Friday, November 22, 2013


The devout anti-American communist who shot the anti-communist super-patriot JFK acted alone. And if that bugs you, then you are probably one of those simple minded born-again Christians, like Clyde Lewis, who believes that the LDS church is a Masonic 33rd degree conspiracy to take over the world. ~ ~ Think Oliver Stone meets Al Sharpton meets Spike Lee meets Glenn Beck meets Mel Gibson meets Michael Moore, just for starters. ~ ~ In other words, you believe that there must have been two shooters because you lack the faith in God's abilities. Just like you do not believe in the advent of the Book of Mormon. ~ ~ But it gets worse. ~ ~ The main reason why you do not believe that Oswald was a prophetic Lone Ranger Texas figure is because you do not have the slightest clue why JFK deserved to die. And why I never saw my populist pro-union father being so happy in his life after he had heard the breaking news on that prophetic day. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FOR THE RECORD NOTES: My 5'9" father was of the tribe of Benjamin; therefore a north country Ephraimite in general terms, as cited in his very inspired patriarchal blessing. And for example, my 6'3" fly fishing buddy Paul Garrison is of the lost Scandinavian tribes of Judah. ~ ~ Ergo, "The Swede" in SMOKIN' ACES towers over everybody. Who is one of the best G6 pilot heart surgeons in the world. ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMB AND DUMBER DUMBIES: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ God is the one who finally provided the green light on Obama's DUMB AND DUMBER Colorado sequel about the usurper's second term in the vagina rug shaped office. What? You don't believe in the Book of Mormon? Yet you believe in the 66 books of the Bible? ~ ~ And you probably think that Jim Carey's miraculous $10,000,000 check per movie career is just luck. Or maybe even some kind of a deal with the devil. ~ ~ GROUND ZERO RADIO NOTES: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS ART BEL: You're getting bored, and you can't sleep at night, and you have been thinking about starting up a midnight satellite radio network come-back for quite some time now. What do you want at this point in your life? A telegraph from g-d? ~ ~ Speak up dude. Before Clyde Lewis et al beat you to the punch.

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