Thursday, May 29, 2014


Last night at 1:39 am Jesus whispered a few secrets in my ear. Giving me a two weeks notice about 1992's CAPTAIN RON prophecy. Wherein I finally recover my former wife's love boat yacht down in Miami on 6.12. ~ ~ Based upon the fact that Elliot Rod/gers never even got to fuck one woman in the past 22 years. ~ ~ So know he gets to win the two witnesses' mega dittos lottery and start fucking two hot teenagers at a time onboard Dr Savage's twin VOLVO that is still tied up and tied down somewhere in Marin County, California. ~ ~ Plus, I get to drive around in Michael's mint condition 1969 XKE convertible that was featured in the 52 PICKUP propjecy that was produced by those two old school Jew cousins back in the Democrat Reaganite 1980s. ~ ~ Who were the providential forerunners to the two related Coen brothers. ~ ~ Much like Magnum gets the keys to drive that BOXER FERRARI all he wants; as later confirmed by Ariana Lima's rather strange interest in boxing as a workout hobby. ~ ~ Hey, whatever turns you on baby. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VA SCANDAL NOTES: I tend to agree with my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy Barack Obama. Today's white Christian war veterans are basically just a bunch of John McCain type RHINO cry babies who need to die and go away, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ BACK STORY NOTES: See: ~ ~ FUCKING RUG UPDATE: That millionaire MICROSOFT dude from Seattle has just offered 2B for the CLIPPERS in the same spirit that Donald Trump has just offered $50,000,000 to anyone who can produce Barack Obama's real birth certificate.

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