Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Who gives a shit if women are not allowed to vote anyway. What? You really wanna fuck women like Hillary Clinton, or Michelle Obama, or even Senator Feinsten? Excuse me while I throw up. [Think Maria Shriever meets Maria Cantwell in some three-way from hell.] ~ Meanwhile, Miley Cyprus and her ATM bank panic girlfriends showed up at that nice mid priced motel with a pool in Palm Springs; that is featured in the 52 PICKUP meets MR IMPERIUM prophecy, at: http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/2832823/miley-cyrus-bikini-babe-in-the-desert-03/fullsize/ ~ Because last night at 4:32 am, Jesus said "G7!". And then I found out about those 7 gay ass sailors of the 7 hills beast who got blown by that confetti mortar orgasm blast in Taylor Swift's new number 22 video. ~ In confirmation of my flash vision at 9:39 pm the night before. Where I saw my red light 1970s COSMO bed clock say '7:14'. And so later I checked Jen's cfake marriage,birth certificate image number 714 and saw her wearing a REV.13:1 aquamarine Liz Hurley bikini number, like at: http://cfake.com/big.php?show=12719628095c83e042_cfake.jpg&id_picture=89409&id_name=559&p_name=Jennifer%20Aniston ~ GSR/TWN ~ SPRING [water] BREAKER NOTES: March 20 is the first day of SPRING TIME FOR HITLER meets BLAZING SADDLES. ~ That background "Tattoo" nickname dude in the above inspired 52 PICKUP link is my alter ego Iggy Pop look alike dude in URBAN COWBOY. ~ The above fake birth certificate image has Jen sitting on Obama's Greek president style stonewall in bankrupt Cyprus with the two olive tree branches of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in the background. Jen's desperate California actor father left medical school in Greece and went back to a good paying soap opera gig in NYC because he was about to go broke. ~ LIFETIME meets SUNDANCE needs to get over themselves and come out with a hard R rated cable soap opera that revolves around Lindsay Lohan. What do you got to lose? Pay everybody minimum scale; keep everybody on set 24/7; in some off Hollywood low rent studio out in the valley; ready to shoot the damn thing whenever Lindsay feels like showing up half drunk in the middle of the night. ~ How could you lose with such a deal? Believe me you, LL knows how to put out like some big time mega star when I AM tells her to get serious. ~ Not that many iconic young ladies in Hollywood have that kind of 1950s type decadent talent anymore. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. ~ Note that SMART WATER baptism by immersion bottle in the above extortionist 52 PICKUP image. So you'all can just start depositing my 5 big ones right now in my Chinatown, Vancouver, BC, BANK OF CANADA passport account right now. [Keep my money in your own name for now. So that no one is that much the wiser. I trust you to do the right thing after all these years; because you owe me big time and you know it. And even the smaller independent banks up in Vancouver, BC, Canada are now better than any bank in DUPLICITY's Switzerland, or even the British Bahamas.] ~ Personally, I don't really need that much money. But I do need that kind of money in order to buy off my niggers with their own private 4000 square foot brick homes, made with old world stucco exteriors, and wet plaster interiors. ~ Hey, I don't want to be always watching my back. I have more important things to think about right now. And if I have to pay out a little protection money, then so be it. ~ Think the suspicious Jew Randy Quaid hiding out in the Vancouver area, because the raving lunatic believes that the Republican Party is trying to assassinate him, at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Quaid

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