Saturday, September 14, 2013


Sienna Miller's major movie star [Jennifer Aniston] shag-pad loft in INTERVIEW was the same film location seen in GHOST, 1990. Wherein the latest true-or-false rumors have it that she is now only getting about $4,000,000 up front per picture. ~ ~ So you should definitely pay attention to Sam's brown leather sofa throne that we can see in the three-way sex scene with Rihanna and Cara at the end of GHOST. Given the movie's British sneakers box secrets that contain the codes that open the doors at the end. Where we see that look alike Picasso polygamist art piece hanging on the wall in the background. ~ ~ It's now beginning to look like you might have to be some kind of an artistic inspired genius in order to comprehend the basic Biblical idea that having more than one wife is much better for the mental and spiritual health of everybody involved. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BEST TWO-OUT-OF-THREE NOTES: My 65% silver 1968 half dollar coin toss up says I watch INTERVIEW tonight, and WANDERLUST tomorrow night. ~ ~ Yes, "IT'S ALL TRUE" I can't hardly wait to fuck Ellen Page in the mouth like some under-aged 16 year-old; but first things first. Not to mention that it is way past time to take another look at my own private BUBBA HO-TEP bio-pic. About the time when I fell off the stage and died; and then they sent me to some smelly old folks home in Bonney Lake meets Washington Lake, Mercer Island, Seattle. Which came to an end with a miraculous resuscitation resurrection scene beside a creek in Texas. ~ ~ Believe or not, there are actually a few really nice native German brown trout cold water spring-fed streams in Texas; just nobody talks about them. And that's the way I like it. ~ ~ HOLY GHOST NOTES: Molly represents the fleet of 'MOLLY MAIDS' house-cleaning wives in Bonney Lake. Who drive around town in their small little KIA RIO cars. ~ ~ TALK RADIO INSANITY: You can talk all night long about the UN's Illuminate conspiracy to depopulate the world using Syria's confiscated VX gas inventories. But nobody can mention Obama's proven birth certificate forgery and his confirmed use of a stolen Social Security number in the light of day? What has this world come to?

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