy's bag pushing in her last toss with his own bag. Making the game a Providential Charlie Sheen ''winning" message based upon the two holes of his two 'goddesses' that won the game for Miley, 9-1.

Since Jimmy was standing camera left, the score was shown backwards, as 1-9. For a Divine reference to the upcoming 19 year-old Miley's bell ringing cfake image 34 that shows her in a fish net, and holding the steel rod of ISAIAH 11 into the show's FFing hole at:

Cfake's icehole backwards scoring shot at image 91 even has a pair of fake "ice" shoes with cork crystal time machine heels at:

Before Miley came out Thursday to promote her SNL gig, Jimmy had several audience members come down and lick various items for a $10 bill. Like an iPAD frame with cork center, a collector's rare 10cent SUPERMAN comic book, and a phallic shaped $7 stapler from TARGET taken off Brian Williams desk. Confirmed by the target painted on Miley's FFing bean bag icehole on page 10 at:

That Montana journalist named Brian Williams died when his small plane crashed in the National Bison Range area south of 9061' Mt Harding.


Jimmy and Miley had fun trying on his selection of cfake pussy mustaches, like the one linked above on no.91, and seen on her in no.151 at:

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Wednesday's sentencing of those two violent CAPOTE figures who robbed and strangled that major Chinatown, USA newspaper executive named David Kao [cow] was a Providential prototype of the beast going after the stonewalling media females in REV.17 etc. Who can not report about Pastor Huckabe's naive ignorance of Barack Obama's birth history without sheening the light on their own Obama con job. That has nothing to do with misstatements or unintentional errors. Because every damn one of them knows that no.44 was born in Africa, but they are not talking.

The unstable kid who shot 4 family members Tuesday in rural Kit Carson County, Colorado was another Larry Sinclair like Tru/man CAPOTE book omen. That confirmed the final words of the film's condemned killer that they all better beware of his eyes watching them in Barack Obama's future Colorado.

When the bounty hunter finds his Chicago outlaw in THE HUNTER, the Obama figure is petting a prophetic black and white cat mulatto metaphor. The ensuing chase leads through a playground where children are riding several White Horse Prophecy play horses.

We originally meet Ralph's black sidekick named Tommy Price, who jumped bail on the 16th, working in a bar across the street from Obama's HOPE MEDICAL CENTER. Then 'Papa' picks up a southern white giant named Billy Joe, for all those Conway, Ark Bible Belt earthquake signs and wonders. Then we see Lincoln's GIANT PENNY 99 cent store in LA, across from a 4.15 IRS tax service joint, for Larry Sinclair's true man book about sucking on Obama's cock while he sucked the crack pipe, back in 99.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The main reason why those BARTON FINK writer-producer Jewish boys in Hollywood canceled Charlize Sheen's 8 year-year old Malibu Beach gig is because they were so freaked out by Kate Holmes' really queer CAPOTE attitude towards JFK's well known polygamist life style. In other words, if the same decadent era German 1920s Jews at today's early 1960s time-warped NYT can not even grasp the simple reality of the half Jewish nigger in North Africa's Casablanca being born in Africa, how can any of their close 666-degree relatives in Hollywood be expected to do any better?.. Since almost nobody, except maybe the occasional oddball NYC libertarian Jew like Larry David or Mel Brooks, is backing them up from behind. Not even such Mercer Island based pussy-whipped neocons as Michael Medved, the famous author of HOLLYWOOD VS. AMERICA, has the balls to tell his ugly Jewish David Letterman wife to fuck off.

This is why Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Bruce Willis, Lindsay Lohan, and Emma et all are going to be the brutally transfigured future of Hollywood, just for starters. Even if some of them have to do a little prophetic yellow BIRD MAN OF ALCATRAZ time upon the 666 rock of Christ, while the rest of you 6,666,666 dead Jews fucking are trapped like NYC subway rats in downtown Chinatown, Chicago.


Surprise surprise. This posting is actually a double bonus blog.

By now most of us, except perhaps my lovely wife living somewhere along Seattle's Naomi street, who is still married to Ornella's Steven Fresh look alike ex-husband, but who I love to lick and fuck like her GLEE star look alike sister Donatella Greco anyway, have learned from the Egyptian masonite illuminati insider info in Joseph Smith's new world order revelations that God has created everything from the beginning that is obnoxious, filthy and evil. In order to cast a contrasting Charlie Sheen type party animal light upon the dark depths of hell's erroneous behaviors. I seriously doubt that the 2.5 men star even ever bothered to vote in the last election. But if he did, the wacky George Clooney conspiracy nut 911 Truther probably would have voted for DANIEL's homosexual prince like the rest of his half LAmanite kin who are mostly a bunch of sexually abused choir boys at heart.



According to revelation from various prophets among the lost tribes of Israel, when the USA splits up into the three parts of REV.16, one of those sections will have it's capital based in Rahm Emanuel's Chigago for a period. [DC will be vacant.] Which seems to be the prophetic message in those 14 senators of the new 666 beast hiding out in the Chicago area.

So I watched Steve McQueen's last movie again Tuesday morning. That 1980 film about the famous bounty hunter Ralph 'Papa' Thorson which ends with McQueen chasing down yet another gay Negro figure in Chicago. Like the one in a yellow suit that he captured during a Hollywood standoff, only the last one is a prophetic half white figure.

The famous no.61/23 transit train chase in Chicago represented Obama's future plans for multi billion dollar commuter trains in all of America's major metro areas.

Right after McQueen gets the Chicago outlaw job, the film cuts to his girlfriend teacher's classroom where they are comparing Lincoln to Napoleon. With a map of Western Europe and North Africa on the wall in the background that lays out the EZE.38 invasion of Israelite Europe. The wealthy land populated by the descendants of the Kingdom of Israel, that is living in peace without any fortified borders, unlike the armed camp with security walls that is today's Kingdom of Judah.

McQueen gives his pregnant wife a vintage BUCK ROGERS collectors toy rocket, that is rather wide and resembles today's space shuttles.

Ralph's black kid sidekick named Tommy [gun] Price is my own future sidekick Barack Obama. Who is the price that Israelite America must pay for ignoring the plain and simple warnings in their Bible about the latter-day Sodom&Egypt.

The two Branch brothers bomb chase in the Lincoln, Nebraska corn field represents the two witnesses of the two ensign tribes of Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 11 etc. Where their crop tracks create my future iPAD icon, complete with 'on' button, for a crop circle theme harvest sign from God


PS: After I logged the above post, I noticed that I made 23 posts in February and 23 in January.

ALSO: The 4.7 quake in Ark on Oscars Sunday had two strong jolts that represented the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11's earthquake prophecy.

Here is the inspired movie poster for THE HUNTER, which features the protagonist setting a giant rat trap, at:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR's Broadway, NYC teachings about not judging are about not judging the final outcome of anyone based upon everyman's sins and failures. That would otherwise sentence literally everyone on the planet unto an eternal state of failure. Meanwhile, if you are not a believer in the eternal law of Israel that demands an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, you are probably just another run of the mill Bible Belt Christian moron with gayish tendencies. And no, I am not talking about the region's better uneducated believers in Christ like Chuck Norris and Pat Boone.

Which takes us to my flash vision of Charlie Sheen at 11:09 am Monday. Wherein I saw myself walking out of my basement bathroom looking sooo God damn young and handsome that I could not stand it, circa 1990-1991, still looking around 35 tops, that I almost made myself jealous. Until my face physically transfigured into the same surreal Charlie Sheen image on my last temporary driver's license, the one you always get before the one you get in your USA mail box six weeks later. [The dictionary word 'sheen' meaning a hint or reflection of the 'luster' of bright light revealed in D&C 85 and 2BC 91 etc.]

So all of you ugly Jewish cunts in the Hollywood media, who can not stand to look at yourselves in the mirror anymore than I can, are just going to half to get used to seeing Scarlett and Charlize both double FFing Sean Penn like the two witnesses of that anti-socialist love guru in my own private Oregon circa 1981 who drove down his imaginary LONDON BLVD every day in one of his 93 royal convertibles seen at:

Who was just about as loony as all the dumb Antelope, Oregon fly-fishing fuckers at the NYT who still believe that the rest of us all believe in their cocktail party fish tank crap. Because their scientific polling by their queerish Harvard PHDS truthfully says that their readers actually believe in most of their mindless Sandy Bullock bullshit.

You would have to be a complete illogical nut job to be a regular reader of the NYT's intelligentsia cult and still believe that my sidekick cheetah was not born of a Jewish white woman who once lived on Mercer Island in the middle of Lake Washington.

Of course, a lot of you are just all that.