Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Film critics pretty much hated the inspired SMOKIN' ACES prophecy. ~ ~ As confirmed by that paper turkey among the Thanksgiving season decor in the 'Israel loves pussy' scene at 22:31. ~ ~ First of all; turkey meat is the most popular meat in Israel. Then of course, Hanukka happens this year on the November 28 date of the Gregorian calendar for the first time since the Mormon church was established on 4.6 in the early 1800s. ~ ~ And the original Hanukka was about cleansing today's desecrated Mormon temples from that symbolic Greek President homosexual sitting in the Greek temple pillars White House. ~ ~ "Watch it, watch it... watch who your superior is pal..." [SMOKIN' ACES] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKGROUND INFO; ~ ~ AMERICAN IDOL NOTES: Medved's golden turkey trophy was a golden calf twelve tribes of Israel idol of course. Represented by the Eastern European lost tribes of Israel cum on that brown skin 12k calf skin jacket in SMOKEN' ACES, etc. ~ ~ LUCKY U TATTOO NOTES: Tattoos usually take a few days for the sore redness to go away. So it looks here like Miley got her new grandma tattoo shortly before the postings about my limestone Sedan De Ville grandma in SMOKIN' ACES rolled out, at: ~ ~ Compared to: ~ ~ Makes sense too since one of the hit girls in the movie looks like Ms Montana with a tan. And now she is doing all those rap nigger videos. ~ ~ RLDS R.I.P. NOTES: That old dying Italian 666 mobster in SMOKIN' ACES represented today's way-over-the-hill Mormon leadership; including Sundance's 1970s icon Robert Redford, not to mention the Pope.

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