Sunday, November 24, 2013


About a dozen of the men who were with the tall Jewish John Kerry on that fateful day in Viet Nam have testified on the record that he is a pathological egomaniac liar. ~ ~ But the old gray lady media claims that they are just a bunch of right-wing sickos. And they have the official US Army reports to prove it; based on John Kerry's reports of what happened that day. ~ ~ Which is pretty much the same thing as saying that Obama was born in Hawaii, based upon his official autobiography that we now know was written by Bill Ayers. ~ ~ Think about it. ~ ~ In the end credits of my own private biography called THE BOONDOCK SAINTS, we see the half Jew Geraldo Riveria refusing to say anything at all about the abomination's fake birth certificate and confirmed bogus Social Security number, at 1:44:51 on the DVD. ~ ~ GSR/TWN\TWO ~ ~ DEATHTRAP NOTES: Just after the gory HEINZ 57 catsup figure fucked the Jews in the ass, Barack Obama is going to land in the Seattle area. Where the richest half Jews in the world live, not to mention yours truly. [Washington State has no income tax; just a 10% tax on your morning latte with onion cream cheese bagel. As it should be.] ~ ~ BATMAN NOTES: Ben could be the best final Batman franchise ever; if they make Chloe Moretz his sidekick Batgirl. Who he is obviously fucking on the side. ~ ~ And don't give me that bullshit about her schedule being too full right now. It would only take about 5 big ones up front for her mother to suddenly find a few open weeks on her virgin daughter's calendar. Where she isn't really doing nothing of importance then anyway. ~ ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ PERSIAN RUG NOTES: Rosemary suddenly shows up with a big kitchen knife in ROSEMARY'S BABY in the spirit of the climax scene's Iranian Persian rug final time-line. When the half hour of silence comes to an end for everyone involved in the picture. ~ ~ Note the scenario's Japanese camera man who looks like a typical Hawaiian citizen. Probably born overseas, and yet he has a perfectly legal birth certificate issued by the State of Hawaii. Then we see that tall dark handsome Greek Hellenic Jew arrive bearing gifts for the new born again devil, who reminds us of John Kerry. Most taylors are tall Jews of course. ~ ~ BIBLE PROPHECY NOTES: In the prophetic ROSEMARY'S BABY screenplay about the MOTHER OF WHORES, that was dictated by the devil, the little sealed bitter-sweet book's REV.10 stomach pain started in November. ~ ~ BLING RING NOTES: After I saw that some wanna be bling ring robbed Miley Cyrus on the eve of her special 21ist MTV birthday on 11.23, I found this 1123rd fake image of the film's co-star by Rob, at: ~ ~ SHE'S A DREAM NOTES: In my recent dream about Oprah threatening to kill me, I also saw a MERCEDES car that had Miley's "11.23.13" date spray painted on it; for the time when THE BLING RING movie would finally come to pass, like at:

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