Saturday, April 19, 2014


There was a 4.3 orgasm metaphor near Woody, California at 5:15 am on the sabbath day opening day of FADING GIGOLO in LA and NYC exclusively. Which was g-d's way of saying that you ought to go see this particular underground GSR/TWN movie; co-starring my Pentecostal born-again wife Sharon Stone. ~ ~ You think Miley Cyrus always has a smile on her face? Just google the images of Sharon Stone sometime. When you're not too busy praying and going to all your stupid church Bible study classes. ~ ~ That said, Woody still owes me some serious cake. Since the aforementioned earthquake omen occurred just north of Bakersfield. Which definitely looks to me like some kind of a traditional Hollywood Jew down payment in good faith. I.e. 1/3 payable upon signing; 1/3 payable upon completion of principle photography; the last 1/3 due at the end of post production. ~ ~ The nice thing about most Jews is that when it comes to money, you can trust them with your life. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DOCTOR SAVAGE RADIO NOTES: The LDS type mainstream Church of England banned Michael Savage's radio show in confirmation of those future Barack Obama Obot impersonator usurpers who go around smashing radios in THE AVENGERS's episode entitled NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE. Because they were driven mad by those two anticommunist firebrands on the radio. For example, Gordon B. Hinckley fired Rush Limbaugh from his RLDS owned radio station in Kansas City, MO, etc. ~ ~ MS MONTANA NOTES: Here is the latest confirmation of the Divine inspiration behind her timely concert performance of the 1975 hit song LANDSLIDE, at: ~ ~ Note the Jackson Hole location not mentioned by the Obot media clones in the above 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS, entitled THE REV.13th HOLE. [Wherein white Russia is now threatening the future democratic fascists of the EU who are facilitating the invasion of Israel in EZE.38.] Who are the liberal media's secret "independent" Jew fakers and photo homosexuals, like Clyde Lewis et al, who are behind the secret imposter's Obot aliens plot emanating from today's Greek White House. ~ ~ FILM NOTES: The new CANNES 2014 poster features my pre-transfiguration poster hanging on the wall in KILL CRUISE, circa 1989, seen at: ~ ~ LEAVE IT TO BEAVER NOTES: This new J2 thread is definitely about the upcoming CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, at: ~ ~ Oddly enough, in MR. BEAN'S VACATION sequel the film festival takes place in June, not May. ~ ~ MY THREE SONS NOTES: This iconic 1960s tv series was about me; centered around a father who lost his wife. And who had three sons named Sean, Andrew, and Bieber. The latter being much younger than the first two, seen at: ~ ~ As confirmed in the above broken house news photo that features the exact same brown stained 5400' house across the road in Stanwood, Washington where we were living in 1979. Since Laurence and I went on our honeymoon in Wyoming.

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