Monday, April 28, 2014


Barack Obama is the latter-day little horn prince who doesn't like to fuck women in DANIEL. And who is now desecrating the ark of the covenant in the sacred White House temple of God. ~ ~ Therefore there was a devastating twister north by northwest of Little Rock, Ark that confirmed that Obama is using a stolen 666 SS number from a retired man who was born in Conn. and died in his old age in Hawaii. ~ ~ Ergo, some Spanish teacher was stabbed to death at England's Corpus Christi Catholic school on Eva Longoria's birthday because she was born in Corpus Cristi, Texas. And she had married that half black mulatto Obama NBA metaphor just because she thought that it would be really cool to be seen with him. See: ~ ~ And the sex wasn't that bad either. ~ ~ In other words, in the prophetic AN EDUCATION, Carey Mulligan goes to Paris with a conman in the same way that Eva went to Paris with a con man. ~ ~ Who was a Jew who was using niggers for his own private financial gains. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CON NOTES: Most so-called "independents" like Clyde Lewis and Michael Savage are a bunch of lapsed Jewish con men who are too afraid to tell you that they are really populist Democrats at heart in sheep's clothing; just like Mel Gibson or Roger Moore, et al. ~ ~ Apparently, even Rush Limbaugh thinks that the 1964 Civil Rights Act is constitutional, and that it's no big deal that Obama is not even a US citizen.

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