Sunday, April 6, 2014


The reason why Hillary consented to her husband getting his cock sucked by a virgin teenager during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses, is because she knew in her heart that it was high time for a change. ~ ~ Kind of like Brad and George making fuck films with teenagers at his lakefront shag pad in highland Italy. Where everybody looks the other way now. ~ ~ And why not? If the only other religious alternative in the land is homogaysexual Christianity for young choir boys and old men. ~ ~ Therefore, after a bit of plastic surgery, Hillary Clinton now looks almost exactly like the plastic anti-hero in BRIDE OF CHUCKY. ~ ~ Who finally convinced her evil husband that it was all over. And that it was finally time for both of them to die and then become born again; in one of the series' inevitable upcoming sequel/remakes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BRIDES OF DRACULA NOTES: My future born again wife Camille Paglia has always believed that the legal age of consent should be 14. And why not? ~ ~ Say what? You have some problem with a hard working family man stopping by the local pub after work for a quick pint or two with his buddies? ~ ~ That's like saying that you'all are jealous of my sexy erotic Tom Boy girlfriends on the side, like Ellen Page. Just because they know how to suck cock with a really firm hard tongue. ~ ~ MORMON METAPHOR NOTES: Think the late Barack Obama meets the late Gordon B Hinckley when you read this one, at: ~ ~ DEAD MAN'S TREASURE CLUES: The shortcut themes in 1967's AVENGERS rally car episode are a prophetic reference to today's RLDS Mormons who are trying to find an easy shortcut into the celestial kingdom. Which is the Divine inspiration behind my obsession with restored ALFA ROMEOs and hot sexy twin-turbo LOTUS 4-bangerz tour girls, etc. ~ ~ PS JAY&JERRY: I always eventually pay full-market fair-value for any of my vintage sports cars; plus 2% interest in the short-loan run. You front for me, I front for you, times two, yada yada. ~ ~ Just ask Terry McKnight. Who I still owe $3000, which is now worth $6,000 in under the table cash. ~ ~ Don't make me go to my niggers for all of my wants and needs right now. Believe me, you would not like that.

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