Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Darling. Sweetheart. I don't want all of your money. I just want you to invest it wisely so that you can give me ten percent of your lucrative prophets for the rest of your life. ~ ~ For example, shortly after I saw this goldmine hole image of Evangeline Lilly, I was overwhelmed with visions of her and I getting together in a mutually beneficial business arrangement, per: AND: ~ ~ Of course, in the land-down-under where Miranda Kerr comes from, they have some of the most amazing gold mines in the world. ~ ~ Just ask all of those little horny Chinese businessmen from Hong Kong who are represented in JOHNNY ENGLISH: REBORN. Who do most of their pure 999.9 gold GOLDFINGER trading with the decadent western world via Switzerland. ~ ~ Ergo, one of the most precious rarified real estate property investments in my royal empire is George Clooney's lakeside estate. Which he gets to keep forever and ever; just as long as he keeps up with my tax-free off-shore ten-percent protection money payments. Otherwise, all bets are off. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: At about 2:39 PST, 'Jeff from Atlanta' called into the Michael Medved radio show and claimed that a significant number of white southern conservatives are opposed to Obama just because he is an African American jive ass nigger who was born in Africa. ~ ~ You can disagree with me all you want. But you can not lie to me. Otherwise we can't be friends and neighbors; much less drinking buddies. ~ ~ For example, that British ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW imposter in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER kidnapped that typical southern conservative Republican icon named Jimmy Dean. Who narrates the entire 1976 sex-cult movie from the set of Mr. Steed's 1960s swingers shag pad in THE AVENGERS. ~ ~ THE LIVING DEAD NOTES: That born again atheist asshole who worships Woody Norris' new 666 technology beast number, even the same one who miraculously rises up from the grave again in THE AVENGERS, 1967, gets stabbed to death. In confirmation of all those homogaysexual Glee Cub musical high school kids who just got stabbed in Bill Murray town, PA. East of Shittsburg, and south of North Washington, [DC] and Oklahoma, PA, etc. ~ ~ Ergo that back-stabbing Jewess Elizabeth Hurley type in the above episode finally gets it. ~ ~ Because I AM is not going to let my precious adopted son have anything to do with that married child molesting sex pervert Elton John. ~ ~ BEDTIME NOTE: I probably have screened GOLDFINGER about ten times in the past ten years. Yet Jesus just let me know again that I should see it at least one more time. ~ ~ This time for my 1970s era tour bus trip across the Swiss border with my ex-wife Laurence. ~ ~ Exactly about the time when the Hollywood Hills director Roman Polanski would be fucking all those prep-school teenagers. And then later, David Lynch would make some kind of a bio-picture about it; co-starring Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld and Dakota Fanning.

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