Wednesday, May 14, 2014


TNT just renewed Conan O'Brien's talk show until 2018 for a timely confirmation of the fact that he looks like the villain in DIE ANOTHER DAY who is a masked 666 Asian man at heart. See: ~ ~ Ergo the 2002 film's first act ends in Chinatown, Chicago, circa 2014. When we hear Madonna singing "...guess I'll die another day." at the end of it all. Where yours truly rolls around in diamonds inside of some little Buddhist endowment house temple above the coast line of Malibu, California. ~ ~ For a final touch to the Bond movie's many physical transfiguration messages. ~ ~ Now I see that this new posting has been time-stamped with Miley Cyrus's birth date. In reference to the above 007 movie's sexy double agent figure named Miranda Frost who looks and acts a lot like she does. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PAPA DON'T PREACH NOTES: That preacher from New Jersey who just fell to his death on the south side of Mt.Hood, Oregon represented the location where Madonna filmed her PAPA DON'T PREACH video in the 1980s. ~ ~ This on the same day that Clyde Lewis opened his GROUND ZERO radio show with an injured foot that represented the clay feet of Baylon prophecy in DANIEL 2. ~ ~ Yes, all those underground radio Internet rummors are completely true; Clyde is a human being whose body has been taken over by an alien with small slanted eyes and strange yellowish skin. See: ~ ~ NEW READERS: Stanely Kubrick's THE SHINING prophecy was filmed in 1979-80 on Mt.Hood. See: ~ ~ The same year when my crazy cold-hearted French Xwife left me without even saying goodbye.

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