Tuesday, January 31, 2012


That big Bonzo boner sticking out of the grass on Evergreen Drive has the same wood spools on the top of it that represent those yarn spools at the top of the phallic May Day fertility pole in THE GIRL FROM AUNTIE prophecy. May Day being the pagan 666 anniversary of International Socialism, i.e. red fascism.

Hence, SPANAIR suddenly shut down Friday in confirmation of the CALEDONIA charter flight to Brussels that suddenly went bankrupt in SLC, Utah right when my X and I were ready to take it. And then I joined some vitamin medicine pill pyramid sales force at SHACKLY right after that. Signing up under this cool older multimillionaire guy who had recently swapped wives with his best friend, and were always openly double dating each other after their raw raw sales rallies.

Adriana Lima has the same thick 6.3 Lima, Peru accent in her new 666 Internet video clips, that resemble a dramatized version of the accent that the prophetic Ornella Fresh figure has in Greg and Gary's QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS wife swapping prophecy. Because the 1947 movie's chubby cook named 'Gabby' was the one who was behind the scheme from the very beginning; whose sidekick was a crazy skinny monkey from Africa with the strange face of a white man.


According to this report, Louisiana agents will now be going after the people who have been harboring my white-faced 'cappuccino' sidekick monkeys from DeRidder, LA, who recently fled to Rick Perry's Texas, at:

On Monday, the S&P 500 closed at 1313.


NYT NO. 55,666

The NYT was printing and loading their no.55,666 issue just after midnight Monday, when that three sixes [6.3] earthquake struck off the REV.13:1 coast of Lima, Peru in Book of Mormon country at 12:11 am New York City time.

Over ten years ago, an LDS scholar researched the preceding ten years of annual LDS conferences and discovered that the crucial latter-day prophecy about the "666 beast" in REV.13 had only been mentioned one time. Which is one reason why we now have Mormon politicians like Mitt Romney, and conservative Mormon radio commentators like Glenn Beck.

The 6.3 quake hit at 9:11 pm Bonnie Lake time Sunday, as I was watching THE AVENGERS' 1964 episode entitled BUILD A BETTER MOUSE TRAP. Wherein two secretive Granny Grasses of Judah and Ephraim are mysteriously engaged in a strange scientific project inside their old country watermill that appears to be shutting down anything mechanical or electrical for miles around. That was confirmed within hours by the Exelon Nuclear plant that inexplicably shut down Monday morning west of New Millford, Illinois on Hwy.2.

Exelon Nuclear would represent the electrical power that runs the amazing 666 technologies which can speak and hear etc. that inspire men to worship the new and improved 666 beast.

Turned out the two grannies were actually working on a new high technology rat trap that they hoped would make them rich. And the strangle magnetic wave jamming device hidden inside their mill house was just some old [first beast] contraption that they had inherited from their late WW II scientist father. Which they were regularly deploying to shut down the noisy motorcycle gangs from the city who were using a nearby farm field for their wild weekend scrambles.

Therefore the old mill was a whole wheat message from God about eliminating today's white flour diet that leads to the behavior of bipolar kids with mental disabilities etc. etc.

Monday evening, I watched 1960's THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN who was released from 666 captivity in order to build an invisible army of God using stolen X-13 nuclear fuel.


Right after logging the above two FDR era grannies post, I saw there was a rare 4.4 earthquake near Granada, Spain at 3:36:20 pm local time Tuesday.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last week I found 1947's QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS prophecy about 'Greg' in a ten virgins 50/50-film collection of B-movies at WAL-MART for ten bucks. Which is about the 2bc.info law of Israel that says that you only get to fuck the girl forever and ever if she believes in what Jesus says.

Finally I get it. I get to fuck Ornella Fresh, and her sexy IT STARTED IN NAPLES sister too, once I have a strong enough faith and understanding to hand over my sexy ex-wife from France to my good buddy Steven Fresh; who gets to fuck her, and her younger X-rated exotic half sister too, like they do in this 1969 vision of the future at:

I guess that only a real man as tough and difficult to please as a big tall Steven Fresh figure could ultimately subdue a crazy French woman as difficult and hard ass as my sweet ass fucking X wife Laurence Pierson. Sounds like a pretty fair trade off to me.

In the end of QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS, [.com] Greg and Gary are more than happy to swap sexy wives, if that is what it will take to make them happy.

Which would only have ever happened in a thousand years. After my more wild-at-heart brunet shoots two of my "secret mission" arrows of Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 49:2 into the film's future ape sidekick target that represents the abomination in DANIEL who was secretly born in Africa.

You fuck my wife. I'll fuck your wife. And we'll both like it.

QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS begins with the two D&C 86 bull elephant fakers of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney in Liz Hurley's India fighting over the bragging rights to be the next NYT 55,666 type illegal president of the USA; who was born in the heart of Africa. Which is why the local Washington, DC native savages start rioting in the post FDR era movie right after the B-movie shooting.

Per this prophetically inspired 2012 image of yours truly role playing my future royal King of England star in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERY HILLS meets HOTEL ARWANDA. Sporting a 357 bullet hole scar between my two eyes of Judah and Ephraim, at:

Kind of makes you wonder who the lucky bastard is who gets to fuck Mel's X next. Not to mention Bruce Willis' X next, or Ben Afflect's X next, or Sean Penn's X next, etc.

You divorce me. I'll divorce you...


Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm gonna have to get behind Howard Stern on this one. Because the more you stare at Gingrich's three-egg omelet image, the more you realize that he is probably the only one who could lead the 666 [Third Way] Billy Crystal Jew mother fuckers into the promised land of the White Horse Prophecy. As confirmed by the news that Steven Spielberg has just closed on his new gay ass MOSES movie project about today's giant niggers who are treading upon the more righteous white people for 42 months in REV.13.

Obviously, the only phony centrist conservative out there who really wants to make left-wing fascism more efficient and cost-effective is the sidekick to my sidekick named Newt. Whose surname is the name of the new 666 beast.

One would have to be a sexually confused NYT Rosie O'Donnell style Broadway musical idiot to think otherwise. Which will be pointed out to you virgins on the better half side when 'The Old Gray Lady's issue finally hits the streets on number '55,666'.

Newt's apostate conservative campaign is as phony as Barry Obama's birth certificate. In order that all those naive apostate Christian Bible Belt Mormons out there, like Glenn Beck, will finally wake up and be cured of their devil's back bone "color blind" stupidity that they are so proud of every day on the radio.

If you love and admire America's phony 'cash the check' pirate figures like; MLK, or FDR, or LBJ, or JFK, then you love and admire and respect the abominable church of the bisexual devil as described in the BOOK OF MORMON.

Because the devil himself has made you as colorblind as an ox.


PS: Beck does not believe in capital punishment, just like he believes in gay rights.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I stumbled onto 2000's TNT cable movie called, PRINCE CHARMING, on a second-hand DVD awhile back at GOODWILL for just 2.99, and finally finished watching the pre-2bc.info thing about the second coming of the King of England Wednesday night. Which eventually was royally confirmed in 2008 when it's co-star, Ms Christie Applegate, had her two Jennifer Aniston look alike tits reduced to the size of the ones on my GREGORY'S GIRL princess in all those hot Internet copyright pirate movies, like at:

Christ almighty already, I get all BEDTIME FOR BONZO just thinking about it. Like I'm talking about MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. [Applegate played Aniston's three-way look alike sister in two 3-way episodes of FRIENDS, circa 03.]

At the end of PRINCE CHARMING, Jennifer Aniston's future stand-in apologizes to me personally for being such a typical non-believing Jewish Princess scaredy cat, like in the classic tv show's black and white one at:

In PRINCE CHARMING, Jen's sister wife charges $55 bucks an hour to ride in her Central Park buggy. Even I could probably come up with that much, if I had to.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Getting two CRANE LAKEs for $7 at RITE AID yesterday, I saw some older 2002 movie off to the side called THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN, and then grabbed it as a discounted price afterthought, for 4.99. Since those two JOHNNY WALKER dog babes had just found a cut-off head up there and all that. In confirmation of the Dr Evil link jokes at drudgereport about his Internet pirate lair behind the sign and all that shit.

Now I see the [true or false] report that Jen has just closed on a mini vineyard up in Bel Air Hills that has the above movie's same architecture, although more dramatized. In confirmation of it's plot about a gang of over-the-hill actors shaking down the Hollywood mob for the money to make their upcoming $9M plan B production, at:

I only bring this up because a huge Bonzo boner sign with 7 rod heads has just appeared at Evergreen Drive's original PARTY OF FIVE T junction that was created by the two witnesses' ice storm. On the same day that Granny Grass bought me a big pack of fresh cfake.com style T-bone stakes.

The trimmed down genealogy tree's 7-stems of Jesse message from G-d sits right below the anatomically correct development's 192nd sign. For a Divine three-way corroboration of that big tree boner sire us branch that sticks out on Hwy.410 above LL's fennel sausage creek landmark.

THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN puts the O.J. Simpson squeeze job on Hollywood's Jews who are connected to Senator Reid's Las Vegas money mob in confirmation of the former black POLICE ACADEMY actor who was busted there for strong-arm robbery. [Read stiff-arming.]

In the final analysis, that big Bonzo T-boner in Bonnie Lake is now rising up out of the front yard grass at the same cfaux limestone house that always stood for Sandra Bullock's EZE.47:1 waters of life coming out from under the south side of the temple of Israel. Where everyone will eventually have to end up if they want to get in on the physical transfiguration deal. Because the prophetic film's Rod Steiger character says that his alibi is, he was boning two babes at the same time when the new 666 Hollywood Blvd beast was rubbed out.


Monday, January 23, 2012


1964's episode, THE LITTLE WONDERS, has the 7 mob bosses of the new G7 beast gathering in London under cover, posing as religious leaders holding a church conference at a Catholic school; which represents the 'great and abominable church' of the abomination of desolation in 1NEPHI 13 etc. The latter-day plot comes to an end when the future Ms Pennymoney guns down all the phony 666 priests Chicago style with her Tom Brady issue PATRIOTS Tommy-gun. In confirmation of both of Sunday's leadership contests that were definitely, "...pretty exciting."

Now it will be the New York GIANTS in MOSES 7:15 versus the PATRIOTS in REV.11-12-13 etc. at Madonna's SUPER BOWL 4.6 on 2.5, inside the legendary Indian medicine wheel map location in the INDY 500 Indianapolis of David Letterman fame. After the PRO BOWL is held in Barry Obama's fantasy paradise state of Hawaii.

Last week in Bonnie Lake, we were snow bound for 3 1/2 days by the symbolic REV.11 snow job that turned into an ice storm that represented the frozen hearts and minds of the lost tribes of Israel. Which caused two of Granny Grass' most beloved trees to lay over on the ground, and then miraculously spring back up to life once they were free from the heavy ice that melted off their branches in the sudden heat wave from the 'pineapple express' front out of Hawaii. Creating an amazing illustration of the two witnesses prophecy in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt of REV.11.

Those 6 US Marines who died in a twirly-blade hat crash were from Obama's Hawaii.

You blow me. I'll blow you.

Jimmy Fallon is hosting SNL this week.

Sunday morning, I dreamed that I met with princess Kristen at the Bonnie Lake APPLEBEES on 192nd and explained the meaning of some of her prophetic dreams. Her 192nd street image at cfake features my trademark blinding light fedora hat that I left in Haiti for the devastating 1.12 earthquake there on the birthday of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephram; who are Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh, at:

Afterwards, we went for a ride down Eli Hill in her KIA 4x4 and saw a RAM pickup in front of us sideswipe some jerk's old loud VO/VO.

This is a TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN sign from G-d about the two bulls in a net, with flames coming out of their mouths, in 2NEPHI 8 etc. at,

Believe it or not. There still are a lot of big old bulls in Sandra Bullock's Texas who have not let her sisterhood of the bitches cut off their balls.


Saturday, January 21, 2012


The future star of BEDTIME FOR OBAMA made 5 movies with the word 'GIRL' in the title, according to:

However, the one that later was about my girl Miley Cyrus, circa 2012, was titled CATTLE QUEEN OF MONTANA, at:

Who miraculously appeared on the Internet in a tight knit sweater straight out of THE GIRL FROM AUNTIE, just after I posted MY FAVORITE TIGHT KNIT SWEATER, at:

Which is just a notch tighter than the one tailored for Princess Taylor on the new cover of VOGUE. In comfirmation of Miley's prophetic swift-draw cowgirl figure in 1967's episode of THE AVENGERS called THE SUPERLATIVE SEVEN. [...wives in ISAIAH 4:1]

THE SUPERLATIVE SEVEN in 1967's THE BEATLES revolutionary era of change is about those 6 Republican candidates who started out in Iowa, and then died off one by one on one of Obama's deserted Hawaiin islands where he was never born. Until only Mr Steed [no.7] was standing there in the end in a three-way with his sexy Lana Del Rey look alike cowgirl and his Emma Stone sidekick from the future in STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER, again at:

"Your killer is in your midst. Your killer is one of you." says the invisible man to THE SUPERLATIVE SEVEN, after the "super human" symbols of the new G7 beast that invaded Libya arrive on the future FANTASY ISLAND landmark of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. Because both Romney and Gingrich et al have been supporting the day 1290 abomination of desolation throughout their entire life in politics.

Which was confirmed by Donald Sutherland's con man in the episode who runs the mysterious island and talks like a homosexual from the future Sodom and Egypt in REV.11.


Friday, January 20, 2012


Taylor Swift made an appearance at Sundance Friday with Ethel Kennedy standing in for my Granny Grass figure in GIRL FROM AUNTIE at,

Friday being the 19th anniversary of the premier of the two witnesses' 1260 days period. When a tormented Robert Redford was still complaining that there are not enough middle-of-the-road Third Way compromisers for change in DC like Obama. The same time that the radical free-style skier babe from Canada who broke her neck in Park City died at the same time Etta James died. In confirmation of my sidekick's singing in falsetto like a woman at the same time at THE APOLLO landmark in Harlem for Greek homosexuals on the down low.

Talk about practicing your high elevation ski jump in Montana on the same day of that 3.4 Clinton area earthquake at 12:05:55 pm Friday. No doubt THE GIRL FROM AUNTIE will have something to do with Sienna Miller's THE GIRL movie now being filmed in South Africa for California north; just like they did for that LOST BOYS sequel.

Etta James' AT LAST prophecy was first recorded in 1961. The same year that Barack Obama was born in Africa to a plural marriage father. And then flew straight to my hometown of Seatlle with his Jewish mother, who was starting classes at the University of Washington, right after my own parents had moved me to 16th Ave NE in Seattle's University District.

Hence, Barry's white grandmother signed off on his authentic Hawaii birth certificate replacement that everyone from Glenn Beck to Michael Medved to WND et al believe is as fake as the BOOK OF MORMON and the revelations at 2bc.info.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


1966's episode entitled THE GIRL FROM AUNTIE is about Granny Grass collecting a sweater knitting circle of ten wives for an art collector named Gregory Auntie, like at:

Gregory's art brokerage house specializes in;

The Arkwright knitting circle is located right next-door, where Steed can overhear the director telling the ladies, "...watch it grow... Count to ten, and back again..." Before the close-up ejaculation shot of a kid's water pistol.

The are "two small Fs..." in Steed's business card.

Steed says go "...around the block..." after the American football shot inside his London taxi. The episode opens with Emma walking out of a pair of PLAYBOY mansion medicine wheel gates, where they are holding some 'M.F.U' charity event. The granny's knitting needles are often used like arrows. Which kill off today's 4 BEATTLES scene from the 19666s, named John, Paul, George, and Fred. Which was just put into context by Adriana Lima's newly expressed desire to meet the Dali Lama who married Katy Perry and her British lover.

Emma ends up inside a bird cage called 'Lot 17' at the auction house full of beautiful art objects. In confirmation of Julia Roberts' Lot 17 on Evergreen Drive in Bonnie Lake, WA; during the construction of the street's anatomically correct development. The actress is famous for her knitting while passing away the time on set.

THE GIRL FROM AUNTIE episode ends with Steed riding in Emma's 3-wheel eco-car in a three-way with another blond beside them at some nice county road's spread-eagle 'Y' junction.

BEDTIME FOR BONZO means it's 'bones O' time in the Ronald Re/again prophecy from 1951. Since so many of my wives were born in the 80s.

Two babes walking 9 dogs found a freshly cut off head near the HOLLYWOOD sign the other day. In confirmation of that 61 year-old black man who was recently attacked by the two pit bulls of Judah and Ephraim on Chicago's Rainbow Beach jogging trail. The story went national on the day of that 4.3 quake off California's Capetown, located below Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Ridge, and MLK's King Mts Range.

Emma's final price at auction was 200k for Steed's eventual 100 pairs of wives in the Celestial Kingdom. Where everyone has been given the same personal powers and characteristics that God possesses.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Almost all of the inspired post 42 months Republican candidates out there like to compare themselves to Ronald McDonald Reagan, who was the Providential 1951 star of BEDTIME FOR BONZO. Who was always prophetically depicted as the future one ready to put my Tarzan sidekick into a deadly chokehold, at fan sites like:

You choke me, I'll choke my own monkey in the White House.

Even the same cheata who is inspiring my hot monkey sex coed dorm wives at Brown University etc. to come on over to my bed and have a little fun under the sheets with Princess Taylor and I at:

Just who do you think that is in this future day 1290 photo of the star of GIRLS ON PROBATION at:

You would have to be some kind of a Bible Belt Mormon moron of little faith in Jesus to not realize that Lindsay Lohan is on probation in order for us to understand the probationary nature of this mortality, as explained in ALMA 42 etc.

"Wherefore, if ye have sought to do wickedly in the days of your probation, then ye are found unclean before the judgement-seat of God; and no unclean thing can dwell with God; wherefore, ye must be cast off [the movie set] forever." [1NEPHI 10:21]

This fan site has my future sidekick cheater figure from Africa in BONZO GOES TO COLLEGE, where almost everybody votes Obama, co-starring in the 2008 Ronald Reagan sequel with the most famous actress wife of Tarzan at:


Monday, January 16, 2012


Jesus made Mr Huntsman get the fuck out of Beverly Hills on the same day that we celebrate Dr Martin Luther King getting shot in the neck by some crazy deer hunter, who was standing in a cheap motel room bathtub, because Huntsman is lying to us about the abomination of desolation being born in America. In confirmation of the 2bc.info revelation about how the entire D&C 86 crowd is going to be 86ed, one by one by red neck deer hunters who hate niggers, from Utah to Pennsylvania to Georgia to Texas, and back up to Michigan and Montana.

You kill me, I'll kill you.

First you fuck Jesus, then you sick the niggers on me. No wonder there are so many C/looney deer hunters climbing over private fences in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Just like that back-stabbing Jerry Seinfeld look atype fence-sitter who was killed in the prophetic 1964 episode of THE AVENGERS, called THE CHARMERS.

"So then because thou art luke-warm and neither cold nor hot, I will spit thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:" [REV. 3]

All the sports pages on MLK Monday were reporting that the PATRIOTS will now be meeting Baltimore's RAVENS next Sunday. In confirmation of that raven hair brunet riding Tom Brady in that bucking bronco porn clip with the two portable A-bomb cases in the background.

Looks pretty exciting.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


The GOLDEN GLOBES will be hosted by a sophisticated British homosexual atheist Mr Steed look alike on Dr Martin Luther King's birthday for the third time this year, in confirmation of Elton John's million dollar check performance at Rush Limbaugh's fourth wife wedding in Miami, at:

When you see those polished gold plated cock icon hand jobs being handed out by Mr Steed et al on the real birth certificate date of MLK in Beverly Hills Sunday, keep in mind the prophetic golden boner ejaculation shots that always opened THE AVENGERS, starting in 67, once it was all being shot on color film. Since everyone after the show always starts popping open their long neck champagne bottles that look a lot like the golden trophies in their hands.

In those pix I posted of Michelle Rodriguez wearing her protective rubber skin suit against THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN's broadcast energy, we see my Picasso man coming up to her with a shadow on the background rocks that looks like the sunglasses from Elvis' fat period. Followed up by that amazing PLANET OF THE APES Charlton Heston composition that then leads to my Branch Davidian motorcycle rider who fucks Adriana Lima over and over in WILD ORCHID, again at:



1964's episode entitled THE TROJAN HORSE is a White Horse Prophecy prophecy about the USA's 1964 Civil Rights Act, that turned out to be a Trojan horse dressed up as a human rights animal. Wherein the plot illustrates how the Negro race has become the horse race bookie's debt collection man. As was confirmed by OJ Simpson's famous "juice man" nickname, which is gang slang for one who puts the squeeze on those who don't pay up. Complete with his infamous ride through L.A. in his iconic White Horse Prophecy BRONCO 4x4 that is now the team logo for Denver's BRONCOS. The same city where the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 was illegally nominated by the corrupt Democrat Party.

The terse one sentence letter that the above Chicago mob figure just sent to Congress, which informed them that they will be coming up with another 1.2 trillion for the new 666 beast, is the ultimate fulfillment of Dr Martin Luther King's "...cash the check" speech in DC.

When Mr Steed became THE AVENGERS' lead character in 1962, his first sidekick partner was named 'Dr Martin King', who was played by Jon Rollason. But that role's relationship only lasted for three episodes, before Dr King was replaced by a sexy female character, the kind who vote Democrat.

The prophetic White Horse Prophecy metaphor in THE TROJAN HORSE is a 4 year-old white horse that stands for the 4 year term of a White House president.

Note that the luxury cruise ship with 4200 aboard ran ashore on the same day that S&P downgraded Italy's credit rating. Right before I saw what happens to politicians who don't pay their debts in 1964's THE TROJAN HORSE episode of THE AVENGERS.

Hence, Ron Davis walked into the ten virgins' MCBRIDE lumber company in Star, North Carolina with that same 12 gage shotgun in BARTON FINK on Friday. Which is located just east of Troy.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Those Republican white elephants who tried to get on the Virginia ballot illegally were shown the door in confirmation of WND's chief editorial that said that they had it coming, at:

The British 'commonwealth of Virginia' reference in the WND post standing in for that 999,999th half penny in THE AVENGERS episode with the same REV.18 merchant sail boats on the ten virgins Virginia quarterback coin and all that shit at:

What's good for the goose is good for the gander at:

You scam me, I'll scam you. An eye for an eye. An asshole for an asshole.

Do you really think that you can keep this up longer than me?

While you Republican Party apostates are still busy struggling to fuck your ugly overweight middle-aged Bible Belt wives, yours truly is FFing two tight-ass teenagers at a time down in the captain's cabin on my 91' yacht off the Amalfi coast of Italy, at:

If you all fuck the law of the land that was given to us by G-d, then I'll fuck your own silly [Glenn Beck] interpretations of the laws of Israel. And you will like it as much as I am liking it at:



THE WHITE ELEPHANT was a prophetic episode in THE AVENGERS 1964 series; produced in the same year when the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act was passed. That now permits an illegal alien with a confirmed stolen Social Security number to be president if he is a Negro.

THE WHITE ELEPHANT opens with a shot of the partially paralyzed kangaroo court zoo keeper who loves snakes named Mr Noah. Who was confirmed on the 1.12 birth date of the two witnesses by the breaking news about that Bible Belt woman in I-44's Broken Arrow, Oklahomo who owns a partially paralyzed red kangaroo at:

Which represents the faint hearted and paralyzed Republicans running for president against the usurper and his snow job media allies, as the first big snow storm has arrived in the heart of America. Since the white elephant named 'Snowy' was kidnapped by a gang of African ivory smugglers, before the albino would have sniffed out their corrupt leader and exposed the truth about their illegal operation.

I shit you not. The shady characters in THE WHITE ELEPHANT prophecy smuggle their illegal white ivory out of Africa inside the cages of black panthers. In confirmation of Obama's negro agent at the DOJ who stonewalled the Black Panther voter intimidation case, is stonewalling the valid criminal complaints about Obama's counterfeit birth certificate, and has signed off on the impostor's illegal recess appointments for his new unconstitutional consumer agency, etc. etc.

I decided to watch THE WHITE ELEPHANT on Friday the 13th based on the same date on the desk calendar in 1967's DEATH'S DOOR episode about an international conference for politicians. Hence the man originally from Michigan state's mitt jaws landmark with fangs, around Point Lookout, and Sleeper St Pk etc. is named Mitt.

In the 1964 season of THE AVENGERS, Mr Steed's Pussy Galore sidekick was played by Honor Blackman. Whose character on the show was originally a white safari hunter guide in the same African country where Barack Obama was born in 1961, the same year when the TV series began.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


That smiling jerk who keeps showing up inside the securely locked chambers of high society, usually through the windows, in YOU HAVE JUST BEEN MURDERED, is the same GSR/TWN guy who so easily invades your privacy through the computer windows on your bucking bronco lap tops.

In other words, every time the London 60s Alfie type look alike in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS points his gun full of blanks at you, or stabs you with a fake theater prop sword, you have just read about the latest decapitated car/bus crash etc. That was the next confirmation about how you are going to die and be born again, until and unless you give me the ten percent that you owe me.

You can lock the gates and the doors at your mini PLAYBOY mansions, and you can hire an army of White House guard dogs, but I will still be able to get to you through your latest version of Redmond, Washington's WINDOWS 6.66 program.

Which is why Steed ends up with 999,999 pennies at the end of YOU HAVE JUST BEEN MURDERED, where Emma reaches down deep in her pocket and comes up with a handsome 1947 half-penny.

The episode's multiple 'murdered again' warnings of the past 16 years have given you enough time to cash out some of your inflated assets before the end of the 42 months period in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets EATING RAOUL.

Shortly after my royal French wench left me, I saw a small Picasso ink sketch for sale at a Seattle gallery for 10k, which last sold for over 100k, and that was over ten years ago.



The dangerous Mr Needle hides out in a haystack lair in 1967's episode YOU HAVE JUST BEEN MURDERED. Which I finished watching on the same day that Carey Mulligan wore this haystack number to a NBR gala in NYC with Keira and her FFing missionary man. Who were there for A DANGEROUS METHOD; as seen in this petty fashion piece that mistakenly calls the film A DANGEROUS MIND, at:

Two nights ago I had a very plutonic dream about Keira Knightley. Wherein we were college dorm roommates or something, sleeping in separate beds. At one point, sitting on the edge of our beds, I asked her how tall she was, and she replied "53 inches". Cfake's 53rd image of Keira was posted on the day 1260 anniversary of the two witnesses back in 2010. Which features the same [broadcast power] makeup hand mark that the pistol expert Emma sees on a tree in THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN, and also contains those protective pearls in that bucking BRONCOS footie baller video, at:

Keira's 53rd image at onlythebest actually has her laying naked in her dorm bed, right before she jumped over onto my bed with nothing on and I immediately woke up, at:

I also watched 1967's DEAD MAN'S TREASURE episode Tuesday morning. Which was about a countryside road rally that involves all the fiercely competitive drivers racing around to different locations where clues to a red treasure chest are hidden. The last full-circle clue informs everyone that the treasure is actually to be found at the mansion where they all started. And in fact the treasure is Emma herself, who needs to be rescued in an England red no.2 race car that is speeding out of control.

Here is a nice shot of no.2 at the same NBR event, at:


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Glenn Beck was all set to launch into his Evangelical comic book interpretation of last days prophecy, when he leaned over the STARBUCKS coffee table on the new Dallas, TX set of his [fake television birth certificate] show and threw out his proverbial 'spine of the devil'.

You stab me in the back, I'll stab you in the back.

Laugh all you want at my crazy uncle sandwich maker in the wee hours in 1990's WILD AT HEART. That REV.11.1 measuring stick in his hand is actually a back-side whipping cane.

Welcome to I-35's Waco, Texas. The home town of Steve Martin and the boys.

This is why the gentile Snoop Dog was arrested for weed on his Montana tour bus at the same time your weed infested apostate Mormon Christianity was arrested.

Check out my nigger's prophetic photo at last fall's LAUGH AT MY PAIN premiere at:

You ended up being carried out of your new and improved evangelical church broadcast energy studio on a gurnee because you continue to stonewall the well corroborated truth about Larry Sinclair sucking on Obama's dick in Gurnee, Illinois while the usurper sucked the crack rock pipe.

Hence, the TexMex candidate who will humble himself and confess in public that he or she has been an MLK coward, and that Obama is an illegal alien who was born in Africa, will be the next President of what's left of the United States.


Monday, January 9, 2012


They think that THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN's Project 90 bus crash confirmation on I-90 in Hitchcock's Montana was caused by icy road conditions, according to this update at:

Clinton is where I caught my first red spotted German brown trout, in the nearby Rock River. For the above 1967 episode's fly fishing scene with my secret assistant 'Top Hush' wife. The blue heron van driven by the 'one mighty and strong' bears 'CMF 263 A' plates that connect to 1990 born Emma at cfake's image number 263 that portrays her in fish net stockings, and wrapped in a protective non-conducting rubber skin outfit at:

The above image was posted at Obama's cfake birth certificate site on 4.19.11, with the van's letters 'CMF... A' standing for 'See Mother Fucking Asshole'. In confirmation of the Milltown, Montana area news that Sienna Miller is preggers. Since the bisexual fence-sitter guy who gets zapped on the fence, Mr Mankin, is a prophetic look alike stand-in for Gwyneth Paltrow's future rock band husband.

Reportedly, Sienna has now transitioned from the crazy blond in ALFIE to Alfie's single mother girlfriend who is seen with the GREGORY'S GIRL guy at the coffee shop.

THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN's amazing broadcast powers are compared directly to the two witnesses radio broadcasts in the episode's first act. The proverbial REV.17 'M' on his van's medicine wheels were confirmed by the Montana signs and wonders on the anniversary of the Jewish Gabby getting shot in Sherif Joe's Ephraimite Arizona.

The same day I saw THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN episode, Granny Grass bought the show's same BEAR CLAW brand boots at MARSHALLS. Which she said need to be sprayed with a protective coating, like the one sprayed on the 'king' at the climax.

The bus that crashed near Turah, Montana is no.2201, for the year when Emma is 22. [Read 'Torah' word association.] It was traveling from Billings [Clinton].

Right above the crash site is MARSHALL MOUNTAIN ski area on my 94 R/M map book. For Steed's joke about the first Harry Potter lightening bolt victim looking like he was "... practicing his ski jump?"

That electrifying bucking BRONCOS video in my last posting has two portable A-bombs in the background; visible in the shot when the babe lays on her back and really starts to look more like Jennifer Garner in the face. Before she gets her protective face makeup that looks like the spray job in THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN.

There is a 'F/C1/9' on the secret file cabinets in the above 67 Top Hush episode that stands for 'Fuck 19' i.e. Ms Miley Montana.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


They lit 19 candles at Gabby's one year anniversary memorial of the day she died, and was then born again.


Therefore a concert tour type bus crashed near Miley Montana's Clinton, Montana Project I-90 location. Because just after I posted my sire us cock getting popped off by Emma's hand gun, I saw Miley's new pistol pendant pose, posted the day before, next to a sexy Japanese jetwake blog ride at:

In confirmation of Bill Clinton getting my own cock sucked by a 19 year-old babe while he was smoking a MONTE CHRISTO and talking on the phone to Congress, circa 2012, who is still sucking on Obama's long brown illegal alien imported cigars from Cuba.

That is definitely a physically transfigured Jennifer Garner in the above porn clip. But I'm still not sure if the dude is a Tom Brady figure or a double [TT] Tim Tebow guy. We may have to wait until next weekend's playoff game to figure that one out.

Most guys who do fuck films prefer that the camera work is done by a hot looking German female, like a Gisele Bundchen or a Sandra Bullock. That way, they know that they will never go soft, no matter what the technical or logistical delays and interruptions. Because the crew will always be there for you behind the camera, no matter what. Which is why they are still getting the big bucks from G-d, gig after gig.

Confirmed by those two wildfires near Rt.444 in Blackfeet Montana country that were emphasized by the above video that ends with a sexy footie baller shot.



The hot air ballon that touched a power line and burst into flames near [Jimmy] Carterton, New Zealand on Friday, USA time, was a word association confirmation of the electric scar Harry Potter man in 1967's THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN episode I saw the same day. Who saw himself as some kind of new 'king' like "...the one mighty and strong..." in D&C 85 etc. While walking around zapping people with his electrified "broadcast power" GSR/TWN index figure icon.

THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN's "Project 90" was a prophetic reference to the future Emma born in 1990. Because in the end Mr JOHNNY WALKER tells his sidekick Emma, "Don't fight it Mrs Peel. We're inseparable."

New Zealand's amazing ten virgins Carter map layout was the Providential meaning behind the fiery "champagne flight" confirmation of my "...VIRGIN NOTES: 5" posting that had just rolled out. Based on the series' trademark opening of a champagne bottle, with the golden bottle's sire us top shot off by Emma's gold pistol. [Steed prefers the 26 year-old vintage.]

There are '42005' miles on Steed's classic 30s BENTLEY for royalty when it gets zapped by the limestone looking positive-negative man. Following from behind in his blue heron MINI van rigged up for broadcast energy domination, as part of his overall operation for "...a take-over bid" with the help of his future 'Top Hush' level secret agent wives.

A "summer cabin" is shrunk to about the same size of that military base quonset hut with military style lettering that Jen is riding in cfake's '368 BLP' image, posted there back on 10.20.10, in 1967's MISSION HIGHLY IMPROBABLE. Which corresponds with the 42 months scenario of the new 666 beast in REV.13.


Saturday, January 7, 2012


Being the one man judge, jury, and executioner at MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO film festival that PORTLANDIA is always joking about, I'm gonna leak it right now that 67's THE AVENGERS' look alike prophecy about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, entitled MISSION HIGHLY IMPROBABLE will likely take it all after SUNDANCE comes to an end in Park City, Utah.

This being the episode's big old 60s video camera on Letterman and Leno et al that cuts them all down to size before and after the hilariously obvious hard fall of the half Jew half nigger abomination of desolation from Tarzan's Africa.

Best writer, director, actor, etc. will improbably have to go to THE AVENGERS's episode where Justin's look alike shrinks Jen's LAND ROVER with her cfake rear plate pussy number '368 BLP'. That looks like a typical military base miniaturized quonset hut where they often park armored personal FXV 603 carriers, with natural beige skin colors, like at:

Which was confirmed by my same-day screening news about that British battle ship that just entered the gulf with a load of missiles that rise up like that little cock in the above image. So that nobody in the world can stop the invasion of America and England by homosexual gangster illegals who always illegally vote for Democratic fascism.

In MISSION HIGHLY IMPROBABLE, Jen's new 211 steel icon is reduced to the size of her original Irish LEPRECHAUN late night host who would sell out America for a pot of Obama's Black Hills gold. If he could get a better job than the one he has at TNT.

Based on the shot where a shrunken Emma crawls across the 'THURSDAY 12' desk top calendar on the alien agent's desk. That prophetically marked the return time-line date of the new 30 ROCK episodes, right before the Park City, Utah film festival. Which is run by a really short guy who looks like he has been miniaturized by some big old off-white colored 1960s PANAFLEX meets IMAX camera.


Friday, January 6, 2012


The joker named Max is an invisible man for most of 1967's THE JOKER episode of THE AVENGERS. Which starts by him tripping Steed while coming down the stairs in his flat, that was confirmed the same day I saw it by the new pix of Brad Pitt walking around with a cane; just like Steed does throughout the rest of the story.

"I'm everywhere." says the invisible man to Emma in THE JOKER, adding, "It's a puzzle, isn't it." As she looks around the PLAYBOY mansion room at nobody among the life size king and queen of diamonds, etc.

During part of Jimmy Fallon Friday morning I watched the WHO'S WHO??? episode from 1967. Wherein Steed and Emma become three-way swingers after their brains get swapped with the minds of a hipster spy couple in a 'F-3' transfiguration machine invented by a former Nazi scientist doctor. Who had finally perfected his ingenious device after years of crude trial and error experiments on the concentration camp victims of the first 666 beast. In confirmation of that Jewish guy in Fallon's audience Thursday who was wearing an Obama Hawaiian shirt while doing his word association rap parody of my GSR/TWN blog.

After seeing the Nazi swinger's 'F-1-2-3' [woes] mind machine in action after midnight, I went over to JJ2 and saw the new "mind blowing" Dakota Fanning cover of COSMO, with 3 secret agent clues inside on how to solve your next "phase 2" episode of THE AVENGERS, at:

The Republican Party's tie vote in Iowa, the heart of Zion, was a WHO'S WHO??? confirmation of Brigham Young's prophecy about the latter-day Mormons eventually becoming practically the same thing as apostate Christianity. Both of which are numbered among the Gentiles by G-d in various revelations at 2bc.info.



Thursday, January 5, 2012


That crazy older fucker showed up banging on Lindsay Lohan's front door in Venice, California right before I saw THE AVENGERS' 1967 episode where yours truly is stalking my UK wives in THE JOKER, circa 1967. That starts out with a physically transfigured GSR/TWN figure knocking on Emma Peel's PLAYBOY mansion door, who later becomes born again as me, and is reborn again as my English wives' hero behind the cards, Mr JOHNNY WALKER Steed himself.

Turns out THE JOKER is no iconic eye motif forehead scar joke. Whose ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST nickname was 'Max' back when it all started, and my jealous wives tried to stop me from fucking Adriana Lima in her WILD ORCHID three way prophecy about my future virgin wife Chloe Moretz.

Max's "warped sense of humor" was the inspiration behind Mr Steed's prescient comment about the "rejuvenating effect" that the sexy Mrs Peel has on older men, who is miraculously still alive and 89 years-old according to his British based wikipedia page.

The Keira Knightley stalker fear angle is established by the PLAYBOY mansion's pirate treasure chest full of old German Nazi records called 'My Love, My Rose'. Which were thematically introduced by the plot's really crazy cute blond Carey Mulligan actress, who likes to show off her JAWS teeth reference to her future look alike actress in SWINGERS' LDS singles party where I met Allison Deetz. Who was the first woman to ever suck on my cock and swallow every drop as I laid back in the exact same mail-order futon bed that my loser comedian figure sleeps on in SWINGERS, circa MIRA MAX' 1996.

Driving through the fog to rescue his Keira Knightley lady, as the number '326' German Nazi record is playing, my Mr STAGG chili man comes across a road sign that says "...breathtaking view..." of four counties ahead. For the strange younger Max figure who bought my 5400' Stanwood, WA mansion estate back in 79, and now looks so much different that she doesn't know who he is at first. Until her Internet dial up phone line is cut off and the episode's Donald Trump card is played.



I watched THE AVENGERS' 1966 episode entitled THE 13TH HOLE Wednesday morning. Wherein a team of golf cheaters were operating a secret 666 technology satellite station underneath the sand trap on the REV.13th hole at a private club. Then Wednesday afternoon I saw clips of the same sand trap showing my cheata sidekick who loves to golf diving for the proverbial "football" that contains the secret A-bomb launch codes, at:

In 1967's SOMETHING NASTY IN THE NURSERY, the English "football" is a hypnotic device covered with psychedelic drug powder that rubs off on one's hands and produces a temporary state of extreme hallucinogenic immaturity. Which creates such radical forms of mass childishness, that millions of spoiled little children, normally too young to vote, would vote for a known illegal alien to be their man-child president. And when the gig is up, nobody in the country's leadership is adult enough to say or do anything about it.

But the man-child drug's affects are slowly beginning to wear off, like at:

There was a 41 car pile-up in the fresh snow job on I-75 to the south of Rt.17's Independence, Kentucky, near Union, Kentucky Monday. The day before the Iowa cock uses. The smash up happened just east of Bone Lick State Park, and north of Bullock Penn Lake. Right around the same time Kentucky's George Clooney was up for new film festival crowd honors for two of his new movies.

17 year-old Banana Sam came out of the bushes at a public park full of gay men cruising for sex with strangers Saturday night in San Francisco. Stern Grove Park's outdoor theater with it's beautiful stonewalls is also a popular location for gay weddings, seen at:

The day after Iowa's big Bone Lick park vote, a 666 prisoners bus from NYC turned over in Rockland County, NY. All REV.16 captives were taken to the hospital.

This was after 61 year-old James Baker was killed by a flying tree branch that hit his OUTBACK north of Obama's Boulder, Colorado stronghold on Saturday.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


In THE AVENGERS' 1964 plot called ESPRIT DE CORPS, Hugh Hefner makes plans to take over the throne of England by putting the future Pussy Galore star on the secret fronts of his Chicago based magazines. Wherein Keira et al discover their royal 'McDONALDS' BIG MAC roots with French fries and a milk for 2 bucks, that I lived on for six months after my Mrs X suddenly disappeared into thin air. Around the very same month when my replacement wife Sienna Miller was conceived, and the price had gone up everywhere to $2.10, including tax.

Three years later, i.e. 1967, my sexual Steed in THE AVENGERS appeared just as suddenly in the prophetic episode where my multiple wives are pushing their French nanny strollers around at the G.O.N.N. training center for celebrity concubines, and he can't believe how many new babies he now has, like at:

Before and after he pays a visit to the royal man-child toy shop in the SOMETHING NASTY IN THE NURSERY episode called 'Martin's [MLK] Toy Shop' and witnesses the strange alien mulatto freak himself, Barry Obama, suddenly pop out of a Jack-In-The-Box that is decorated on all sides by 19666s era peace symbols. That was later confirmed by the Jack-In-The-Box Nazi gangsta 9mm that shoots the high society idiot dead at THE CHECKOUT. Next to the C.A.O.S. toy boxes that were stacked up in the future by his illegal invasion of Libya.

Which is the FDR wheelchair nanny-government's repeated Chicago mob Tommy gun references in the show to Tom Brady. Who is now building a mock British royalty estate in California that is so tacky it would even embarrass the fat nigger rich Third World figure Oprah, and she GONE BABY GONE already.

The only reason why my future Hef figure failed to take over the Crown, back in his 1964 Chicago PLAYBOY meets PENTHOUSE era, was because he was just a bit too distracted by all that hot nasty three-way sex with Ms Stewart and Ms Knightley and lost his camera focus. Even though at the end it turned out that the usurper's birth documents had been faked, and everybody but him knew it.

And the Jew boys in Hollywood still can't even get it up for a KICK ASS penthouse sequel, even though Chloe's schedule wouldn't even be open until she is at least almost 16. And then it will be too late; because America will have become an all-you-can-eat for a buck situation.


1966 LINK:

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The EPIC episode from 1967 is about a Mussolini look alike third-way filmmaker named Z.Z. who makes an indie film for "art houses" co-starring Emma Peel as the REV.17 female who dies by [Sienna] miller saw in the end. The concept of the first 666 beast in REV.13 is established by the rural studio's distinct concentration camp design, complete with electrified fences and Nazi style iron gated entrance.

The other actors of the avant guard "split personality" snuff film are two over-the-hill movie stars struggling to make an artistic comeback. One of whom is a pretty good Hugh Hefner look alike.

The story's prophetic connection to today's filmmakers, who are mostly Robert Redford style third wayers, was established by that powerful same-day 6.8 earthquake in the REV.13 sea off Japan's Izu Island; at 2:27 local time for the fascist director's prominently placed '27' marker in the production's compulsory 666 shooting scenario.

Remember, liberalism is reformed fascism. Fascism is reformed socialism. Socialism is reformed communism. And all these reforms are justified by the corrupt concept of democracy, i.e. mob rule.

That elderly woman killed by a flying deer head in Pennsylvania represented "The Old Gray Lady" newspaper known as the NYT. The astonishing BARTON FINK sign from God happened along the Sandy Lick River for the liberal paper's never ending Barry Obama blow job reporting at:

Note the dead ringer Jimmy Fallon sound alike in the above inspired BJ video clip.

Therefore that REV.17 year-old squirrel monkey named Banana Sam was just kidnapped from a Gay Area zoo. Like in THE AVENGERS' Obot episode where the gay guy is found dead with an unfinished banana blow job still in his mouth, and his radio smashed to pieces, according to: