Saturday, April 12, 2014


In 1964's GOLDFINGER prophecy, all of Obama's Chicago mob Democrats die from that no.9 gas set up in Kentucky. Where today's white men who look like Rush Limbaugh are still in charge of things. ~ ~ "We own Kentucky." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ And all those strange odd job looking Mormon missionaries from Utah are still looked upon with suspicion. ~ ~ As if there was something about them that is not all that white. ~ ~ Looks to me like today's polite-high-society leadership of the RLDS church who voted for the day 1290 abomination of desolation out of spite for white GSR/TWN type Christians just got burned. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GRAND SLAM NOTES: The day after those minority prep-school kids were burned to death near Ham/ilton, California, the Gay Area's butt-pitcher for the GIANTS named Madison hit a rare pitcher grand slam against Obama's Colorado ROCKIES baseball team from Denver at AT&T stadium. In other words, you burn me, I burn you. ~ ~ Because those 44 innocent school kids were headed up to Eureka's Humboldt State University. Which is located at the mouth of the Mad River. And the word 'eureka' is a historic expression about finding a gold mine. ~ ~ "He's quite mad you know." says James Bond to Pussy Galore in GOLDFINGER, 1964. ~ ~ AVENGERS NOTES: That small haunted chapel next to the closed Relief Mine in THE LIVING DEAD prophecy is Mel Gibson's little endowment house chapel located in the seven hills above Malibu. Wherein Sting et al are secretly plotting their underground take over of the Throne of England. ~ ~ In the 1967 episode entitled THE MAN FROM AUNTIE, whose name is Gregory Auntie in English, we see that priceless DA VINCI CODE portrait of the future virgin Chloe Moretz which sold at auction for 1.6 big ones. ~ ~ WISDOM OF KING SOLOMON'S MINES NOTES: There have been at least two very powerful orgasmic earthquakes in the Solomon Sea region that corresponded with my purchase of MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY at WAL*MART yesterday. Wherein I eventually get to fuck an exotic and erotic topless native Hailee Seinfeld and Chloe Moretz at the same time on my off-shore tax-free 91' sail boat in the South Seas of Barack Obama's adopted home state of Hawaii. No wonder the classic 1962 movie is a good three-hours long. ~ ~ MORE MEDDLING PLAN B PRODUCER NOTES: That looks a lot like Mel Gibson's own private volcano island in Fiji on the jacket artwork of my surprise new MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY DVD case. Therefore, if I were you, and my rich wife was paying for everything anyway, I would think CAPTAIN RON meets JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO in some kind of a remake of THE BIG LEWBOWSKI where she also gets a nice piece of the action. ~ ~ Think THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets a fully corrected version of KILL CRUISE; working with an ensemble cast that includes Sean Penn and Charlize Theron of course. ~ ~ You let me fuck your hot wife, I let you fuck two of my much younger hot wives; just for now. ~ ~ PS WOODY: Don't sell yourself short. I would hop in the sack with Soon-Y in a heartbeat. Like they say; 'Once you go Asian you never go back.' And we could always sort things out later; like they say in London. ~ ~ PS HUGH GRANT: I need you to make at least one FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL sequel to NOTTING HILL; co-starring Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Hurley in some really hot three-way sex scenes. So that all of you can start to feel more young again. Is that really too much to ask? ~ ~ Considering that I am going to be putting up all the money. And you guys get to have all the fun?

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