Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My Barack Obama monkey mascot from Bothell, Washington, who was recently tossed out of all those C-Hardon high school basketball games in places like FARGO and Billings, was confirmed by the surprise 66.6 birthday party heart attack death of THE MONKEYS icon named Davy Jones down in GET SHORTY Miami.

I have a hunch that this might be my cue to review THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME; since that artistic silent film era movie with a homosexual hump back star from Paris just won Best Picture and all that shit.

Speaking of butt humpers, GET SHORTY's Mr TMZ dog fucker confirmations were immediately confirmed by Kansas Gov Sam Brownback's press conference about the butt twister in Harveyville [Levin].

Depending on the size of the dick involved, a lot of guys who play catcher prefer that their pitchers throw them a slow knuckle ball that goes more softly around and around in the strike zone. Especially the middle-aged ones like those two bisexual Lincoln Log Republicans, Elton John and Ted Casablanca. Not to mention Mitt Romney et al.

People who openly hate Jews and homos are actually the only ones who have no phobias or fears about today's homosexuals and Jews.

Same thing for all those low class southern Christians out there who hate high class New York niggers and rich liberal half Jews, like Ted Turner and Oliver Stone. There is nothing more grotesque than a short slimy Jew Hollywood director who hates Jews. E.g. "Fuck you, you fuck'n fuck!"

One reason why so many filthy half Jew midgets hate their better half is because they hate the fact that the white Caucasians of Europe are in fact the very same rich northern tribe descendants of the Kingdom of Israel; in the EZE.38 prophecy about their sudden death in the night that awaits them.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


She finally wore me down so much in the last TWO WEEKS NOTICE period, by a flood of her LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE signs and wonders, that I just gave in on Tuesday and bought the damn thing on DVD for five bucks at WAL*MART. Then I quickly left the store, after taking a minute to read Katy Perry's "I WAS A FOOL!" tabloid headline quote about her marrying my English middleman Jesus Christ polygamist. Who had become so tired of her silly shorty type Bible Belt Mormon feminist shit that he quickly dumped her fat thighs&ass for a three-way with a couple underaged AMERICAN GIGOLO hotties that represented the hot wet Chloe Moretz [circa 2005] out in California on the DVD artwork.

Walking out through the parking lot, I came right up to a Shiraz colored 1990 GG Caddy that had a small sticker [tattoo] on it's rear end that said, "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCK'N FUCK"

Believe me. I would never even had picked it up, if not for the indie film case's explanation on the back side that said that there are at least 4 optional endings to the miraculously popular movie. I.e. I would never dream about fucking two pairs of teenage hotties if Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller were not involved in the movie's famous 60s Love Bus plot. Which you just know will be incorporated somehow into Oliver [Jacob's pillow] Stone's new Northern California HIPPIE HIPPIE SHAKE remake to his San Francisco based bio picture about Janis Joplin.

I have never seen the prophetic LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE movie about her sucking on my crystal rock sidekick's pipe, north of Chicago in 1999. But I did have a recent dream wherein a friendly Vince Vaughn implied that I could borrow his bachelor shag pad on the side in North Chicago if I wanna.



"...You don't want to act like a hard on," says Chili to the stand-in director of NATURAL BORN KILLERS in GET SHORTY's sudden Jesus Christ in the night scene.

Here is THE THIN MAN movie poster clue in the opening sequence to GET SHORTY that connects Monday's killer at C-Hardon High School with it's Rt.44 location at:

Stone just finished shooting SAVAGES with John Travolta according to:

Stone was born on the day 1260 anniversary of the Judah chronology of the two witnesses in REV.11.

That Oscar winning dog that bit Mr TMZ was a GET SHORTY confirmation from God.

The alien drug runner "retard" from South America in GET SHORTY is also a shorty.

C-Hardon's football team is called THE HILLTOPPERS. For the high elevation theme of the seven hills beast in REV.13, and in GET SHORTY.

Chili says that Mr Weird's best movie role was the crippled gay guy who climbed Mt Whitney, called RIDE THE CLOUD. Hence Whitney's sudden unexpected encounter with Jesus on the eve of the GRAMMYS.

Stone is now the same age as was Momo in that surprise 65th birthday party scene in GET SHORTY.

Shorty pushes the same wrong button on his huge hard on gun at the end of GET SHORTY, that he pushes to open the high riding CADILLAC of mini me vans, that he borrowed from Chili. The same way that Bones borrowed Chili's SERPICO jacket without asking, i.e. the honest cop in Arizona is going to expose the massive law enforcement and political corruption surrounding Obama's fake birth certificate.


Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm still dealing with that sore deep throat I contracted on Dakota Fanning's key C-18 birthday; which seemed to peak on Oscar 84 Sunday. Therefore I had sucked on a HALLS cough drop that said "Dust off and get up:" on it's tiny wrapper shortly before I saw the three-way Dictator heading into the great hall; after spilling his beloved fellow dictator's ashes on the short 5'7" Ryan Seacrest.

GET SHORTY begins with a 34 'Jesus Christ' reference to the Messiah. Who was crucified at 34 according to the BOOK OF MORMON, not 33.

The MR LOVEJOY screenplay starts with a typical TMZ video camera stalker scene to establish the prophetic allegory in the year 2012. Same thing for the iPAD photos in Karen's house when her back-door man Chili was on the phone.

That airport pilot who the alien Yahoo sees has a bulge in his pants is my pilot friend Paul Garrison, who often carries a small 380. The man he bumps into when he is backing up is a conservative Republican politician, circa 2012, like Rick Santorum.

A passenger train from Niagara Falls to Hollywood East derailed on the same day the HUGO movie Oscars were happening along Jennifer Aniston's Hollywood stars sidewalk, per:

There was a rare 4.7 earthquake in the Cannes, France region Sunday.

The silent movie won Best Picture in Divine confirmation of the silence from both parties about the abomination of desolation.

I listened to a talk by Cleon Skousen from 1999 Sunday night. Wherein he explained how he became Providentially engaged to his wife, complete with ring, through the mail. For a future sign of the Branch Davidian one in D&C 85 etc who would become engaged to his wives the same way, via email, with their engagement rings being presented in various ads by TIFFANY.


This link has a clip of the Dictator's GET SHORTY joke at:


Last night, Jesus said that I should bet the farm at the horse track on Saturday the 14th at the end of Passover; which starts this year on the same Good Friday when the Messiah was born and then crucified, i.e. April 6. Even the same day when us half Jews celebrate the destruction of the forces of Egypt underneath the Red Sea in REV.13.

Only later did I realize that this was the same sure-thing in LA that Leon the [MLK] "Martinizing King" dry-cleaner from Florida was betting on in GET SHORTY.

In my dream, $11 would get me $24, if you bet on God's horse from California at EMERALD DOWNS in King County, Washington. I.e. 11M will get you 24M.

Think like the film's blond 40ish Nicole Kidman scream-queen figure, Karen, was also once married to Hollywood's biggest movie star shorty; as explained in the classic film quote about how, "...the alien mother's time on earth is finished..."

Which is the high-above-it-all silhouette sunset kissing scene in GET SHORTY that is about that black CADILLAC of short Mini Me vans called the 'Silhouette'. Which lets short people feel like they are riding high in the saddle above everybody else's traffic problems.

Just like all those righteous Bible Belt mormons out there, like Jeb Bush and Glenn Beck, who think that they are so above it all that they don't have to say anything at all about Obama's fake birth certificate and his stolen Social Security number ID.


Saturday, February 25, 2012


PLAN B's senior investor showed up on Leno Friday night in a pair of Chloe Moretz' wet hot black leather pants to let us know that Jack Nicholson's prophetic 70s era of sex with underaged teenagers is back.

Therefore Ms Moretz arrived at LAX for a flight to Italy just in time for her mother's lasagna to ripen to perfection by the same day of the 84th Oscars off Hollywood Blvd.

Last time I was in Milano wearing a dark suit and white shirt like my JT missionary man in THE BLUES BROTHERS, we were all ogling the future President Monson's underaged 16ish daughter sitting next to him on the podium.

You convert me, I'll convert you.

And I really do not give a shit where you come up with the money; that's your business.

Because 1995's "cash the check" prophecy about my MLK juice man in GET SHORTY, meets Ellen Page in ROMA, takes place at Oliver Stone's look alike offices on Hollywood Blvd above that fake ID 'CHECKS CASHED' joint.

Hence Chili takes the 310k from Mel Gibson's Area Code 310 where his big Central American movie director beard suddenly went up in flames after he leaned over some Catholic mass candle at a gift shop; that was owned and operated by some Hollywood Jew's former Bette Midler look alike wife in THE FIRST WIVES CLUB. Who was just trying to make an buck after she had been dumped for the latest Hollywood hottie wanna-be.

Apostate Judeo-Christian Mormon monogamy values are so gay.

Hopefully, my half Jew dictator sidekick from today's Arab infested London is still going to show up somewhere in Hollywood on Sunday, still wearing all those shiny gold medals on his chest.

Everybody in 666 government loves a lavish awards ceremony.


Friday, February 24, 2012


More specifically, that is my older bro Michael Savage getting a three-way massage on his twin VO/VOs cabin cruiser in GET SHORTY's THE SAILOR DOG prophecy; well before his surprise nation-wide radio show explosion out of the Bay Area. Which suddenly happened like a thief in the night. Just like the Rush Limbaugh show, etc. etc.

[Savage's beloved Jewish REV.17 mother from Brooklyn, NY died in Miami; may she rest in peace.]

That longhair LA dude who does Chili a C-17 locker favor, for a Hamilton, at LAX' Sovereign terminal is the future surfer dude on TMZ. Where everyday we see video clips of the rich and famous coming and going at LAX [morals].

Those G7 bisexual sailors who died when two of Woody Norris' twirly-hat choppers crashed in the brown Chocolate Mountains gave their lives for that new Nazi Brown Shirts shot at LAX in GET SHORTY meets MY BLUE HEAVEN.

The same thing as those three extreme-thrills seekers who got buried by Obama's 42 months snow job at Steven's Pass, off Hwy.2. Right after they got off the day resort's SEVENTH HEAVEN ski lift.

30 ROCK started shooting my special birth day 29 episode in Brooklyn with Jim Carrey just two days before my prophetic MY BLUE HEAVEN revelations started rolling out. So they tried to cover their 666 asses with a major re-write addition about some weird Leap Day color motif in blues and yellows.

Bones presses his 42 months long foot down on Oliver Stone's head in GET SHORTY for the same gun that is now pointed at the head of Hollywood.

"I don't care where you get the money..."

"It is by the wicked that the wicked are punished."


I caught a nasty deep throat cold on Dakota's C-18 birthday. I can't wait until she blows out my own Leap Day number 29 candle. Oh yeah. She looks so much like a younger Amanda Seyfried.

Princess Kristen's new mirror mirror on the wall movie is about the mirror on the wall above my two royal sofa thrones at the 211 STARBUCKS in BL Washington. Same as the rocker babe named Nicole who has died black hair in GET SHORTY, and who works at the 19461 STARBUCKS off Liz' 195 landmark next to JACK IN THE BOX' new double taco burger deal.

That bland 80s [EATING RAOUL] double white-skin omelet, with lightly roasted chalets and no salt, divided into two parts, at the IVY in GET SHORTY is a cinematic sign from God. The next time that you see Keira Knightley sitting there nibbling on half of her grilled sockeye salmon, with watercress salad, you will know that it is now the time for everyone to "suck harder" on Mr Crystal's handsome 29ish looking gourmet 3-egg omelet face.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


That is Elizabeth Hurley's look alike BEACH line bikini on that tight little transfigured ass babe in the three-way sailor dog theme in GET SHORTY.

Even the hot one in my wife swapping prophecy entitled THE WEIGHT OF WATER, co-starring my middle-man Sean Penn, a.k.a. Mr Warne you to never touch one of my wives again.

GET SHORTY's prophetic time-line is probably an indication that now is the time to start selling short, and move into gold big time. Which is how Michael Douglas can now recover his reported Wall Street loses, after he bet the pig farm on Obama like a drunken bisexual sailor.

Actually, Oliver Stone would be the perfect NATURAL BORN KILLER director to finally bring an extremely exciting Janis Joplin rip-off to the big screen, starring Miley Cyrus. His aging, but still very vital, career would definitely get a nice born again bang from the best suck and fuck act in Hollywood.

And I don't care where he gets the money, even if it has to come out of his own pocket. Not even the biggest Jew fag in Hollywood would turn down an up front cash distribution negative print deal for a feature length motion picture about Janis Joplin by Oliver Stone. That features several artistic scenes of a teenage Miley Sire Us in the nude.

In GET SHORTY, the Oliver Stone look alike director co-created the WOLFSUCKER movies in confirmation of Miley Montana's wolf dog named Floyd. E.G. the aging scream queen blond eventually becomes the younger 'Plan B' replacement actress. Since she doesn't want to kiss Mr Weird on the lips because he has more than one wife.



GET SHORTY opens with Chili staring through my computer window.

Bones runs out of Chili's barber shop front with his new GSR/TWN hair line screaming for 911 as we see Greg's STAGG chili logo in the mirror. Then we cut to a Sailor Dog three way scene.

Shorty's new biography WEIRD TALES is tossed on a table right after the two Nazi Brown Shirts shot at the airport.

Karen is wearing an LA LAKERS top during the plane crash scenario pitch.

Everyone agrees that Shorty was perfection in his famous wise guy "fink" role. He can't wait to play the new 666 mob juice man character.

Sunsets are a major theme in GET SHORTY.

The two red coats that walk by in the end with the ancient Roman chariot are from Mel Gibson's THE PATRIOT, five years later.

Shorty's new NAPOLEON movie billboards are all over LA.

TOUCH OF EVIL played at the old theater in confirmation of Rick Santorum's comments about the devil focusing on America, etc.

Shorty says he grew up in 'Tarzana'.

GET SHORTY's Hollywood black partner [Barack Obama] figure gets pushed out in the end by the Danite 'Bear' stunt man.

The C-18 airport locker key represents the traditional Jewish number for eternal life. Where the 666 mob figure is set up and busted in the final scene.

The drug lord from South America threatens to staple the tall black guy's tongue to his chin for an LA LAKERS reference to the STAPLES CENTER at 1111. Hence the 'I HEART LA' surprise bag in locker C-17 for Chili's Hamilton bill PLAYBOY cover wife who is in the John scene at the airport gift shop.

That horrible DERAILED sign in Bel Air, Argentina happened on the same day that Jennifer Aniston got her star in Hollywood. Which is an LA tourist attraction that is featured prominently in GET SHORTY. When the righteous will be walked on for 42 months in REV.13, i.e. the white $70 a yard carpet in the black man's house on a cliff.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My prophetic protagonist from Limbaugh's area in GET SHORTY shows up during the David Letterman show like a thief in the night.

"Behold, I come as a thief... [in the night]"

Which was confirmed right after I finished watching the REV.16:15 movie by that horrific train no.16 DERAILED sign down in Buenos Aires, which means Bel Air in Spanish.

Because in the middle of last night, at 4:13 am, the Lord said simply "Madonna" and then later during the two witnesses' radio shows, I heard the above Third Way news update from REV.13 Evita-ville on the radio news. [Think Hillary Clinton.]

My dark sidekick thief Barack Obama suddenly appeared in the nighttime darkness after he was first brought to the nation's attention by one of Hollywood's most major homogaysexual players. Who later gets the crap beat out of him by the same east coast mob who is now looking to GET SHORTY et al. I.e. Danny Devito and all of his unAmerican fellow travelers who will fuck America in the ass for 42 months. And then they themselves will go into the captivity of a right-wing Christian leadership who still does not understand the nature of the new 666 beast of Sodom and Egypt.

"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity:" [REV.13:10]

Even to this day, Shorty has a restaurant down in South Beach, Miami where my future actor full of movie remake ideas had his office in back of a barber shop at street number 1112. Now confirmed by the film's MR LOVEJOY screenplay that just finished shooting in the form of Amanda Seyfried's new Linda Lovelace bio pic.

GET SHORTY [Think LEP 2 in LA.] ends with an on-set comparison between Shorty and Mel Gibson, as a Roman chariot rolls by from THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST meets the buzz about Mel's plans to make a new 666 Roman rebellion movie in Israel.

"You can't make a Martin Weird into a Mel Gibson." Says my STAGG chili figure right before the credits start rolling.

"Niggers have no concept of day or night." [Les Winn, 1967]


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In the 70s I found out that the best family owned trattorias along the narrow back streets of Siena, Italy always baked their lasagna the night before, because it takes the pan pasta seasonings in a layered multi-vagina lips looking marinara sauce at least 24 hours to ripen. Therefore, the Euro-zone crooks who are trying to rob my familia friends are about to find out why that is such a bad idea.

Because I found a used copy of GET SHORTY on Mardi Gras at GOODWILL. And then Eye went home and found out that Trom/bone [blow job] Shorty was scheduled to play the blues at the CASABLANCA on the very same day. Which obviously is about yours truly coming to Hollwood in 1995 to get back what they stole from me in the 2008 election set up by my abomination of desolation sidekick.

You will probably have to watch the 1995 GSR/TWN prophecy now, after I have the chance to watch it myself, because I can't remember almost anything about it. Except for my weird dream last night about Danny DeVito; wherein I ran into him in front of a 7-11 in bankrupt Las Vegas, after getting a bland midnight 12 oz cup of their cheap Steven Fresh ground Brazilian coffee. Which has been born again, like the new blander 666 beast at STARBUCKS, under their new phony big World-wide corporation 'Blond Roast' label.

In confirmation of my growing si-fi 50-60s rat pack leadership role. That obviously is now allowing me to relax more and more in the full knowledge that Lana Del Ray and Megan Fox will be more than happy to be my royal back-up bootie call girls even if my slutty Jewish royal princesses like Keira and Sienna have to wait in line behind them for my sloppy seconds, at:

Ironically, the best java joint in America is located in the apostate heart of Jack Mormon town Utah, USA. Where they grind only the best beans in the world from Kenya, coarse rocks style, and then brew them at twice the volume strength of any gay ass STARBUCKS 'American Standard' measure, at:

Of course, you pay twice the price there. And your 8 oz. cup seconds are never free. So if it's a cheap high that you are looking for, just go over to nearby Temple Square. Where everybody is still flirting with Barack Obama. And even Glenn Beck et al are still too weak to joke about his fake Social Security number prophesied of in MY BLUE HEAVEN.

Gregory Scott Relf to you.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Barack Obama suddenly appeared out of nowhere in today's desecrated CASABLANCA Temple of Judah and Ephraim in order to wake up the neo heterosexual homos who are running the Mormon church, and the Church of God in Oklahomo, USA etc. etc.

Which is the prophetic PASSION OF THE CHRIST reason why the desparate Israelite princess Britney Spears will suddenly show up at Mel Gibson's front door in the middle of the night in Malibu, even though she knows that he already has someone in his bed. For an ISAIAH 4 sign from Jesus Christ that the second coming has come unto him; as if she was sneaking through his latest computer WINDOWS program update from my King County, Seattle area.

His first polite reaction will probably be to invite her into the kitchen for a Steven Fresh cup of coffee, wondering what the hell is going on. Whereupon he will finally begin to wake up a little and realize why Lana Del Rey felt so inspired to appear on some magazine cover sucking crystal time machine cock, as hard as a rock, at:

In confirmation of Larry Sinclair sucking on my sidekick's brown cock in Gurnee, Illinois while he was trying to start up my crystal rock time machine pipe in my NAPOLEON DYNAMITE prophecy. Which recently sold as a Picasso masterpiece picture for $104,000,000. That was then photographed just north of the 42 months latitude line in REV.42; which divides the Russian Danite Bear Lake landmark in half, for the ten virgins prophecy in MATT 25.

No wonder there are so many 42 months cock suckers out there.



Let me know Bruce, when you finally want to know, who will be the next one to wake you up in the middle of the night.

Britney just settled her "thief" case for 10M with that perfume company in confirmation of the second coming thief prophecy in the Bible of her Baptist father in GREASE 2, Mr Spears.

Crystal blue persuasion

(Tommy James and The Shondells)

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Look over yonder
What do you see?
The sun is a'rising
Most definitely
A new day is coming
People are changing
Ain't it beautiful
Crystal blue persuasion
Better get ready
To see the light
Love, love is the answer
And that's all right
So don't you give up now
So easy to find
Just look to your soul
Open your mind
Crystal blue persuasion
Mmm, mmm-mmm
It's a new vibration
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal... blue persuasion
Maybe tomorrow
When he looks down
On every green field
And every town
All of his children
And every nation
They'll be peace and good brotherhood
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal blue persuasion

Saturday, February 18, 2012


After so many unexpected Hwy.111 AMERICAN GIGOLO signs and wonders from out of the blue, when I was so hot to trot on watching THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET, I decided that it was high time that I actually reviewed the 1980 GSR/TWN prophecy again, for the first time in years; Friday night, Saturday morning.

So glad I did.

I really needed to see that topless 15 year-old blond Chloe Moretz laying on the deck at Charlize Theron's Malibu beach house, to keep the born again spirit alive in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO life. That ended with my future blond wife, who looks like an Olsens twin, touching the 666 scar on my forehead through the future computer WINDOWS program in the prison phone booth number 5, two times. For a '5-5' confirmation of Jennifer Aniston's new double story shag pad in Rt.111 Palm Springs, where my boy JT is fucking her ass off so hard that she feels like she is a wet 15 year-old hottie all over again.

[His smaller Leprechaun legs allow more blood from the heart to flow into his tool, making it as hard as steel.]

Which is why my gigolo forerunner in the prophetic film has so many loyal rich bitch clients today who are of the age of Jane Fonda and Barbara Streisand.

As confirmed by that evergreen Christmas tree birth mark on Rich Gere's left shoulder that we see in the film's famous blue heaven love scene. That establishes the 'SOFT SHOULDER' context along today's Church Lake Road situation that leads to today's Lake Tapps finale in the 42 months prophecy in REV.13.

Where the African born Leon Obama [lion] calls me up to ask me for a 50 bucks favor, and then we cut to me driving a long black JFK assassination LINCOLN limo with the wife of Bush Sr et al riding in the back seat.


Here is a cute photo of Ms Grimes sporting that 80s hot pants ghetto blaster in THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET's ET plan at:

Friday, February 17, 2012


London's Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is the blond REV.17 woman who so brilliantly plays my future fine ass fucking 29ish rich bitch Jennifer Aniston anima figure in AMERICAN GIGOLO. Before the 1980 time-line prophecy about my x cunt turning on me cuts to me sitting with my future African born sidekick, who looks like some kind of a Gisele Bundchen NFL rain forest ape, sipping on a French PERRIER, and getting eyes from Taylor Swift and her threeway Philippino you-know-who girlfriend at the sidewalk cafe table next to them.

Swift's prophetic fast lady surname concept is confirmed by all those sexy sports cars driving by in the background; like that 211 70s era STINGRAY, the 60s era MUSTANG, and of course, the 911 which later is seen being driven away by my blond male escort sidekick to Adam Sandler, David Spade. [a.k.a. Ken Keisler]

Paltrow's future Mr Imperium husband, with middle-aged spread, in the Hwy.111 desert tells my middle-man gigolo JT to "Slap that cunt!" for her own good. Who was fucked in the ass for quite some time by Brad Pitt before he ever became Jennifer Aniston's flaky fake husband in the future 90s who would also fuck her in the ass.

Turn the volume up in the above scene, so you can hear yours truly jaywalking across from the KING RALPH LAUREN [Hutton] POLO boutique, hissing like my Mormon Napoleon Dynamite lizard figure in Idaho, who gets to fuck Annalynne McCord whenever Jesus says that it's OK to do it, at:



The movie's "Out! Out!.. DOUBLE PLAY!" scene at the PADRES game was confirmed by the double agents shooting at an I.C.E. office in the federal building in Long Beach, CA on the same day Obama was fundraising in Hollywood. Since THIN ICE's black comedy of thieves opens today, co-starring Greg Kinnear.

"You call me Dickie one more time, and I'll kill you..." Says FBI agent Barney to his fellow undercover FBI agent in Rm. 110.

MY BLUE HEAVEN ends with the new Vinnie and Crystal family, for the physical transfiguration crystals time machine in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, over a decade later. Which is currently being spoofed in SNL's "Time Capsule" box ads that have a rotten stinky salmon sandwich inside it made with my Bucky Larson salmon monument. The show's regular Napoleon dude does the bit with this week's alumni host.

The abomination of desolation will be dedicating the first federal black museum in DC on 2.22.

My hero sidekick from Bothell, Washington named Sherwin represents the SHERWIN PAINTS logo that is a world globe covered in red paint blood. On display at:


Thursday, February 16, 2012


That is yours truly standing there, with a double scotch in hand, watching my reverse-role middle-man fucking Jennifer Aniston's brains out in 1980's Rt.111 AMERICAN GIGOLO earthquake prophecy. In confirmation of the future shag pad's one story look alike Brad Pitt architecture reference to Bob and Alice and Kate Holmes and I et al.

You fuck Kate. I'll fuck Kate.

I know this because Richard Gere was playing a much older stud fucker who only looked 29ish in the movie. Which came out right after my French Catholic X wife was inspired by Jesus himself to find a husband who would thoroughly fuck her in the same way that he fucked his other apostate LDS wife; who deserved it just as much as she deserved it after having fucked me in the ass like some French poodle dog.

Therefore, all of my rich Malibu bitches in the movie like Ms Cox and Ms Theron should start going up to Mel's seminary monks church in the hills, right now, instead of going to your regular mainline Ms Witherspoon churches, where your gay ass pastors talk so much gibberish PC nonsense that it sounds like ancient Latin.

After my old 55 cent BIRD ON A WIRE post rolled out, Jesus said to me at 9:58 pm that Mel's seminary " will be worth supporting in six months." I.e. after the end of the period in AMERICAN GIGOLO when my nigger will fuck the more righteous in their Andy Warhol butts for 42 months.

As was confirmed by that 6.0 earthquake west of Oregon's Sunset Bay, north of Seven Devils' Wayside, off Rt.42, and all that shit.


Steven Fresh worked for a moving truck company in Provo, Utah during our BYU basement apartment years. Per the opening of MY BLUE HEAVEN where the big gentile buck nigger says "Watch your back..."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This time I woke up a few minutes before Rush Limbaugh Wednesday morning, and thought 'fuck it' and went back to sleep.

But then I was jolted awake at 9:10 am Olympia, Washington time by a powerful vision of Mel Gibson's next wife Britney Spears. Who will come unto Mel in the middle of the night in the near future and wake him up for THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS mind fuck of his life.

Because I had just found an old used 55 cent VHS copy of his 1990 federal witnesses protection movie and had watched it. And then hundreds of 666 prisoners in his Book of Mormon country prison movie died in the upcoming fire that is going to consume today's latter-day saint Sodom and Egypt Bible Belt Christians who are desecrating the House of the Lord in Salt Lake City, Utah.

See THE BLUES BROTHERS prophetic artwork on his next third world, USA, prison movie at:

So you might as well start going up to Britney's Latin American speaking baptist church on the Lord's Day at Mel's chapel above Malibu, because that is where you are going to end up anyway in the not so long run.

BIRD ON A WIRE comes to a violent end in today's simulated African jungle zoo that is being presided over in the heart of America by the African native born Barack Obama. Where my homogaysexual nigger partner in AMERICAN GIGOLO dies when the 666 beasts attack the whore in REV.17; and yours truly promises Sienna Miller that she too will get to have some lovely children, like Kate Hudson, if she would just make a little more effort to reach out to me.

Hence, Mel's forerunner figure in BIRD ON A [Internet] WIRE uses the same [sire us] name of Miley Cyrus' father 'Billie Ray'.

That was just confirmed by that New Castle polish sausage smoke house fire in Mel's home state of Pennsylavania 65000; that was about the 1990 movie's SAILOR DOG ending that featured the raising of his big MR WIGGLY erection sail, at:


Monday, February 13, 2012


There was a 5.6 White Horse Prophecy earthquake just north of Blue Lake, California at 1:07:02 pm Monday, with it's epicenter occurring right under the Redwood River. The Hoopa Indian Reservation medicine wheel landmark there is for Vinnie playing with a hoops basketball while Hannah interrogates him about the REV.13 swordfish in his car trunk.

MY BLUE HEAVEN starts out with song lyrics that say, "...turn right... find a bright light."

The movie's two FBI men say that things will change, as they sharpen their two no.2 pencil sticks of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11.

My middle-man JT threw a penthouse birthday party for Jen in confirmation of the MY BLUE HEAVEN's lyrics about the boy from New York City who has "...the finest penthouse I've ever seen in town." Compare the roof top architecture styles in the movie at:

In MY BLUE HEAVEN Greg addresses Ornella et al through a frozen foods glass door that represents the future's WINDOWS computer form of communication on the Internet.

The film's female officer who exclaims "Hijacking!" was talking about the future 9.11 attack in NYC, a decade later.

"It's your little prince..." says Vinnie to his mother at the airport, in regards to my sidekick, the 'little prince' in DANIEL's day 1290 chronology of the two witnesses in today's Sodom and Egypt.

MY BLUE HEAVEN's two boys go into an ice-cream shop that represents the 31 FLAVORS where Barack Obama worked in Hawaii, using a deceased person's Social Security number; obtained by his US side grandmother who worked as a file clerk at the coroners office.

The movie's not so undercover FBI thieves spend their motel room time watching Oprah.

Justice Breyer was robbed by a man with a machete in confirmation of MY BLUE HEAVEN's running ice-cream cone themes, like at:

In film comedy, the word 'cone' is a regular alien being invader metaphor joke. Such as the popular Coneheads family skits on SNL.



Almost every time it looks like maybe Obama's Third Way capitalism just might survive and pull out of it's predetermined post 42 months dive afterall. All the dirty Jews down there who voted for their anti-Christ nigger go on a money trading taxation wife swapping orgy; which adds more and more clarity to the area's prophetic high concept 6-6-6 museum about the Holocaust.

Therefore Obama's W.H. first lady of pop died in the heart of Jewish Beverly Hills on 2.11 for a prelude to the sudden unexpected death that is coming to all those who worship the new Germanic 666 beast in REV.13.

You 86 me. I'll 86 you.

Sunday, I picked up a copy of THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET in yet another 50-movie set of si-fi invasion films for just one $10 buck Hamilton bill. Then later, I witnessed BRUNO MARS' opening of the CAR 54 GRAMMYS.

When JERSEY SHORE's reality show mob boss forerunner Bruce Springsteen came out, nicknamed 'The Boss', Paul McCartney almost had a stand-up machine gun style orgasm.

[Machine gunner sex is when you set the girl up on the edge of the kitchen counter and hold onto her two high legs like an anti-aircraft machine gun in a JFK WWII PT-109 movie.]


W.H.'s dead body arrived back home in East Orange, New Jersey on the same day that the New Jersey senate voted for homosexual marriage, and the female governor of Washington signed the state's new law that would allow gays to get divorced. In confirmation of my recent dream vision about sitting on a deck with Ornella Fresh, enjoying the sunset, when suddenly we witnessed a huge atomic bomb explosion to the southwest, down towards Olympia, Washington.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Fresh family's typical one to two story commercial development in suburban Provo off I-15 was the inspirational prelude to my Jennifer Aniston commercial winery investment dream in Bel Air at:

In the above link, one can see my own little dog house size guest quarters on the right, in the second real estate brochure pix. Because the co-star of THE BODYGUARD meets RUMOR HAS IT had taken his beloved transsexual Barack Obama 4-runner up to his father's frozen Lincoln Log Cabin Republicans' retreat in the highlands of Obama's Colorado to try and protect her from the two skinny DEER HUNTER speed freaks that I recently saw in a vision at:

That little guest house in the above link represents the place where the one mighty and strong lives in THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS, who comes around every Tuesday afternoon to mow Jen's grass. Since they determined that Whitney Houston had drowned in the same bathtub that the deer hunter was standing in when he shot MLK in the kinky neck at my ex-wife's LORAINE MOTEL in the New Egypt landmark of the New Jerusalem that is Memphis, Tenn on 4.4.

Hence, Jen was finally divorced in the same prophetic court house in MY BLUE HEAVEN at street number 111 in confirmation of my many street number 1111 dreams and visions about LA's STAPLES CENTER where my sidekick Kobe and his giant niggers in MOSES 7:15 and 8:18 play basketball, during the regular May 8 playoffs period. And there were multiple orgasmic earthquakes along Rt.111's Bombay Beach on the very same day that El Wood took me up to the BOMBAY boutique in Bellevue, Washington in her black MERCEDES.

My future figure in MY BLUE HEAVEN in Diego likes his 29ish transfigured wives a little on the dirty Donatella Greco side. Although I have never in my life seen an entire episode of JERSEY SHORE, the first time I even heard about it, I immediately knew that it was about my 1980s Napolitano mob girlfriend who looks like the hot mamma sitting beside yours truly at the end of the prophetic 1990 movie.

Who at the time was still fucking some up and coming mob man in Naples named Guido.



Saturday, February 11, 2012


A 48 year-old KING RALPH LAUREN POLO brand multi-millionaire figure named John Goodman in half-Jewish West Palm Beach, Florida is adopting his 42 year-old lover, as if she still was his 15ish virgin Chloe Moretz bride, in protection of the DUI scene in THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS. Where the new Nazi police ask my DR HAVOCK'S 450 SL protagonist doctor to prove that he has been driving sober, at:

Because if he doesn't get her spiritually dying brain to the haunted endowment house condo lab on time it will be too late.

In the 1983 movie's elevator scenes about my elevator dream about Jennifer Aniston, we see the same elevator scene in FRIENDS, years later, about Mr RL POLO himself walking out of the elevator. Where in my dream I stepped out of the elevator on the 55th floor and found myself standing in the driveway of the new high concept white house that she just closed on in Bel Air.

For some time after that strange dream, I was wondering if the place was just a typical suburban one story commercial office complex, or something else, with it's flat roof and modern exterior door front design.

So now it's looking like Brad Pitt's original wife swapping inspirations behind his inevitable MR & MRS SMITH sequel are gonna half to have me making some kind of a horse trade with one of my more hot teenage wives just to make all of the 1969 parties involved happy at:

You cast me. I'll cast you. And we'll both love it.


Friday, February 10, 2012


Much to my own private relief, THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS has the actual 1990 sequel to my AMERICAN GIGOLO prophecy on the back side, called MY BLUE HEAVEN. That was made in the same year when yours truly went into the federal 666 protection witnesses program in Bonnie Lake, Washington. Filmed in the same location where my pinot noir SIDEWAYS homage took place. Which started out in San Diego, for MY BLUE HEAVEN beginning and ending in my own private beige 70s ALFA ROMEO dream about the film's Carey Mulligan love interest.

MY BLUE HEAVEN is about yours truly going into exile in Bonnie Lake in the very same year that it was made in preparation of my two witnesses testimony against my own involvement with the new and improved 666 beast. As confirmed by the opening act's scene where I play my Chicago mob sidekick giving the federal authorities a false Social Security number, and they know it, and they don't give a shit. And then we see the White Horse Prophecy horse standing in the field outside of their fake safe house's rear window.

Towards the end of the movie, I swap wives with my old mobster buddy Steven Fresh in the supermarket's frozen pizza section. Who ends up being my third wife in fulfillment of the last days prophecy in ISAIAH 4; where every man who believes in the second coming of Jesus is fucking two women at a time.

On the way to the Catholic PADRES' KING OF BEERS baseball stadium in a three way limo ride, I pass an art house theater that is running the 42 months prophecy about my halfbreed sidekick born in Africa called, WHITE HUNTER, BLACK HEART. Who I finally reveal during the singing of the national anthem as I explain to the two boys of Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 11:1 exactly how the newer and much smoother 666 beast picks their future income pockets; while they munch down on their two prophetic wiener dog boners in a bun.

Throughout the entire 1990 AMERICAN GIGOLO sequel, my sidekick keeps reminding my square ass FBI mobster looking friend Steven Fresh that "I'm wit you..." i.e. I represent the Feds who themselves are now in bed with the known illegal alien infiltrator in the Casa Blanca. Just like all those lost tribes Israelites like Michael Medved and Glenn Beck, who are still trying to tell you that Obama is legit.


When my sidekick "...boy from New York City..." is cheating on the local supermarket price of freedom, by switching the prices on Andy Warhol's CAMPBELLS soup cans with the much higher priced Texas beef steaks, we see the REV.17 mother's milk sign of MLK on the wall that says 'MILK'.

At the end of the inspired AMERICAN GIGOLO revelation, yours truly is holding onto the two empty Italian boots that my homogaysexual nigger used to tread upon the more righteous for 42 months in REV.13. Hence, Italy's Third Way banks were downgraded on the very same day that I watched the famous film's 1990 Italian mob sequel entitled MY BLUE HEAVEN.

San Luis Obispo is located just east of EZE.37's prophetic landmark about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim called Los Osos. [The bones] Who are Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh respectively. Who will appear in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt of America; even the desecrated sacred land of the New Jerusalem, "...where also our Lord was crucified..." by Barack Obama's abortion abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 etc.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I only give my gay 50 states nigger a measly 50 bucks in my 1980ish prophecy about me rough-fucking my friend's blond wife, as a 70s style 911 passes in the background, because Obama's gay ass FANTASY ISLAND state was number 50, at:

Back then, I was just too stupid and unschooled to understand that I should have been more graceful and taken the time out to fuck those two underaged topless hotties who were standing on the balcony of Charlize Theron's Malibu beach house; without arguing with her and her African mother about the price split, etc.

When an older 35+ Charlize looker invites you to hang out for awhile with Dakota and Miley on her beach pad deck, while she serves everybody drinks, and you turn her down, you have a serious gay ass 'kinky sex' neck problem.

To the point where you may have to move to swinging London, England, or hop on up to Vancouver, Canada until it all blows over.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Jim Carrey was shooting this royal Crown Prince of England hair piece spoof for 30 ROCK in Queens, NY when I found the screw top wig prophecy about my two royal 'virgin' wives at WAL*MART Tuesday for 5 bucks, starring Steve Martin, at:

THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS' 1950s si-fi spoof is about me exchanging the brains of my two sexy wives who were about to be mated forever with my African Big Foot ape sidekick in the Casa Blanca that my foolish and unschooled wife Naomi Watts fell in love with in KING KONG. In confirmation of the Chicago mob prophecy called THE BLUES BROTHERS, wherein my future 91 figure Jim Belushi asks Alec Baldwin, "How much for your [royal Irish] daughter?" at:

Right when they started the physical transfiguration brain transfer count-down in THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS Tuesday night, I saw a little black spider crawling on top of my two witnesses radio.

Turned out that my 60ish Merv Griffin forerunner look atype was the future elevator murderer who eventually-spiritually killed off Jennifer Aniston in my no.55 elevator kissing scene dream. Using a pre-Internet WINDOWS MICROSOFT window cleaning solution that killed the body, but left the mind alive and well, until the informational transfiguration period could begin in 1993.

When the time would finally become right for the brain surgeon's wife to get it on with the 'one mighty and strong' who was always mowing her grass on a Tuesday.

Hence the prophetic 1983 DR HAVOCK'S 450 SL movie opens with one of my 2012 wives getting a heart shaped pussy haircut operation on Valentines Day by the two male nurses of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. And later we see my heavenly LONE RANGER figure from above standing beside my dark skin LA-manite sidekick, who instinctively knows that he too is god's sidekick, standing in front of some Arab man and his African American born sidekick, appearing in the second row, across from that black Michelle Obama bitch on the far side.


Monday, February 6, 2012


Clint Eastwood himself appeared in the SB46 half-time period role playing my 90 year-old Prince Fuck-lips figure who looked like he was already well into the physical transfiguration process at

Seems like everybody wants to get in on Queen Elizabeth II's 60th anniversary of becoming the AFRICAN QUEEN of Kenya during the year when the Crown Prince of England is 60. As was just confirmed by that new royal 6.0 quake on Elizabeth's 6.10 birth date time-line in the Negros region of the prince's Philippines at:

[Negros is mostly populated by Eva Longoria type halfbreed NBA descendants from Spain.]

Of course Mr Eastwood was talking about the second term of my sidekick nigger in the Casa Blanca for Christ's sake. For a spaghetti western style 19666s confirmation celebration of his fellow Rhino Republican who just hit the Lucky 777 Leprechaun jackpot in LEPRECHAUN 3. Have you never seen any of those Internet TMZ images of that crazy Indian casino size palace that the DIRTY HARRY star is building outside of Carmel By The Sea, California?

Therefore that is the same fantasy land where Obama's John Denver figure plunged into the sea in his experimental aircraft that ran out of gas and dropped like a stone in 666 Boise, Idaho.

Speaking of boner shaped landmarks like 'I da ho' some nigger who tried to rob two other white niggers in New/ark got put into that same upcoming Ronald Reagan choke hold that is going to be the BEDTIME FOR BONZO sequel that the more righteous black&white people have been praying about for the past 42 months or so in REV.13, at:

Back on 11.20.11, at 10:36 pm, the Lord said unto me "May 8".

Which now I see is 'Victory In Europe Day' on my Normandy Rockwell paintings calendar published by Judicial Watch. Who have been completely silent so far on the massive judicial corruption regarding Obama's fake birth certificate that is published on an official federal government web site.

Whose warm and fuzzy art pieces about real bedrock Americans are as phony as a gay ass Clint Eastwood PSA.



PS: My hard ass Jewish German wife Gisele Bundchen is completely correct; it was my beloved nigger sidekick who fumbled her husband's ball in my prophetic goal line dream.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Mormon man won big in LDS Vegas in order for us to understand LEPRECHAUN 3's prophetic scene where Glenn Beck gets spiritually killed off by the little green marred servant elf who sees himself as some kind of a si-fi 50s Elvis 4-runner figure.

Which is why the creepy little Irish guy who wants his gold back, in LEP 2 Hollywood, went around in the prophetic 3rd party sequel beating up everybody and anybody who disagreed with him.

In confirmation of the Eli [Manning] Hill victory over the former phony New England PATRIOTS governor who says that Obama was born in America even though everybody under the age of 18 knows that it is not a computerized possibility.

Therefore MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO 666 asshole at MICRON died.

If you are like him, then you too will die in the same violent Preston, Idaho manner.

Back in 1990, my last SOUL TRAIN to Seattle stopped outside of Boise while I was listening to MADONNA's half-time performance remakes at SB-46 on my SONY WALKMAN featured in my screenplay musical prophecy entitled DR HAVOCK'S 450 SL.

Now confirmed by those Holy Ghost ads for ACURA by Jerry Seinfeld and the squirrely Jay Leno centrist which feature Steven Fresh handing over the car keys to me in those Italian FIAT ads about the original ITALIAN JOB movie starring Michael Caine.

No wonder the older owner of Steven Fresh's PATRIOTS football team looks exactly like the man who financed all those low budget 70s movies about me fucking Dakota and Miley in the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy. With a giant cock that was metaphorically big enough to be the co-star in Ms Sire Us' next porn flick remake, entitled DEBBIE DOES DALLAS.

You think I'm joking? I happen to know for a fact that Ms Montana would do it with me in a heart-beat if the prestigious art film deal was just $2M up-front; with a paltry 10% upon completion. Because right behind her is a much better, more mature, actress with much bigger tits and the kind of fuck-you talent that we have not seen since MEAN GIRLS. Who would do it with me at this point in the time-line for just 10% up front, and the balance upon completion of any revenue left over after the cable tv runs in China. I'm talking basketballs, not footballs, in case you haven't been listening.

Get a clue at:


There was a 6.7 earthquake in the Negros region of the [Prince] Philippines when I logged the above, at:

Friday, February 3, 2012


The latest underaged virgin sex signs and wonders began with that powerful 7.1 earthquake orgasm omen in Vanuatu at 12:34 local time, in confirmation of my Dakota Fanning post at 12:34, at:

Then there was this 8:18 one at:

Since all of the Prince's portraits that I have seen on wikipedia still have him at 71 for 90 like he was a pretty good 60 plus.

Therefore, five virgin pilgrims from Vanuatu traveled to London to meet their "divine being" on Gwyneth Paltrow's 35th birthday in 07. In accordance with their lost tribes of Israel cult that has believed ever since the si-fi 50s and 60s that their chosen white skin Branch Davidian one would travel over the seas to a far off land and marry a powerful lady, and then return back again to them.

Prince fill-lips is now 90 for a time-line reference to the 1990 princess who just filmed the above SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN concept in England with the powerful princess who was born in 75.

Gisele's new black&white Bonzo boner pictorial along the dried up San Filipe River in California is what I mean at:

We know that the above BEDTIME FOR BONZO concept by VERSACE was going for the same area's MR IMPERIUM prophecy in 1951 because of the extremely rare snow storm that just shut down the seven hills of the 666 beast around my own private ROMA, Italy finale to MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO.

Last night I dreamed that someone fumbled the ball in SUPER BOWL 46 near the goal line. But yours truly jumped on top of it and made the recovery. So if you are looking at Gisele's two footballs on an iPAD like I am, you need to turn off the horizontal adjustment and get your unit into a vertical position. That way the above second image of Gisele and I makes a lot more sense.

Sometimes it's hard to see what is actually going on in those big plays. When all those arms and legs are wrapped around everyone and everything and sticking out everywhere.


Thursday, February 2, 2012


19 year-old Miley Sire Us broke her tail bone doing flips on her sofa in confirmation of that sweet 1950s si-fi rocket ride that she had just flipped over at:

After I saw that, I went through the 50-film index of my si-fi DVDs looking for something with a really sexy X-rated rocket theme, and finally settled on 1953's PHANTOM FROM SPACE movie about the invisible man from western outer space, USA who crash lands in Santa Monica at 8:18. And then runs off with the movie's beautiful female scientist named Barbara, much to the dismay of her homogaysexual husband Bill.

Meanwhile, all the government experts are trying to figure out exactly what is happening, as they examine the double boner helmet that he left behind, along with his super human space suit that looks like a sexy vagina when they put it under the microscope.

Worse yet, the invisible man communicates in a numerical code that is based on a math science that is completely unfamiliar to them.

Of course, in the end the liberal reporter pest gets knocked on his butt, and the invisible man is revealed standing on top of the plot's giant boner sire us telescope metaphor that is looking up towards heaven.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Ever since the miraculous 3 1/2 days snow job that turned into a confirmation of Arnold Schwartzennigger's Mr Freeze ice storm prophecy, I have been hearing the human shredders in 1996's two witnesses FARGO prophecy grinding away non stop in the ambient background din here in Bonnie Lake, Washington.

This being the white-out snow job where the Detroit, Michigan politician named Mitt is on the phone with his off-shore banker; while he is making up the serial birth certificate numbers out of thin air on the cars that the abominable snow man in the White House financed. Because what it comes down to is that daddy Obama does not really give a shit about the stupid white women who illegally voted him into office. And neither do I quite frankly, at this point in time.

Why should I be fussing about some arrogant liberal over-the-hill bitch while I'm in the sack with Dakota Fanning and a repentant Miley Cyrus at the same time? I'm not Jesus for Christ's sake. I'm just his rather spoiled great great... grandson living off of his seemingly never-ending trust funds. You would be too, if you had my kind of money.

I'm talking about the kind of fuck-you invisible man money that puts a silver .357 bullet between the two eyes of Mr SOUL TRAIN himself on the first day of Black Shit History Month. Even the one who retired from his flaky sales career at the beginning of the two witnesses' 1260 days era. When THE LONE RANGER of the future White Horse Prophecy would return in the form of yours truly with his halfbreed sidekick darkie. And apparently even Johnny Depp et al don't have my kind of money to make a sequel about me.