Tuesday, May 27, 2014


In that 911 cash-the-check prophecy called THE BIG LEBOWSKI, the future Walter figure at 2bc.info says that they are going to kill that young woman at: http://www.justjared.com/2014/05/25/emma-watson-becomes-an-official-brown-university-graduate-see-the-pics-here/all-comments/#comments ~ ~ Metaphorically speaking of course. ~ ~ Ergo, when the first brown president was ever elected in America, he immediately bounced a $1,000,000,000,000 check for all the third world niggers, illegal aliens, and long haired urban white dudes who look like Jesus, who who who... had voted for him. ~ ~ Therefore, there was a gigantic brown mud slide in Obama's Color/ado on the same day that Emma Watson got her English degree for reformed marxism at Brown. ~ ~ In accordance with the huge mud slide's mesa bluff location that represented the Bonney Lake, Washington plateau opening to THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PLOT TWIST NOTES: That 60 seconds twister in North Dakota, south of [Bruce] Williston, happened due north of Mormon Butte; just off of the Cherry River. ~ ~ WELL HUNG NOTES: That porn star who drives a black BMW3 in THE BIG LEBOWSKI looks rather Dutch to me. ~ ~ BIG PICTURE NOTES: That blond long hair dude who works for my Jackie Treehorn figure in the above movie represents a physically transfigured Terry McKnight. Who used to make a killing working the Colorado State Fair every year with his cheap computer printout blowup photos of all those poor little illegal aliens. Basically, he was just printing out a string of $5 bills, one a minute, for about 10 hours a day, for two weeks; which cost him around two cents a paper. ~ ~ And why not? Jesus loves everyone, rich or poor. ~ ~ Because he knows who is good for it. And who is not good for it, in the long run.

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