Monday, October 7, 2013


Ernest Hemingway would never have shoved a duck hunter's extra-long 12G shotgun into his mouth in Hailey, Idaho back in 1961. If someone like an underaged Hailee Steinfeld had been in the picture. ~ ~ Why kill yourself when you get to die and go to heaven anyway while hanging on and fucking someone in the mouth like her? Per: ~ ~ Who would not want to be around and still be alive in order to experience that kind of an ending? ~ ~ Oh hell. How about I let Harrison Ford make the Paris walk-up remake to LAST TANGO IN PARIS at his log cabin fuck shack in Wyoming anyway, while I go off somewhere on location with Chloe Moretz? ~ ~ The iconic desecrated-lost-temple safari adventure dude kind of looks like Jon Lovitz looks these days anyway. ~ ~ Six-one-half-dozen-the-other. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY NOTES: I never said that I want my underaged wife Hailee Steinfeld to give up her virginity to my spiritually struggling half Jew brother pilot, Ford. [Think Paul Garrison.] I just would appreciate it if she could possibly do anything at all that could help him. In order for him to finally realize that Jesus loves him. Since they are both often times staying in the same late night four-star hotels during their ongoing world tour promotion of whatever, anyway... By the Hand of God. ~ ~ And if his devoted wife is still there with him, that would even be better. ~ ~ Due south of Demi Moore's Hailey, Idaho is a little place located off Rt.20 called Magic City; due west of Carey. ~ ~ KINGDOM OF GOD NOTES: According to things at, in the Kingdom of God there are no rules; only the never-ending principles that govern everything that you ever wanted to do. ~ ~ For example; you and your family are having a really fun backyard fish fry. And perhaps you are standing next to some really hot and smoldering alder wood ambers, with maybe your hand stuck down deep inside Kristen Stewart's back pocket. If you know what I mean. And you happen to look across the yard and see that your lesser brother is flirting with one or two of your most hottest wives. But you give him the wink and the nod that it's ok anyway. Just as long as everybody involved knows who everybody involved belongs to in the long run. No need to be a self-righteous jerk about it, and cause a scene. ~ ~ FLASH VISION NOTES: In the 1983 prophecy called FLASHDANCE, my virgin ex-wife is a welder. Because in the Kingdom of God, everybody is welded together and firmly sealed; forever and forever, with a 007 type James Bond that cannot be broken. Per that same prophetic 007 movie that came out in 1983. [The director of FLASHDANCE was a British man who could have brilliantly directed anyone of the 007 movies at the time.]

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