Sunday, October 20, 2013


That armed rally at the Alamo happened while the star of MISS CONGENIALITY is topping the box office with GRAVITY for the third weekend in a row. Because in the first movie, she fell down to earth when she jumped on that armed man at the Alamo crowd in Texas. ~ ~ Where the white men, and many of their compadres too, don't take shit from jive ass niggers. ~ ~ For example, a crowd of white men just rioted at a parade for homosexuals in Monte Negro, according to this report at: ~ ~ Which happened on the eve of all those homosexual men believing that they are going to become married to each other until 'death do us part' in New Jersey. Yeah, right. When you die and go to hell in NJ maybe. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IDOL NOTES: Those Republican Boy Scouts pushed over that stone idol in Utah for an omen to the Mormons who worship the new Pagan Book of Mormon 666 idol, seen at; ~ ~ Remember, Brigham Young warned the saints more than once that the LDS church would become no different than the other 1NEPHI 13 churches in the last days of the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: The classic CITIZEN KANE prophecy was based on a true story that happened in Park City, Utah; for Colorado. ~ ~ MR BIG NOTES: The idea for a fresh reborn again take on THE BIG LEBOWSKI was just confirmed by that bowling alley riot in NJ, at: ~ ~ FAKER NOTES: Reportedly, Arizona's true grit Sheriff Joe is now going after the creaters of Obama's computer fake birth certificate; in order to get to the root of the problem; which is the liberal jive ass media run by the Jews of course, per: ~ ~ SUNDANCE TRADITIONS: Everybody loves to get pretty drunk and then go to that little two lane bowling alley in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ Pray that your wintery frozen ALASKA flight does not happen during Mr Redford's high elevation Highland Drive film festival party for rich liberal born again fascists, who love to ski. And who love the petite young rack of lamb and amazing cream soups at ADOLF'S restaurant on the local golf course. [THE INVISIBLE MAN, yada yada...] ~ ~ PS JERRY SEIGNFELD: I just found an amazing hot deal for a mint black 1980s LOTUS twin-turbo right here in Bonney Lake, Washington. And the dude is only asking 20k for it, cash money, in small unmarked bills. You buy this one for me, I give you a free pass to see any movie you want. I'm not joking now. Wake the fuck up. The retired guy used to be one of the lead engineers for the most famous names in drag racing. ~ ~ LOTUS POSITION SEX NOTES: After learning Saturday afternoon that either Jerry buys me my 1981 James Bond 007 LOTUS, or the girl gets it, I decided to watch 1981's FOR YOUR EYES ONLY prophecy. [Lotus position sex requires that you remain very quiet and relaxed and control your breathing. That way it can last for at least a half hour.] Wherein I get to fuck that hot blond teenager just out of the shower in my deluxe Cortina, Italia room number 300. Represented now by this Divinely inspired prophetic image at this 300th fake image at: ~ ~ Cortina, Italy is my kind of alliterative highland mountains film festival for babes who love to snow ski as much as Emma Watson loves to ski.

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