Sunday, April 20, 2014


Those new baby girl nursery pix of Ms Montana sucking on my cock came out around the same time that I watched 1967's episode of THE AVENGERS entitled SOMETHING NASTY IN THE NURSERY, per this link at: ~ ~ Wherein all of those arrogant high society Ephraimites are completely drunk and crawling around on the floor like little boys; but not by wine or whiskey, etc. ~ ~ For example; Utah's new and improved Republican tea party conservative Senator in drag just said that it doesn't matter anymore if Barack Obama is not a US citizen. That's all water under the bridge as far as he is concerned. ~ ~ Think Donald Trump meets Rush Limbaugh, etc. ~ ~ "I just turn into a little baby whenever I catch a bad cold." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHILDISH NEGRO NOTES: When Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." He was talking about the Sons of Ham. Even the same ones who he referred to as "my people" in the Old Testament's record of the destruction of the Egyptian armies on the last day of Passover. ~ ~ G RATED NOTES: 2007's MR. BEAN'S VACATION opens with a hilarious JACK IN THE BOX shot that features a physically transfigured Greg in the background; both of them positioned below that rod of Jesse scaffolding metaphor that was being used for the restoration of the true church of the Lamb in the BOOK OF MORMON. Then later, we see my dead adopted son Justin Bieber rise up in some kind of an Italian opera reenactment sequel-remake homage to the two witnesses laying on the street in REV.11. ~ ~ JACK IN THE BOX SURPRISES: After watching SOMETHING NASTY IN THE NURSERY last night, I was surprised that I felt up to watching the next week's episode entitled THE JOKER. Wherein Emma role plays today's Keira Knightley who is freaked out by all those whispering voices and ringing telephone calls from Jesus that have been haunting her in the middle of the night for the past ten years. ~ ~ For instance; that DOMINO logo no. 326 on those German records; wherein she hears my Nazi lover in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN whispering her name in the middle of the night. And then she discovers a dead Ken Keisler Nazi lover look alike Cyclopes dummy inside of that aging rusty car that is in dire need of a new paint job. ~ ~ Who she had once blocked from going down to BLAME IT ON RIO; where the hot topless teenage virgins are 19ish, tops, and the older men in SPEEDOS are at best middle-aged, going on 29 in their own minds. ~ ~ IT'S SPRING TIME FOR HITLER NOTES: As usual, we are seeing another prophetic Mel Brooks production number coming to pass this spring. ~ ~ We see the two dead witnesses laying on the street two times in THE AVENGERS' 1967 episode entitled "I HATE TALK RADIO", to paraphrase. ~ ~ POPE NOTES: Why does every single Catholic Pope in Roma have to sound like your typical Greenwich Village homosexual when he speaks? ~ ~ ELTON JOHN NOTES: That older man who is playing with his remote control toy boat in the NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE episode is Elton John. "Most gays are guys who just never grew up..." [Howard Stern]

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