Thursday, April 10, 2014


In the airport sky-cab negro scene where Bond sees the real diamonds, we hear about the two witnesses mutual January 12 birthdate, confirmed by the gate number 9-17 that connects directly to the 1260th day of the two witnesses in 1996, some 35 years later. For the Nevada latitude line at 35. ~ ~ Where the 666 Feds are now surrounding that white man's ranch next to Lincoln County that represents that Jewish asshole comedian's running gig in the Lincoln Lounge at the Whyte House casino of that Jewish Mormon Senator Reid. ~ ~ All in the name of protecting Renee Zellwegger's slow ass desert turtles in EZE.37. ~ ~ Therefore, now comes the second and final 6,666,666 gas ovens cremation confirmation situation. ~ ~ This being those scary Obama masks that we see at the political 666 circus casino right after we see that African born REV.17 woman turn into today's 800 pound gorilla in the room that scares the shit out of all the white girls; like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Who never imagined that they now have the mark of the beast on their foreheads and in their hands. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: The flight number 112 from Easter/n Airlines is a 1.12 thing in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Gate 9-17 represents the 9.17 date of the Judah time-line of the two witnesses in 1996. When Newt Gingrich set up the day 1290 abomination of desolation for the future Barack Obamacare nightmare. ~ ~ Which is now supported by most all of today's RLDS leadership in neocon Utah, that also includes their latter-day immigration reform invasion plot prophesied of in EZE.38. ~ ~ Ergo, after we see all those scary Barack Obama monster masks in the above prophetic 1971 movie, we see the fall of the Babylon man whose number is 666. ~ ~ RED FLAG NOTES: That fire-retarded USA flag was lit on fire by those fireworks at the Atlanta, BRAVES stadium on Tuesday because Hank Aaron said that all of those southern white Republicans who were watching the game were just a bunch of KKK haters who don't like black baseball players. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Of course, this obvious warning from the God of Israel was an Indian medicine wheel message. Which meant that you-all should never again allow a nigger to take up residence inside of your white houses. ~ ~ Not because you hate them. But because they hate you; especially if you are Jewish, or even half Jewish like me. [Some Orthodox Jews would say that I am a full blooded Jew, just because my intense crazy Jewish mother is mostly Jewish. However, my father was a rather shortish 5'9" left-handed Benjaminite with brunet hair and brown eyes; that he got from my Spanish great grandmother who was Providentially referenced in EATING RAOUL.] ~ ~ For example, my crazy liberal soap opera media wife in NURSE BETTY slaps her future Mr. Cooper jerk lover on the face with her left hand. ~ ~ RED HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: That scarlet red MUSTANG in the DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER prophecy represents the red horse in the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. Who comes to the aid of that very special WHITE HORSE pub sanctuary located in London, England. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: One of those two gay ass witnesses in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is wearing a cheap wig because all of his hair fell out due to radiation poisoning fallout. The other longhair one has also lost most of his hair for the same reason. Per the movie's radiation shield themes. That are now all about the "down-winder" life history of Clyde Lewis. Think Lincoln County, Nevada's sanctuary for slow ass turtles, yada yada.

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