Sunday, March 2, 2014


Finally, the Sodom and Egypt in REV.13 is going to get what it has coming. ~ ~ Man I'm tired of always being right. Or to put it in the last words of my dying father, "Greg always has to be right." As in when Nurse Betty's husband died, who is an A-list Mormon actor in Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ So anyway, in NURSE BETTY's latter-day soap opera fantasy world, Chloe is played by a sexy actress whose real name in life is Annalynne McCord. ~ ~ Gets confusing, doesn't it. ~ ~ Dr. George McCord [Greg] gets betrayed in real life by a blond southern bell actress whose real surname is McCord. ~ ~ Since, ergo, because, therefore, my wife named Renee is also a southern bell from Texas. ~ ~ Who once attended the Carelton School of Nursing in confirmation of those three UFO frisbee sports nuts from Carlelton College in Northfield, Minn; who just died in a collision on Hwy.3. In reference to Ms. Z' career killing film entitled NEW IN TOWN in the same region. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UFO REPORTS: Crazy talk radio's Clyde Lewis claims that he is not political; doesn't believe in "left or right" etc. Therefore he is directly responsible for today's third way fascism situation. Ironically, Michael Savage has the same kind of silly Jewish boy problems stemming back to his childhood. ~ ~ For example, Savage thinks that three-way sex with more than one wife is not a Jewish-Christian tradition. Contrary to what we are now seeing, like at: ~ ~ INTERNET VIRUS LINKS: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ NURSE BETTY NOTES: Renee's future second floor apartment roommate in NURSE BETTY is named Ornella Fresh in real life. Per her second floor casa in IT STARTED IN NAPLES: which comes to an end in Italy. ~ ~ I met Neil LaBute in real life back in the 1980s, when I was living in a second floor walk-up apartment in Provo, Utah. ~ ~ QUEEN ELIZABETH III NOTES: When you see me fucking nurse Elizabeth in WEREWOLF IN LONDON meets SHAWN OF THE DEAD, you will know that it is high time to buy gold; and put the rest of your cash into THE BANK OF CANADA. ~ ~ I mean; who wants to fuck some loser who lost all of his funny-boy money in the Jew run stock market in Jew York? ~ ~ MOVIE REVIEW NOTES: In Vince Vaughn's epic 1260 days SWINGERS prophecy, shot in 1996; I'm money, and you have no money. See:

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