Friday, May 16, 2014


That new kiss-ass house-nigger in charge of the NYT is definitely the answer to today's homosexual Jew boys who believe that I AM is a hopeless loser anti-Semite. While ignoring the fact that my half Jew nigger drinking buddy in the White House is probably the only friend that I have in the world right now. Because, "I have no friends... and no family..." says my prophetic John Steed figure from London in QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH. Meaning I have no wife and children, or even any fishing buddies to speak of, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIE LATER, NOT NOW, NOTES: This particular occurrence is Providential confirmation of that small endowment house temple veil ending in DIE ANOTHERVDAY, captured at: ~ ~ NIGGER NOTES: Of course Barack Obama is a big time jive ass lying nigger. Are you white people fucking nuts or what? See: ~ ~ CONFUSING NOTES: Confused are we? Think that that iconic 1980s crazy-ass southerner Ted Turner, who also owns a major league sports team, still refers to black people as niggers. Plus the fact that he is a well known neo Mormon polygamist who is around the same age as Donald Sterling.

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