Friday, February 7, 2014


On Friday my time, there was a very deep 6.5 orgasm earthquake sign in the area of my legendary Prince Philip sex cult location, recorded at: ~ ~ Note that the historic big boner landmark also comes with a clit stimulator. Because the future sire of London looks a lot like the caretaker who disciplined his wife and two virgin daughters in THE SHINING, at: ~ ~ Looks like the new Bank of Fiji is eventually going to become the new Swiss Bank of highland Israel for people who don't want to pay any illegal IRS income taxes anymore. Like in my extremely private and secretive ZERO EFFECT prophecy filmed in GROUND ZERO Portland. ~ ~ Which is about the only place in the world right now where people can call into 101 KUFO talk radio and openly talk about my Jewish Branch Davidian banker plans to take over the world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: Keep your eye on the new late night NBC host Jimmy Fallon. The dude is definitely a plant. ~ ~ As you well know, God spits luke warm moderates and centrists like you out of his mouth. ~ ~ Think Bill O'Really meets Bill Clinton meets Jimmy Kimmel meets Jimmy Carter. Six, one half dozen, the other. ~ ~ GIRLFRIEND NOTE: My girlfriend in my private 1997-1998 ZERO EFFECT prophecy drives a little car with '... 210' plates. So I looked up her 210th cfake image at: ~ ~ ISLAND PARK, IDAHO NOTE: There are at least three small spring fed streams that feed into the Island Park reservoir in Hemmingway's Idaho that are as fine as that famous limestone spring creek near Elizabeth Hurley's animal farm in England. Which apparently she has now rented out to some local pig farmer. ~ ~ SUDDEN STRANGE IMPRESSION NOTE: I'll start to review DR STRANGELOVE tonight, and hopefully finish it by tomorrow night. And see if it has anything to do with some 1958ish cold war B-52 bomber crashing into the Russian Olympics, metaphorically speaking.

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