Friday, April 18, 2014


GREAT BALLS OF FIRE is the inspiration behind Sienna Miller's new own-private-Mississippi movie. ~ ~ As just confirmed by that second SHAKE RATTLE'N ROLL earthquake in England. Which corresponded with that very powerful 7.2 earthquake Mexico at 9:27 local time. Based upon all those inspired true-or-false gossip reports about the 9.27.72 born actress conducting a 'higher consciousness uncoupling' ceremony on a beach somewhere down there; that represented my dream about her and I sitting on the grass along Seattle's Green Lake rainbow trout paradise. ~ ~ Where the black caddis fly hatches are thick, and only older guys and teenagers are allowed to engage in a little licensed flirty fly-fishing. ~ ~ [The older Killer married the Jewish 13ish Ryder in the 1989 movie, circa 1956, etc.] ~ ~ Ergo, millions of narrow minded religious neo marxist bigots are going to have to be killed before anything like that could ever happen in real life. ~ ~ "I'm the mayor of Realville, California." [Rush Limbaugh.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EUPHEMISTIC NOTES: The phrase 'conscious uncoupling' refers to the laws of concubinage outlined in the 2BC. Wherein a women is allowed to have children by a man who is not her eternal husband. And then she is allowed to keep those children sealed to her forever, after she finally finds out who her real husband is. According to the word of promise that will be given unto her through the veil inside of the endowment houses of the Lord.

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