Friday, September 20, 2013


The big bag of dog bones clue in ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE is a missing rare orange amber from a DOLPHINS championship ring from the Jewish Miami area for old skinny EZE.37 type Jews; which represents Scarlet Johansson, who was born in 1984. That was confirmed on the same day I got it by Gisele Bundchen showing up at some UN event in a sexy orange number. ~ ~ Because the Amber Alert system for the lost daughters of Israel did not even come out until three years and a half [1260 days] after the movie was shot in early 1993. ~ ~ And I do like em thin and young. ~ ~ Which is why Ace Bone teases Courtney Cox at around 38:... minutes about struggling with middle age weight saddle bag issues because she is not taking care of his future white British lab dog husband to her, circa 2013. Who is currently isolated, and being forced to eat the dog shit food and fare of Babylon. ~ ~ In the end, even she finds out that the transsexual authority figure in the 1994 aquamarine no.13 prophecy represents today's transsexual in DANIEL who is not straight. And whose fake 'horn' surname is the same little horn prince in DANIEL. ~ ~ In the last days, the God of Israel is going to gather up all of his precious gems. And not those fake gems that he talks about in the latter-day revelations recorded at ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~DIE DAN!! PRINCE NOTES: That Divinely inspired short JW darkie musician from the Twin Cities of Judah and Ephraim, who also plays a little horn, tried for years to get away with not having a real name in the 1980s, per: ~ ~ ADRIANA LIMA PS: Two nights ago, I dreamed that your mother was trying to hook me up with you. Not that I have a problem with that. But I just was not expecting it from that direction. ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMB ASS ARROGANT FASCIST HALF JEW TRAITOR UTAH MORMONS: The polite high-shift society Jew hater German Nazi figure in ACE VENTURA is obsessed with the fish-eat-fish in REV.13:1. Kind of like you are. Not to mention that new apostate Pope featured in Madonna's upcoming 17-minute Evitaville short film. ~ ~ Who does not have MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO spirit of prophecy in him. Which is the testimony of Jesus Christ in REV.19. Unlike the new born again Pope of Malibu, who is Mel Gibson.

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