Monday, April 21, 2014


Last night I watched the original 1997 BEAN movie. Wherein the imposter Dr. Bean replaces Barack Obama's marred boner nose painting worth 50 big ones, [50 states], with a fake copy of his birth certificate that nobody in high society even questions. Including America's military generals. Even the same arrogant kiss ass pricks who have actually prosecuted some of their inferior officers for not believing it. ~ ~ Think Mark Levin meets Michael Medved, if you get my drift. ~ ~ GSR/ TWN ~ ~ FLYING MONKEY NOTES: The flying monkey joke in BEAN: The Movie establishes the prophetic time-line when there would be an African born homosexual man-child in the Greek homosexual White House that stands in for that Greek columns museum in London that opens the TIGER ASPECT FILMS production. ~ ~ Therefore, at the end of the G-13 Rated movie the black authority figure gets shot in the heart by some crazy car-jacker; but then his life is miraculously saved by my odd looking half Jew figure Mr. Bean. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ UFO RADIO NOTES: Throughout the entire above movie, Mr. Bean is considered to be an alien from outer space. So be sure to listen to GROUND ZERO radio this week for all of the juicy details. ~ ~

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