Monday, September 9, 2013


In DEATHTRAP, Sidney ends up riding on top of Cliff like a horse, and breaking his neck with a bloody bridle chain, while on top of a Persian rug that represents Shiraz, Iran. Where the men fuck two wives at a time, and the women love watching it. Like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ESP'N NOTES: The psychic church lady's "ESP" lines in DEATHTRAP are a wordy word play on the clear ESPN cable channel. [Think BAG OF BONES was a cable tv movie.] ~ ~ Note the Jewish Orthodox prayer shawl on Mira when she screams bloody murder upon seeing the psychotic Helga ten Dorp coming through her kitchen door, unannounced. ~ ~ MINT TAVERN CONFIRMATION: There are a lot of old abandoned gold mines around Sun Valley, Idaho, as per:,7340,L-4427521,00.html ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: Obama is not a socialist communist, nor is he a US citizen; never has been, never will be either one. So please stop lying to us about both of these two things. Rather, he is a classic progressive reformed third-way fascist, who was born in Africa, and quickly became a citizen of Indonesia. And his Hawaiian birth certificate is a proven forgery. And his use of a stolen Social Security number has been confirmed by E-VERIFY. And he obviously had his gay lover Donald Young murdered because the guy could not keep his mouth shut. ~ ~ So why not talk about the truth about all this polite society 'secret combinations' bullshit on talk radio? ~ ~ I thought that most of you simple minded guys on the AM radio believed in the principles of the Bible, etc. Not to mention the U.S. Constitution. Talk about Mormon talk radio morons like Glenn Beck et al, out of Dallas, Texas, meets Salt Lake City, Utah drive-time radio, 19 years later.

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