Sunday, May 18, 2014


Last week I dreamed that Mel Gibson got gut shot like a dog by that lying Russian mob bitch who now gets to take $20k a month from him in protection money for the rest of his life. Therefore he is now on the verge of suicide. Since the situation unfolded at the same time that he said some bad things about the Jews who killed Jesus; which killed off his Hollywood career for all intents and purposes. ~ ~ Think Donald Sterling got fucked in the ass by his own Jewish brethren at the latter-day Synagog of Satan cited in REVELATION. Wherein the extortionist money-laundering Jews are completely responsible for all of today's culture wars in the world. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just as long as I get my own private 10% cut off the top of the new 666 beast deal and everybody keeps their mouth shut. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE MORMON NOTES: Starting back in the 19777s, Spencer Kimball et al started to encourage everybody in Utah to keep their mouths shut about the new socialist 666 state; in order not to offend the worldly who worship the whore of Babylon. Then when that crazy ass violent wild-at-heart nigger got the shit beat out of him by the LAPD a few years later. Gordon B. Hinckley asked, "Can't we all just get along?" ~ ~ GO FOR THE THROAT OR GO HOME NOTES: The reason why Jesus is now ready to cut your throat, kosher slaughter style, is because you are still trying to cut his throat. ~ ~ Honestly now; just imagine what would Jesus do if he were you. ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON NOTES: Miss Frost gets stabbed to death by The Book of Mormon at the end of DIE ANOTHER DAY because the sacred book is the last word on 'The Art Of War'. I.e... Kill the Jewish women and their Jewish children and their old Jewish men first, in order to get a better shot at their strong young Jewish liberal men who want to destroy you; and everything that you hold dear and precious in your life. Because democratic fascism is not what it appears to be; "A rose is a rose by any other name." ~ ~ X WIFE NOTES: After my last X-wife post rolled out, I suddenly felt impressed to watch THE KONA WINDS episode of MAGNUM P.I. circa 1986. Wherein some guy's beautiful wife named 'Lauren' was lying and cheating on him. Who looked an awful lot like the love of my life, Donatella Greco.

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