Sunday, April 27, 2014


Last night I dreamed that Woody Allen is going to direct me in some epic art house film co-starring Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie; entitle "JULIET". That would take place in CASANOVA's home town of Venice, Italy. And would be based upon the classic ROMEO AND JULIET story by William Shakespeare. Only with some kind of a three-way swingers angle. ~ ~ Which corresponded by a verbal message from God that I had received earlier that night at 2:31 am. Wherein Mrs. Peel said "Goodbye" at the end of that 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS entitled THE FORGET-ME KNOT. ~ ~ It probably meant that Emma Watson is getting ready to say goodbye to England's politically correct high society types. Not sure though. Gonna have to watch it later tonight and get back to you. ~ ~ It's been years since I last saw it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SWEET DREAMS NOTES: In my above Venice Film Festival dream, for some reason it was very important that me and my two loves would be staying at some historic small out-of-the-way luxury hotel with really romantic small balconies. ~ ~ Think THE ITALIAN JOB remake co-starring Charlize Theron and her long lost daddy figure played by Donald Sutherland. ~ ~ EPIC NOTES: Everybody knows how fluid dreams can be. For example, in my above surreal Fellini like dream scenario, Martin Scorsese was in the background ready to play the role of Federico Fellini. In case the Jewish Woody Allen was not yet up to it. Of course, if that ever happened we would probably have to write in a couple dozens pages for Leo Di Caprio. Incorporating some kind of a more realistic physical transfiguration stand-in subplot that would justify me fucking Emma and Angelina at the same time. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: I watched 1967's episode of THE AVENGERS last night that co-starred the future naive 29ish Jennifer Aniston and the conniving 29ish Justin Theroux; entitled [LDS] MISSION... HIGHLY IMPROBABLE. ~ ~ Wherein her nice looking fiancé fuck-buddy turns out to be a guy who was in it all along just for the money. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now... I AM is a huge fan of JT's acting; going way back to MULHOLLAND DRIVE. To the point that I would probably have more fun hanging out with him at a local DENNY'S rather than hanging out with her up in some boring Beverly Hills mansion somewhere; at this particular point in time. ~ ~ DENNY'S was once sued for millions by a bunch of Jew fuck lawyer mobsters for not letting any uppity midnight niggers sit down at their up-front coffee counters of course. What goes around comes around. "Niggers have no concept of day or night." [Leslie Winn] "The Jews are just dogs!! [Leslie Winn] "After the war... I realized that we were fighting for the wrong side." [Leslie Winn] ~ ~ "The royals of England are all Jewish descendants from Germany." [PLAIN TRUTH magazine, Pasadena, California.]

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