Friday, August 23, 2013


BODY DOUBLE is my own private hall pass that will let me fuck Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart at the same time up in the hills. ~ ~ Therefore, when I finally got the impression to stop by PISTOL ANNIE'S and pick up their used copy of HALL PASS, a ROCK STAR van appeared. In confirmation of my posts at JJ about the co-star of ROCK STAR giving her husband a hall pass. ~ ~ What? You don't get turned on watching some really buff 39ish dude fucking the brains out of two Mexican teenager hotties on a remote beach down in Mexico? ~ ~ Call me crazy. But you sound like one of those Christian conservatives who still believe that the Book of Mormon was dictated to Joseph Smith by the devil. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DICK DYKE NOTES: Right in the middle of my private screenings of THE LIFE AQUATIC, the bull dikes started rushing in to get married in Las Cruces, New Mexico. [The Cross; of the crucifixion.] at: ~ ~ Which is located on your [TIFFANY Picasso jewelry] atlas map near Hwy.70's Organ Mts. map landmark that represents the low budget electronic organ music homage to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE in THE LIFE AQUATIC. Tacoma's University Park district reference being there too, and all that TNT cable channel stuff. ~ ~ Because half of the time, all they talk about on late night call-in radio are the UFO visions that the simple mined are given to by God. In order to help them understand better what the upcoming aliens invasion will be about in the New Mexico of the New Jerusalem of the Book of Mormon in EZE.38, etc. ~ ~ KEN KEMP'S NEXT PAPERBACK NOVEL: My LA based BYU/BFF Ken Kemp has already written his break-through soon to be indie-film book-based masterpiece, entitled, I HATED HEAVEN. Because now the time has come for him to surpass his beloved mentor Steven King, and write his epic 800 page piece de resistance; entitled, I LOVED HELL. [I will personally see to it that he gets 5 big ones up-front for the movie rights, before the first pages even ever arrive on the desk of his Jewish publisher in NYC. With option to write the screenplay of course.] ~ ~ I see I HATED HEAVEN and I LOVED HELL as a nice two-for-one motion picture deal. Based upon the idea that Ken looks a lot like the antagonist in BODY DOUBLE. And I was with him when we first met the dude in Studio City, California, back in 1986. ~ ~ Ken will need at least 5 big ones in the bank so that he doesn't have to mooch off me when I become the King of England. Same goes for my BFFs Ken Keisler and Ken McLeod. I don't care where you get the money. Don't even ask me. ~ ~ LATE NIGHT RADIO VS. LATE NIGHT TV: Late night talk-radio is much more interesting these days than those boring multi-millionaire fucks yacking on tv because they often talk about Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery in the context of him orchestrating the murder of Donald Young et al. In order that I will eventually become the most powerful Anti-Christ/ian masonite Templar polygamist cult leader in the world. Who loves to fuck two 16 year-old virgins at the same time on his restored WWII submarine hunter boat. ~ ~ Bill Murray's aging overweight wife in real life eventually left him and said, "bon visage" because he was always fucking two 15ish teenage hooker hotties at the same time in Thailand and Indonesia, or wherever. Who look like me fucking Keira Knightley in the ass, and they love seeing it, at:

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