Friday, May 9, 2014


Turned out that Rush told us all about his amazing epiphany regarding the need for his hearing restoration on the right side on open line Friday. When traditionally he has been turning a deaf ear to the proven fact that Barack Obama's birth certificate is an abject forgery. That has been confirmed over and over again by modern computer technology. ~ ~ This from a guy who practically has an on air orgasm every time the left-sided APPLE corporation comes out with their latest 666 gadget. ~ ~ In other words, people on the radio who talk about there being no difference between the Jews and the Gentiles, like Michael Medved and Mark Levin, have a date with their local hearing aid doctor. ~ ~ This being those two 1960s era AM transistor radio size hearing aids that Mrs. Emma Peel introduces in the 1967 episode of the AVENGERS entitled THE HIDDEN 666 TIGER. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FACT CHECK NOTES: One of the reasons why talk radio has become so boring lately is because they now have one foot in bed with today's Orwellian high society types, as explained at: ~ ~ Who cares if Obama et al are a bunch of liars if everybody else out there is also lying about the fact that he is a well known homosexual who is not even a US citizen? After awhile it all becomes so ridiculously moronic that you begin to lose interest in the conversation altogether. ~ ~ LOST HIGHWAY:II: During the 90s, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to drive up to Seattle and watch David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY prophecy at the Masonic temple lodge theater called THE EGYPTIAN for ten Sundays in a row. So don't talk to me about pop culture obsessions. ~ ~ I know the real deal when I see it; and so does Sienna Miller and Cara Delevigne for that matter. "Only those who can hear my voice will inherit the kingdom of god." [Jesus Christ] ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: Towards the end of my own private LOST HIGHWAY time-line prophecy, we see yours truly making one of his next feature-length fuck films on one of today's amazing new HD home-video cameras. Who everybody thinks is the devil himself. Just like all those talk radio Jews in the New Testament believed that Jesus himself was possessed by the devil. ~ ~ MISSIONARY MAN NUDIST CULT SEX MOVIE NOTES: God told me recently that Sienna Miller has no reason whatsoever to publicly apologize for fucking my physically transfigured Steven Fresh look alike forerunner in LOST HIGHWAY. That is if the script is right, and so is the money. In some kind of a LOST HIGHWAY:II redemption/sequel/remake movie directed by a born again David Lynch; co-starring his two really hot teenager neighbors. Who are not going to keep giving him hand jobs and sucking on his cock if there is not something in it for them in the long run.

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