Friday, May 24, 2013


Glenn Beck's old aging steel bridge on the north side of his home town of Mount Vernon, Washington collapsed into one of the best king salmon rivers in the world; in confirmation of the Dallas, Texas Boy Scouts of America finally admitting that apostate mormon Christianity is as gay as Christian protestant monogamy. ~ ~ You use the pages of the Bible for toilet paper, you are in a shit load of trouble. ~ ~ Because there was a 5.7 treasure map earthquake near the headwaters of the Butte River in northern California on the same day that they voted for having anal sex with cute uniformed virgin boys in I-35 Texas. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~GAY ASS ANTIMORMON NOTES: Clean up your own filthy houses before you church ladies start yacking about Joseph Smith fucking two hot young underaged teenagers at the same time. ~ ~ Here is the Harry Potter lightening bolt confirmation on Glenn Beck's Book of Mormon treasure map location in ROMANCING THE STONE, called Glen Rock, New Jersey; per all those new pix of the proverbial fat R.I.N.O Gov. Christie hanging out with the day 1290 abomination of desolation from Africa in MARK 13:14, at: ~ ~ BLACKBALL NOTES: Vince Vaughn is going to make Glenn Beck as big as his sports agent client in the Bowling Green, Ohio prophecy, located on your BofM treasure map in Wood County. Due east of there is a small place on Hwy.6 called Rollersville. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Nobody is going to be born again until the big REV.16 earthquake happens in Obama's Chinatown, Chicago. Wherein ten percent of the city is destroyed, and 7000 people die. At least that is what Warren Jeffs is always ranting about in the middle of the night from his BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ prison cell in San Francisco, Texas. ~ ~ MAP SIGNS: That 'Portage' landmark south of Bowling Green, Ohio represents the Portage Bay landmarks in Seattle.

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