Monday, April 7, 2014


You get what you pay for in this life. And in the next life too, don't kid yourself. ~ ~ In other words, if you have faith in Christ, you get way more money in the long run for all your surplus shit than it is actually worth. ~ ~ Which is why I never leave the house without wearing my true value '925 T & CO (1837) 1997 TIFFANY&CO. 925' wedding ring. That I once found lying on the street in REV.11. Where Hwy.410 meets South Prairie, just below the Western Wailing Wall prophecy in the chapter's first verse. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ATHEISTIC NOTES: That tiresome old Jew fuck Bill Maher likes to say that he is an atheist. Which is tantamount to Ellen Page saying that she is a lesbian. Okay, yeah, whatever; call me when you feel better, and we'll do lunch. ~ ~ Dittos David Letterman. ~ ~ DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER NOTES: I got through the first half of 1971's James Bond movie that came out when yours truly checked into Anziano Boyton's language training center for Italian missionaries. Which opens with all those bubbling up sulfuric smelling brown mud geysers in the Norris Geysers Basin in Yellowstone National Park; that smell like shit. "The Republican's budget offer is a stink burger." Barack Obama. No kidding. Takes one to know one, yada yada. ~ ~ For starters, see: ~ ~ The above movie takes place at the Whyte House Casino in VIVA LAS VEGAS meets LEPRECHAUN:3. Where my shady old school FDR comedian sidekick has had a gig in their Lincoln Lounge ever since WW II. ~ ~ Talk about gay ass Log Cabin Republican Mormons.

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