Monday, May 27, 2013


There was a rare 3-way triangle manifestation in the heavens on Sunday. That was Providentially formed in the pre-existance by Venus, Jupitor, and the multiple-vagina ringed Saturn, as explained at: ~ ~ Talk about MY FAVORITE MARTIAN meets FLASH GORDON meets BARBARELLA meets Sandy in her new anti-gravity movie in spiffy skin-tight 1958 space-sex rocket jump suits that are now all the rage. Per my dreams about rescuing Sandra Bullock; who was as light as a feather in my arms. ~ ~ Wherein the underaged Madonna virgin in her 1958 black&white GSR/TWN prophecy sucks my pipe dry at: ~ ~ Oh yeah; I'm young, and hungry, and dangerous. ~ ~ Plus, I got plenty of cash, and my own private G6 harem too; to back up any and all of my recent Bermuda Triangle threats. ~ ~ Think ROD STEELE 0014 meets THUNDERBALL meets BLACKBALL. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW BIBLE PROPHECY STUDY NOTES: Mamma mia! Today's leading gay ass Gospel of Paul figure in D&C 76 just showed up at the new desecrated [Greek temple pillars] Memphis, Tenn White House, at: ~ ~ Notice that he too has just recently stopped using JUST FOR MEN. ~ ~ Here is the latest HERBIE GOES BANANAS love boat confirmation, at: ~ ~ I ain't ever gonna get to first base with Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen until someone lights the night on fire. ~ ~ PEPSI TASTING NOTES: Wow! Madonna looks just like Miley Cyrus in her 1989 PEPSI video for those who think young. ~ ~ REALLY WACKO NOTES: What was Arizona's Sen. John McCain doing in anti-Israel Syria on Memorial Day? Looks like anti-Semite right-wing racial profiling to me. ~ ~ MAMMA MIA WEDDING NOTES: This one is for that scene in MAMA MIA where all the stags get baptized, at:

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