Sunday, July 31, 2011


That Hounds of Hell bitch who was doing a local news report about the sudden INLAND EMPIRE flooding in California was shot with a BB gun by THE LOST BOYS vampire hunters in confirmation of the unstopable BB reports about Obama's fake birth certificate; that are killing their efforts to block the truth, like at:

These are the same cunts, both male and female, who are lying to us about the phony baseline budget crisis. Who yap about the government having less cash on hand than APPLE, even though they get another 200 billion in the next day or so, and another 200 billion after that, and so on... You might as well just go to JUST JARED's BB and read some of my posts there if you want to really know the truth about what is going on. Like.

RUMOR HAS IT that the CEO of DONALDSON ENTERPRISES' fireworks business in Hawaii will be taking that HORRIBLE BOSSES dentist and her computer graphics experts to Hawaii on his private G6, who is suing the NEW YORK TIMES et al for their criminal cover-up.

I suspect that Trump is seriously considering an independent run for president on the White Horse Prophecy ticket.

Last night I dreamed that I told Ohio's Kate Holmes that I was going out to places on the Olympic Peninsula tomorrow [Monday] to sell votive candles door to door. After a long thoughtful pause, she said simply, "OK".

I suspect that it probably has something to do with the symbolic death of Don Gum meets the earthquakes near Wrigley, Canada, and all that at:

Recently I have experienced various flash visions wherein I see the above earthquakes listing page from Colorado that is lit up with a dozen red ones in a row.


Saturday, July 30, 2011


Texas Gov Perry had no choice but to come out of the closet in Obama's Colorado resort town in support of the gay marriage court scam going down in Tom Green County right now. Since he represents the gay rodeo county's Twin Buttes Res. of the Republicans who have a secret crush on the homosexual COWBOYS AND ALIENS in the desecrated White House that inspired George Bush to look like a man while acting like a Baptist Sunday school girl.

Right there north of town is the other muddy Colorado River system that flows down to Sandy's newly rebuilt place for the second 666 beast on Lake Austin. Where so many of the town's dudes think they are Jesus Christ just because their great great great... Grandpa was the polygamist Body of Christ, Texas one per .

To the north of the desecrated Tom Green courthouse, full of doomed apostate Christians, is Miley's little prophetic town for virgin teenager brides called Miles. That is now dying from the kind of draught and famine that befell everyone in the BOOK OF MORMON who rejected the Word of God.

The 30 ROCK SNL church lady whore who is now presiding over the persecution of the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian Warren Jeffs stand in has the same name as the old Jewish cunt who presides on the bench at THE VIEW talk show. For all those Jewish lesbian NYT niggers who look and sound like extras in James Franco's new and improved remake of the PLANET OF THE APES hippie movies from the 60s that were filmed around Jeffs' southern Utah county.

[Franco's parents are the same old hippies in THE LOST BOYS, per his new Bay Area poster art at: ]

THE BUTT HOLE SURFERS from Texas cover of PERRY MASON's side 2 theme song featured my bareback TRUE GRIT teenager butt fucker on the European version of their King Coffee album artwork at:

Check out my CREAM CORN FROM THE SOCKET OF DAVID prophecy about me softly and slowly corn-holing Hailee and Chloe with my Iowa farmer socket wrench in the motion picture version of BIG LOVE, Utah on the flip side at:

Oh yeah. Daddy loves froggy.



Tom Green's Christoval Oval Office landmark namesake is located on Hwy.277 and all that. Get a map of Texas for Christ's sake.

Andy Dick stood in for his War/ren Jeffs look alike Friday in Jennifer Garner's Huntington, West Virginia court house. Because her giant nut sack state leaders of the D&C 86 state church in DC are going to be hunted down one by one this fall season for deer hunters by a bunch of crazy DELIVERANCE albino types who look a lot like he does at:

The above report's 1.17 date is confirmation of me starting to watch Will Smith's 2001 Joseph Smith prophecy about the 1.17 born forerunner to the Muslim abomination in DC Saturday morning, called ALI. Everybody and his dog knows that Smith is on the down low.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Those 7 teens were attacked by one of Palin's mama grizzly bears in Alaska as THE LOST BOYS signs and wonders were rolling out, that started in the movie with pop's big grizzly carving. Apparently the kids forgot to play dead like pops does on his front porch. And many of those Norwegian teens did who survived the vampire killer who attacked today's symbolic FANTASY ISLAND.

The slain virgins represented the foolish HAWAII 5-O virgins who will be stranded outside the wise 5 virgins security zone in the Bible's ten virgins prophecy. As confirmed by the new photos of the foolish Ms Cavallari [horses in English] left stranded in her beautiful White Horse Prophecy wedding dress, at:

THE LOST BOYS prophetic abomination of desolation time-frame is established when we learn in the opening sequence that there are no legal jobs around. The first act's motorcycle game of chicken at the bluff represents today's budget showdown. When the boys are barely hanging onto the railroad bridge for life.

My missing son milk carton sits on the kitchen counter's 6-6-6 sided pattern, next to the two toast sticks of Judah and Ephraim, that mimics the 666 memorial to the first beast in Manhattan. That pan fish decal on the fridge is the same black crappie that Sean caught in Silver Lake, Washington; located by Signal Mtn below the 666 Mt Saint Helens volcano landmarks off I-5.

My childhood neighbor Antony suffered from seizures all of his life, due to the LOST BOYS diet of maggots and worms that his parents were eating when he was conceived.

Here is another timely sign related to "THE VANISHING GIRL" message in THE LOST BOYS; that was confirmed by the sudden death of the 27 year-old Hel/sing lady with the '"Girl" tattoo, at:

Right there is Beaver Brook Falls and the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace; west of Sugar Hill and Rice Mtn.



The Senate just gave a two year extension to the FBI director who is now a party to the Obama birth certificate forgery posted on an official federal web site. Therefore there was a big train derailment near Littlerock, California the same day. Everybody and his dog knows that Mr 'Mule' knows that the document is fraudulent. And the corrupt judges and politicians who are still stonewalling the case will all be exposed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


THE LOST BOYS's vampire Gov Moon Beam signed California's new college tuition law for illegal aliens on 'UFO FRIDAY' July 25.

The BACK TO BLACK singer Amy Winehouse's funeral will be held on Kate Beckinsale's birthday. In confirmation of Kate's trademark roles as a vampire slayer in the Van Hel/sing series.

Some of those doomed Labor Party kids in Norway climbed trees to escape the killer, in confirmation of the TARZAN THE APE MAN teenager vampires in a tree in THE LOST BOYS prophecy. Liberal Santa Cruz is in North California for 'Norway' which means the north part in English.

[See Sandy's monkey baby fall out of her tree in AUSTIN [POWERS] TEXAS III meets her pay up sucker CRASH rip off on her original AOL email account; confirmed by the breaking pix of my vampire bride showing up at the airport with a little monkey child in her arms.]

The crazy 666 fantasy island authorities in Oslo are saying that the San Juan Islands killer is out of his tree. So I'll do my sincere best to find a copy of ONE FLEW OVER THE COOCO NEST. No thanks to all my girly chicken shit brothers out there who have known who I am for over 15 years now.

When Sam [Justin Bieber] gets on the phone in 1987, saying 'I got connections' he meant the future Internet via his phone line. Where people will hear about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, represented in the 80s movie by the two Frog brothers, at the dinner table with yours truly and Carey Mulligan, and the two candle sticks in REV.11.

That missing kid on the milk carton is my lost son Andrew, the same one prophesied of in THE SHINING.

Jennifer Anniston is obsessed with those fabulous sunsets at HOLLYWOOD's legendary SUNSET HOTEL, because that is when the vampires come out to play.

The Canadian Branch Davidian VOLVO albino vampire icon named David is killed by two African buck horns in order to establish the prophetic film's time-line. When the mulatto born in Africa would be called 'President' by today's normal looking 666 aliens at FOX NEWS etc. The last place where you would expect to find them.

BACK TO BLACK's half vampire girl signs and wonders were confirmed by that former baseball player named Seale who just died from 19 black widow spider bites on his foot in DANIEL 2's Boulder, Colorado. The Erie, Colo SEVEN SEALS sign is at:,0,5774918.story

The little lost 8 year-old boy at the Hollywood movies video shop in THE LOST BOYS was that little lost Jewish boy in Brooklyn.



Daddy loves PRADA's new hot monkey sex nut sack bags featured in Tuesday's special birthday edition of the NYT. Which is why God has cursed all those odd ball apostate Christian Mormons in Glenn Beck's Dallas with the worst Biblical drought in history; because they are fucking that apostate polygamist Mormon in the ass in west Texas' gay cowboy rodeo country.

Monday, July 25, 2011


We see the boardwalk attraction called "THE VANISHING GIRL" in the first act of THE LOST BOYS that stood for Amy Winehouse's "Girl" tattoo at:

The new Rambo pix of that Norway shooter confirm the film's Frog brother vampire slayer who thinks he is Rambo.

Don't miss the boardwalk shot where the squirt guns are shooting into the mouths of homogaysexual clowns.

Liberal hippie vampires are sleeping in the background when the comic book shop's Rambo asks "Does he sleep all day?"

Friday's big whale beaching in Scotland was confirmation of the strange whale billboard art in the opening of THE LOST BOYS, reported at:

After the "Hounds of Hell" scene, the film cuts straight to a look alike image of that redhead who just resigned from Murdoch's NEWS INTERNATIONAL.

In the last shot, pops takes a swig from his root of Jesse root beer bottle in ISAIAH 11:1.



Here is a good photo of THE LOST BOYS' Amy Winehouse figure at:

Sunday, July 24, 2011


"How did you know that?" she asks Mr Zero.

Because she looked like THE LOST BOYS half vampire love interest named Star, [Read STARBUCKS.] but with a bigger nose of course. And she suddenly joined the immortal '27 Club' forever for a back-to-back COMIC-CON confirmation of that big [GET the picture!] Jim Morrison blow-up in the convention's lobby at the film's vampire hotel.

Where they drank out of the bloody Sacramento, CA red wine bottle of Winehouse's death, that leads to 23 year-old immortality in the long run.

Plus, those semi-auto squirt guns full of Jesus juice that were used by the underage super-heroes in THE LOST BOYS were the same one used by the blond Jesus look alike to destroy all those predatory dick head 666 vampires at some ADAMS FAMILY VALUES summer camp situation. That started in the climax when that 'Twisted Sister' vampire drowned in the same bathtub that my 16th Ave boyhood neighbor Antony drowned in when he had a seizure right after my retro STINGRAY vision.

I know this because Saturday morning at 5:46 Jesus said to me "November 6". Which turned out to be the birthday of ZERO EFFECT's redhead massage lady who is 'the best'. Who will be cast as the idealistic babe in my STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER rip off on the flip side. Co-starring Megan Fox as her partner in crime just to give it some explosive three-way box office sex appeal.

This is why I felt my 1960s era hide-a-bed sofa have a minor orgasm from that 3.7 earthquake at 5:19:28 AM Sunday underneath Mt Walker and Penny Creek out on Jenny's Olympic Peninsula, just south of Lords Lake. Or just north of Devils Lake, however you want to look at it.

Right there is where I went to Camp Paulson's Scandinavian Boy Scout camp on Hood Canal during the Summer of Love in San Francisco [meets 666 San Jose] and won a Lincoln 5 buck for being the troop's best LOST BOYS bullseye target arrow shooter. Located across the water from that giant erection landmark peninsula that has a monstrous DC head where Bill Gate's summer cabin is located.

I'll never forget the time when I almost drowned in the freezing waters off Lindsay Beach meets Red Bluff meets Frenchman's Point while trying to earn a swimming merit badge. As if someone was shooting at me while the Eagle Scouts in the confirmation row boat were laughing.



THE LOST BOYS' inspired old school queer Swedish director, Joel Shumacher, has always said that "I'm a sexual outlaw." Along the order of all those old western TRUE GRIT outlaws humping their way too young love interests bareback in old movies like SABRINA and ROMAN HOLIDAY meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES and FATHER GOOSE; on the flip side.



This map shows Hood Canal's big boner icon with monster head on the south end mentioned above. You have to rotate the image 90 degrees to fully see it, like one of those cut-and-paste objects on Obama's fabricated birth certificate, at:

LOST BOYS' poster for 'UFO FRIDAY' has the date of July 25 on it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The massacre in Norway happened so that a picture of the traditional looking Jesus Christ movie star figure be on all the front pages of Sodom and Egypt next to the news about Obama promoting homosexuality in the military.

See the vampire slayer's photographic confirmation of Sam's "DESTROY ALL VAMPIRES!" comic book confirmation of the COMIC-CON convention going on in San Diego right now at:

Scheduled by God to coincide with the ongoing breaking news reports about the abomination of desolation's birth certificate con job at:

THE LOST BOYS opens with the smell of death and local billboard notices about missing people and 'UFO FRIDAY'. Because the mysterious Mr X is a DC COMICS figure based in DC who is a known illegal alien on the down low.

The first couple to get snatched by flying vampires in LOST BOYS are sitting in their old car parked on lovers lane, reading a SAD SACK comic book about today's poor G.I.s. Who were scammed and railroaded by the 42 monthers' surveys and studies about homosexuality in the military that were just another state media con job.

COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL is why the lost boys slaying happened on UFO FRIDAY in the International peninsula that is shaped like a giant cock. That depicts the two heads of Judah and Ephraim hanging below it's giant nut sack formed by Conan's Finland.

[Turn my NYT ATLAS OF THE WORLD, Paperback-Novel-Edition, by RANDOM HOUSE's blogger, starting circa 1994 at SLC' SUNSTONE CON, 90 degrees like they did to Obama's comical cut-and-paste birth certificate. ]

New York state will start marrying homogaysexuals this Sunday, July 24; the number '24' being a traditional symbol of leadership. I never saw one episode of Keifer's terrorist fighting show on FOX. I guess he is 44 now.



See COMIC-CON's left eye logo at:

Friday, July 22, 2011


Majority rule is brute lawlessness. Therefore the blond beast beauty in REV.17 was inspired by God to attack Renee Zellwegger's Scandinavian Niceville Viking predators in her 42nd year.

" is by the wicked that the wicked are punished..."

Jesus H [Howard] Christ. GET the picture already.

Did you not see that new 3.4 earthquake number under Utah's Rock Ridge landmarks? Where all those BIG LOVE meets BLAZING SADDLES meets TRUE GRIT husbands are fucking their hot teenager wives down among their sweet peaches orchards. That are now owned and operated by Terry McKnight's line leader wife, figuratively speaking, north of Orem.

Because that lost CARNIVAL OF SOULS Jew boy in the White Horse Prophecy Senate of the USA has now become the childish de facto president of lost Israel's Christian wanna be Mormons in Salt Lake City.

You believe it not?

Or do you believe that Brigham Young was just some middle-aged sex pervert who was fucking two teenagers in his Lion House restaurant mansion at the same time. Since he prophesied in public more than once that all of your polite society church ladies in 2011 would become as foolish and ignorant as that prophetic church lady on SNL from the Reaganite 80s. [Reagan loved FDR as much as the naive Newt Gingrich.]

Hence Keifer's old man from 666 Canada who starred in Charlie's THE ITALIAN JOB rip off was the [Fake birth certificate scan scam...] Canadian Scandinavian voice-over for VOLVO, for all those years when Hilary and Bill were getting away with murdering their detractors down in Ark.

Which is why the devil began bombing and shooting THE LOST BOYS at their 666 summer work labor party concentration camps on the symbolic island where Woody Allen's beloved Third Way SEVEN SEALS polygamist film director died.



Carey Mulligan showed up in San Diego just in time to confirm my ALFA ROMEO dream about her down there.

Did I ever mention my vivid dream about slowly floating to the ceiling along side Canada's Mr Carey, like my half&half vampire protagonist does in THE LOST BOYS? I did get kicked off of Santa Cruz' boardwalk in the summer of 1985 because I told the joint's old middle-aged manager to fuck off. [Where I finally saw BLOOD SIMPLE's sacred cross film in late-run at some art house downtown, pre-1989 earthquake.]

Arnold's teenage son was seriously injured last weekend in a surfing accident that metaphorically happened outside the entrance to THE LOST BOYS' underground Nazi hotel headquarters; full of surfboards that they confiscated from their Nazi surfer victims.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


My late father always told me that I looked like THE LOST BOYS actor who played Max, the video rental shop owner who only worked at night. And finishes the story standing next to the royal lion emblem of the King of England; before the stonewall fireplace explosion. Dad would have never watched the modern vampire cult film classic, but he did admire the actor in his famous FDR role.

LOST BOYS' vampire leader dated the film's remarkable Carey Mulligan look alike actress mom. The Canadian kid who played Sam in 1987 is a prophetic Canadian look alike Justin Bieber figure at:

LOST BOYS opens with all the kids having fun during the fulfillment of the White Horse Prophecy in liberal Santa Cruz, California. Which leads to the film's physical transfiguration flip side ride that is the old man's mint condition 1957 FORD convert/ible with '57 FLIP' plates.

The movie's underground vampire hotel ruins sit inside of a giant REV.11 earthquake chasm on the REV.13.1 sea shore of the newly rebuilt beast. The new and improved one in Niceville, whose head was once wounded, but quickly healed. Confirmed by the new "gang of 6" in the senate who are now all a party to the forgery birth certificate of Barack Obama that is posted on a government web site.

The lost boy posters for that 8 year-old Jewish kid, that looked like a birth certificate, had a 6666 phone number to call. For the first beast's memorial in Manhattan that has 6 walls with 6 windows in each wall, 6 rooms, and a 6 level roof design. See it at:

Note that the above 666 memorial opened on Judah's first 1260 days anniversary in 1997 of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; who are Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern.

LOST BOYS' wise owl motif stands for the one in ISAIAH 11 who works the night shift.

The Jewish wife of the PATRIOTS owner died of cancer on Gisele Bundchen's JER.31 birthday.

Chloe's froggy ring looks like a chunk of soap, for the bathtub cleansing baptism scene in BLAZING SADDLES; at around 49 minutes into the DVD. Righ after the big chocolates box explosion invented by 'The Brown Bomber' a.k.a. Mr X.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I squeeze my cute little squealing green froggy two times when my three-way middle aged sidekick gets too excited and says "Rib it... Rib it..." in my name in BLAZING SADDLES' bubble bath scene that is about 49:... minutes into Mel Brooks' special 29ish physically transfigured 30 year anniversary DVD restoration project with extra new features.

If this offends your gay 'shit kicker' Christian Greek values, then get prepared for the preempted treatment that happened on Preempted Road in the Finger Lakes area of New York's BOOK OF MORMON region right after my Amish Israelitish wife appeared at some KING RALPH LAUREN POLO match in England sporting that crystal time-machine froggy ring next to her ROMA'S ribs at:

The last time I was in ROMA'S of Beverly Hills around 87, the joint was filled with black Obama 4Runners like my good DENNY'S buddy Dennis Wood; now offering 50 clean-plate specials 24/7.

Because 87's [LOST meets the new HAWAII 5-O series] LOST BOYS meets BLAZING SADDLES' bubble bath cuts straight to a shot of Mango and the two prison cells of Judah and Ephraim tied up like a bull next to the same buck rack that killed the vampires in LOST BOYS' climax involving my Max movie videos rental figure and the underaged KICK ASS superhero Frog Brothers.

Those foolish 5 Amish German virgins, who look a lot like Ken Keisler meets 24's Kiefer Sutherland, were suddenly killed in a violent collision with a bug pest and weed sprayer unit that represented the prophetic preemption of the half ass Jews and odd ball Christians like Michael Medved and Glenn Beck. Who do in fact worship the same false god 666 idols of nice and polite high society. No matter how obvious the fraudulent forgeries get posted on govern,net web sites by the August 2, 1996 abomination of desolation. Spoken of by all the butt naked prophets in the 66 books Bible of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Hosea, who laid around all day in donkey shit and took cheap prostitutes for their wives.

GET the picture.


Sunday, July 17, 2011


That redhead Nicole Kidman look alike bitch [Put on the spot by my 85 year-old frat house Jesus mother fucker vampire BFF in DOMINO meets KING RALPH's new PLAYBOY CLUB wife prophecy in London, who went back to home-study college at circa 1990. ] was arrested in London for lying about the abomination of desolation being born on the same remote AP II Hawaii island volcano where she was born. NOT!

Hey man. I told you that we were gonna need a bankable ZERO EFFECT redhead to massage our $150,000,000 STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER rip off, directed by Gus Van Gogh Sant and his queer as an XMormon partner, so that the United Order would get the %10 skim that they are going to squeeze out of you all one way or the other.

There will be no federal 666 witness protection plan for those who worship the dragon's false prophet beast in REV.16 etc. Those people are dead meat.

Like the TO DIE FOR redhead cunt at NEWS INTERNATIONAL who was making everyone lie through their teeth about Barack Obama being born in Nicole Kidman's Hawaiian Islands birth place. And who are still lying at FOX NEWS about Obama's phony US bonds default propaganda based on the immature emotional Jew boy bullshit coming out of the mouth of the rich amoral country club assholes at MOODIES et al.

THE RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE Tarzan prophecy by my Don King 4runner, with his royal ERASER HEAD meets THE FAT SPY hairdo crown of England is what we are talking about here. All you middle-of-the-road FOX NEWs meets MSNBC cock suckers in LOST HIGHWAY have just been ROPE A DOPED by your white nigger friends in the Democratic Party of the dark Congo at:

His/mine royal 1776 Chocolate Hills THRILLA IN MANILLA prophecy was about me experiencing the unbelievable thrill of fucking Hailee Steinfeld and Venessa Hudgens on my high horse named Blackie in BLAZING SADDLES meets TRUE GRIT meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, bareback style. While those two niggers of Judah and Ephraim are slowly sinking in the economic quicksand of the abomination of desolation. Who was illegally railroaded down our throats in 2008 by Glenn Beck and Bill O'Rielly.



The "Type in" letters part on Jesus' blow-up birth certificate TMZ sign are different because of this new thing that will surly sting you in the butt at:

Keira Knightley's new pink vagina Paris fragrance [750 DUCATI saddle] campaign was inspired by the Fountain of Youth's pink roses extract in THE FAT SPY's hidden pirate treasure prophecy. Because the 60s IN LIKE FLINT spy kind of looks like an overweight version of Levi Aron. Who had attended some idiotic low budget gay wedding at that Jewish temple with the two pillars at 2 CHRONICLES 3:15 that was 35 miles north of NYC at:

"Also he made before the house two pillars of thirty and five cubits high, and the chapiter that was on the top of each of them [virgin wives] was five cubits."


Saturday, July 16, 2011


Buscemi watches the growing DC scandal on Katya's big screen TV in INTERVIEW, where a commentator is saying "...what happens in scandals... There's a lot of anti media hostility..." Like at:

Back on 7.9 around noon, I dreamed that I gave the political scandal actress Naomi Watts a pair of cuffs and said, "Nothing happens until the handcuffs come out."

Probably starting at the Hawaii DOH offices. Last Saturday, 44 year-old David Potts fell into a blow-hole in Hawaii and disappeared, according to:

In confirmation of that mama grizzly killing around the geysers in Yellowstone.

INTERVIEW's opening scene in 2007 has a black Obama figure walk by the nut house door to establish the prophetic film's 2011 time-line. In the end, a black Mr Potato Head walks by on the street when Buscemi says he has a copy of Katya's [scriptkittie] diary on his twitter unit.

There are 129 active volcanos in the homeland of the day 1290 abomination of desolation, cited in this AUSTIN POWERS II report at:

The dingy chick doesn't believe the true grit rancher hero's tall tale in Hitchcock's 39 STEPS, circa 1935, until she has a chance to secretly overhear the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. For the sleeping daughters of Israel in 2NEPHI 8 etc. Who don't believe that today's professors at Niceville University are mostly secret agents for the restored 666 beast. [Where Obama once taught Constitutional law.]

A dead horse arrived at Kennedy Friday on an Israeli cargo jet, that had stopped to pick up a hidden bomb load in Dr Evil's Belgium.


Friday, July 15, 2011


FOX NEWS has had a well deserved reputation for being way more intelligent, insightful, and unbiased than the tv talk show comedians and the Jewish lesbian niggers at THE NEW YORK TIMES et al. So when they went into the 666 gutter with that crowd on the false facts about Obama"s birth certificate, God whooped their ass big time. Because Jesus always whips it out for those whom he loves. Which is why he cursed the wicked with a dark skin in the BOOK OF MORMON in order to punish the more righteous whities among the lost 12 tribes.

The only way that Murdoch is going to stop the REV.17 whore hating beast from devouring him is to start exposing the beast. Jesus Christ already, you're 85 years-old! What are you waiting for?

The historic April 27 birth certificate shit storm is going to come from the south and burn the Yankee capital down anyway, no matter what you do. So why not get in front of this unstoppable news cycle and reap the rewards? The more you kiss 666 ass, the more God will pound your old pinko veal ass.

It is no media mogal coincidence that both Murdoch and Hefner are the same age. Which is why the blond 24 year-old Ms Crystal time-machine angel dumped him right after the opening of the new and improved PLAYBOY CLUB in Murdoch's London. When both of you stop taking care of business the women will always leave.

Women want a real white man for a husband. Not some politically correct heterosexual homo half-breed like the Jewish Mr TMZ, who is a spiritually stunted midget with blue eyes like Brad Pitt, or Tom Cruise, not to mention the Steven Buscemi look alike Mark Anthony.

Don't get me wrong now. In his infinite wisdom God has created someone to love for everyone. But she ain't gonna be that tall white blond babe you thought you had if you don't stand tall and start acting like a white man.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


That 8 year-old Jewish boy was returning from an Orthodox day camp on 44th St in Kings County, NY when he was abducted and murdered by a 35 year-old Jewish man named Levi Aron, who once wounded his head in a bicycle accident. Police found the boy's remains in a red suitcase in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn.

Here is the reason why.

8 year-olds must be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost by a worthy member of the Aronic Priesthood. In order to begin their path to eternal life.

The number 35 is the two Solomon pillars temple number of Judah and Ephraim, that divides the land in Judea in half; which will come into a great peril when the No.44 abomination of desolation is put into a place of authority where he does not belong. Hence the boy's body was cut into half parts and the feet were removed as a sign of the destroyed feet of the Babylon giant in DANIEL 2 at the sunset of his reign over Israel. When the boulder of truth comes rolling down the mountain in Boulder, Colorado. Where Obama was illegally nominated and Woody Allen filmed his Niceville dictator movie named SLEEPER.

Which explains why Aron lived in the Memphis, Egypt, USA area for a period, residing in the landmark of the first modern era 666 beast, called Germantown, Ten. Because the wise ten virgins will be divided in half when the Messiah comes.

When you see Daniel's half Jewish homosexual day 1290 abomination of desolation, cited on August 2, 1996 by the two witnesses, there will be great MARK 13:14 trouble in Judea. The current illegitimate budget meetings with this temple usurper in the White House are focusing on this very same 8.2 anniversary date for a sign from the God of Israel.

A straightforward summary of the above prophecy that is being stonewalled by THE NEW YORK TIMES et al was just posted at:

That 12 year-old Boy Scout who just drowned in the 42 latitude line marker of the REV.13 oppressor along Utah, that cuts Bear Lake in half, was a baptism message from the King. Right there by the NAPOLEON DYNAMITE prophecy is Paris, Idaho and Rich County.



Did Sienna Miller earn about the same amount for starring in INTERVIEW's hacker journalist story that she was paid by the hackers at the FOX news corp group in London?

The above little Jewish boy reminds me of the typical Jewish kid in a Woody Allen movie. In confirmation of him filming his MOUTH OF TRUTH project right now in the first beast's Roma location. And for a second witness, the Branch Davidian radio days Mormon talk show star from NYC has been in Judea meeting with top Jewish officials. Getting ready for his big pro Israel rally in August I hear.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Katya had her fake breasts removed in 2007's prophetic INTERVIEW. You can see them in the film's first act where she roleplays Jennifer Aniston with a dirty martini in some restaurant at street number 179. For's 179th image of the HORRIBLE BOSSES actress that was posted last march, at:

Those white pipes in the above cfake 179 establish the film's main New York loft building location, filled with white painted pipes.

The two black jaw breakers on her necklace stand for the two candies that Katya tried to toss into the mouth of the WORLD NEWS journalist; but missed. Who is not telling us the truth about the black panties figure in the Oval Office.

Hence the deadly AMTRAK train collision with a garbage truck Monday on Rt.4's KILLER BODY PART 4 location in York County, Maine.

The devout Christian family of 7 from Niceville, Florida who died in a plane crash Saturday represented the corrupted gospel of Paul types who believe that it is more important to be nice than to live the word of God.

Emma Watson wore a hilarious chick-magnet metal number with soft shoulder for her interview with Letterman Monday. One could tell that it made the wacky talk host rather nervous. Paulo David Amorin literally means 'Paul David Lover' in plain BLAME IT ON RIO English.

Emma's inspired 179th image at cfake is for Katya's views on why some fly-fishermen love women in fishnet stockings and high heels, like at:

Personally it's not my style. But the black pearl coral pirate necklace is kind of cute.

TMZ showed that Jesus figure named Gregory Monday who claims that Jennifer Aniston owes him the lousy 10 million she made after the insane taxes and commissions on the sale of her Beverly Hills place. Because she broke up with him on the set of THE BREAKUP and started FFing VV. Note the color variation on the letters in his blow-up of Obama's fake birth certificate, that reflects what an obvious 9-layer cut-and-paste job they did, at:

That 'LAST TEST?' billboard in the above fire hydrant image background means this is her last FFing assignment. Also note the "note" sign.

If you don't pay an honest tithe on your business profits to the United Order credit union, you are robbing all the Jesuses out there of a nice place to live, like the HORRIBLE BOSSES pirate lady in REV.17 etc.


Monday, July 11, 2011


The old FDR era cfake conservative from down under is getting what he deserves for scamming Sienna Miller et al about Barack Obama's fraudulent birth certificate. Every time I hear his neocon FOX NEWS toadies say "President Obama" I want to vomit.

In Sienna's 2007 INTERVIEW meets KILLER BODY PART 4 prophecy, the older dishonest and conniving liberal journalist, with the traditional REV.13 wounded head, from "NEWS WORLD" is so blatantly phony that she wonders out loud, "I'm sorry. It's just a little odd for a journalist to be so uncurious..."

Next we see him obsessing over George Bush's exposure of that phony CIA report in support of Iraq's dictator playing games with the UN's weapons inspectors, while Sienna's dingy CITY GIRLS soap opera character says, "There's nothing going on!.." on the liberally corrupt television news shows; produced by and for the religious homosexuals of today's Sodom and Egypt. That everybody is too afraid to talk about on the so-called right.

INTERVIEW's diary script hack job on 'Katy' by the film's sleazy NEWS WORLD figure is a cell phone hacker confirmation of the hacker named 'scriptkittie' Who accurately reported recently on FOX news TWITTER that the abomination of desolation was dying in the Quad Cites area of Iowa and Illinois from the two bullets of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Around the time when the 'Quartet Summit' of the USA, UN, EU, and Russia would be asking Judea to commit suicide by a DANIEL 12 style peace treaty.

Before watching INTERVIEW on 7.11 for the first time since I ever heard of Obama, I experienced a vivid cat nap dream about setting out a couple shirts on my bed as I packed my bags for some imminent trip. There was a jingling noise in my blue denim shirt pocket, so I checked it and found a handful of 1981ish quart/ers and nickels. Which turned out to be the exact same blue shirt that Buscemi wears in the tragic Dutch remake.

Plus there was a fly line leader with a royal coachman tied on the end of it that was snagged on my shirt's collar. For Sienna's older acting coach father figure in the NYC indie film who is always trying to hit on her, like she was some naive 16 year-old workshop hottie, named Eli Nickel. In a new thing about that BLAME IT ON RIO meets AND YOUR MAMA TOO chick-magnet boy with the fake gold coins sticking to his stomach.


See this latest no FOX NEWS LINK:

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Last night on a whim, I finally watched my secondhand FFer copy of Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN that I had recently scooped up with some other 2.99 DVDs at GOODWILL, courtesy of Granny Grass.

That was then confirmed by the British SKY news from above about the film's two horny boys of Judah and Ephraim in 1999 who my otherwise married or pre-engaged underaged concubine [211 steel] wives can not resist fucking and sucking; after they find out that their significant others are nothing but a bunch of Italian leather Beverly Hills GUCCI saddle bag fags like the black one prophesied of in BLAZING SADDLES, circa 1974, who probably died from the AIDS related cancer plague prophecy in REV.9, according to:

Here she is with her inspired new dark hairdo, years before the new 90210 season ever starting filming the series' college frat house homage to DOMINO meets CASINO at:á_también_poster.png

If I was the show's homogaysexual head writer-director-producer, I would definitely have Naomi show up for haze week in a pair of ginormous cfake CGI tits for the first few VICTORIA SECRET episodes. Then I would have her remove them out of shame for almost the rest of the season, only to put them back in like Pam Anderson does/did at the end of her Huntington Beach career; to be continued. After they strap her down inside an ambulance and flush her heart out with new blood.

Because that is John Travolta in the original AND YOUR MOTHER TOO FFer poster that mates perfectly with the original 70s GREASE movie prophecy. Once the New Jersey Italian faggot discovers that his born again pre-retarded child suddenly appeared with special needs because of his 'dog shit' diet in the above TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN sequel.


Friday, July 8, 2011


BLAZING SADDLES' Mel Brooks gov had the legally blind lazy-crazy eyes of New York's last bisexual governor mulatto-albino who turned over his office way before he left office to Mr Cuomo, the de facto Catholic homo pedophile with union connections to the Italian mob.

Statistically, most all of your Christian oriented middle aged men who are having sex with sweet 16 year-olds or younger are bisexual. Which leaves the physically transfigured men in 3 NEPHI to do whoever God tells them to do after the ginormous earthquake that opens the mind of my Scottish wife in Glenn Beck's 39 STEPS conspiracy prophecy. That ends with Keira and I holding hands forever, like some Lovelock, Nevada prisoners of love in those old handcuffs that she has around her White Horse Prophecy pirate portrait at:

This is the gov sidekick who starts humping the little bronze naked lady named 'Hailee' from behind, with 7 to zero odds, at the end of TRUE GRIT. That was instantly confirmed by a WORLD WIDE SPORTS playback by God, right after I said so, by that crazy black STARBUCKS nigger who shot 7 people in Grand Rapids' state of Romney Mitt's CARS 2 father. Because the idea of fucking two teenage hotties at the same time is enough to drive him out of his mind set.

So CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM's aging 8th season opens on HBO at 10:00 this 7.10 Sunday. That is being widely promoted by all those BRIDE OF CHUCKY images of my kinky AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS vampire three-way wedding finale to Emma Roberts and Kristin Stewart.

In the CASINO prophecy born in 1994, and released in 95, the southern Italian LEPRECHAUN 3 director look alike figure named Nicky explains why you don't have to pound the young white milk-fed veal as hard as the older, tougher, pinko veal.



Here is a hilarious Harry Potter lightening [Rock Ridge] confirmation about that strange quake in the REV.13:1 sea, halfway between Nice and Sardinia, at:


Thursday, July 7, 2011


All you silly lilly white Bible Belt dummies in Rock Ridge, Utah are going to have sooo much trouble on your hands that you won't even have the time of day, much less the budget, to interview and lie about me and Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Grace More/tz having afternoon underage 3-ways up in the BIG LOVE Manhattan loft of HBO's Ms Chloe forerunner featured at:

I'm talking about you, Mr Catholic Utah Mormon, who put Mr Green into REV.13 captivity, and so now you and your Nyle Smith morons who look like BLAZING SADDLES' Mr Mongo are going to go into the same pit of captivity that you all voted for in the final 42 line election of 2008.

Oh yeah. I'm talking about seeing Hailee's snatch in the old man law book that was opened about 10 minutes into the DVD in BLAZING SADDLES meets TRUE GRIT; yours truly getting "old and fat" while losing weight riding hard on top of Blackie in both films' Ms Stein saurkraut and sausage number, at:

God help us both if I ever see your butt naked cfake ass again.

ROSS' RESTAURANT ass/ass/in/nation tweet from God almighty that came from that cheap stonewall no-tell motel was about the homogaysexual 'Ross the Intern' on the too late show who is going to squeal like a stuck pig when the DELIVERANCE prophecy is fulfilled down in Georgia. Where no one wants anything to do with Katy Perry's international 666 health insurance, much less her mandatory car insurance.



I found the special 30 year anniversary DVD of BLAZING SADDLES Wednesday at WAL*MART for 5 bucks. That features the film's television pilot that played in 1975 on the anniversary of the assassination of MLK. Here is a look at the box art's original two witnesses radio microphone in the context of the Hebrew Indian chief [medicine wheel] for the lost tribes of Israel; who God told Abraham would be as numerous as the stars above at:

The wheels come off the MLK/FDR Letterman wagon in the April 4 TV pilot. That ends with the government [Mayor's] bank being robbed while the town whore, who has a crush on the black man, says, "I don't see any robbery." and the black sheriff says with a coy smile "'s all in the way you look..." at it, as he admires his new $40 six-shooter.

The first ever black sherrif's White Horse Prophecy pony in the pilot is named Whitey.

In the film opening, the Hebrew speaking chief of the lost tribes is amazed to see a black pilgrim like him in charge of the wagon.

Ultimately, the fake town of Rock Ridge, populated by fake people, represents Obama's fake birth certificate. That miraculously appeared overnight, and then gets blown up by the sharp shooters at WND et al.

The fake Mormons town turns out to be a fake Hollywood town set among the studios where they tape the Jay Leno show.

Sarah Palin's angry 'mama grizzly' killed that nature man in Yellowstone for a Divine confirmation of the cowboys riding stampeding elephants in BLAZING SADDLES meets TARZAN; who will cleanse today's desecrated temple of Sodom and Egypt.

That 7.6 earthquake near New Zealand's EATING RAOUL island struck on the 7:03 anniversary of the two witnesses' 1260 days period. For a sign like the earthquake in Haiti that happened on the January 12 birth date of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Who are Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, in confirmation of the prophetic movie's HOWARD JOHNSON ice cream parlor that boasts just 1 flavor.

The Indian scout in the TV pilot says the new sheriff is a "white black man."

The last time America's fake president was in Michael Medved's phony 1776 Philadelphia, the flimsy presidential seal blew off his president limo on I-76. As represented by the president's limo driving off at the end of BLAZING SADDLES on a desolate looking dirt road.


NOTE: The two witnesses appear in the defiled New Jerusalem, like where our Lord was crucified. The old Jerusalem is no modern day Sodom and Egypt as described in REV.11. Nor will it ever be.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


BLAZING SADDLES' black sheriff says his history started "...back in 56" for the 5.6 anniversary of the White Horse Prophecy with a classic western movie title. His grandma was white.

When the black sheriff is chosen, the corrupt politician boss has a small white candy 'medicine pill' in his mouth. His sales pitch to the REV.17 Governor is a word play based on the glorious idea of having a first black illegal resident.

CBS made a TV pilot of the film that was never picked up. But It did run once in 1975 on the new born beast's 7th Beverly Hills anniversary of the assassination of MLK, in 1968.

[I just edited this posting with a minor typo or two correction, after seeing wikipedia's MLK file that was last updated on The Fourth of July at 21:05 London Time. Don't sweat It. I'm going to get around to watching Will Smith's inspired INDEPENDENCE DAY Joseph Smith white horse prophecy just as soon as I can. Hey, I love to fuck and suck just as much as he does while my wife is watching. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first, and all that.]

There was another unusual 3.0 woes quake Tuesday morning at 8:59 in the region of Utah where so many old westerns were filmed. It struck near [Orin] Hatch, Utah in confirmation of the sons of Israel who have no guts.

BLAZING SADDLES's sheriff Obama figure says, "Once you establish yourself, they got to accept ya." In other words, once you get elected and sworn into office, they got to JUST GO WITH IT, like Adam Sandler et al.

"You devious son of a bitch!" says the Waco Kid when the black sheriff wins at chess.

The man assigned to "mutilate the new sheriff..." is a huge cigar smoking figure who rides into town on one of the two witnesses' bulls mentioned in 2 NEPHI 8.

Today's homogaysexual musical scene is destroyed at the end of BLAZING SADDLES by the war that erupts over the abomination of desolation.

Turned out I was watching the American werewolf in Paris getting kinky with some blond tourist slut on top of Jim Morrison's grave on the 40th anniversary of his death in 1971.



The prophetic purpose of the abomination in MARK 13:14 etc is to rid the corrupt gentile [Ham] influences that now dominate the lost tribes
of Israel. See the inspired "...unham..." message in this new report about Obama's felonious birth certificate, at:

Monday, July 4, 2011


On July 4th at 12:10 AM west coast time, I had a flash vision of a white kitty walking across my bed. July 4th evening I read that "around 2:00 AM" Central Time, a hacker named 'scriptkittie' reported on FOX' news TWITTER that Obama had been shot two times at ROSS' RESTAURANT in Iowa's Quad Cities area.

So I goggle-mapped the joint located off Brown [Bomber] Street and saw the TRAVELERS motel across the street with a stonewall design facing the 24 hour burger joint. Where Obama made a campaign stop last Tuesday, according to:

July 4th afternoon in Bonnie Lake, I saw a new homemade poster showing 3 kitties for sale, taped on a pillar near the CIGAR ZONE; one an off-white looking symbolic mulatto [Simese?] It was placed next to some blues band poster.

July 4th morning I finished watching Mel Brook's 1974 prophecy about my black sidekick abomination of desolation, called BLAZING SADDLES. Co-starring his Jewish Branch Davidian sidekick called The Waco Kid, a.k.a. the wacko kid.

Therefore there was a rare 3.3 woes earthquake on July 4th under the movie's namesake Rock Ridge, Utah at 3:22 London Time. Because right there is the 911 [JACKASS 3] Hwy.322 crash landmark confirmation named Goshen, sitting on Utah's infamous death highway Rt.6.

BLAZING SADDLES's railroad themes refer to the way out west AMTRAK crash in Churchill County, etc. The Brown Bomber even makes a chocolates box bomb. Who was made sheriff by God so that the dumb white no.33 church folks would get so sick of him that they will decide to leave their desolate looking Sodom and Egyptville.

The best scene is where the black STARBUCKS sheriff says, "Excuse me while I whip this out..." For the time when Obama had the film's famous brown German sausage moment on that campaign jet with a cast of female reporters. Who got so hot they forgot to ever ask him if he was really born in Hawaii.


The I-74 Iowa comedy classic opens with the song that goes...

"He wore a shining star... A torch to light the way... And fear filled the land... He turned dark night into day... A man with guts..."



This report is a timely look at the faint hearted sons of Israel in 2NEPHI 8 who have no guts at:

Nephi, Utah is just down the road from Rock Ridge, Utah.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


We know beyond any reasonable doubt that DANIEL's strong man in THE BOOK OF MORMON Broadway musical was born in Africa. Based on his genuine 1961 Kenya hospital birth certificate, that was later confirmed by his genuine Kenyan cirtification of birth that was issued for Ms Stanley's 1964 divorce case. And was given complete legal authorization by that birth certificate signed by Obama's maternal grandmother that was published by the ALOHA newspaper.

One would think that the high society Harvard University types at WND would apply the same professional standards of analysis to the above official documents that they have demanded for Obama's ridiculous NYT birth certificate.

But WND claims they are all fraudulent documents because the apostate Christian gospel of Paul faggots have a huge 666 computer chip on their shoulder about the latter-day prophet Joseph Smith who was fucking at least 17 women. No wonder Glenn Beck's FOX news links keep showing up on their web site along with that tall Jewish Ann Coulter Catholic bitch.

So I did watch AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS Saturday morning. That ends in a ruined Catholic church full of potato head blood sucking leeches chasing down all those expatriate hurray USA church party goers in the subway sewers below MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

But hey, don't sweat it. In the end, the female Kristin Stewart werewolf man-eater gets a major blood cleansing physical transfiguration heart job that leads to her loving marriage with the one mighty and strong on top of the Statue of Liberty.



Check this inspired half-truth link for some great insights on the day 1290 abomination of desolation from the 7 Beverly Hills of Colorado, CA who will be a 'raiser of taxes' at:

Friday, July 1, 2011


... Is the tag line on the blue tone DVD box for 1997's AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS prophecy that features the film's love interest who looks like Emma Roberts role playing Kristin Stewart. Based on the box art's flabbergasting rendition of yours truly looking like my marred servant sidekick with the half Jew white Negro dick head in MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, at:

This is the movie that John Landis wanted to make back when my forerunner French wife did me a big favor and flaked out in 1979-80. Instead of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, when today's 666 union thugs tried to shut down his production because he desperately needed to cut costs.

I'll probably watch my used Paris Hilton reality tv movie, for the first time ever, that I bought Friday afternoon for 2.99 at 30% off with a 2:57:41 stamp, in the wee hours of Lindsay's 25mph birthday at GOODWILL. Because that is where they filmed Keira's Scottish highland ass pictorial on top of a ROMA era 750 DUCATI for CHANEL No.5 and all that. Even thought I'm halfway through an old 99 cent VHS copy of GOODFELLAS that I found there Thursday. Which is an amazing LARRY CROWNE prelude to Julia Roberts' inspired FFer concubine arrangement with her half Jewish mother fucker that the Negro Detroit Motown woman sings about:

"I always dreamed that the boy I love would come along; And he'd be tall and handsome, rich and strong. Now that boy I love has come to me... But he sure ain't the way I'd thought he'd be."

Finally the Scottish Brown Bomber wanna-be fantasy fucker in SEX IN THE CITY III North Africa has finally come along. Fulfilling The Brown Bomber in Spike Lee's Mr.X prophecy who is seriously considering doing some kind of an exotic AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON meets AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS remake sequel.



How gay is that?

True grit conservatives who love to fuck their 15ish BLAZING SADDLES West Village babes bareback know that FOX' 666 toady Glenn Beck sold his soul to the church of the MLK Letterman Devil on the cheap almost going on 1260 days now. Beck knows that Obama's birth certificate is as queer as a NYC $3 Bill [Clinton]. But his 666 Bible devil pastor master is not going to take his big black cock out of Glenn's mouth until the prescribed 42 months period in REV.13 has been fulfilled. Therefore LEPRECHAUN 3's look alike must also stonewall the truth just like any other worldly homogaysexual New Yorker who is fascinated by THE BOOK OF MORMON musical about the abomination of desolation who is defiling the temple of the New Jerusalem in SLC, UT.

Thus, the Paris HILTON sex tape prophecy started smoking on Friday like a Cuban cigar on the Rush Limbaugh show out of Miami at:

"Thy sons have fainted, save these two." [2NEPHI 8]

Here is the latest Cuban cigar report about Venezuela's BOOK OF MORMON strong man who was given the fascist democratic powers in ROMA 1973 to rule like today's black half Mormon abomination along the latitude 42 line landmarks. Until the end that connects Oregon's underground fossilized shit caves off Hwy.199 with the 666 bullshit on the Glenn Beck show, at: