Thursday, May 1, 2014


The revenge movie craze just exploded in the 1970s, and lasted all the way through the Reaganite 80s and into the two witnesses' special 1260 days period in the 90s. ~ ~ Of course, the tried and true formula never did die; but only got more/less subtle and sophisticated. In the more entertaining and intelligent campy forms of Quentin Tarantino et al. ~ ~ My point being that the authoritarian tyranny of today's black exploitation fascism is not going to go unanswered. Since most of those low budget 1970s revenge movies were financed by the Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE AVENGERS NOTES: In the 1967 episode entitled THE CORRECT WAY TO KILL, the obviously Jewish pawn shop owner was a traitor to his own people. Who liked to bounce his Big Foot [GLOBE TROTTERS] icon globe like an NBA basketball player; which featured the continent of Africa that is shaped like Mercer Island, Lake Washington, etc. ~ ~ ALL IS WELL ENDING NOTES: The aforementioned episode ends with me fucking Emma [Watson] and Olga [Fresh] at the same time. Like I could give a flying fuck if the international Jewish bankers are plotting to take over the world. As if you'all had something better to offer me in the long run; besides food stamps and Obamacare. ~ ~ 700 CLUB NOTES: The last days prophecy about the roiling REV.13:1 seas is about the polluted oceans becoming overly acidic. ~ ~ For example, when the hot tub service guys come around and test the bubbling waters in your backyard APOLLO spa and find it to be too acidic, they typically say that the water is too "hot".

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