Saturday, April 26, 2014


There was a 4.7 earthquake out in the REV.13:1 sea directly west of Seven Devils Beach, Oregon on Friday at 1:18 pm. So later that night I watched 1967's THE AVENGERS episode entitled THE SUPERLATIVE SEVEN. ~ ~ Which features Keira Knightley role playing the future PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop co-owner in Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ One may recall, this is the prophetic show where they are having that fancy-dress party while flying over south England's royal Whimbledon tennis courts in June. ~ ~ Wherein Steed ends up with both Emma and Keira in his arms at the same time. ~ ~ Because the prophecy about the last days' G7 mountains in REV.17:9-11 has now come true. Wherein there once was something called the G8, but then it went back to the G7. And those ten USA presidents who were not yet kings, are now getting their 666 government fantasies fulfilled in the form of Barack Ombama. ~ ~ Ergo, some mormom rancher out west tells the truth about the Negro, and everybody in Mormon high society has a fit. As if he had said that Obama's birth certificate is a proven forgery, and it has been confirmed that he is using a stolen Social Security number from some deceased Hawaii condo retiree from Conn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REVENGE FILM NOTES: That swinging London 60s episode entitled EPIC ends with Emma strapped down on some typical Oregon coast log sawmill. Therefore there was a huge Italian mafia pizzaria type explosion in David Lynch's 1260 days [TWIN PEAKS] location on the same day that I saw it again, years later. ~ ~ Apparently, Mr. Lynch spends most of his time these days sitting around on a large soft pillow and meditating; while humming, "...ommm...ommm...ommm..." ~ ~ NO.27 NOTES: Watch out for the number 27. ~ ~ PS DAVE: You want 27 big ones for your next epic motion picture art house fuck film? You got it. ~ ~ Just make sure that there are a lot of naked underaged teenagers in the home video picture. Nobody wants to throw good money after bad money. ~ ~ LOPEZ ISLAND TOURIST NOTES: Even the very frugal Evangeline Lilly has a modest 27' sailboat. The kind that nobody would think twice about if they saw it motoring into Friday Harbor. Sometimes less is more. ~ ~ Think Hilary Swank is even more cheap than Evangeline Lilly, if you can believe it. Yet she too also keeps a 27' yacht tied up on the docks in her home town of Bellingham, Washington. All ready to go at a moments notice. ~ ~ Women are like that. ~ ~

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