Tuesday, May 28, 2013


They just discovered a remarkable lost copy of the Jewish torah in Boloney, Italy. In confirmation of the false traditions and false doctrines that make up all of the factions of modern Judaism. Including the Jews for Jesus Jews who don't want anything to do with that newly unveiled ROMANCING THE STONE treasure map; written down on ancient paper. ~ ~ See what I'm looking at, at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-22697098 ~ ~ Reportedly, the above scroll even includes that sealed section of the Book of Morman, which was previously prohibited. Because God knew that today's RLDS Mormons could not handle such powerful truths; until the one mighty and strong came along. Who would explain the plain truth to them in common terms. ~ ~ For example, Barack Obama's birth certificate is a simple and plain forgery. But even such wise men as Michael Medved and Glenn Beck are still too weak to even speak about it. ~ ~ Therefore, I have to have a couple of underaged virgins sucking on my cock and giving me hand jobs in my latest production travel trailer. Just to get them to take a peek at this miraculous image of Chloe Moretz trying to save one of their kindred spirit latter-day saint gay ass 666 Jews, and apostate Christians, who have fainted in 2NEPHI 8, etc. at: http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/2879454/chloe-moretz-christopher-mintz-plasse-kick-ass-2-feature-for-gq-01/fullsize/ ~ ~ Otherwise, I would just wait until Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld were at least 19 years-old, and save myself the legal hassles. Fortunately for me, I AM is above the law, when the law is no longer legal. ~ ~ No wonder the hot chicks always like the bad boys. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1290 DAYS NOTES: All the dirty money exchanging Jews who would not convert to Jesus were run out of England in 1290 AD. For a latter-day prophecy about when all of the illegal alien niggers, queers, and cutthroat Jews would be run out of the UK; who persist in believing that my sidekick Barack Obama is Jesus. Instead of bowing down on one knee and confessing that I AM is the new King of England forerunner. ~ ~ MIDNIGHT TOKER NOTES: Never saw VAN WILDER's inspired portrait of yours truly, circa 2001, until last night. Wherein that virginal East Indian dude becomes so hot that he catches on fire when he starts fucking the movie's future Scarlett Johansson look alike wife of Ryan Reynolds. Which was then confirmed by my Hawaii Loo-au mulatto party time nigger sidekick with the blond hair, putting WILD ORCHID leis on all of the hot bikini babes who voted for him in the future. Who had become the student president at today's phony baloney Brown University.

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