Monday, October 21, 2013


There is a short window in October when many a millionaire flyfisherman knows that the buck hair muddler minow fly on a wet line is the way to go in Montana and Idaho, for huge bottom feeding brown trout. Personally, that's not really my cup of tea. Since anything over 9" is kind of a bland tasting soft meat turn off for me. ~ ~ However, late October coastal cutthroats kind of drive me crazy. ~ ~ From a no.8 royal coachman top fly point of view. ~ ~ Think B.C.'s Campbell River meets the upper Stilly in Washington. ~ ~ Or if that doesn't do it for you. Go to the extreme heights and try the upper outlet creeks of the two Jordan Lakes, and the two Fall Lakes, above Rt.20. Which feed into their astonishingly bright white sand and gravel beds. ~ ~ And their rarest of rare waters are as clear as gin. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTE: Kristen Stewart's official number is also 7. From now on, all of my wives get to pair up and share one number between them. Think twice as nice, double the fun, yada yada. ~ ~ BFD NOTES: Yes, Obamacare is illegal; but so is the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The same year when Sandra Bullock was born. How boring. ~ ~ R.I.P. NOTES: You do what I say or you die, not kidding. ~ ~ For example, last night I dreamed that my French ex-wife in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II let me lick her pussy for as long as I wanted to; even if it didn't turn her on that much.

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