Monday, February 24, 2014


AN EDUCATION ends with an ALICE IN WONDERLAND cup of tea that depicts today's Rocky Mountain High canibus plant from Obama's Colorado. Where the white people in the eastern Midwestern side of the state have already voted to secede from all those rich hippies living in Boulder, etc. ~ ~ In other words, don't worry about the holy city in REV.16 breaking up sometime in the future. Because it already happened while you were asleep in some 1990s Sandra Bullock movie made in Chicago. ~ ~ This being that black baby's symbolic born again 'X' footprint on Barack Obama's genuine birth certificate from Africa. [Think Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington] Put up now on some future Internet virus computer window by that virgin CHANEL No.5 white school girl in the opening sequence to 2008's AN EDUCATION, as seen at;,%20Copy.pdf ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE HAWAII NOTES: Note how the baby-step toes on Obama's real birth certificate resemble a map of Hawaii; starting with the Big Island's big toe and reaching out from there. Overall, Obama's newborn footprint on the above simplistic third world hospital certificate depicts a big black baby's uncircumcised penis. ~ ~ MORE NIGGER NOTES: Just because you love the nigger, it does not mean that the queerish Jew nigger mother fucker is going to love you back, as confirmed in this latest report at; ~ ~ You want to know how it feels to be loved forever and ever? You come to me. And you stay away from people like Alex Baldwin, Oprah Winfrey, and Will Ferrell; not to mention Barack Obama and those two midgets, Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. ~ ~ BAD TEACHER NOTES: My young virtuous looking virgin wife from Epinal, France in AN EDUCATION speaks French. ~ ~ But then some years later, my more spicy Italian substitute teacher from Napoli, Italia comes along and takes her place. ~ ~ According to JACOB 5, in the last days that "bland enchilada" in EATING RAOUL will be replaced by something more tasty. ~ ~ FREE JACK-IN-THE-BOX COUPON SURPRISES: Hey Mr. Jack Ass. Yeah yeah yeah. We know already. So why not have some fun FFing some legal-aged 18 year-olds in VIVA LAS VEGAS who look like 16 year-old virgins? ~ ~ What? You don't like Bill Murray's earlier low-budget Japanese movies? ~ ~ BRIDGET JONES SEQUEL NOTES: The main reason why all of those liberal Jewish homogaysexuals in London and Hollywood have not yet come up with the kind of mega cashola that it would take to make a BRIDGET JONES 5, is because they got a whiff of my original 70s style XXX screenplay for the project, and it totally freaked them out. ~ ~ So now I get to shoot my own private 91' fuck boat movie in Thailand with my own money, and still make a killing in the look alike DVD black market. And I can always say that I honestly had nothing to do with it. ~ ~ REWRITE NOTES: I now see the next Bridget Jones in paradise sequel as some kind of a royal Prince George sex God cult movie for middle-aged mothers and their teenager look alike daughters. What? You still don't think that Mel Gibson has that kind of off-shore money? ~ ~ Whatever. In the next and last new-and-improved Bridget Jones diary movie, Renee Zellweger finally becomes best friends with Sandra Bullock. According to the very last line in DON JUAN DE MARCO, that goes, "...and why not?"

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