Monday, October 31, 2011


A man used a homemade guillotine to chop off his right arm at a homeless camp located outside NPR's Bellingham hippie town stronghold on the same day I watched Joe poking his boss with a fake severed arm in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO. Reportedly they took the man to St Joseph [Joe] before transferring him to Seattle. A photo of the guillotine that he had constructed inside his symbolic 'Occupy Wall Street' camp is at:,0,3086419.story

In the Kingdom of God, superb quality brick housing is provided through the United Order credit union. That way someone working for low wages can enjoy a high and more equal standard of living that is earned and payed for through other means than just credit or cash.

Police say the man has mental issues; because his parents were eating crap when he was conceived.

Tell this to the occupy fascists who are trying to counterfeit the Kingdom of God through government force, and they will laugh at you; so will most conservative Christians.

The huge moon in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO represents the glory of God in the second class area of Heaven, where there is no eternal procreation. Heaven's first class glory, a.k.a. the celestial kingdom, is represented by the light of the sun. Third class has only the lesser glory and light of the stars. [See D&C 76]

The lost tribes of Israel living on the little island with the erupting big Mt Baker volcano in my 2005 vision, welcome Joe and his fiancé with traditional civil war music and Hebrew folk songs.

The Father's two sailboats in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO are the two ensign tribes of Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 11, EZE.37, etc etc.
The four luggage steamer trunks that save the lost couple are the four square gospel. I.e the LDS church, the United Order credit union, the School of Prophets, and the Kingdom of God political party.

The film's fairy tale "prince" who is all alone at the [Seal Beach] hair salon is the one in section 91 of the 2BC. Who was raised in a black gentile D&C 86 style "cloud" that does not lead to eternal life. Which sometimes is described as 'death' in the scriptures, in order to contrast a true living and growing life with just a stagnant existence, albeit a pleasant one.

Joe gets the girl after the fierce storm hits, and he gradually nurses her back to life, sip by sip.


Sunday, October 30, 2011


I talked Granny Grass into taking me up to PANDA for my birthday, to go down on a dish of their spicy red hot hot Peking chicken with noodles, and then go up to SAFEWAY to pick up their last 2-4-1 used DVD of NEVER LET ME GO back to school again in GREASE 2's sequel that I had checked out earlier.

Apparently the three way movie co-stars Andrew Garfield in confirmation of this rather fat orange GARFIELD cat that keeps snooping around GG's ivy league college patch that is infested with a lot of tasty fat rats. Who he seems to skin alive and then leave their fresh looking meat and bones just lying there on the driveway gravel.

So that night Jesus let me know that it's high time to start looking more like Iggy Pop than Meatloaf if I want to get laid like I do in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets SHAMPOO.

Already I can tell, without having seen it yet, that NEVER LET ME GO is a prophetic allegory about the culture of death that is being taught in private and public English schools. In order that their older aging parents can possibly have a little more 666 hope that they will get to LIVE AND LET DIE for a few more years. Until all the last gasp Euro bailouts fail; that are constructed upon the principle of robbing their children's economic future. Which will finally sink all of their ridiculous Mr Spears, Louisiana style last days prophecies in GREASE 2 about the end of the world. Who are today's apostate Christian proponents of 666 Nazi medicine in the vain of Gov Perry meets Gov Huntsman.

That said, walking over to SAFEWAY's checkout with GG, I suddenly saw some other DVD on special called CHLOE. That had a remarkable blond Chloe Moretz babe on the box. Who turned out to be my bestist ever Marina Del Rey birthday boy present about getting to fuck Amanda Seyfried under cover as Chloe, like in this African Charlize Theron pussy cat photo and video at:

Who was inspired by [Jesus loves you] to play my horny young 15ish Virgin River, Utah region teenage wife Chloe for 4 seasons in BIG LOVE meets SHAMPOO meets the 1970s era swingers' NFL prophecy called HEAVEN CAN WAIT meets the Steven Spielberg opening of AP:3-WAY.

About the only fish that can survive in the river's muddy waters below Zion's National Park are the odd looking June suckers that are almost as extinct and as rare as Chloe's nice fat lips at:


Here is the latest Michael Moore look alike response to the new 666 beast church in SHAWN OF THE DEAD at:


If the above Lana Del Rey video link does not work on your gadget, try this other one at:

Note the Sienna Miller blond babe right after Del Rey's hotel balcony reference to her night of tears shot.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Last Tuesday I dreamed that I was listening to the radio in my bedroom at the Seattle home where I grew up in at 5717 16th N.E. There was a report about some National Public Radio personality lost in the woods near the Louisiana state line and that a team had been searching for him for days.

So later I just googled 'Louisiana' and found out that a black escapee from Washington Parish, named Kaunda Magee, who had been on the loose in the woods for 13 days was shot and captured Wednesday while hiding in the same hunting camper that I saw go by LARRY'S BRAKES landmark on Hwy.410 Wednesday afternoon.

36 year-old Mr Magee had been staying on the down low inside the old camper for part of the time, that was parked on a wooded property located off progressive NPR's Progress Road in Mississippi, according to:

In my bedroom dream, the windows were iced up as if a winter storm had happened like the freak one that is arriving in the northeast on my October 29 birthday, at:

The day after Kaunda was captured, Sandra Bullocks' CAA agents purchased an Andy Warhol print at an Africa AIDS charity, entitled [Southern] "PEACHES" for her little adopted black boy from Louisiana for 14k. For that blue boy with the $104 million dollar peaches pipe painting by Picasso.

Sandy then thanked her agents for not being a bunch of cheap fucks, at:

The east coast folks at NPR et al can run, but they can't hide. Their black man is going to get caught. That Mormon sheriff in Arizona who is so famous for hunting illegal aliens has already set up a posse.


Friday, October 28, 2011


That surreal [ISAIAH 11.1] evergreen genealogy tree rod of Jesse erection branch on the north side of Bucky Larson's Hwy.410 represents all those huge ones that were being revealed around the same time that Jesus was re-revealing the truth to Joseph Smith at:

No wonder all those vicious passive aggressive teetotaler church ladies back then freaked out with such violence when they were told that Jesus actually has a cock; and it ain't exactly dead.

No matter what today's half Jewish con men from Africa who are driving vintage 1961ish BRISTOLs try to tell you. They are all going to die in the fiery day 1290 crash confirmation that just happened near Bristol Indian Anna off Charlize' Rt.15 Thursday evening. Wherein 7 people died in confirmation of Ms no.7 going back to school in AN EDUCATION, circa the same year that the fake black&white Asian abomination of desolation was born in Africa.

This is why Sienna went to the beach south of 1990's JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO prophecy in order to pre FF Mr Getty in LOST HIGHWAY meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES circa 1961 at:

In JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO, the primitive Hawaiian pagan men and women who are trying to hide Obama's queer as orange soda birth certificate end up drowning underneath the REV.13:1 sea when the WILLIS TOWER volcano goes off in DIE HARD I, II, & III.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


JUNO was about me getting the 15ish hottie virgin flirt in HARD CANDY knocked up in spirit on her cfake leather throne shot in the front yard at around the same time when Utah's 42 latitude line in NAPOLEON TNT's big pole climax finale comes up in June 2012. Because Juno means June in Ornella Fresh Napolitano Italiano. Which I can hardly understand, since I only really speak fluent Siena Toscana style Italiano.

So you can relax and have a nice and soft one on one type A climax with me for now darling. I only see us watching you watching me fuck Ms Sire Us after the point when all of us Gods have been sealed for eternity inside that little gas station endowment house where Keira Knightley lives in the Green River screamer TV pilot for TWIN PEAKS. While yours truly sits on his Davidian ride with saddle bags at the double pumps outside talking with my long lost pilot friend from the North River country of the lost tribes of Israel; Paul Garrison.

For now, I am only going to be softly and slowly kissing and fucking you, and only you, like those surreal FFing missionaries were inspired to do in Woody's 2011 ROMA remake, circa 1973. Until the time when it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that we can have both our cake and eat it too.

They don't call it heaven for nothing.



A big empty TWO MOON JUNCTION King Cab type log hauler rig heading east, from daddy Lohan's Tampa, Florida, for a second load, passed by me quickly at that big rod of Jesse hard on icon above 410's Fennel Creel hole Thursday. Bearing the company name "HARVEY" painted on the side doors, for the LAST CHANCE HARVEY prophecy about me showing up in London on Christmas three years ago at:

That was confirmed by LL's apostate Bible believing dad falling out of that monkey zoo tree in AP:3 at his mid priced bad economy motel when the cops showed up to ask him why he was bad mouthing and lying about the Book of Mormon being the word of God. Even though he himself is a polygamist at heart. [Think Kenny Kemp.]

Wednesday night's EZE. 4.7 earthquake in California, north of Kings Beach, Crystal Bay, Rose Knob, and that recent Keira Knightley cfake earthquake orgasm confirmation, happened just east of Goodyears Bar for the remake movie idea of her role playing the young teacher in LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR in BUCKY LARSON: BORN TO BE A STAR in GREGORYS GIRL, both no.1 and no.2, at:

Lake Tahoe is divided in half by THE MISFITS economy of today, whose state line off the beach from Glenbrook establishes the status quo of today's Catholic half ass Mormon Glenn Beck. Who is going to have his Branch Davidian body of Christ cut in half, so that he finally wakes up and realizes that he gets to have at least 3, if not 4, rather scandalously young personal [SPLITTING HAIRS] female assistants in his Dallas, Texas offices.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


They just dismantled the last of those old big 60s A-bombs hanging on the flagpole in GREASE II's 60s prophecy about Emma Watson going back to school. Thanks to her private cello case lessons by me and Sienna in AN EDUCATION, circa 1961.

If you believe that Russia has done the same thing, with their even bigger old wingtip shoe A-bombs, then you are probably drunk enough in spirit to believe that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Chicago.

In the class syllabus revelations at the School of Prophets, for their girls only classes, [at], the Divine Dean from their above office requires that all the smart young ladies of Israel start to put on his OLDE ENGLISH armor of God immediately. In order to protect them from the world's romantic Paris, France temptations in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets THE PINK PANTHER's flawed diamond caper.

Putting on the armor of God means, among other things, that you are not going to let the boys sneak into your dorm room on Friday nights and play 'hide the salami'. Like you saw in one of those old Jack Nicholson meets Johnny Depp movies filmed in the south of Cannes, France, or something. Where Carey Mulligan and her new boyfriend ride by that black '...383' car at Oxford for the 383 cfakes depicting Emma Roberts' look alike getting her lights turned out at the Seal Beach barber shop pole in TIE ME UP, TIE ME DOWN, at:

This is that big royal rod of Jesse genealogy tree stem sticking out of the evergreen tree above LL's Fennel Creek HERBIE LUV BUG no.53 tunnel on 410 like some Miles Deep hard on in BOOGIE NIGHTS meets THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

In the 91ist section at, it states that yours truly, the future King of England, is going to have to go back to back at school with Emma et al if I don't want to end up living alone, like the LEISURE WORLD zoo protagonist in SHAUN OF THE DEAD, circa 1997.


NOTE: Compare Emma's white 60s boots with the ones on Elvis at the HOLIDAY INN.


The proverbial '800 lb gorilla in the room' during so many of the 1997 movie's scenes is revealed to be the future abomination of desolation when Rod McCain's son, Vince, introduces his fake Asian panda from Africa to their 666 zoo, who is half black and half white.

McCain's surname establishes the time line when Senator McCain et al would be bastardizing the US Constitution by refusing to act on Obama's phony birth certificate and his known use of a dead man's Social Security number from Conn. As confirmed by the film's impersonation of a dead man.

The zoo's polygamist director is thought to be a meanie at first. Until Jamie Lee Curtis comes along and sets the staff straight on a few things. Especially at the last scene where the Branch of David is introduced. And the stag clan head says, "I haven't slept with one woman for a very very long time."

Vince [Vaughn] "...can't stand all this negativity!" about the fake black and white panda, that was handmade in 666 Belgium.

The McCain figure is "assassinated" by a staff member dressed in a black wasp Halloween costume. The bullet hole in his head looks like the mark on that black shooter suspect from Cape Fear, NC because right there is where the Black River enters the sea in REV.13:1. Seen at:

The Cape Fear High School shooter actually used a rifle. For the rifle used throughout FIERCE CREATURES. The vast majority of zoo school shootings involve hand guns.

A large poster of Saddam Hussein is thrown into the zoo's big bonfire at the end that represents the fall of today's Arab leaders.


NOTE: Two link corrections were made in my last post.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


You're fucking right there's smoke where there's fire. That's why there are 104 cheap motel rooms for swingers at their Sedona, Arizona location on the way to VIVA LAS VEGAS. In confirmation of the thick smoke that flushed out those 60 Branch Davidian Kingman, Arizona look alikes, to the east of London's relocated London Bridge at:

Therefore there was a cock sucking 3.6 earthquake near the area's Dead Horse Girls Camp site landmark just before lunch Tuesday at:

Because Lindsay Lohan was just finishing up her PLAYBOY shoot when the [Miles Deep] MONTE CRISTO tamping throat news broke out of Florida that her daddy roughed up his ho bitch with a heart of gold. Because she refused to swallow after he came inside her, or something like that. The best fake Cuban cigars in the world are probably rolled in Tampa by illegal alien refugees.

Yeah yeah yeah I know. There ain't no married Jewish homosexual con man in Hollywood who has hard enough balls to exploit the free billion dollar Bonanza from G-d above to make a NIGHT SHIFT remake, co-starring Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. That would have to be some kind of retro 80s Golan Brothers project with limited partnership monies from some nickel and dime millionaire in Utah who wants to see a 200% return on his ridiculous investment.

Hopefully, the family movie will turn out like the corny 4th feature on my SPLITTING HEIRS DVD set called FIERCE CREATURES. Wherein Jamie Lee Curtis finally falls for me because in her double crossed heart of hearts she longs for an honest man who has more than one wife. After the plot's Australian Robert Murdock mogul gets symbolically shot in the head by England's zombie zoo staffers. Who are only doing their proper duty, because his FOX satellite channel is scamming the public about my 800 lb gorilla's fake black&white Asian panda from Africa. Now on display in this breaking Gaddafi head shot look alike mug shot from Cape Fear, NC, at:

People like to talk about how Carey Mulligan prefers to stay in inexpensive motels and hotels. Well, now you know why.


Monday, October 24, 2011


AN EDUCATION was produced at the same time that my half Jewish con man sidekick was campaigning for president. And premiered at Sundance on the eve of his illegal inauguration on January 20, 2009 that put the first illegal alien in history into the Oval Office.

The picture's Providential parallels were confirmed by it's engagement ring plot that mirrors the current engagement ring on Carey Mulligan's finger. In that the con man tried to coax Carey's virgin figure into a sex education session that involved using one of my Cheeta sidekick's bananas.

The stolen GSR/TWN map was confirmed by the recent Brown University zombie signs and wonders on my RAND McNALLY map of Zanesville, Ohio. Just west of the film's Cambridge University references to a place on I-70 called Old Washington. Mel's Gibson is just down the road, north of Mount Ephraim.

The surfer woody that belong's to Jenny's dad is there when she first gets conned into a date with my sidekick. There is another evergreen woody in the shot when she gets picked up by him at school. We see a third woody when she quits school to go join his plural marriage scam.

AN EDUCATION was directed by Lone Scherfig. Which was the inspiration behind those recent reports about a woman who was beaten in the Lone Star state by a frozen armadillo. That directly corresponded with her talking bronze armadillo scene in the con man's deluxe apartment; according to:

One of David's other wives lives at street number 34, of course.

I watched AN EDUCATION Saturday morning. And learned later that the movie's 666 French angle was confirmed by the US Marine from French Camp, CA who was shot dead by a 666 bear hunter near Silver Falls, Oregon only hours earlier, [Read Sterling Falls]. Since the GSR/TWN con man movie was a BBC co-production.

The huge earthquake in Van, Turkey is probably a Van Dutchman thing.

Here is a nice photo of Austin's El Wood look alike director at:


Sunday, October 23, 2011


I finally found out just how much of a fucking success Carey Mulligan's AN EDUCATION show was Saturday morning. When I saw her 09 indie film by the Jewish lesbians and the homosexual darkies at the BBC about my half Jew cone man who shows her how to suck really hard on the underside tip of my cock without biting on it too hard like a banana. [Google Mel and his future FOREVER YOUNG PEPSI commercials wife Britney on his private beach in Costa Rica if this is too hard to swallow.]

Because every time Jenny sneaks out in the BBC movie to suck and fuck my much older figure in the prophetic lower budget zombie movie, there is a British Jenny Aniston surfer mini woody belonging to her soap opera daddy in the shot; taken from that gnarly surfer dude prophecy about the future King of England called BLUE JUICE at:

AN EDUCATION ends up with Emma Watson's future winter term attendance at Oxford. Where she role plays the naive uneducated coed from some cheap beauty salon in Seal Beach, CA. Who eventually becomes the future fuck buddy of the professor portrayed in EDUCATING RITA meets LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR. Who has a hump on him the size of an Idaho potato when she goes down to Paris with him in ABOUT SHIT meets POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, of Jenny's motel mattress, in TERMS OF ENDEARMENT, at:

This is the shot where Carey buries her face in my hands with the top tip of her right middle finger showing us that this is the part of the royal rod of Jesse that she must understand for now. Since she has not been paying attention to the Holy Spirit's spoken word revelations.

In confirmation of AN EDUCATION's inspired lyrics over the end credits that say, "...there's no smoke without fire..." Because she ain't ever gonna give me a real Rush Limbaugh size smoker until there's a lot of fiery MONTE CRISTO size Holy Ghost cigars going up in smoke, like the one at:


Friday, October 21, 2011


According to the LA TIMES' early bird jump report, most of high society's heterosexual wanna be critics in the West Village didn't really like the new 3-way comedy show that opened Thursday. And not just because Woody Allen was maybe fucking Soon-Me-Too when she was around the virginal age of Chloe and Hailee. Which was reported by God himself when a powerful 7.4 earthquake occurred in the EATING ROUL Islands region at the very same time that the BOOK OF MORMON musical boys were logging their gay ass reviews at:

[1:57:16 pm EST Friday]

Most of which said that the mediocre 3-some play was at least OK enough to get me a quick BJ. And I might even be allowed to go down on the above indie comedy's Keira Knightley look alike cheddar cheese enchilada S&M lady. But I could forget about fucking her for now, if the show is actually a success, because there is already some other actor cast in the role at:

Which understandably leaves me with the envious choice between older lonely middle-aged women who have been cheated on my their so-called husbands, like Demi Moore, or Naomi Watts, and my younger wives who have more than enough simple faith in the belief that Jesus loves them, no matter what, like at:


Thursday, October 20, 2011


SHAUN OF THE DEAD closes his eyes tight when he tells 4-eyes to get fucked, and he doesn't even blink an eye. Talk about brilliant British actors.

Then we see my Sean Relf son figure, who looks like Ken Keisler, standing outside of MICROSOFT's computer WINDOWS door like he was one of those foolish 5 virgins who got locked out of the party because his eyes were closed. And therefore he is locked out of the ten virgins' wedding prophecy in SPLITTING HAIRS meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. Which I only picked up on after seeing Carey on Craig Ferguson wearing her greenish CROSS MY HEART outfit while standing up and shaking like a little virgin girl; touched for the very first time.

And so the rather lewd news broke that confirmed my prophetic "I'LL LET YOU FUCK ME IF THE SHOW IS A SUCCESS" posting on the opening day of RELATIVELY SPEAKING, at:

Why wait to post the NYT theater reviews about the opening night of RELATIVELY SPEAKING when everybody and his halfbreed dog knows that Obama is committed to working with me to shut down all these half ass Jews?

Lighten up all you 5'6" Sundance film festival TRUE GRIT dudes. Almost every macho western movie star in the 40s and 50s was a cock sucking BLAZZING SADDLES half Jew nigger.

So what the fuck is your problem?



After dealing with the virgin Mary zombie in their backyard, Ed licks his ice-cream cone wrapper over and over in confirmation of the Lick County Z-Day signs and wonders.

A German 666 satellite is falling to earth for a time frame on the falling space thingy news report we hear in the background when Shaun first goes to the shop playing Muslim music. The new report I read is at:

VIRGIN's new gay 666 port is located in Upham, New Mexico.

The corrupt Judge Lambert tried once more to block the Russian dentist from revealing Obama's birth certificate and his illegal use of someone else's Social Security number on the same day the wild beasts escaped their Rt.666 zoo in Z-town, Ohio. He cited reports in the NYT that said Obama's birth certificate is genuine. Even though no one at the newspaper believes this to be the case anymore.

The kangaroo court report is at:

A lady who lives near the zoo said she saw the deceased owner earlier with claw marks. When you get clawed and bitten by zombies it takes awhile to die. Some people even kill themselves.

Those two dead teenage girls in Spanish Fork Canyon probably had smashed heads. They had recently moved to Utah from California.

When Shaun mentions that Liz [Hurley] is engaged, Ed replies, "That was quick..."

Ed flashes the traditional 'W' sign for the REV.17 whore, used throughout cinema for decades, as Shaun can't get a table for 8 at the place that serves REV.13:1 fish, and then bites the phone like a shark, or a zombie.

The pub pork snacks are a running gag on Liz Hurley's organic pig farm.

Like so many mormons, Shaun's church lady mum just closes the curtains on the 666 invasion going on outside. Sadly, too many LDS want to be apostate Christians, rather than Jesus Christ's Israelites.

Lindsay Lohan's new morgue duty would be priceless publicity for a NIGHT SHIFT remake. She could play the 1982 film's prostitute with a heart of gold, played to perfection by Shelley Long, at:

A better look at the movie poster is at:

Charlie Sheen would be great as the burned out Wall Street stock broker. The young nephew hustler role would be perfect for any up and coming smart ass comedian.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Z-Day came to Zanesville, Ohio on Tuesday at around 5:30 pm. When dozens of wild and aggressive animals escaped a private zoo outside of the town where Rt.666 starts north through Muskingum County on my R/M map-book. They found the 62 year-old owner lying dead by one of the cages, with claw marks on his body like he had been attacked by zombie reds.

Rt.666 is one way to get up to Willis Creek Dam near Conesville in confirmation of the REV.17 ice-cream cone motif in SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

To the south of town is Gaysport and a little place called Stone. For Sunday's dedication of the stonewall monument to MLK.

The nearby boyhood home of Astronaut John Glenn was the amazing 666 technology follow up to Monday's dedication of the new VIRGIN space station in New Mexico. Since the famous Brown University Harry Potter virgin just went back to college in England, in reference to the nearby landmarks of Brown Heights and Cambridge on I-70. Because the film's Harry Potter figure ended up getting eaten by the zombies at the WINCHESTER pub. Which stands for all those classic wild west characters at the bar.

Brownsville is to the west of Z town, USA in Licking County. Where the Licking River flows south into Bucky Larson's Buckeye Lake. In Divine confirmation of my licking observations in the new Dave's Top Ten cfakes post. The latest pix of Emma show her returning to school in fake fur at:

New Mexico is way out west in the White Sands Missile Range state where mostly brown people live. Many of whom have blond hair and blue eyes, like at:

On the same day date of VIRGINS' New Mexico base opening, there was a 6.0 earthquake in the New Britain Region at 05:05:05 London time Tuesday. That marked the giant 555' Egyptian missile in DC that was closed down by the Virgin/ia earthquake, registered at:

SHAUN OF THE DEAD opens with an Egyptian musical motif right after the bell rings. And his girlfriend is complaining that they never get to fuck because there are always roommates around.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


10: This nice Jewish girl one is probably the best of Natalie Portman. She's laying there very relaxed, looking you right in the eye, while you are softly and tightly moving in and out of either Hailee or Chloe on the edge of her bed, sometimes both, at:

9: Surprisingly, there are only two or three decent fakes out there on the 666 Internet of Gisele Bundchen. Like this one of her sitting in a cheap double bed motel room in MANAGEMENT; watching me fuck Jennny's ass while she bends over the side of the other mattress in the room. The only thing missing is a nice glass of cheap white wine, at:

8: Emma Watson went back to college this week. In confirmation of this coed dorm shot of her being so busy that she only has about a half hour before lights out, and it's OK if her 17ish roommate watches me put her lights out at:

7: The vagina of Israel has the two curtains of the endowment house temple veil that gets parted by the the two fingers in the dorms where Natalie graduated from college at:

Don't press too hard when you lick on it with the tip of the tongue. That only makes her feel numb because the words in your mouth are just way beyond her. Unless you are instructed otherwise; there's always the exception.

6: Few people actually know that the royal daughter of Israel, Keira Knightley, has been enrolled in college by proxy for quite some years now by her Jewish sister with an Israeli passport at:

5: Elizabeth Hurley's cfake situation is a lot like Gisele Bundchen. The only few good fakes have her watching me going down on Keira, or Keira going down on me, at:

4: Artistically speaking, this is the best cfake of any celebrity on the Internet right now at:

Talking more dirty, this one comes second at:

This one is a close second at:

3: A lot of times you have to blow up, and then crop out, the phony jerk who is jamming Miley Cyrus in all her wonderful fuck buddy photos, like at:

This odd looking girl is probably the best fuck in Hollywood right now. And that is really saying something compared to Emma Robets and Camilla Belle.

2: Emma's TWITTER is going to be less active for the next two and a half months. Because she said that she is going to be really busy in her college dorm room above daddy's garage getting private lessons from Sienna and I at:

1: Fall is the season for raking leaves at:


10x10=100x2 in top tennis court doubles play.

Monday, October 17, 2011


42 apartments were destroyed or damaged by an explosion in the heart of Boston's black Roxbury neighborhood the night after that huge MLK monstrosity made of pink rock was dedicated by the one in REV.13 who will tread upon the more righteous for 42 months.

On the big day of MLK's "cash the check" ceremony, that Blackfeet tribe lady who shook down the USA for billions in Montana died of cancer. Her native name was [suck] Little Bird. She was getting nowhere until Obama came along and signed their big fat check for billions.

During Sunday's abomination of desolation dedication, there was a symbolic 3.5 quake in Lincoln County, Nevada, north of the EZE.38 landmark Alamo; due east of Mt Irish. Both Israel and lost Israel USA are divided by 35 line landmarks that stand for the two 35-number pillars of Judah and Ephraim on the Temple of Solomon.

The symbolic explosion in black Boston represents the way that the 42 months period in REV.13 will come to an end. The House of Israel will be restored as explained in EZE. 38 etc.

Those two teen girls who were killed by the two trains of Judah and Ephraim in Nyle Smith's Spanish Canyon, Utah, along Hwy.6, were confirmation of the teen girl zombies message in SHAUN OF THE DEAD.


Sunday, October 16, 2011


Thank God for today's Weirdo Jews for Jesus!

My Iggy Pop like near-future would have never been full of hot monkey sex with underaged teenager groupies if my Cheeta sidekick had not made it so crystal clear that MLK was just another big fat jive ass nigger who wanted to steal your money.

Even my good buddy Shaun Penn is starting to realize what is going down. In his brilliant new clear-as-a-bell pronouncements about Rush Limbaugh's 2ifbytea party wanting to get the illegal alien nigger out of the Oval Office.

Hence that handsome young Tom Brady looking INDY 500 champ died in a massive flying fuck-you crash on Senator Reid's oval office track in Las Vegas on the same day that my sidekick was fucking America's white folks in the ass like his civil war Jew forerunner Abraham Lincoln.

Because Paul McCartney married yet another Jewish bitch in the trucking business that came to a massive pile up near McCartney Road's exit just before their gay ass wedding party in SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST.

Like when my future hot hot skinny bitch wife, with the body of a 16 year-old boy, could not believe that people were actually asking her how in the world could she still be so excited about flying so hard and high above the middle-aged star of 1994's WOLF prophecy about the physical transfiguration. And all she can think to say to all the Hollywood idiots is, "He's Jack Nicholson!"

Alright, let me give you guys a visual. You are Ted Bradshaw, or maybe even Jay Leno, or a David Letterman, or a Bruce Willis. You are basically a 29 year-old athlete or entertainer, who is trapped in the tired aging overweight body of a Bill Murray meets Chevy Chase type; who peaked about ten years ago. But in your young heart you know that this is not the end. So I send you the fantasy image of my role playing King David wife, who is keeping me young at heart while she sucks on my flyboy cock and talks to you about your eternal sequel movie future together. Depicted in this sexy scream queen 4 crystals number at:

Does this help?



Most of the Seal Beach hair salon victims died from head shots. In Providential confirmation of the stonewalling news media's advice to shoot zombies in the head etc. in SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

The tragic REV.13:1 beach massacre also happened on the eve of Sukkot. In prophetic confirmation of the WINCHESTER pub owner who slices up the Jewish holiday's traditional ceremonial lemons at 21:.. minutes into the DVD.

8 died in Seal Beach for an OLD ENGLISH '8-Ball' crazy-8 theme. At first, Shaun and Ed think that the occasional stumbling zombie is just someone who is drunk.

There was a Davidian dated 4.6 earthquake in the Bonin Islands during Anna Faris' SNL monologue broadcast, Bonney Lake time. When the audience weirdo takes photos while she talks teen sleepovers, or something like that.

"We're coming to get you Barbara!" shouts Ed in the phone to Shaun's mum, and then we cut to a shot of his bloody shovel. For yet another creepy barber hair cut reference to the Seal Beach salon; based on the way seals are clubbed to death in the head like zombies by fur hunters. The shot is at about 36:... minutes into my DVD copy.

Seal Beach is near the historic Queen Mary hotel ship in Long Beach.

Two Spanish aid workers were kidnapped in Obama's native Kenya, where he was born, on the same day I posted the prophetic connection with Penelope Cruz's SAHARA and WAG THE DOG 2.

The big MLK stonewall monument dedication is scheduled for Sunday, October 16. Which is the day 1290 anniversary of the abomination of desolation in the Judah chronology of the two witnesses; that occurs during Sukkot this year. 'Sukkot' being some foreign accent sounding word play for "Suck it".


Saturday, October 15, 2011


Trying to cat nap Friday evening after a big whole wheat roast chicken sandwich, stacked on double Swiss cheese with a nice tall pile of branchy Roman lettuce leaves, I got a flash vision of this old VHS tape that has been buried in my book shelf ever since BL's HOLLYWOOD VIDEO closed shop, and I have been feeling like seeing ever since; since it's called DOGVILLE.

Later, still trying to sleep it off, I was awaken by some drunk sounding southern male macho voice that shouted "HEY HEY HEY!!" at 11:59pm. So I sat up in a jolt and checked the evening talk show info on my tv dish and went directly to that loud mouthed quarterback jerk Terry Bradshaw on Leno. Who mentioned that he had just adopted a German shepherd dog named [Gisele Bundchen] who loves him no matter what.

Shoved in tightly beside my DOGVILLE asset tape is my used unseen DVD copy of THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY movie that tried to say that I was dying from the Preston, Idaho potato on my head. Which is now the size of Marlon Brando's prostate in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Wherein my ex-wife cheated on me with a GSR/TWN guy who was exactly like me; right down to his bathrobe of many colors, and his Nyle Smith house room upstairs plastered with newspaper cuttings on the walls.

Which all backfired when Nicole went up to my borrowed penthouse in CROSS MY HEART meets Taylor Swift and really got an eye full of the southern doggy style furniture in her Tennessee condo at:

Therefore, my beautiful German guard dog decided to get rid of her Boston penthouse that was forcing her to pay the city's butt fucking school district 73k a year. Just so they could teach the girls about the wonders of anal sex etc. As a part of her long term plans to get rid of Tommy boy too. Per the 4.0 earthquake north of Toms Place, CA at 4:42:29 that was about nearby June Lake's 42 months time-line in REV.13 that comes to Deadman's Pass around June in 2012.


Most of the gay ass West Village critics in West Hollywood, London loved watching the surreal stage theater film cuts of me watching my Picasso rod of Jesse slowly sliding in and out of Nicole's nice and tight 29ish ass at:

In confirmation of Carey Mulligan's future theater work successes on the stages in West London and NYC.

Friday, October 14, 2011


The first zombie that Shaun and Ed encounter is a "girl" in the backyard who is role playing Chloe Moretz' generation that is being raised more or less in a moral vacume. Shortly thereafter she is joined by her father with daughters figure Nyle Smith. I am not making this up.

Liz is a similitude of the blond babe from Kentucky on TMZ. Who desperately needs to be spiritually and intellectually rescued from today's Sodom and Egypt. And she will be.

Shaun's mother is a prophetic Sentor Patty Murray figure from my home state of Washington, at:

I kid you not.

The number '2004' train wreck in California's Gay Area was confirmation of the 2004 movie, reported at:

The DVD extras have Shaun gaying it up with Gwyneth's COLDPLAY frontman on some tv talk show.

Mr Warne's cricket bat has a cluster of ball-hammer dents in it. I don't know why. Yet.

Wednesday's Seal Beach resort shooting was about the female judge in Hawaii who ordered that Obama's phony birth certificate remain sealed, on the same day and at the same hour that the eight were shot dead, at:


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last night at 59 minutes after the hour, I was half-awake and starting to semi-dream that Chloe was bouncing away on top of me. When I started to hear some young girl screaming really loud in the distance outside my bedroom window. The screaming got louder and louder, as I began to realize that it was the good kind of screaming, and not the Green River killer kind.

Before I could fall back to sleep, the screaming and shreaking sound came to such a loud type-A climax that I was completely awake enough to finally figure out that it was Thursday morning's garbage truck that had some kind of a serious squeaky brakes problem. As it stopped and goed over and over along 192nd Ave.

Eventually I went back to sleep and started having a rather rare dream about Penelope Cruz riding with me in my 1981ish ACCORD. And all I could think about was her tight little 29ish ass that I had noticed when she slid into the small passenger side bucket seat of my old car parked in the driveway of Grandma Sanders' place in North Seattle.

No doubt about it. It was about her prophetic big budget civil war in Virginia role in her 2005 north African SAHARA prophecy about the time when WAG THE DOG meets Libya leads to the WAG THE DOG II nightmare sequel in EZEKIEL 38.

I don't know how to say this like the polite ROMAN HOLIDAY missionary gentleman that I once was circa 1972. But what a rare morning female screamer treat to go with your rich morning espresso and dark chocolate pastry. When most women would just gag at the idea of fucking and sucking you before their eggs and bacon and a long hot shower.

And I am not suggesting that Cruz is some kind of crazy method acting ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST love making genius. I'm just saying that she has become Woody's FFing muse in all of his de facto Bucky Larson porn movies because he knows that she loves me.

GSR meets TWN


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The most shocking thing about having hot monkey sex on a thick tree branch with two young virgins, who are at least almost REV.16 years-old for God's sake, is their typically firm belief in the fact that Jesus loves them. Since they would never be in bed with your creepy Ron Wood ass in the first place if not for the fact that Jesus said so in the Bible's ISAIAH 4:1-2 prophecy, etc. etc.

Which is why the gay ass Bible Belt wanna be Christian Mitt Romney, who still believes quite firmly in REV.13's new 666 deal Social Security, can not even imagine how filthy dirty it would be to have more than one wife, like those creepy Old Testament prophets Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Who the latter stated more than once that in the last days the Mormons would be as gay as any other Evangelical preacher out there. Who has MLK's big black gentile boner so far up his butt that he can't even breath a word about Obama's phony birth certificate in polite society.

As prophesied of by the rebellious 'monkey in a tree' artist who was born on Christmas Day at:

Don't worry darling. Be patient. I'm gonna take care of you too. Just like I'm going to take care of all your older sisters, who have the faith of a child, to enter into the covenant of Israel.

When you become a 23ish Goddess, forever and ever, it means that God will bestow upon you, his offspring, all of his own paternal attributes, powers, and characteristics. Wherein you will be able to communicate with an infinite number of beings at the same time. Just like in some fantasy Hollywood movie that was conceived and produced in The City of Angels.

Who everybody and his puppy dog knows is run by the Jews.



Tuesday afternoon in WAL*MART, Granny Grass insisted that I check out their $5 Halloween DVD bin for an early birthday present. I grabbed a funny looking zombies movie called SHAUN OF THE DEAD, but had no idea that it took place in the UK until I popped it in Wednesday morning at 1:09 am. And started watching the 2004 allegory about Liz Hurley and yours truly getting back together again. With the help of a big cricket bat they get from her new 2011 boyfriend named Warne, who is an international cricket star at:

Driving back, GG mentioned that my new LDS missionary nephew had suddenly just returned home from the training center due to a chronic constipation condition. In confirmation of the LDS missionary figure on the DVD movie art. Who was never taught there about the White Horse Prophecy, much less the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, and the abomination of desolation warning in the D&C etc.

"You got red on you" is the film's most prophetic running mighty line. Due to the growing number of 'Occupy Wall Street' zombie reds in the streets of America, who were preceded by all those rioting zombies in London; who are not finished yet.

Half way through the movie, I took a snack break upstairs and found the new TIME cover lying by the range depicting the 666 guru Steve Jobs looking like the big Hollywood 666er Ashton Kutcher, at:,2817,2394238,00.asp

The real shocker was on the back cover. Where Mr and Mrs Bono are posing for LOUIS VUITTON in front of an African bush plane bearing the zombie initials 'ZS' , standing next to the latter-day AIDS plague tag line of Sodom and Egypt; "Every journey began in Africa" In confirmation of the missionary hero's sidekick roommate doing monkey impersonation references to Liz' SIMIAN FILMS production company, at:


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You're gonna have to take the BOOGIE NIGHTS II sequel to another level if you want it to succeed with it's Liz Hurley age arts charity audience, that is still pretty horny, but is much more sophisticated and mature and patient by now. Don't worry, the younger ones will hear about it, and see it in enough numbers to break even at the box office, and later on their sofas and leather love seats in the growing home theater sex video market.

In other words, the post 666 apocalypse cast still has to be very sexy and beautiful, but actually look more like a genuine 70s porn movie full of really creepy people from the West Village meets West LA meets West London.

For example. You're gonna need a lot of XXX fake come shots of some odd looking Miley Cyrus figure, and even some odder LL look alikes together in bed with some creepy middle-aged producer who is married to some thing like Elizabeth Hurley; who is paying for everything in a time when you would do anything for a good paying job.

After the day 1290 Jewish jackass legal system of the 666 state has completely collapsed into violent financial bankruptcy. To the point where they don't even have the petty cash office funds to send out one of their Scarlett Johansson nannies to interview the film's supporting cast players, like Chloe Moretz or Hailee Steinfeld. We're gonna get to do what we want no matter what.

Which is why I don't give a flying fuck if Obama sold guns to the Mexican mob. When no one in congress even has the balls to call him out on his fake Chicago mob birth certificate. Clean up your own house full of jive ass MLK niggers before you worry about what the spicks are up to. Which is why the former president of GODFATHERS' PIZZA, Herman Cain, is the only candidate out there who is entertaining me right now at the least.


Monday, October 10, 2011


"He's here!.. He's here!" says Kathy's daughter, Jesse, looking through their endowment house's temple veil curtains at the film's Davidian protagonist in the driveway. Who had adjusted his $104,000,000 rod of Jesse before leaving, while standing next to a physical transfiguration PEPSI can icon; for those who think young.

The film's title CROSS MY HEART is a thematic reference to making promises and covenants in the endowment house of the Lord. Based on Kathy's instincts about having a [eternal] commitment before sex.

After they make love on false premises, David can only think about today's dismal unemployment numbers. In order to put the prophetic 1987 movie on my SPLITTING HEIRS DVD set into the year 2011.

Chloe Moretz' figure invites Bruce down to her apartment in the end, when he is standing by the rod of Jesse and wearing Jacob's 'coat of many colors'.

Kathy tells David, "You are going to be sooo happy..." before she goes into the bathroom, and we see the two lamps of the two witnesses in the b.g.

All the lips artwork in the friend's borrowed apartment was confirmed by those LAYER CAKE eating LIPP pix of LL et al in Paris.

After David and his redhead weekend date Kathy FFed for the first time, she wanted a second round right away, in a threeway confirmation of the redhead's 'freak'n weekend' RAYBAN sunglasses video at:

The cheap rose wine they had was the same color as the drinks in the above FF glasses video, and David gives her the same cutthroat 'bastards' RAYBANS in the end.


Sunday, October 9, 2011


My immature loser salesman action figure Jew in CROSS MY HEART jokes about hunting down furry rats back in 1987. Until he runs into the business end of Chloe Moretz's KICK ASS 6-gun on Jen's penthouse balcony of my Sienna Miller dream in PUMPED UP KICKS. Whose innocent 1960s hippie movies eventually evolve into a more intelligent 1970s porn portrait of today's Emma Stone meets LL in things like Carey Mulligan's talky 2009 sequel, called AN EDUCATION. Talk about THE HELP when they gave King David a barely post adolescent beauty to lay with him in bed.

Naturally, the film's future "King of the Road" named David gets a real banging hard-on door knocker for her, while looking up with her small little pink bra in hand, having just done his first more mature Emma look alike wife.

In the film's final ROMEO AND JULIET composition shot, Chloe's nickel plated pistol is a prophetic virgin's 5 nickel theme that confirms today's time-line for Emma Watson's recent statements about wanting to do the classic underaged sex in Verona play.

The reason why my King David forerunner never got to know the hot young virgin who was hugging him in bed in 1KINGS 1:1-4 was because it happened way before the release of NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE's crystal time machine movie about the physical transfiguration. That gave Jon Heder the most shocking orgasm of his life.

"Now king [Larry] David was old and stricken in years; and they covered him with clothes, but he gat no heat." Like in this rather cold looking King of England girlfriend movie poster at:

"Wherefore his [PA] servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thy bosom, that my lord the king may get heat.

So they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the [topless beach] coasts of Israel, and found Abi/shag a Shun/ammite, and brought her to the king.

And the damsel was very fair, and cherished the king, and ministered [blow bubble jobs] to him: but the king knew her not."

["I did not have sex with that {young} woman..." Bill Clinton the Branch Davidian liar from Little Rock, Ark]

Therefore, the long hair time-machine dude from 42 latitude's Presshard, Idaho, suddenly appeared on SNL to break the traditional Judgement Day fast of my 5'6" half Jew stand-in, sometimes called Greg Fucker, with that big deli salami boner icon that Sienna Miller and Jude Law were playing catch with in my fancy penthouse hotel dream. Which basically explains why the Lord told me on 8:33 pm Saturday that "Ben is evil!" while giving me the same wink wink that my Obama sidekick is giving to all those pumped up kids down on [Stone] Wall Street. Which is pretty much dominated by a bunch of 666 Third Way Jews who traditionally vote 80% Democrat.

This is why that 56 year-old Jewish bitch, who was raised as a lesbian Catholic nun with children, so famously promoted the latter-day Sodom and Egypt of mayor Bloomberg meets Nancy Pelosi died of cancer Friday. For yet more Providential publicity for Jenny and Demi's new foolish 5 virgins cable movie shorts about female cancer: co-starring Martin Short in spirit.


Friday, October 7, 2011


In REV.3 Jesus asks us to either look like my hot hot co-star Lindsay Lohan, or to look like her inspired bisexual photographer who properly thinks that he is some Greg Focker figure in action at:

You think I'm full of cow shit? How about you try to take an untouched-up photo of LL looking like Sienna Miller in my dreams? In the last days of disco, only the really trim and fit middle-aged men with leather balls who are fucking teenagers will inherit the Kingdom of God at:

"I know thy [art] works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

So then because thou art luke-warm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee from my mouth. [Like a St George, Utah Mormon]

Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.

I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy [overweight] nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou mayest see your own religious polite society bullshit.

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten and fuck in the ass: be zealous therefore, and repent of your de facto Catholic homosexuality.

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and he with me."

Otherwise you're dead meat.



Amanda Knox was in captivity for the exact four years typically required to obtain a college degree, during her exact college age years, for a Divine message from God about the chocolate brainwashing students get today; that leads to 666 captivity.

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS came in a 4-movie DVD set that included SPLITTING HEIRS, which I found recently at WAL*MART for 5 bucks. In the end of the 1990 movie about a Chicago con man, the IRS building is blown up by the beast that hates the whore in REV.17. It's prophetic movie poster is the kind of inspired classic reverse role playing that drives Michael Moore et al crazy, at:

The con hero sings BORN TO BE WILD at the QUARRY nightclub where the concrete mob shooting occurred on the same day Steve Jobs passed away. During the most bleak jobs outlook in America's modern history.

OPPORTUNITY KNOX' bar mitzvah scene takes place at Sandy' big English Tudor estate.

The Hwy.101 NASDAQ did 2,506.82 Thursday for the 5.6 anniversary of the White Horse Prophecy, in relation to the 8.2 day 1290 abomination of desolation, that is based on 666 technologies.

Check out the iPAD icons on Shareef Allman [read sheriff] the black quarry shooter at:

This link has a good shot of the 666 pit of captivity theme in Wednesday's quarry omens, including the site's ominous "sports dome" at:


Thursday, October 6, 2011


Thursday's inspired NYT was full of creepy old looking GSR/TWN dudes buying teenage blow jobs down in Mexico's MATADOR meets Lindsay Lohan's upcoming XXX comeback art film co-starring Bucky Larson. Probably produced by my horny King Solomon wives Sandra Bullock and Drew Barrymore. To open in some post 666 three-way production in the near future that nobody in Clint Eastwood's new FBI will get to give a flying fuck about after they see what I saw on SPLITTING HEIRS' double feature DVD feature called OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS, just after the sexual liberation of West Seattle's Ms Knox.

Which has yours truly making a big Scarlett 911 PORSCHE breakthrough with his underaged Miley Cyrus look alike girlfriend at the QUARRY nightclub. Right after that African VIEW TO A KILL animal gunned down all his gay quarry in the prophetic Roger Moore mine shaft earthquake movie in the APPLE II 80s valley of the mob's silicone chips syndicate.

Where the 60s Love con job goes all wrong in the late George Bush SNL spoof movie, still playing in late run at 30 ROCK etc. And the success of this fall's new three way play called TALKING CURE meets HONEYMOON MOTEL meets GEORGE IS DEAD lets me fuck all three of them at:

That is if we 3 can find a room with no bedbugs. Otherwise, we'll just have to go over to the penthouse, relatively speaking.



The fake duke from America who is skating around the law is introduced on a London sidewalk with a black man who represents the time line of the abomination of desolation.

SPLITTING HEIRS' royal 'BB' crest of Judah, seen in the painting, establishes the present 1290 days era when the current leader of Israel would be nicknamed "BB". To make the prophetic connection with the Bible prophecies about the scepter of Judah never being removed.

The former Duke mentioned in the opening scandalized society when his wife came third in a three-way.

Shadgrind mentions that my royal line in Portland died out when my two sons were adopted by a gentile apostate step father and their mother.

There was a bloody shooting at the 666 mob's Lehigh cement pit of captivity [read Lehi] where 666 APPLE is based, on the same day Steve Jobs died at age 56 [read 5'6"] The massacre on Stevens Creek Blvd was confirmation of how the 666 beast will end violently.

Seattle's Ms Knox was just released from captivity at Italy's famous chocolate candy city of Perugia for the famous Chocolate Mountains image on the first iPADs. The shooter being a crazy chocolate Obama figure in relation to SPLITTING HEIRS's REV.17 woman played by Ms Hershey.

California's Chocolate Mountains are in Imperial County and all that.

The seductive miracles of the new 666 beast in REV.13 are the walking and talking miracles of modern technology. 666 is the number of man, not the 'number of a man' as it is incorrectly translated from the existing historic texts in most all Bibles. There is no article 'a' in the oldest surviving manuscripts.

SPLITTING HEIRS's fake man-child half Jew duke from America interrupts the Israelite doorman's directions to the lights of truth at God's Conduit Street in the first act. He is described as a homosexual prince in DANIEL's day 1290 two witnesses chronology.

Princess Emma Stone [of Jacob] appeared at the London opening for THE HELP Wednesday wearing a black spots number for the two black spots of Judah and Ephraim that flash on my portrait above the Moses basket baby in SPLITTING HEIRS, seen at:


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Tuesday's chopper crash was for the fake Duke from NYC who sells the MISS SAIGON chopper tickets to a black man. Then they take the '50' [states] quids and go see the REV.17 woman in the Hamlet show who died in the East River splashdown off 34th Street. Who is posing with a death skull and Tarzan banana in front of London's ...PUSSYCAT strip club.

The day before, George Lopez called the faker's bluff on FOX [hunt] and asked why no experts can examine the imposter's obvious 9-layer computer file con job birth certificate; on file behind lock and key in Hawaii.

Tuesday in Sheriff Arpaio's Arizona, there were a couple major dust storm pileups on I-10, near the prophetic movie's McCartney Road exit. One can see the royal crest logo on the CFL truck photos at:

"And I will make thy seed as the dust of the earth: so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall thy seed also be numbered." [GENESIS 13:16]

To the east of the multiple pileups on I-10 is Red Rock, below Black Mountain. For the new effort by black Con/gressman Towns, from Jewish Brooklyn, to pass legislation that will seal the faker's records after REV.13's 42 months period is up around June 2012, counting from his illegal abomination of desolation inauguration in 2009; according to:

SPLITTING HEIRS ends with a golf duffer scene in order to establish the 1993 [1260 days] prophecy's regular Camp David golf course time line for the duffer Barack Obama, and it's Davidian message. Which has been confirmed by Catherine and Michael's many appearances at celebrity golf events.

3 people were shot dead on the Crow Indian Reservation Tuesday by a guy named Chase. In confirmation of the crows trying to outrun the sheriff's gun in that FOSTER THE PEOPLE video.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Basically, the devout Roman Catholic Michael Moore meets Mel Gibson is saying that I AM is an 'Out For Trout' sociopath and kleptomaniac for not falling in line with the new and improved Third Way model; that was laid out by his last Polish Butterfly Rainbow Peace Pope, apre WWII, who spoke extensively back then about today's around-the-world views in Lynch's last Morman movie called INLAND EMPIRE. Where some neo-Christian Buddhist pastor off Gregory Drive named Ken Kemp keeps getting us confused with Kenny Kemp's web site and Kenny McLeod's Olympic Mtns web site.

Therefore I probably should finish watching my ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST movie before any more Winona Ryder birthday signs and wonders happen this this month. After all, the Lord informed me back on 9.29 at 9.27 pm that I now had "nine and a half billion" in the bank and counting.

What the fuck, it's all other people's 666 funny money in the fanatical greedy mind of Michael Moore meets Demi Moore anyway. That was probably the premise for the MISS SAIGON scalper tickets that sold for 50 squids in SPLITTING HEIRS. Since some tourist chopper just crashed into the East River. After Hank Williams told us that America's fake nigger in the Oval Office is actually the enemy of all my real nigger storm troopers in America. That I AM is about to sick on all you sickos on the left and right. Who don't know if you are afoot or horseback.


Monday, October 3, 2011


After Sunday's gay ass CARNIVAL OF SOULS satellite conference in Salt Lake City, I was looking up the lyrics for PUMPED UP KIDS and saw the song's 2010 video for the first time ever at:

So I checked around and found out that the band is debuting on SNL next Saturday with London's 5'6" guest ghost Big Ben Stiller.

The inspired red horse PUMA sneakers video prelude starts out with an image of the sands of Israel and finishes with the stars of Israel shining above the desolate majesty of Austin Powers' southern Utah introduction to the hot hot threeway sequel JOHNNY ENGLISH 2: BORN AGAIN, opening in America on JR's upcoming birthday no.44 at:

Last year's prophetic PUMPED UP KIDS video shows all the kids in the park getting arrested in NYC because they all thought that Jesus was the first Butterfly Rainbow Peace fascist billionaire.

Therefore the above Israelitish art film from LA incorporates footage from my vivid dream about finding a teary eyed Sienna Miller standing on some fancy hotel room balcony, right after she laid down the law on her Big Ben womanizer friend Jude Law. And then it reveals my future vivid dream about having a Campfire Girls sleepover with Chloe and Hailee. That Courteney Cox tried to break up just before we got to the good part of the night's crystal time-machine activities; prophesied of in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Where the video's moist vagina rose of Israel blossoms in ISAIAH 35:2 etc. etc.

Which goes back to the time when I split my forehead open while diving down between both Sienna and Carey's soft military surplus mattresses that were laying on old cold 1950s era steel bed frames. And then the Seattle doctor gave me a couple HARD CANDY suckers to go with my Texas string tie and cowboy hat and double six-shooter cap guns. After that, no one ever fucked with me again, unless I allowed them.


Sunday, October 2, 2011


Butterfly Rainbow Peace wears a Hawaii lei to the duke's funeral to establish the Hawaiian Barack Obama time-line.

That's a photo of yours truly, circa 1993, above the baby duke left in the restaurant, like a tip off. Where all today's paper funny money goes up in smoke. Confirmed by the later restaurant scene with the real Duke and Kitty, filmed at SIENA OSTERIA in London.

The Alaska moose that falls on the fake duke in the end was shot by Sarah Palin.

A limestone 911 PORSCHE is parked near the fake duke's red phone booth.

The elderly man at the dinner table toast to the half Jew abomination of desolation represents LDS church President Thomas Monson. You can tell by the nose at:

Then we see the look alike portrait of Thomas hanging on the wall above the American fake.

The elderly woman in the hall at Kitty's place with her barking black and white dog is Granny Grass and her son.

The priest who drinks the poison at the fox hunt is the assistant manager at THE CHECKOUT in Bonney Lake. Who is holding onto his gold plates BOOK OF MORMON, that he studied for awhile but then rejected. The guy in the pub who congratulates Henry on his new baby is Chris Wood.

The 5'6" half Jew Henry apologizes for being late to the wedding of the ten virgins in MATTHEW 25.

Note how freaked out the typical church lady gets when she sees the ghost of the lost tribes of Israel. The horror!


Saturday, October 1, 2011


Trying hard to get a few winks after my frozen KASHI pizza dinner Friday at 10:30 pm, the distinct voice of Ellen Page woke me up with a very enthusiastic Bucky Larson sounding "DEFINITELY!" for her 30th image at:

Before you let this lose your late night appetite, just remember that this was the same 14-15ish hottie who tried to tie me down and throw me off the roof in HARD CANDY. Just because I was fucking both Chloe and Hailee with a good half hour hard on at the same time she was in the kitchen fixing us all up a nice hot hot egg plant curry over a bed of KASHI brand wild rice and whole wheat. Just in case one of us wants to get preggers with the next healthy King of England baby in SPLITTING HAIRS meets LOLITA meets KING RALPH.

Since I FFed the symboloc 5 virgin icons Chloe and Hailee, 5 times 2 in my SPLITTING HEIRS prophecy for a grace payment in kind for Michael Douglas stealing Catherine Zeta-Jones away from me, he was temporarily saved from his DEEP THROAT cancer message in the film's growling voice puma ending.

The very angry Christian red horse prophecy man in that your-tube video, who warned the illegal alien imposter Obama to tie on his running sneakers, was talking about the popular PUMA sportswear brand.

For a Divine Chocolate Mountains confirmation of Ms HERSHEY's REV.17 mother figure telling the real Duke of Israel, "...You're chasing after me!.." after the fire scene.

Hence the new 5th image of my teenage wife sitting in a tree at: